Footfucking Fun Ch. 04

Dillion Harper

Chapter 4. Eva’s Immoral Sole

As she made up the bed, Eva remembered all the dirty little things she had done above and below its covers the previous evening. She had been caught masturbating in the room by its occupant, a 30-something businessman who was staying at the hotel overnight.

Eva had caught a glimpse of a porno mag on the chair under a pile of the gentleman’s clothes and could not resist leafing through the glossy, graphic images of couples and threesomes fucking and sucking. She loved porno, especially the hardcore, explicit stuff of this calibre.

Eva quickly noticed that the emphasis, in most of the photosets, seemed to be on the feet of the woman. Sometimes she would be barefoot, sometimes in pantyhose or long, black or white stockings. This turned her on immensely. She smiled as she admired a picture of one girl clasping her bare soles together as if they were labia, and the guy using the space between her feet to jack himself off. She licked her lips as she studied the webs of cum between the girl’s toes and on her wrinkled soles. Eva longed to feel a gorgeous, hard cock on her toes and between her bare soles. She had never experienced this with any of her lovers so far. She fantasised about the occasion time and time again; she herself revelling in the thrill of his climax, his grip tightening on the curves of her smooth ankles, his hot semen splashing between her cute toes and onto her bare legs.

Playing the scenario in her head once more, she started to touch herself through the warm dampness of her lace underwear while she sat on the bed. With no one around, the temptation to make herself cum was too much. She reclined on the bed and turned the page.

Eva now gazed at an image of some extremely hot blonde slut getting her pussy pounded from underneath while she greedily sucked another guy’s large, glistening cock The guy under her had both his hands on her large, natural tits. The blowjob guy had the woman’s red-painted toes in his mouth and he was sucking for all he was worth, his eyes fixed on her wonderfully stretched cunt, savouring her contorted nudity while she deepthroated him.

Eva slipped her panties down her smooth legs and off her bare feet and began fingerfucking herself as she fantasised about being the girl in the picture. She imagined the flavour of the guy’s cock in her mouth – salty and musky – as she slipped two fingers into her horny pussy. She wondered what would make him cum the hardest – the sensation of her hot mouth sucking every drop of sperm from his balls or the taste of her gorgeous toes on his tastebuds.

Suddenly, the door to the room opened and in walked the gentleman to whom the magazine belonged.

“Can I…. help you?” the man had said, dropping his briefcase involuntarily. The look on his face was priceless, Eva thought – not one of anger or disgust, merely surprise. He was also, quite obviously, aroused by the sight of the half-naked, masturbating brunette maid.

“Oh…” said Eva, embarrassed at being caught. She quickly crossed her legs and grinned somewhat sheepishly. “I’m so sorry, sir. I just found your magazine while I was tidying your room and was enjoying looking at it.”

“No, no..” replied the gentleman, closing the door behind him, “It’s fine. No problem at all! I’m glad you approve of my choice of bedtime reading material.”

Eva laughed, still sitting on the bed with no underwear; most of the buttons on her dress undone, much to the delight of the man.

His eyes clung to the sight of her long, firm legs, strong, smooth thighs and that tight, wet little strip of dark hair that he could just discern. He reckoned she must be 20, maybe 21 years old, and obviously a horny little bitch to get caught wanking herself off in a complete stranger’s room. He was so right.

Eva’s lust for flesh was insatiable. She went around the rooms of the hotel in that tight little uniform of hers, bare feet and legs, sometimes panties, sometimes not, parading herself to anyone and everyone. Sometimes her young mouth would be put to good use by frustrated businesswomen who made her eat pussy until they were satisfied. Some paid, some didn’t have to. Occasionally, she accidentally on purpose walked in on attractive male guests showering, and offered her services as a fuck toy for the evening. And now here she sat, fingering herself on a guest’s bed while the guest himself was in the room.

He was a fit, attractive man, Eva was pleased to note. He kept himself in shape and, from the sizeable bulge in his pants, she thought, looked like he was capable of satisfying the most insatiable of women.

“Have you found a favourite photo yet?” he said, moving towards Eva and sitting down on the bed beside her. His direct approach turned her on.

Eva smiled at him. “I like this one,” she said, and pointed to a shot of a couple on a bed.

