Fiona Lets Go


Fiona decided to cheat on her husband because their sex life had ebbed away completely. It had never been that great in the first place. Fiona was thirty two; she had married him at twenty five. They had barely has sex in three years and she was gagging for it.

She chose a colleague at work. He was from another department. She did not know him; other than by sight. He was good looking and he had a reputation for womanizing. He fitted her bill exactly. She did not want to screw up her marriage, not yet anyway. She just wanted someone who was up for some discreet and dirty fucking. Dirty fucking was exactly what she got; very dirty.

It was during their second meeting that something that had had never experienced before happened. They had been fucking nicely, with her on top, when suddenly a gush of warm watery liquid flowed down over his cock and she suddenly became hopelessly embarrassed, mumbled some apology and blushed. They carried on, but he could feel that she was tensed up. He came, but she did not. He decided not to mention it afterwards.

It was only later, when they talked about it that he learned that she had been involuntarily pissing on his cock when she suddenly became self-conscious and shut down on him.

The next time they met he said nothing about what had happened. He just told her to relax and let herself go.

They got going and he had got her kneeling over him as he lay on the bed sucking her pussy. He prayed for another involuntary gush. He licked her cunt furiously in the hope that she would forget herself and lose control. Soon she did. A gush of hot liquid poured from her. He felt her body tense, but he just carried on, trying to make her see that he was not put off. On the contrary …

She stayed at the fever pitch he had heated her up to. She was ready to be fucked and he was very ready to fuck her. He pushed her gently of off him and turned her burdur escort over, positioned her and stuck his cock into her cunt.

He fucked her hard. He fucked her like he wanted to make her shit. All the way through he kept telling her to relax and give him everything she had. She came and she was wild with it. Maybe she had; he wanted to see.

He rolled off of her and without warning quickly rolled her over. Before she knew what was happening he had seen the brown paste around her arsehole. She had …

‘What are you doing?’ she asked, in exasperation and embarrassment and horror. But she did not try to stop him.

With the head of his erect prick he smeared the shit around her sphincter.

‘What do you think I’m going to do?’ he asked and before waiting for her to answer he said ‘I’m going to fuck your arse!’

‘But…’ she pleaded.

‘But nothing…I’m going to fuck your shitty arse.’

‘My God, I don’t fucking believe it. You mean it doesn’t put you off.’

‘No. Are you ready?’

‘Yes, do it. Fuck me.’

His cock had a good coating of shit on its head now and no doubt there was more of her chocolate inside her rectal canal. He wondered for a moment if the shit on his cock would act as a lubricant and allow it to slide easily up into her arsehole or if the shit up there would slow him down. Whichever it was, he didn’t care. He was going to fuck her arse, shit and all.

His prick glided into her rectum like a hot knife through melting butter. When he was all the way in, he looked down and saw the coating of soft, smeared shit around her sphincter.

‘Have you ever had your arse fucked before?’ he asked her.

‘Yes,’ she gasped, ‘but never like this. You’re fucking my shit!’

‘Yes, my cock,’ he said, ‘it’s covered in your shit, you filthy fucking shit whore. You dirty fucking toilet slut. My cock is covered in your bursa escort arse dirt!’

She thrilled at being called such obscene names.

Afterwards, she gazed at his still erect cock, now no longer its natural pinky-white, but dark brown with a firm coating of her excrement.

She asked him ‘does that turn you on, shit and stuff.’

It seems so,’ he told her, ‘though I had never even thought of it until now.’

‘What about you?’

‘I don’t know,’ she said.

‘Is this the problem you have with your husband?’

‘Yes,’ she said, ‘when I am really turned on, I can’t control it. And knowing it upsets him, I hold back and then I don’t enjoy the sex. It disgusts him, but I can’t help it. I let myself go and when I cum I shit.’

‘You pee too,’ he said.

‘I felt embarrassed,’ she said.

‘You shouldn’t have. Do you feel embarrassed now?’

‘No,’ she replied, ‘I feel great.’

‘Good, would you like me to fuck you again now? In your pussy?’

She hesitated.

‘Don’t worry. I’ll clean my cock first, before I put it in your pussy, but leave your arse as it is.’

She smiled lasciviously.

He took her from behind and as his cock slid in and out of her cunt, he pulled opened her arse cheeks and gazed at the smears of shit on the skin around her anus. He could not resist caressing them with his fingers, and finally, in his excitement he pushed a finger up her rectal canal, where his spunk was mixed with her arse dirt.

‘You’re so fucking hot,’ she cried, ‘you’re fucking wild.’

‘And you,’ he barked at her, ‘are a dirty shit slut.’

‘I am, I am!’ she cried, ‘I want you to fuck my shit! Oh yes! Fuck Fiona’s turds back up her arse!’

‘Let’s go to the other bedroom,’ he said, ‘there is a big mirror in there.’

He told her what he wanted to do.

She straddled him and took his prick into her çanakkale escort cunt and fucked him fast and hard.

‘Let yourself go, Fiona!’ he told her. ‘Fuck me and take your pleasure.’

He knew that she was getting close to orgasm.

‘Come on, ride it. Don’t hold back. Give me it all.’

Warm watery juice spurted from her cunt over his loins. She was almost there. He looked in the mirror. A little dark brown head emerged from her arse, easing her sphincter open. She continued to ride hard. She looked into the mirror that he had positioned behind his head, in which the image in the other mirror was reflected. She saw her turd oozing slowly from her arse and the sight of it brought her to her orgasm. She tensed and he felt her cum and felt the tip of her hot, soft turd touch the underside of his cock as he fucked her fanny. He looked in the mirror and saw the turd hanging from her arsehole and moving gently with the rhythm of his cock going in and out of her cunt. Fiona was looking in the other mirror and she could see it too. Still staring at the mirror, she reached down and stroked her turd. Then she pulled it gently until her arsehole released its grip of it and she pressed hard and began to smear her soft, warm shit into her arse cheeks and her crotch and over his balls and the base of his prick.

‘Now…fuck my shitty arse,’ she said.

He was up her arse in a second. Shit was the best lubricant he had ever found. It’s firm softness caressed his cock as he entered her and allowed him to glide without resistance up into her dark canal. He fucked her shithole until he came, spurting his cream and mixing it with her chocolate.

Suck me off first,’ he told her, ‘suck you shit off of my cock. Clean me with your tongue. It’s your shit you disgusting

She gazed lovingly at the shit smeared cock that was before her, wrapped her fingers around its base and opening her mouth, took it between her lips and greedily licked and sucked her chocolate from it. As she did so, he reached for her anus, rubbed his fingers in the dirt and then moving his hand into place, smearing it into her fanny and pushing it up inside her hole.

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