Big Tits

He had to make it happen. Ever since he had seen his house mate Jake masturbating he wanted him. He couldn’t understand it, he had never before been attracted to men, he had a girlfriend but ever since that night his dreams were filled with images of his house mate stroking his cock and screaming in ecstasy. Dan could remember that night so well- it was hot and he couldn’t sleep, he kept hearing sounds of pleasure coming from his friend’s room, he tried to ignore them but they went on for hours and he couldn’t believe that it was carrying on so long. When he quietly crept to his friend’s door and peeked in through the crack his friend was screaming and stroking his big smooth cock fast. He watched as thick ropes of cum spurted out and then to his amazement his friend continued stroking himself hard again and starting it all over. That night he went back to his room and masturbated to the images of what he had seen and fell asleep after cumming hard. Now every time he saw Jake he felt his cock stiffening. He knew his flat mate was straight and therefore didn’t know how to approach him, he feared being rejected and his mind was preoccupied with thoughts of ways to realize his desires. What he didn’t know was that his friend was bi and that he had noticed the way Dan reacted isvecbahis to him. On that Saturday they both stayed at home seeing as their girlfriends were on a girl’s night out. After a few beers each repaired to his own room in the claim that they were going to sleep but that was not the case. Jake had decided to help Dan make the first move so when in his room he put on some porn and started stroking his hard cock, loud sounds of ecstasy escaping his lips. When Dan heard what was going on in Jakes room his own cock stiffened into an actually painful erection and he couldn’t suppress the urge to peek in on Jake. When he got to jakes room he saw that the door was standing wide open. Jake was lying on his bed and moaning as he touched himself. Dan stood hypnotized, a big tent in his boxers- when Jake turned his head and looked straight at him he didn’t know what to do. “Sorry”, he stammered but did not move away. Jake kept stroking as he looked his friend in the eyes. Dan didn’t know how but his legs moved of their own accord and he found himself sitting on Jake’s bed. Without saying a word Jake reached out and his hand wrapped around Dan’s bulge through his boxers Dan moaned and pushed his hips toward Jake’s hand. Jake let go of his bulge and was now pulling down the boxers, isveçbahis giriş revealing Dan’s hard cock, which was glistening with precum. His cock was only a little smaller than Jake’s, with a nice pink head. Jake did not hesitate before taking that beautiful cock into his mouth. Dan felt he might pass out as jakes lips closed around his cock, he grunted and pushed his hips forward, Jake’s hand cupped his balls and his tongue was swirling around Dan’s head. He started bobbing his head up and down, taking the seven inch cock deeper into his mouth each time. He was loving the taste and feel of it in his mouth, the mushroom head and the shaft with its veins. His own eight inch cock was rock solid and a bead of precum was glistening on the head. Dan was moaning louder now and his cock was leaking precum into jakes mouth. Feeling that Dan was close Jake picked up the pace and started massaging Dan’s balls as he sucked him. Suddenly Dan’s hands moved to hold Jake’s head, he thrust up and screamed as he shot load after load into Jake’s mouth. Jake swallowed all he could, loving the taste of his friend, but some still ran out of the corners of his mouth. When Dan finally stopped cumming and released his head Jake moved up and surprised Dan by kissing him passionately on the isveçbahis yeni giriş mouth. Dan tasted his own cum off Jake’s lips and the taste and feel of jakes tongue made his cock semi hard again. The two of them started kissing and fondling each other which caused Dan’s cock to be hard again. His cock rubbed against Jake’s as they kissed and caressed each other, and an unfamiliar tingle ran through his body, all he could think about now was feeling it in his ass. He kissed Jake’s neck up to his ear. “Please fuck me”, he whispered. Jake looked into his eyes- “are you sure?” he asked. “Yes, I want it so much”. Jake kissed him again and pushed him down onto the bed. He went to a drawer and took out a bottle of lube. First he rubbed it into Dan’s ass, massaging his tight virgin ass hole so he would relax, then rubbing it onto his own cock. He lifted Dan’s legs over his shoulders and pointed his cock to Dan’s ass hole. Dan felt a dull pressure and then a sharp pain as Jake applied a little more pressure, he yelped and flinched to get away from Jake’s cock. “Do you want me to continue?” Jake asked as he looked into his eyes. Dan thought for a moment then nodded his head “yes”. “Then relax and look into my eyes”. Again Jake positioned his cock at the entrance and started pushing. again Dan felt pain but he resisted the urge to flinch away, he concentrated on Jake’s eyes which were full of desire, and Jake managed to push the head of his cock in. He stopped moving and let Dan get accustomed to his cock.

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