For DominatrixSusanna


For DominatrixSusannaThe Doctor had just finished with his last patient of the day when his phone buzzed, looking down he immediately felt his cock twitch in its cage as he read the message, it was Susie. ‘My house 8pm!’ it read, glancing at his watch he saw it was nearly 7 already. Racing home, he showered before driving to Susie’s house, stopping off to buy her a bottle of her favourite wine.Susie was 47, she dark dark hair, with beautiful breasts and an arse that always got plenty of attention whenever she was out. She kept herself in great shape by jogging everyday, Susie was undeniably sexy. The Doctor on the other hand had never been into the gym and although not overweight his physique was best described as average.When they had met on a fetish dating site, she had easily able to take advantage of the Doctors submissive streak. Whilst initially their dynamic had started as online only, over time she had exerted more and more control over him. The introduction of a chastity device into their relationship very quickly turned the Dr from a submissive online lover into her 24/7 slave. Tonight Susie was having a few drinks with her friends, Ani and Mindy, and she planned on showing off her new pet.”Wait, so this guy pays you to be your sex slave?” Ani asked as Susie told the girls about the Doctor.”Sometimes sex” Susie responded “sometimes I just sit on his face, the other day I had him round to cook dinner and rub my feet.””Sounds like you’ve got him well trained” Mindy laughed, handing her phone back to Karen after looking at pictures of the Doctor cooking.”Yeah I locked him up in chastity a few months back, and since then, he’s been at my beck and call” Susie added, before hearing the doorbell “in fact that should be him now.”As Susie answered the door, the Dr handed her the bottle of wine, before dropping to his knees and kissing her shoes. She smiled, slipping her foot out of her heel and rubbing it in his face. Still in the doorway, in full view of the public, he began to kiss his mistress’ bare foot, before taking her toes in his mouth. After a few minutes Susie withdrew her foot, “you may now enter”.”I’m going out with my friend’s tonight, so you can tend to my feet later. I’ll need you to drive us into town, and pick us up after we’ve been to a few bars, oh and my house could do with a clean while we’re out”.”Yes Mistress” He replied.”Good boy, now take your clothes off and come through into the living room, and bring your wallet too.”The Dr followed her orders, stripping completely, before taking his wallet and following his mistress through. He immediately blushed when he saw her two friends, who began laughing at his situation, whilst ogling his naked body, and pointing at his caged cock. However, knowing better than to disobey his goddess, he knelt by her, face down and handed his wallet over.”See girls, told you he was my little dog. Do you have my tribute for this month slave?” Susie said sharply.”Yes mistress, it’s in my wallet.””Good boy, on all fours, you can be my footstool while I count it” she ordered, her slave quick to follow.She opened his wallet and began counting the banknotes inside. Susie looked up at her friends explaining “he pays me £200 a month for this, and he loves it, don’t you cumdog?” looking down at him, he nodded in agreement. Susie kept hold of his wallet, adding “I think we’ll take your card with us tonight, and you can pay for our drinks as well, how does that sound?””Of course mistress, thank you it will be my pleasure” he responded.Ani and Mindy could scarcely believe themselves, as Susie took his card out, threw the wallet back on the floor, and slapped his arse, as he was still serving as her footstool.”Last month I took his card to go shopping, I must have spent £500. His reward was that I took off his cock cage so he could kiss my arse and wank onto the floor- of course I made him lick it up afterwards though.” Susie said, a mischievous grin on her face.”Now slave go and get that wine you brought me, along with three glasses, and a bowl for you, oh and get my riding crop from the hall.”The Dr was quick to fetch the wine and the glasses, bringing it through and serve a glass to Susie, Ani and Mindy, who took great delight in pinching him and slapping his balls. He then returned with the riding crop and bowl, kneeling back at Susie’s feet.”Good doggy, seeing as you’re paying for our drinks tonight, I think it’s only fair I give you something to drink.” Susie said as she positioned