First Time at a BBC party, and First time seeing m

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First Time at a BBC party, and First time seeing mTo appreciate this story, it helps to check out how my wife and I got this far. You should read those first as you can really appreciate this one a whole lot more by seeing where my wife came from and how she ended up here in DC with a bunch Black Fraternity Guys, celebrating there reunion. By now my Filipino wife of 20-plus years has already broken the Taboo boundaries and experienced amazing sex with a Black man, and since her first adventure, she was actually seeing this one guy who I introduced her to that I met on another web site that I’m not sure I can say the name but I can tell you they or I, “Love Interracial”. Actually he and my wife together were like this annoying couple to be around, you see they both were headstrong and good at antagonizing eachother! You see, the three of us would hang out at a club we all liked and drink and they’d dance and he’d be making his moves both physically and verbally, but she would always shut him down as to ensure he knew that she was in control. (Her fucking Alpha personality can really be a pain in the ass some times! But, I think once she knew she could control things or him, she just kept him at arms length.) You see, my wife liked him a lot, he was a very good looking guy and she saw his profile, watched him masturbate and explode all over the floor in his video, which made my wife gasp, “Oh my God, that’s a lot of Cum! I don’t know if I could handle him, he’s really bigger than my first guy?!” But she liked him because he was very protective of her when they were together by themselves, and respectful of her wishes. But he was annoyingly persistent and would slip up from time to time and call her and text her with all this dirty talk, my wife HATES dirty talk! So she would tell him to Fuck off and ignore him for a week or two, then he would contact me and ask, “Is she mad at me?!” I told him, “You both are like annoying me, you’ve known eachother for months, gone out on your own clubbing while I was at work and still no action?! What the Fuck? It’s like you both got married or something!” I told him to just give her some time to get over your last “reason” that pissed her off and pretty soon she will be reaching out to you like she always does. I couldn’t tell him that she wanted him badly, or he’d get even more cocky and full of himself, but actually when me and my wife would be going at it I’d ask her, “Don’t you want to fuck him, and feel that big black cock of his inside you?!” and she’d say, “I do, I want him in me bad, but I’m afraid he may get too attached, but I do want to fuck him, or maybe someone else, what do you think?” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, you have to really understand where my wife started out in this Interracial sex thing to appreciate what she was saying!So a few weeks go by and now I’m on another site that caters to Swingers, and I am browsing profiles of Black men in the area, and I get a friend request by this guy and we reach out and talk back and forth, and he tells me he is arranging a BBC Party in DC and he is inviting other couples he has known and his male friends he was in the Fraternity with back in college. So, I go to my wife and as I tell her about the party, I’m already expecting to get shot down when she surprises the Hell out of me and says, “Yes, we should go and meet other people doing this, it could be fun just to visit and hear what other couples are experiencing!” I was completely floored and as giddy as can be when I clicked the, “Yes, We will be attending!” on the computerized invite! This guy was sharp, he had a site set up for all who were attending and he asked everyone to share a little something if we wanted to in our invite, to just break the ice and allow all of us to get to know eachother. Pretty cool and there seemed to be a good amount of people going, IE: couples, single women, single men that he knew and vouched for. So, the night of the “party” and my wife and I are pulling up to the Marriott, a fairly new one and she is wearing this sexy 3/4 length sleeve-less, leopard dress with a bunch of gold necklaces and her “Big Ole Hoop Earrings” I got her those earrings after her first BBC experience. (Apparently, one of the signs a white woman is in to Black men is not just wearing black and white clothes but those big hoop earrings as well. It shows the men that the woman can handle and desires the wider girth or thickness of their cock size. So if you guys see a white or Asian woman sporting those bad boys off her lobes, then chances are she is in to BBC!) bahis şirketleri As we get out of the car, she lights up a joint and takes a few hits, (she said, “I need to numb my senses a little, I don’t want to look or be too uptight!) As we continue to walk the parking lot she turns to me and says, “Just so you know, I just want to check things out and meet some people who do this. I want to make sure you know I’m not fucking anyone just because we are here!” I told her to chill out, all I wanted to do was meet some others people as well and just check this out, no pressure! She knew me too well, the fact was i wanted to see her fuck a Black guy soo bad since I missed her first and her “Black Buddy” back in Maryland has yet to get passed sucking on her nipples and having her play with his cock in her hands!We get inside and are greeted by my friend from the site and he is a really big guy, but very warm and with a pleasant personality. (You would be pleasant to if you knew you’d be fucking most of these white wives and women walking through the door!) He walks us in to the suite which is actually two huge suites next to eachother and the middle connecting doors are opened. This allowed people to mingle and move off to another bedroom if they wanted to. He really put a great deal of thought in to this party. Once most everyone arrived he laid out the ground rules, “No means NO!” he put all the ladies minds at peace when he said, “Ladies, you are all my guests, you are all beautiful and very sexy, you should all know what kind of