For Eri


She was doing it again. Smirking, with shy, suggestive glances through her autumn eyes. Lifting a hand off the steering wheel, a smooth finger slipping into her mouth and slowly slipped out, coat with salvia.


I couldn’t tell which one of us audibly moaned. Silently thanking God I wasn’t driving, as I’d just nearly experienced a petit mort from her demonstration, I adjusted my straining grey denims and politely cleared my throat.

Eri and I were long-distance friends and collaborative writers. We had known each other for months, meeting through our blogs, but this was technically our first time meeting in person. I’d flown to Texas from Virginia to explore some opportunities, Eri being one of them.

Issuing a side glance at her, I took in her features; at 5’6” and 114 lbs, she was tiny, compared to my 5’8”, 160 lbs. Her tan, multiracial skin contrasted with my own dark features. Her light chocolate hair fell to just above her rear and she wore little make-up on her face. The hot Texas sun beat through her sun roof, bronzing her unsleeved arms.

“Eri, would you mind pulling over? I am…” I paused to consider my wording and forced out “…terribly thirsty,” I asked, although well aware that there probably wasn’t a single gas station, rest stop or vending machine in a 20 mile radius of the heavily forested area we were driving through.

“Are you sure August? My house isn’t more than another 15 or 20 minutes from here and you can drink all you’d like there,” a smirk evident in her voice. “Beside, I don’t see anywhere you could possibly get anything to drink out here,” she said, trailing off toward the end and pretending the glance around as she slipped her hand from her mouth down to her tan, succulent thighs that were accented by thin, black running shorts. The salvia from her finger left a trail along her thighs and she whispered a quick “Oops” as she began to rub it away. The action caused a painful throbbing in two parts of my body and I sucked in some breath.

“No, I’m sure there’s a place not too far,” I replied, despite the fact that I’d never been to Texas and we hadn’t seen a single sign of modernity since she picked me up from the airport.

“I don’t know Aug-” she began in the same mocking, smirking manner as before.

“Pull over Eri,” I said, already reaching isveçbahis for my seatbelt, only dimly aware that, despite her “being unsure,” she had been gradually slowing down since just before I’d asked her to.

“I wouldn’t do that just yet, mister.” With a slight sideways glance, I noticed her grinning, but still looking straight ahead. I almost made to respond, until she made a sharp swerve toward the left, onto a narrow dirt road and, after a few, bumpy, slightly disconcerting minutes into a small, remote clearing, where she slid into a slight 180 and parked. Slightly impressed, I rolled my eyes and did a quick glance around as the cloud of dirt she’d accrued floated and settled.

With her normal supercilious grin, Eri looked at me and opened her mocking mouth to make some undoubtedly witty comment, but I cut her off, quickly kissing her soft lips and placed my left hand around her mouth. She rebuffed slightly and pouted, but there was a smile in her eyes as she leaned the seat back, providing me with an ample amount of room. Skillfully stretching my upper-body over the console and dimly aware of her nibbling on my left hand, I tugged her tiny shorts down and was greeted by her smooth, glistening sex.

Arching an eyebrow up at her, a silent “No panties?” passed through the air, to be answered by a playful giggle. A heavy, lusty and feminine aroma filled my nostrils and weighted upon my face, almost tickling my skin. I kiss her lower lips, delighting in the unfamiliar, rum-like taste that shot through my mouth and coursed its way through my body.

Delicious. Delicious and…

I paused, mentally, but not physically.

Delicious, but in the way that you had to keep tasting to be sure you couldn’t describe it in any other artful, comparative way. Delicious. And what? Delicious and implacable. Utterly Eri.

One more quick lick and I knew I absolutely had to have a true taste. In a quick, cat-like show of strength, I bunny hopped the lower half of my body over, pushing her slim, naked legs upwards until her feet touched the ceiling. She leaned a bit forward to remove her flip-flops and the shorts that hung from her ankles, but just after she’d successfully thrown them into the back, I began my ministrations and she jolted back into her seat, scrunching her face and gasp-shouting a half-surprised, half-begging isveçbahis giriş “FUCK!”