kaçak iddaa herself over the bowl, squatted down and let out a steady stream of piss. The Dr instinctively leant over and began lapping up the bowl, as the other two looked on, still not quite believing what was happening. Susie then put her feet back on him, before delivering a few swift strikes of the riding crop that made him wince.”Wow Susie, you’ll have to let us borrow him, I’ve got a few jobs around the house that need doing” Ani said.”Yeah, same” interrupted Mindy “he could tend to my garden for me while I sunbathe, and give me a massage after.””Hear that CumDog, I think you’re going to be quite busy.” Susie said, again spanking him with the crop, by now his arse was redder than his face. She added “Girls he’s yours to use and abuse. “As conversation continued for the next hour or so, the Dr remained humiliated, but also thoroughly turned on. He served primarily as a footstool, occasionally getting up to fill the ladies’ glasses, who in turn ensured his bowl remained full with piss. Looking at the clock, Susie indicated it was time for them to head out. After allowing the Dr to brush his teeth and get dressed, he drove the girls to a local bar. The entire journey there, the three of taunted him, describing the guys they were going to talk to, and how much of his money they were going to spend.”I’ll text you when I want you to pick us up, and my house better be spotless, when I get back, understand?” Susie said sharply.”Yes mistress.””That’s what I like to hear” Susie added, before ordering the Dr to open his mouth so she could spit in it, and then slapping him across the face. “See you later slave” she laughed as the three of them got out of the car.The Dr drove back to Susie’s house, which had been left quite messy and immediately got to work tidying. Over the next few hours, he slaved away tirelessly, while Susie and her friends were out spending his money. She kept sending him pictures of them at the bar, along with messages reminding him to do her laundry and clean the bathroom. His balls ached, and his cock strained in it’s cage as he washed his mistress’ soiled panties. Similarly as he loaded Susie’s gym gear into the machine, he couldn’t resist smelling the crotch and armpit areas as well as her smelly, now slightly crusty gym socks. He groaned with frustration, remembering the time he had picked Susie up after she had just finished a marathon, only to spend the evening serving as her human washcloth.He then began cleaning her bathroom, scrubbing the floors, as well as the shower, bath and sink. As he cleaned the toilet, he hoped that she would use him as her toilet later on. Though he enjoyed tasting her ‘champagne’ earlier, along with Ani and Mindy via the dog bowl it was always better directly from the source. The Dr enjoyed being used as his mistress’ toilet, as well as cleaning her pussy after. Just as he was just finishing off the housework, Susie texted ‘pick us up in 20 mins’.His heart began racing as he drove back into town to pick them up, hoping that Susie would be satisfied with his cleaning, and that she would allow him to service her sexually. Susie, Ani and Mindy were talking to a couple of guys when the Dr parked up outside. As he waved to them, they pointed to him, and began laughing, before getting in. They continued to taunt him as he drove them home.”My legs are aching after tonight, I’ll expect you round tomorrow to give them a massage” said Ani.”Oooh yeah, same here” agreed Mindy. “I’ll probably be a bit hungover tomorrow, so if you could bring me a coffee and a bacon sandwich in the morning, I might let you kiss my arse” she laughed.”He gives a great foot rub too, and it’s easy to kick him in the balls if he slacks off” said Susie, before adding “in fact, my feet are pretty sore now slave, I think when we get home I’ll have you massage them with your mouth.””Wow Susie you’re so bad” exclaimed Ani.”I know” Mindy agreed “I never thought someone in your profession could be so pathetic.””Treat them mean keep them keen” Susie replied. “He loves being my little toy to use and abuse, don’t you cumdog?””Yes, thank you for letting me serve you mistress” responded the Dr, much to the amusement of the three women.”How much of this loser’s money do you think we spent tonight? That champagne was pretty expensive” Ani said.”Who cares” Susie replied “besides, I’m sure it will taste even better when it’s been filtered through me, kaçak bahis really we’re doing him a favour.”The humiliation continued as the Dr drove Ani