The man in the photo lay flat cebeci escort on his back while the girl was sucking his dick through his boxer shorts. Her bare foot was in the guy’s mouth and he was sucking those beautiful painted toes of hers, his tongue parting each slender, delicate toe.

“Hmmm..” the gentleman sighed. Eva noticed the bulge of his erection once more and saw it pulse forward even further while they looked at the picture together.

“So you’re a foot man then, are you?” Eva asked him, smiling.

The man smiled and looked at her.

“Why, yes,” he replied, looking back to the magazine. “A woman’s feet are her foundation, her base if you like. If she keeps them clean and beautiful, then that shows me that she truly is a sensual, sexual creature.”

His voice had wisdom and maturity and Eva noticed herself becoming more and more aroused by the man.

“Well, I like feet too,” Eva replied. “But no-one has ever paid close attention to mine, at least not like this,” she continued, pointing at the picture.

“I’m sorry to hear that,” the man replied, genuinely moved at what Eva had just said. “May I?” he asked, pointing to her bare feet, which were crossed, ankle on ankle at the bottom of the bed.

“May you what?” she asked, a coy smile on her lips.

“Pay close attention to them,” he continued. “It would be a shame not to.”

“Yes,” Eva replied, “It would.” She adjusted her posture so that both her feet were now upon the bed. She wiggled her toes for him as his eyes became fixed on each succulent bare foot.

The man knelt by her feet on the bed and tenderly brushed her ankles with his fingers. He sighed, delighting in the sensation of her warm, young flesh.

“So very smooth and clean,” he remarked. “Not a trace of any blemish or bruise to mar their perfection.”

Eva instantly loved listening to this man’s commentary about her feet. She placed both her soft heels in his lap so he could continue his adoration of them. Her toes brushed against his erect cock, still confined within his pants, which made him gasp a little. This also sent a spark of excitement shooting from her tight little asshole to her throbbing clit.

Eva sat forward, the gentleman’s hands now slowly massaging her feet in his lap. She unbuttoned his shirt and pulled it off his torso. They smiled at each other and kissed, his tongue slipping past her lips as they met. She unbuttoned and unzipped his pants, their mouths together, her bare feet in his strong hands. Eva reclined on the bed once more and began removing what was left of her clothing.

“Take them off, “she demanded, nodding to his pants. “Show it to me.”

“Mmm, you want to see it?” the gentleman replied, slowly slipping his pants down his hairy, muscular thighs. Eva nodded, biting her lower lip in anticipation.

He kicked his trousers off his bare legs and removed his socks, tossing them aside. Eva could hardly take her eyes off his cock as he knelt back onto the bed and placed her bare feet on his smooth chest. She pinched each of his nipples with her fine toes as she studied his penis. It must have been eight inches minimum. It had a shiny, fat head, which already glistened with his sweet, clear pre-cum. He was uncut, but the sheer strength and size of his erect penis had caused his foreskin to roll back down his thick, veiny shaft, exposing his glans.

“Mmm,” Eva purred, “I bet that beautiful big cock of yours just loves to make a mess on all the pretty girls and their feet!”

The man grinned and nodded. He held Eva’s bare feet in his firm but gentle grip, clasping them to his naked chest. Slowly, still making eye contact with her, he brought her right foot up to his mouth and began to kiss each of her toes. The sensation was fabulous! Eva teased her aroused clit as she felt his lips scan her delicious toes. The combination of his dominant grip on her vulnerable sole and the grace and reverence of his warm, tender lips was overwhelming.

“They are so clean and sweet,” the man said, now burying his face in the silken sole of Eva’s left foot. “If you were mine, I would worship them all day and night.”

“Really?” Eva replied, “If you were mine, I would let you.”

Their eyes met as he brought both her bare feet to his mouth and ran his tongue from the pinkie toe on her right foot to the one on her left. Eva likened this to some form of sexual torture without the pain; an extreme sensation which made her hotter and wetter than she had ever been in her life. The gentleman pressed both her wrinkled, pink soles to his face and inhaled deeply, drawing in the girl’s wonderfully feminine scent. There was no mistaking, Eva thought, that this man was a foot connoisseur and, as such, he was treating her toes as if they were the finest of wines; savouring their sweet scent, holding their perfect flavour on the tip of his tongue.

