Forget Orgasms

Big Tits

Emily and I had been together three years. We adored each other and had enough common interests to make the day-to-day stuff of life lots of fun. And as far as sex went we were both similarly kinky and, over time, Emily’s desires and kinks had become mine and my desires and kinks had become hers.

If there was a single fly in the ointment it was that Emily was the least orgasmic person I had ever known. It’s not that we didn’t try. Lots of emotional foreplay. Lots of physical foreplay. Crazy amounts of lubrication. Hands and mouth working together. Under-stimulation. Over-stimulation. G-spot play. Ass play. G-spot and ass play together. Emily submissive. Emily dominant. A bit of pain. Exquisite tenderness. Rough and taking. Deliciously kinky…

Whatever varied form our sex play took Emily would usually cycle up through wave after wave of increasing arousal often reaching a place of such extreme pleasure her whole body would be writhing as if on fire. But as soon as she would close in upon that final release she would tumble off the cliff not into climax, but into a binding fear that she had missed it and couldn’t reclaim it. Her hoped-for orgasm would slip away like a gorgeous dream at waking.

So, we tended to minimize the importance of orgasm and explore other delights. And as much as I love coming I would often not want to go there without her. Sometimes her answer was generous and emphatic. Take me. Fill me. Make me your receptacle. She liked it and I liked it.

Often, after passionate lovemaking, would come a different kind of sex, a slow relaxed play with the Hitachi magic-wand on her clit and labia and my fingers deep inside of her caressing her g-pot. She would often cross over that way, especially when I added a finger in her ass, but the climax itself would be minor and anticlimactic. Sometimes even a question: “Did I come?”

Adding a bit of Dominance and pain-play into the equation would often make things easier for her and that kind of play opened interesting and satisfying worlds for both of us. But the releases that came then were different from orgasms.

If we had hours to ourselves there was even an abject, chthonic and beautifully-dark place we could go together that involved humiliation and release that would give us both days of afterglow, but that is a different story for a different time.

I was in Costco when I had an idea about Emily and me and after mulling it over couldn’t wait to tell her of my plan.

“Hey Em,” I said as I walked through the doorway an hour later, “I know we usually make decisions together, but I’ve decided something for both of us. I’m taking orgasm off the table for a month. I’m not allowed to cum. You are not allowed to cum.”

“You’ve got to be kidding,” Emily shot back, “we can’t go a month.”

You would thought this would be about the least erotic discussion two people could have. But when our eyes looked into one another it wasn’t ten seconds before we were kissing. Ten seconds more and we were tearing off each other’s clothes.

My cock already rising I pulled Emily against me. The length of our bodies pressing hard against each other every inch of our touching became a place of hunger and merging. Kissing her shoulder close isveçbahis to her neck and breathing in deeply I caught her scent. I needed more of her scent and wetness and a moment later she was straddling my mouth with my arms pulling her down even harder. The wet of her arousal flowing into me made my cock throb so hard I could feel the heat of precum leaking hot upward through the length of my cock.

Emily slipped into a slow, rhythmic, grinding-down against my mouth and, as I pulled her harder down upon my me, she began to push out from within as if trying to unfurl her insides around my mouth. I loved her enveloping slippery fragrant warmth and it sent waves of pleasure flooding through my body. Feeling her own surging arousal spilling into my mouth was a paradise so intense I never wanted it to end. But soon Emily reached behind her taking my throbbing cock in her hand with a hungry, claiming insistence. She brought her hand up to her mouth spitting an ample load of saliva on it then slathering my cock with its slippery wetness.

A moment later Emily was sliding downward over my body until she was poised holding perfectly still with the throbbing head of my cock pressing against the sloshy wet heat of her swollen and dripping labia. My eyes looked hungrily into her pale blue oceanic eyes. A flash of a smile and she slipped down enveloping the length of my cock in a single motion the thick of my cock spreading her wide. We may have done it a thousand times but filling her this way was always felt like we were breaking through into a new-made world.

We quickly found a rhythm of up-thrusting and down-grinding so melding it felt like even the shaved softness of our pubic areas were fucking into each other. We were both tumbling deep into that state of interfusion, the sloshy wet heat of our bonding spilling back into each of us in a raw sacramental communion. Grinding down hard her head flung back and seeing her eyes roll back a bit I suddenly careened toward climax. I grabbed her hips slowing the thrusts way down.

Emily had long known there were certain phrases she could say during intercourse that were so fraught with erotic intensity they would provoke almost instant orgasm on my part. Sometimes she would use the words to take away volition and restraint, causing me explode into her at her bidding. I felt the words coming from her and gently touched her mouth then found a slower rhythm.

The touch must have driven home my seriousness about neither of us climaxing because her eyes looking into my own took on a new piercing intensity I had never seen before. Suddenly, without any real change in rhythm or thrust we were fucking in a whole new way. Deep, reverential, but without any sense of heading toward climax or goal. It was immensely freeing. Without goal or aim the present moment had an astonishing vividness and clarity and fullness. Each deep thrust into her up-thrusting pelvis took on a raw and mystical fullness. The sheer anatomical wonder of filling the physical depths of the woman I loved with the thickness of my cock became strangely perverse, fiercely animal and deeply sacred.

I saw the change in her eyes too. Something was dropping away from within each of us, completing our partial minds isveçbahis giriş and bonding us in a whole new way. Neither of us wanted to stop. There was something unexpectedly wild emerging between us. It was raw animal fucking, and it was love, but on top of this a sense of eternity was bodily enveloping us.