and Mindy home, with Susie making a point of giving his phone number to both of them. She also arranged for him to come and clean their place the next morning. Though he blushed with embarrassment, his cock again tried to escape from it’s cage as he imagined serving these two women. On their way back to hers, Susie sent the Dr into a local fast food restaurant to get her some fried chicken, and then spent the rest of the journey home telling him about all the fun they’d had, while he’d been locked up in chastity, cleaning her house. As they got home Susie sank onto the sofa, before looking at the Dr, clicking her fingers and pointing at her feet. Knowing what she wanted, he got to his knees and removed her shoes.”Rub them for me” she ordered offhandedly.”Phew, what a night” Susie remarked as she put her foot up to his face, indicating for him to smell as he began massaging. She turned on the TV and ate her food, ignoring the Dr, who was completely focused on his task.As he deeply inhaled her sweaty feet, Susie reflected on how easily she had been able to use his foot fetish to wrap him around her little finger. Indeed, when they had first met the Dr had confessed that he had a thing for women’s feet. In the early days Susie stopped letting him touch her feet when they were in the bedroom. She began using it as an incentive for him to do errands, or tasks around the house (a win-win for Susie, who loved having her feet worshipped anyway). Once he had began contributing financially, she would often call him after she had been hiking, or at the gym, and he would come round begging to give her feet a tongue bath.The Dr began to plant gentle kisses on her toes, whilst still pressing his thumbs up and down the sole of her foot. Susie laughed looking down at her obedient sub, he was in heaven with his nose between her toes. Before she met Sam, Karen had never thought of her feet as particularly sexy but the Dr had made her come to realise just how powerful her feet could be.”Mmmm that feels divine, now suck on my toes bitch, this is your reward for paying for our night out.” Susie moaned, as the Dr eagerly began to take her toes in his mouth, swirling his tongue around.”Do you like how they taste?” She asked, her sub nodding his head. “Do a good job licking the sweat from my feet, and I might let you lick other parts of me” Susie teased.The Dr resumed worshipping, this time licking with real fervour, as Susie laid back, enjoying having her feet pampered.”That’s enough for now slave” she said, pulling her feet away, much to the Dr’s disappointment. “I need to use the toilet, and seeing as you’ve been such a good pet, perhaps you’d like to join me.””Yes please mistress” he responded excitedly, before Susie ordered him upstairs, telling him to strip and lie in the bath. A few minutes later she appeared, also naked, and stood over him. The Dr adored Susie’s body.”Do you like what you see?” She cooed, looking down at her eager submissive, and using her toes to play with his chastity device. “Maybe if you’re a good toilet, and you make me cum after, I might let you cum.”Susie then squatted above her slave’s face, her pussy just a few inches from his open mouth. The Dr could smell her divine scent, and longed for her golden nectar. Susie moaned as she let out a steady stream of piss, though the Dr tried to catch as much as possible in his mouth, it went all over his face. She kept pissing more and more, and the Dr struggled to gulp it all down, not wanting to waste any.”I told you the champagne would taste nicer once it had been filtered through me, didn’t I doggy” Susie laughed, the last few drops falling into his mouth.”Thank you mistress.””You’re very welcome toilet, now lick me clean” Susie said squatting right down and sitting on his face. The Dr immediately got to work, lapping up her sweet pussy with a flat tongue. He savoured every drop of her piss. He then began licking down from her clit, to the bottom, and trying to gain entry with his tongue. After a few minutes, the taste of piss and sweat was replaced with the taste of his mistress’ arousal. As the Dr sucked and nibbled gently on her lips, he could hear Suise moan in approval.”Good pussylicker, that’s it, ooooh yeah right there, make your mistress cum.”Susie was clearly enjoying her subs oral attention, as she put more weight illegal bahis on his face, his nose now nestled between her arse cheeks. The sudden lack of air, combined with the taste of her pussy, and the musky odour of her arse, was an