“God, çeşme escort they smell so good!” he remarked, inhaling each tiny section of her perfect bare soles from her toes to her pink heels. Eva felt his tongue on her right ankle, tracing a glistening line of true appreciation down to her exposed instep and up to her big toe, which he began to suck in and out of his mouth, a perfect technique, Eva thought, of foot fellatio.

She was already close to orgasm. Her clit throbbed and pulsed with every suck, caress and lick of the gentleman’s mouth. It were as if he was eating her pussy, not sucking on her toes. She wondered if, in the excitement of her fantasy becoming reality, anything was now possible, and her toes had now become ten clitoral timebombs, all primed, armed and ready to detonate spectacularly.

“I have an idea,” she began, pulling her feet from the man’s hands and kneeling up on the bed to face him. She wrapped her right hand around his stiff cock and slowly stroked him from his balls to his sticky little slit.

“Mmmmm!” he sighed, “Great idea!”

“Lie back,” Eva whispered, guiding him back onto the bed where she had just lain. As he repositioned himself, she still kept that perfect dick of his in her hand, slowly caressing him with her thumb and fingers. Her beautifully aroused cunt glistened with her juices and, as she slowly caressed the gentleman’s bulbous cockhead, he coolly reached over between her smooth thighs and began teasing her gorgeous little clitty. He watched, smiling, as her eyes closed and her bottom lip was drawn once more into her mouth. Her hips bucked slightly as he slowly slid his index finger past her slippery pussy lips.

“Yeah..” he sighed. “Feels so nice in there.”

The man knew all the right buttons to press, Eva thought to herself, and when to press them.

Sighing, she slowly brought her left foot up so that it was level with the man’s shoulder. He was lying slightly on his side, his head resting on the fine wooden headboard of the bed.

“I want to try something I saw in your magazine,” Eva said, gently squeezing his hard cock while he slowly fingerfucked her. She brought her foot up higher so that it too now rested on the headboard, the sudden cool of the wood on her bare sole making her gasp inwardly.

“You can try anything on me, miss,” the gentleman teased, his hips now also moving with the rhythm of her hand on his fat dick.

She smiled at him once more.

“I want you to suck my toes,” Eva began, and placed her lovely bare foot on his throat.

“So far, so good,” he replied, feeling her sweet toes upon his chin.

“And while you’re sucking,” Eva continued, I want to rub that delicious cock of yours with my other foot.”

The gentleman laughed excitedly.

“I knew it was a good idea to let you try something,” he said, smiling.

“But,” Eva continued, “I want you to fuck me with one foot while I get to suck on your toes too.”

The man almost creamed his load right then and there. This all sounded so exquisitely filthy – a foot fetishist’s wet fucking dream – that he began to wonder whether or not this whole encounter was just that – a dream.

Eva had already began to stroke the man’s toes, which he obviously took great pride in. She saw hardly any hair, clean, trimmed nails and no hard skin of any sort. She imagined him going barefoot as much as possible, openly flaunting his attractive ankles, toes and soles. Perhaps he liked to suck on his own toes while he jerked off, she thought to herself, maybe even squirting his spunk on his wrinkled soles, coating one or both of his smooth heels in jizz as he held them to his spasming, hard cock. The idea thrilled her completely.

She offered her eager toes to his mouth and he opened wide for her, never breaking eye contact. She reclined a little as he did likewise, his strong toes gently brushing her cheek. She flicked her tongue onto his big toe and he smiled at her, his mouth full of her bare foot. He tasted good, Eva was somewhat surprised to discover – salty and musky. Her mind zipped back to the image in the magazine; the flavour of the pornstar’s cock in the slut’s mouth. She wondered if by sucking on his toes alone she could make him spurt.

The man pushed his eager tongue between each of Eva’s sexy little toes, also delighting in the flavour. He imagined it was not his toes in her mouth, but his hard cock. This sexy little maid, he thought to himself, had the mouth of a professional slut on her. He imagined shooting his sticky, hot sperm onto her beautiful feet straight after he had fucked that delicious mouth, that mouth which was now wrapped around his bare foot.

