Fixing The Shower


My new neighbor is this real hot blonde that has a body that just won’t stop. She loves to show it off in her yard any chance she gets. With her tight shorts and too tight halter tops. She has an ass that wiggles in such a way that it will make your mouth water, and a set of tits that stand out proudly and bounce with every step. She has the face of an angel, with soft blonde shoulder length hair. Needless to say, since she moved in I have made it a point to be out in the yard allot. I try to be very neighborly and go over to visit this gorgeous girl every chance I get, just hoping to get a closer look at those tits as they strain to be released from her halter top.

This last Saturday afternoon, I was laying around watching TV and the doorbell rang. To my surprise it was my neighbor, she said she was having trouble with her shower massager. She thought since I was a good handy-man she wanted to see if I could fix it for her. I jumped on this chance to get even closer to her, hoping to get on her good side. I gathered my tools and followed my favorite wiggling isveçbahis ass to her house and into the bathroom. I quickly began to reattach the shower head and check for any leaks. I said “you are ready to go, it should be good as new.” she said “well there’s only one way to find out and that is to try it and see.” my jaw nearly hit the floor as I looked to see her top hit the floor and her panties not far behind. My cock was instantly hard as I watched the warm water splash on her beautiful tits and run down between her legs. She let out a soft moan and said “I believe it is working better now than it ever has! Why don’t you get in and try it out, besides by the look of that bulge in your pants, I think you need cooled off anyway.”

With that encouragement I was naked in record time. She smiled as she looked at my cock standing strait out from my body like a sword. She took me by hand as I got into the shower, I was in heaven as the hot water ran over my body. She took the massager and put the water on my balls, it felt wonderful. She said “it works real well on all isveçbahis giriş parts of the body.” as she done this to my balls I cupped her tits and began to suck on her nipples, they were soon standing out like pencils. I then began to rub on her clit, she moaned and told me “use the massager on my pussy!!”

I took the massager and aimed it at her hairless cunt and from the look on her face I say that I was hitting all the right spots. “keep it right there!” she said as she leaned against the shower wall. She said I feel like I am gonna come any second!” she closed her eyes and let out a loud cry, her orgasm reached every part of her body. She said “it never worked this well before, and I bet it will work just as well for you..” she was still leaning against the shower wall trying to catch her breath.

She took the shower nozzle from me and aimed it at my cock, and with the other hand she gently griped the shaft of my cock. She slowly stroked me up and down as the warm water massaged my cock. As the warm water and her hand done it magic, I thought hand jobs isveçbahis yeni giriş were never like this before. My knees began to get weak, and I managed to lean against the shower wall. I felt that tingle and told her “I am gonna cum!” she said “no, save it for me, I want all of the cream for me..” she put the massager back in its place so it would cover us both in a warm spray of warm body all over our bodies.

She jumped into my arms and wrapped her legs around me so that her pussy was just above my cock. I lowered her body onto my cock letting her silky pussy slide down till I was al the way in her. She began to rock back and forth as I braced against the wall. Her body was in constant motion, I held the cheeks of her ass and moved her closer to my body. She said ” I need to feel your hot cum inside me, fill me up baby!!” her cries of pleasure inspired me even more, with my strong lunges my cock went in deeper and deeper into her silky smooth cunt. The warm water and her tight cunt was more than I could take, with a loud grunt and one last lunge I pumped all of my hot cum into that wonderful cunt. We kept this up till we were both exhausted. I now know the pleasure of fucking in the shower, and I have also bought my own shower massager. Now when ever we get the urge we are prepared.

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