Fire Escape Quickie


I was 19 and horny; it was a Saturday night and I was in an alternative nightclub with friends. By alternative, I mean the music, not what you’re probably thinking of!This was in my university city on the South Coast of England, and it was always buzzing on a Saturday night. I usually went out when I could.Full-time escorting was behind me, and I was enjoying the free time I now had. I was wearing a very nice, sleeveless, silver mini dress, not too clingy but certainly short, with white Dr. Marten’s boots, one of my stylistic weaknesses. It was just after summer but still warm enough to go out dressed like that and my tan hadn’t faded. My hair was a lovely copper spray-in colour, in bunches and with a dangly fringe. It was a leftover from a modeling job I’d done earlier that day. güvenilir bahis I looked pretty amazing and I knew it.Within about ten minutes, I spotted my prey; a very beautiful blonde boy caught my eye. He was a little taller than me, fairly slender, with a mop of anime-style hair. As our eyes met and I held his gaze, he didn’t look away as though he were shy or disinterested, and I knew I’d got him. A couple of minutes, later we were chatting and flirting. He was cool and funny, well-spoken, and twenty-five. I thought he was younger, and I’d forgotten what his name was.We got on really well and pretty soon we were smooching on the dance floor, along with some very flirty, sexy dancing. His hands were all over my body, sometimes inside my dress, on my thighs, and even a little güvenilir bahis siteleri further up, on my butt. We made a little bit of a spectacle of ourselves but I didn’t care; it was really great fun. His cock was hard as we danced, me grinding my crotch against his thigh, my right hand inside his jeans. The sexual tension between us increased as we got sweaty and more daring, I’d already known I was going to fuck him, but I don’t think he realised until his hand slid up my thigh to my damp gusset. After that, his eyes never left mine and our bodies were constantly pressed together. In my hand, his cock felt huge and so hot and hard. I was so looking forward to feeling it inside me.A favourite record of mine came on that made me feel just so wanton and sexy, even before iddaa siteleri it finished I dragged him out through the fire escape doors into the dingy concrete stairwell. Dim red lights barely lit anything, and it smelt of dust. A couple of big, frosted windows filtered in some grey light from outside. I hopped up onto a windowsill, my legs open with him between my thighs, pressing himself against me, kissing passionately, hands all over each other, our tongues twisting and twining. I unzipped his jeans and pulled out his gorgeous, hot, hard cock and gripped it in my hand. I shuffled forward a little on the windowsill, opening my legs wider, lifting my knees, the heels of my boots pressing against his butt as he pressed into me and pulled my panties to one side. His cock pressed against my slippery wet pussy. I was trembling and gasping with the passion and need in me and I gasped with the pleasure of what we were doing. I pushed against him a little more; he held onto me tightly and his cock slid slowly into me.

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