Eva extended her right leg and let her foot hover in mid-air right above the gentleman’s erection. Even though his tongue was indisposed, his eyes screamed: “Do it! Do it!” at her. Slowly, she cim cif yapan escort lowered her bare foot so that a hair’s breadth remained between her toes and the bubble of natural lubrication in the slit of his cock. She felt the tip of her big toe moisten as she nudged against the pre-cum, smearing it onto the veiny shaft beneath. Had her mouth not been filled with his toes, she would have loved to lick it off. She lowered her toes so that, from big toe to pinkie toe, they caressed the underside of his beautiful dick, her soft heel nuzzling aesthetically against his balls. He sighed gently as, finally, her toes made contact with his genitals.

Easily fitting all five of her succulent pink toes into his mouth, the gentleman then extended his remaining foot slightly so that his toes probed that glorious little hot hole of hers. He teased her pussy with his toes, wiggling and flexing them on her erect little button, discovering the sweet opening of her lips and inserting one, two then three toes into her cunt, making her sigh deeply. He felt that sigh too. It travelled from her throat to his toes, up his leg and straight to his cock.

Eva rejoiced inwardly at the beautifully perverted amalgamation of their two bodies. Her senses were being recalibrated, stretched and reconfigured. The sheer bliss of having her toes devoured so hungrily, spliced together with the flavour of his masculine toes, multiplied with the joyous feeling in her vagina and augmented by the warmth of his cock on her bare sole made her feel born again. She imagined watching herself from across the room, masturbating of course. Pure sex, she imagined saying to herself. ‘This is pure sex!’

The gentleman moved his leg more firmly now, fucking her with his toes. She gasped, her saliva bubbling down either side of his tanned, toned foot. She responded by spreading her toes and firmly grasping his large prick between her big and second toe. His early semen now glistened in her toe cleavage, and she tightly jerked that cock back and forth, back and forth, stimulating his penis in a tight grip. He moaned, and this time Eva felt him moan. It was like having a vibrator pushed up against her bare toes, the sensation being transmitted directly to her pussy. She was making him cum, and she also could feel her climax beginning to reverberate from deep within her body.

The gentleman watched his cock as he started to climax, still cramming most of Eva’s sexy young foot into his mouth. He gasped audibly as his sperm arced up into the air. Eva held his dick upright between her toes, slowly milking each last drop his balls had to offer. It landed back on top of her foot, some remaining there resplendent upon her skin, some trickling down to land on his hairy thighs or the bed. Eva delighted in the feeling of his hot spunk on her skin. She removed her left foot from his mouth and reunited it with her right, both feet now coaxing beads of sticky spunk from his cock. His toes in her pussy made her cum, and her hips bucked as she did so, grinding her clit down onto his slippery, wet toes with gasps, howls and moans of delight.

They lay, sweating and panting, on the bed, head to foot. The stained covers beneath their naked bodies were crumpled and in need of attention. The man watched as Eva brought her right foot, speckled with his semen, up to her mouth and sucked her own toes clean.

“Fuck,” the man exclaimed, sweat upon his brow. “You fucking foot pervert!”

They burst out with laughter together. Eva licked a long rivulet of sperm from the top of her foot and kissed the man, passing the flavour of his own seed into his mouth. He sighed, obviously thrilled at the filthy little tricks this girl knew. She playfully tweaked his nipple while her tongue probed his mouth, her own tits glistening with sweat and saliva.

“I need to get back to work,” Eva said, breaking their spermy kiss.

“I’m sorry to hear that,” the gentleman replied, his bare feet enveloping hers upon the bed, their sex juices still glistening upon their skin.

“Will you come back and visit me sometime?” she asked him.

“I think that can be arranged,” he replied with a smile.

The couple showered together and Eva dressed and left the hotel room. The man insisted on kissing each of her toes one last time. They had tasted so beautiful too, being fresh out the shower. He felt his cock harden, but knew the girl had to get back to her duties, so resisted temptation.

“Oh, by the way,” Eva said, as she left the room. “What’s your name?”

The man smiled at her.


She grinned back at him.

“I’m Eva. See you round, Kevin.”

She closed the door behind her and, in her bare feet, pushed her maid’s cart further on down the hall. Before she was more than two metres away from the room, she heard the door open again.

“Oh, one more thing,” Kevin said from the doorway.

“What might that be, Kevin?” Eva asked over her shoulder.

“I might need some fresh towels later,” he continued. “Say, maybe around 9pm?”

She lifted her foot off the floor and flashed her wrinkled sole at him.

“I’ll bring the towels,” she replied, “if you bring the porno!”

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