intoxicating mix, that was making the Dr feel light headed. He continued nonetheless, sucking on his mistress’ clit, and letting her ride his face as she orgasmed.Susie flopped forward, breathing heavily, onto the Dr’s chest. Though they were now in the 69 position, Susie had no intention of unlocking him and sucking is cock, instead she began licking his cage. Knowing how to be the perfect tease.She continued teasing, before looking back and saying “you know, my arse feels really sweaty now, be a good slave and get your tongue in there.”The Dr didn’t need to be told twice, hungrily licking up and down between her cheeks. He loved the taste of Susie’s arse, and was in heaven rimming her. The salty, musky taste, combined with fresh sweat, and some of her pussy juice came together to form the most delicious cocktail, and the Dr just couldn’t get enough of it. After he had cleaned her crack with his tongue, he began to circle her arsehole gently.”You’d better get your tongue right in there slave, or no cumming for you” said Susie, enjoying having her slave rim her.The Dr began alternating between sucking on her rosebud, trying to enter with his tongue, gradually relaxing.The Dr kept worshipping her arse, but was becoming increasingly frustrated in his cock cage, his balls had been aching all night and he was desperate to be released. Sensing this, Susie got up, satisfied with her slave’s oral efforts.”All that arselicking has made me horny and non of the men in bar took my fancy, lets have a shower, and then maybe I’ll let you fuck me.”They both showered together, the Dr taking the time to lick Susie’s armpits and breasts, before covering her body in lotion and then washing her hair. The Dr too was allowed to shower washing away his mistress’ piss, before they both dried off. Going through into the bedroom, Susie laid on the bed, but indicated for him to kneel on the floor.”You know slave, it really turns me on when you beg to fuck me.” Susie said, enjoying her position of power. Seeing this normally strong powerful Dr on his knees desperate to fuck her, was making Susie’s pussy wet.”Please, please let me fuck you mistress, I need to feel myself inside you, I’ll do absolutely anything.””Anything?” Susie asked wickedly.”Yes Mistress, I’ll up your tributes, I’ll cook, clean, massage your feet, whatever you want.””Hmmmm, OK, I guess you’ve been a good slave tonight, go on then” she said reaching for the key beside her bed and unlocking his cock. Still on his knees, he began kissing her pussy, licking up and down and nuzzling his face in. She moaned, putting her legs over his shoulders and grabbing his hair. After a few minutes she couldn’t hold off any longer.”Put your cock in me slave.”Straight away the Dr threw himself onto the bed, entering Susie. She started groaning in ecstasy as he fucked her. With the Dr on top of her, Susie could see the hunger and desire in his eyes, she was scratching his back as he rode her hard, his cock filling her pussy. She clung to him tightly as he continued to thrust in and out.”I’m gonna cum mistress.” The Dr moaned.”Not until I say” She replied.”Please Mistress, I’m so close” he begged and pleated as he panted for breath.”Only if you lick it all out.””Yes mistress, thank you” the Dr started but trailed off as he came inside her, filling her pussy, before getting off her and collapsing, sweaty and out of breath.”Thank you mistress, that was incredible.””It really was” Susie responded “but you’re not done yet, get down there and clean up all that mess you made.”The Dr began kissing down her body, before once again nestling his head between her legs. She sighed at the pleasant feeling of him sucking out his cum, though she was exhausted and told him to stay away from her clit, she nonetheless enjoyed the sensation of him cleaning her with his mouth.”Good boy, am I all clean now?” Susie asked, before adding “you may as well give my arse a lick while you’re down there, you know how it relaxes me.”The Dr was quick to obey, and Susie let out a sigh as his tongue sought out her arsehole. She enjoyed watching his head bobbing up and down as he rimmed her gently, with his nose in her pussy.Mmmmmm that feels great, but I’m tired now, maybe you could wake me up like that in the morning” Susie remarked, before adding “you can stay over tonight.”The Dr got up to turn off the light and then tucked Susie in before he took his place on the rug next to the bed like a good CumDog.

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