I throughly enjoyed her taste. With my nose nearly buried into her throbbing pussy and my tongue lolling in a circle inside her, I massaged from her thighs to the cheeks of her ass, gently bouncing her legs up and down in rhythm with my tongue. Again, a gasp, followed by an accompanying shout filled the car. I went on like this for a few minutes, altering patterns of movements and breaking off every thirty seconds or so to give her entire sex a long, engulfing lick, each time in a different direction. Eri had now begun to pant and lightly shake at nonspecific points of my treatment, her loud, vocal moans had become less sensible by this point and more desperate demands.

I let her legs go and they fell limply onto my shoulders. With a quick glance upward, I saw her cute mouth whispering a litany of words, each varying in articulated length, sometimes a bit more accented, sometimes half-said, sometimes accompanied with a crescendo-groan/moan: Fuck. More. Please. Yes. God. August. Keep going. Please. Yes. Fuck. Your. Yes. You. Fuck me. Gawd yes.

Grinning internally, I broke off from my duty and noticed how damp my face was. Little driblets hung on the follicles of my prickly facial hair. Her hands, which had previously alternated from slamming the ceiling to pulling her hair, now grasped my head and very forcefully pushed my face back into her.

“More!” She screamed. I stuck my tongue back in and bobbed back and forth, fucking her with my tongue, twisting, rotating and rolling it as she held my head. Venturing a bit upwards when I had a slight reprieve, I found what I’d initially broken off to find and wrapped my tongue around her slippery clitoris.

“Fuck! Fuck! Yes!”

I smirked again, this time wrapping my lips around it and sucking on it until it fell out of my mouth. Her hips buckled so fiercely that I had to place my hands over them and force them down and the purlicue between my fingers strained from the well-worth effort. I muttered my own prayer of thanks, whispered a enthusiastic “Fuck” and dived back in, sucking with my lips until it popped out and toying with it using my tongue, enjoying the cacophony of sounds Eri elicited above me. Her thighs finally clamped down on my head, making it harder to isveçbahis yeni giriş breathe, but more enjoyable to dine. The throbbing increased, both from her pussy and from my painfully hard, straining cock, but I ignored both and managed to shove a few fingers right under my my mouth and inside her, quickly curling them and uncurling them.

“Please, please, please August, just fuck me! I want to cum so bad,” Eri cried out and I almost stopped, unable to help but adore the sound of her lilting voice. But I sensed her build-up and knew she had had a number of mini-orgasms by this point, so I urged myself on. Glancing up one final time, my eyes met hers. They were soft, joyous, filled with desperation for a release. I looked forward, joustled my shoulders to open her thighs up (although immediately missing the sensation of being pinned between them) and pistoled my curling, uncurling fingers out of them with one hand and quickly rubbing her hard clit with the other. It didn’t take much to notice the gradually increasing squelching as my hands became blurs. I bit my lips as my arms began to burn and gasped out a roar just in time-

“AHH! Oh my God, oh my God!” a repetition broke from Eri’s choir cords, her initial scream and subsequent cries filling the air as she squirted a flood in my direction. I caught the first shot, with surprise at the forcefulness, only to force my eyes closed as the second stream hit my face. Her hips, no longer contained by my hands, rose up and down recklessly, as she pushed her orgasm out. The rest didn’t come out nearly as forcefully, drenching the front of the seat and her thighs, which were swinging in and out. Finally, she collapsed back onto her seat, her russet eyes closed, hair frazzled, arms slightly splayed and knees resting firmly on my shoulders again. I half-mockingly sat back onto my heels, as a dog would, licking my lips and wondering if I’d smell like her sex for the next few days (I wouldn’t particularly mind).

Eyes still closed, she muttered out a impish, “Still thirsty?”

“A little, yeah, actually,” I smirked back at her, gently moving her body to the passenger seat as I stood up.

“I can provid-“

“Nope.” Turning the car back on, I glancing at the GPS, not bothering to clean my face and grinning at her dazed state. “I’ll drive. Your house. Memory foam mattress. Wi-fi. Pillows. TV.”

She smiled, curled into a ball and cuddled my non-essential arm, licking it (“Easy, tiger”)

“But when we get to your house,” I said as I put her car in drive, “would you make me some tea?”

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