Usually, after ten minutes or so of fucking, we would transition to some variation but not now. Every thrust of my cock into the sloshy wet heat of her loins gave the sense of disappearing bodily into her, not just with my cock but with the whole of my being. And yet at the same time every thrust was a claiming, and even marking, that drew her wholly into me. I had always loved Emily’s expressive and changeful face but now I thrilled to a succession of unfamiliar expressions as she tumbled bodily through different zones of bliss.

“Ass, please” she almost hissed maybe twenty minutes later and with eyes half rolled back.

I slowly withdrew my cock from the warmth of her insides turning her over on her belly and moving my head down to between her ample and lovely ass cheeks. Her ass-crack was sloshy wet with drippings from our long-enraptured entangling. My mouth and tongue, greedy for the depths of her wet asshole, plunged in opening her up and pressing out a flood of saliva into her dark fragrant depths.

For a while I mouth-fucked her that way, spitting out more and more saliva till the inside of her rectum was flooded with the wet of my mouth. I added a finger, then two. Emily started squirming with her whole body as I found a rhythm that worked and began caressing her g-spot through her vaginal wall.

Emily’s reaction and the pleasure of my fingers inside the soaked depths of her ass sent waves of joy flooding through me. My whole body had never felt so alive. My skin where it touched Emily felt like flood and fire in one. My cock, fiercely engorged and throbbing, felt every plunge of my fingers as if it were my cock inside of her. Emily’s squirming turned into a feral sort of writhing with low, almost guttural moans escaping in rhythmic gasps with every plunge of my fingers. I could feel her rectum relax more and more with every thrust of my fingers until a third and then a fourth easily slid into the dark sloshy depths of her rectum.

The hunger for the release of orgasm was fierce and deep and flowing through me in waves, but the knowledge that orgasms was forbidden translated the hunger into a heightening of every sense. And hearing, touch, taste, smell and sight were deliciously vibrant and acute.

I have always been scent-driven and Emily’s scents work me like a drug, whether the smell of her sweat, that exquisite wonder-world of the various scents of her arousal, or the dark alluring pungencies of her ass. But now my scent hungers thrummed with urgency. I needed her depths.

I soaked my two index fingers with the wet of my mouth then used them, almost speculum like, to spread Emily’s rectum wide, then wider, and wider still until her relaxed and soaked asshole was gaping.

My cock was throbbing hard, its pleasures and hungers flooding the entirety of my being as I plunged my mouth hungrily into Emily’s gaped and fragrant rectum. Through a combination of tongue thrusting isveçbahis yeni giriş and sucking and suckling and using my fingers to gape her still wider I got my mouth outrageously deep inside her ass. Emily’s body rocked in pleasures, her low moaning turning into something so animal raw it transformed into a dark Circean music bewitching me to crave deeper still.

“Push out” I said, before plunging back into her fragrant depths.

Already beautifully-deep inside Emily’s rectum, my mouth now felt the bliss of her wet depths unfurling bodily around it, almost as if she were drawing me into her depths. My cock was throbbing so hard I could feel the wet heat of precum flowing through its throbbing length. With climax forbidden my mouth had become an extension of my cock and felt pre-orgasmic itself. Emily’s rocking ass started back-thrusting against me to drive my mouth ever deeper.

Emily’s relaxed ass gaped wide and loose enough I no longer needed my fingers to spread her. I grabbed her ample ass to plunge in even further with sucking and suckling lips and tongue and her whole body convulsed with pleasure. Emily pushed outward in response and farted, flooding my entire being with waves of pleasure as I inhaled hungrily before again driving my mouth still deeper into her depths.

Suddenly Emily turned over and moved her head downward and reaching under me grabbed my cock. I turned over and she smiled at me opening her mouth outrageously wild. I loved when she would do this. I loved the glimpse of the pink depths of her mouth and throat. But I also loved the edgy offering quality of the gesture: the declaration of the depths of her mouth as mine to fill as I wished. My cock throbbed hard at the sight.

Looking down Emily touched the tip of my cock and then sweetly smiling drew a long filament of precum upward from the tip. Everything felt wondrous. Even that fine filament seemed to glow with a numinous light set off by the darkening shadows of the late afternoon sun streaming through the window.

Emily opened her mouth even wider then plunged it down upon my cock taking the length of it into her, deliberately going gag-deep and holding it there till her eyes teared up and her saliva started flowing like a river. Withdrawing her mouth Emily again turned over thrusting her ass, with its still loose and wet and gorgeously gaping rectum, high in the air.

Emily and I had, over time, joyfully explored every lovely variation of anal sex we could imagine. But now, sliding into her relaxed and sloshy rectum with my throbbing and saliva-soaked cock we tumbled into a new kind of ass-paradise.

She was so wet and loose, my cock slid into her effortlessly as if being sucked in. The no-to-coming edict turned becoming into being, raw and urgent and acute. The slow, easy plunge into her anal depths transfigured into a sacramental merging of heart, psyche, soul, cock and asshole.

We fucked that way for an hour or more, slowly, deeply, even after the room turned dark.

“Hold me, Thomas” Emily finally said, and we both knew it was time to stop. We disentangled, then snugged together, my arm cradling her belly. Drifting toward sleep we rocked in the quiet pleasure and glow of each other till at last, in a quiet voice she said almost giggling,

“You know, I feel like I’ve been coming for hours and hours.”

And pulling her tighter against me, with my hand against her lower belly, I knew just what she meant.

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