party this is, but if you do not feel a connection with any man in this room, then you do not have to engage, I will ensure that you are safe and free to watch or leave, you are my guest!” then he said to the men, “Guys, you will all know that these ladies are to be respected, if they are not interested, then you move on, No means NO! There are no second chances, one slip and I will ask you to leave! There are also condoms in each of the rooms, on the dressers, WE ALL WEAR THEM, NO EXCEPTIONS!”I have to admit, I was impressed on how he handled this, and my wife definitely felt safer and a bit relieved after hearing that. So after about 30 minutes of small talk with everyone getting to know eachother this one woman looked around and said, “Well, lets get this party started!” and she got undressed and was led into one of the rooms by the first Black guy near her. my wife was like, “Oh my God, that was quick!” at that point people started to get undressed and begin to pair up and start going at it, not everyone but the first few were hitting it pretty hard. My wife looked a bit timid and still apprehensive as she stood in the kitchen area of the suite not far from the entrance. I think she was thinking just in case these guys forgot the rules and went crazy! Some of the guys came up to her and they talked and flirted with her, she met this one guy that I thought had the best chances of winning over my wife, as she seemed to like the conversation and she smiled and seemed very comfortable with him, then he must have got distracted cause the next thing you see is the first white chick who stripped down, she came over to him and began to unzip his fly and start sucking him off. My wife looked at me and said, “Oh hell no, he lost his chance with me, I do not do sloppy seconds!” I told her she will never get a first shot at any of these guys by standing back here near the door! So she went in to the living room and made her way to the couch where there were two black guys still dressed and another white woman. I saw her talking to them and they all seemed to be weary of their surroundings! I thought to myself, she will be ok, I will walk around and check out this live interracial porn going on around me! Think about it, here I was surrounded by all these black guys fucking these white wives while their husbands watched, it was amazing to be watching it happen right in front of me, it was truly a Voyeurs dream cum true! Not all the women were married as I was checking out this red head doing a reverse cowgirl on this guy, she just smiled at me as I watched, I smiled back and said, “Wow, your breasts are beautiful!” she smiled and said, “Go ahead, suck my nipples!” she didn’t have to say it again, I was on those nipples with a passion! I figured I might as well have a little fun before my wife said it was time to go. So I wandered around from room to room and suite to suite every now and then checking on my wife, still sitting there on the couch talking to the same guys. So I knew she was fine. As I bahis firmaları make my way back I see this blonde woman who was a little older but still with a sexy body, walk over to me, give me a hug, kiss me on the lips and say, “Hmm, too bad we didn’t hook up, we could’ve had some nice fun!” but she had to go and got dressed and left. As I walk in to the living room area, fully expecting my wife to say, “Are you ready to go?” she looks up at me smiles, comes over, gives me a hug and whispers in my ear, “Hey, I really like this guy I’ve been talking to, we want to go in one of the rooms, are you ok with that?!” I was freaking out! I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, I was finally going to see my wife with a black man! I said, “Oh Hell yeah I’m ok with that! So we make our way to one of the less crowded rooms and the guy, a well built black guy says to my wife, “I want to take a quick shower first.” then he pulls her forward and leans in and kisses her. My wife melted in his arms and after just looked at me and smiled then said, “Are you ok with this?” I was fine I told her, I asked her, what set him apart from the others, why was he getting to have her, she said, he thought everything there, was impersonal, as in no kissing! How could people just get turned on and fuck with out any foreplay or sensual kissing? he said to her, my wife was sold on him after that and new she would enjoy being with him, as he did not fuck any of the other women in the room so she knew she would be his first at the party. She kissed me and said, “This is going to be pure fun, whatever you see or hear me do is just for this moment, I love you, OK ?!” and with that he was walking out of the bathroom with just a towel drying himself off. I watched her walk over to him and kiss him on his lips and within seconds of their lips parting, she was went down to his waist and reached for his cock and began sucking him. This was the first time I had seen her so intimate and passionate with a black man, she was on her knees and had his black cock all in her mouth, she was sucking him with a fury, my god she looked soo good working his cock, those beautiful lips I’d kissed over and over before were now gliding over his shaft, and her tongue swirled the tip of his head and engulfed him in seconds, the whole time her hands reached out holding and squeezing his thighs and sliding them up to his abs and back down and around to his ass, pulling him in to her closer! I’d never seen her give me let alone anyone else a blow job like that before, you could tell she was soo turned on to be with the black guy that she just unloaded her a****l-like instincts, for her this was just raw passion and pure excitement. She nor I had even realized that we had fans watching, one guy walked up to me, another husband and asked me, “Is that your wife?” I said,”Yeah, that’s my wife!” he just looked at me and said, my God she is amazing, your a lucky guy! I felt soo proud to know that my beautiful wife was turning guys on all around the room, and not just me or her new lover. As she stared up at her new found love, I saw his body tense and his hands which were resting on her head, begin to shake, I knew that look