Frank’s Fantasy


I was sitting at the vanity combing my hair. The only thing I was wearing was a blue satin combing coat that was open down the front. My eyes were closed and I was a million miles away in my thoughts. I didn’t know you were there until I looked in the mirror and saw your reflection staring back at me.

I smiled in the mirror and said “Hello cutie,” and you just stood there and watched.

You said, “Don’t let me interrupt your work.” So I continued with my task. Each time I raised my hand to brush a strand of hair, the combing coat would part just enough for you to glimpse the dusky tip of my breast. I stared at you in the mirror, my eyes locked on you. You just stood and watched, leaning on the door facing with your hand on your hip. Watching my every move.

I finished brushing my hair and reached across the vanity for my perfume. I applied a spray behind each ear, on each wrist, and then, in the cleft between my breasts. As I returned the bottle to its isveçbahis tray, my whole breast escaped its cover. You licked your lips, and started toward me.

I stood up and turned to face you just as you reached me. You took my shoulders in your strong hands and quickly swept away the coat. I stood there, completely naked, bearing your hot eyes on my body. You looked up and down, slowly, burning me with your gaze. You made a sound like a low rumble very low in your throat, and reached out your hand to cup one breast. You held it gently, marveling when the nipple peaked, hard with the desire you brought out in me so easily, just with your searing stare and light touch.

Silently, you lowered your head as you placed your hand under my breast and lifted its fullness to meet your lips. You brushed your lips so lightly against my nipple that it was like a whisper. Then, you opened your mouth and took its fullness in. Gently, you suckled my nipple. My head fell back on my shoulders, isveçbahis giriş I said “oh yes, you know how much I love it when you suck my breasts. You make me so hot doing that.” Then, your teeth grazed the nipple, and I jerked with the shock that was electric running through me. You nibbled and licked and sucked, pulling my nipple out with your teeth until it escaped on its own, capturing it again, pulling it out, over and over.

I reached and undid your pants. I took you in my hand and began to caress you. I held you withone hand on your balls, the other working, pumping your cock, feeling it harden with desire.

I dropped down on my knees and took just the head into my mouth. I sucked gently, then released it and tickled the head with my tongue. I sucked the head back into my mouth, holding the base and your balls in my hand, and my other hand about your cock, massaging the hairy cleft between your legs. Slowly, I began to take you into my mouth until isveçbahis yeni giriş I had all of you deeply in my throat. Then I began working, sucking, up and down your length, until you were groaning with pleasure-pain. Then, I sucked only the head and pumped with my hand, harder, harder, you were holding my head and thrusting at me. I released you, and took you by the hand, led you to the bed. I laid you down on your back, and immediately took your entire length back in my mouth, sucking, licking, caressing. I swung my body around placing pussy was over your face, and lowered myself gently onto you.

You put your finger in first, then removed it and replaced it with your tongue, massaging my clit as you sucked me. I sucked you. We were both building in urgency and need. Hot, thrusting tongue, hot seeking mouth. You were thrusting your hips to meet me and I was grinding mine on your mouth. At the same time, we both peeked, each of us cuming into the other’s mouth. Your hot cum shot deep in my throat and I swallowed it all, holding you in my mouth till you were spent. Then, I moved around, and we shared a deep kiss, tasting ourselves on each other, wondering when we could see each other again.

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