before, when she’d suck me off, she liked looking up in to my eyes as I came in her mouth. It was no different here, she was staring into his eyes as he shot a load in and around my wife’s beautiful mouth, she just rolled his cum in her mouth while she still wrapped the tip of his cock in her lips, she pulled him out and let him see his cum all over his head and her lips and then sucked them all back in and swallowed it all up, then began to lick and clean him. We all just went silent in the room for a minute, Damn I was soo proud of her!He stood her up and slipped offer her dress and handed it to me to hold on to, there she stood, still soo sexy and beautiful after 20 plus years, my wife still had a curvy sexy Filipino body that was just built for sex! She stood there near the dresser in front of the mirror, and she was just smiling such a proud joyful smile at me, I knew she felt soo good, about herself and about how this black man was going to make her feel, as he pulled my wife in close to him, he turned around and leaned her forward so she was holding on to the dresser with the mirror in front of them.This way she could watch him take her from behind, and he did just that! He held my wife’s waist and pushed his way into her and she just took it like she’s been fucking black men her whole life! He began pumping my wife and holding her hips as he ground her sideways kaçak bahis siteleri and forwards and all around. It was an erotic experience watching the contrast of this man fucking my wife after years of trying to convince her to experience this in the first place, this was my first time to actually see her legs spread, and her hips held firmly by those dark hands, she was loving every minute of it! She gasped and moaned and swayed her hips and rocked back and forth like an a****l in heat! He pulled her up and held her in his arms as she held his arms around her as well. both of them staring at eachother in the mirror, she turned around and kissed him deeply and he picked her up and carried her over to the bed and laid her down. Now at this point, some of the guys watching thought she might like to do a little DP or some gang-bang action, but she just wanted to enjoy him and only him, her new lover made it clear that from here on out, she was his and his only! Now the moment I had been waiting for was about to take place, for years when you fantasize about your wife with a black man, the main event is seeing her on her back, legs spread and being taken by him, missionary! Here, my wife was laid on her back, with those sexy thick, fuck me thighs opened wide, as he climbs on top and pushes his cock inside her, in seconds her legs wrapped around him tight as a drum and her hands were clawing his back in excitement! She looked better than I could ever imagine! It was mesmerizing to see them fucking eachother, and the sounds?! To hear my wife moan and gasp, I swear the entire time we’ve been together I never knew she could sound like that! He’d be whispering in her ears and she would, gasp out things like, “Oh yeah, I’m yours! I’m yours!” “Nobody fucks me but you baby, nobody!” “Oh Yeah, this pussies yours baby, you own it!” “Oh god, Fuck me. Fuck me!” “Yes, Yes, I’m your black cock whore!” “I’m your whore, yes! Yes, I’m your whore, your black cock whore!” The things that were coming out of my wife’s mouth were phenomenal, he had a way of fucking her that just sent her over the edge and then some. After about and hour or two, on that bed, of steady fucking her senseless. They git up and got dressed, as they walked back out to the party, some people were starting to leave, and some were just hanging around and drinking, she she walks over to me and says, “Um, He wants to know if we want to come up to his room and keep going, I’d like to if that’s ok with you?!” Who was I to object, my wife was fucked beyond control and I was the happiest guy to have witnessed it first hand! I think what was soo hot about this was that my wife was now, HIS! she stayed by his side and would not leave it, she had been completely blacked and taken by him and was truly his property while at that party. I truly believe if he wanted her to fuck another black guy in that room, she would do it if he wanted her to! It was truly an erotic experience to witness this “Alpha” type personality become subservient to this man, talk about a rush! So, we left the party and went back to his room upstairs and they both continued where they left off, this time she laid him on the bed and kissed him from head to toe and licked and sucked every part in between. It was amazing watching her fall into a “Contrast-c***” as I like to call it, she was enamored by him and they both were very passionate in pleasing the other. I would have liked to see them 69 or watch him eat her out, but he said he never does that. Oh well, his loss as my wife’s pussy is as smooth as silk and tastes delicious as she is a clean freak! She road him on top and just worked his cock like no other, I was amazed to watch her take his thickness and length so easily, she just straddled him and gently rocked back and forth, moaning and groaning as he just impaled her with his size. She laid down on him while he held her ass with his hands and she just kissed his neck and and chest, still moaning and whispering to eachother, I could still hear her saying, “I’m yours, I’m yours, oh God I’m yours” over and over. They eventually exhausted eachother out, and it was around 4:30 am when we left, we were all worn out, physically emotionally and for her, sexually! It was magical to say the least, I had finally seen my wife be taken by black and i knew there that I was hooked on seeing her do this again as much as she was hooked on black cock. This made for an interesting time with our friend from Maryland that she was pissed off with earlier in this story. Now I know why she fucked this guy at the party so much, probably letting off her frustration over him! But that is another story and an even more erotic one, because our friend and my wife finally figure out their relationship woes and he becomes my wife’s first bareback experience….

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