Finding out Hubby was the Perfect Choice


Finding out Hubby was the Perfect ChoicePreviously, I told a story of how I cheated on my ex-boyfriend, at his request I might add, but he refused to believe it occurred. Needless to say, that opened a few doors for me. He lived about 7 hours away and after that I had no qualms about hooking up with who I wanted, when I wanted, but the fact was he never asked again, and even if I would say something about it he would ignore it as me trying to upset him. Finally, he caught me in the act. It was my Junior year in college. He was home from school on a break and it was his birthday. We had had a big fight the day before so I said I wasn’t going out with him and his friends to celebrate. Instead I decided to have some company come over and enjoy myself. I guess he thought it would be more fun to cancel with his friends and show up unannounced here at my house to try and make up. The problem was that when he arrived, my friend Jud’s car was in the driveway, and consequently we were fucking hard and loud with the windows open. Just as Jude was cumming in me for the second time, he stated banging on the door. I didn’t know who it was at first so I grabbed the sheet and wrapped it around me and ran to the door thinking something was wrong. I opened it and saw his face was bright red and his fists were clenched, and he started screaming who was here and what was going on. I said Jude is here and nothing was going on and the cum dripped between my thighs. In an instant he went from a guy that seemed to think all the stories were made up to a guy who was jealous and filled with rage. All I could say is I tried to tell you, but you didn’t believe me, now you are mad at me because I wasn’t lying. There was a scuffle between he and Jude, but I broke it up and sent both on their way. That is when I knew I didn’t ever want to be in a situation like that again.Skip forward a couple of years. I had met my husband and found a wonderful and caring individual. While we were dating I discovered he had a few minor kinks, and I told him about some of my previous exploits and he seemed to be ok with my past. Most of which I can’t tell on this site. But I thought my sex life with him should be interesting enough that I will be ok and try to be faithful bonus veren siteler to him. I knew he would be honest and faithful to me. He always told me that the only thing that really mattered to him was openness and honesty, anything else we could work through. So we fell in love and got married with me wondering when the first marital hurdle would present itself.When we first got married we were living in a small apartment on the second floor. He was looking for a new job and we knew we would be leaving within six months but didn’t know exactly when. About three months after we were married he received a job offer in another state, but they wanted him to start immediately. I was in the middle of a work project and needed six to eight weeks to finish. We agreed that he would go ahead, start the job, find a place to live and then come back and get me and the rest of our stuff in two months. So once again I am in a long distance relationship, but this time I am married, and instead of waiting years, I just have to make it 2 months. That seemed easy.What I didn’t realize is that the guy that lived downstairs and had been watching me for a while also talked to my husband, who had innocently told him our story. So two days after my husband left I was bringing in a few bags of groceries, when he stepped out of his apartment. He was tall and built at about 6’3” and about 220 pounds or so, a very good looking black man in his early 30s. I actually don’t remember seeing him before that, but he had seen me on numerous occaision. He asked politely and pleasantly if I needed help bringing stuff upstairs, I said no at first but he said he didn’t mind a bit. I didn’t really want to make 2 or three trips so I said ok I would appreciate that, not thinking too much of it. When we got to my apartment, I intentionally left the door open thinking that would deter any unwanted advances. He put the groceries down and we started talking. At first it was very casual, but quickly a sense of sexual tension and suggestion came out. He started moving in closer as we stood there, he started stroking my arms, I tried to talk about my marriage to remind him I was already taken, that didn’t seem to bother him in the least. He touched bedava bahis my wasted and grabbed my hand as he slowly and methodically moved it closer to the bulge in his pants which I pretended not to notice. I could feel the blood flowing, making me flush, my nipples were aroused at the mere thought of him sucking on them, and my wetness seemed to want to ensure I would be ready to take whatever he had to give. I was starting to feel so conflicted, when suddenly the phone rang. I broke away and said excuse me I have to take this. I thought he may leave at that point. It was my husband calling from a state away. I went into the bedroom to take the call, still thinking the neighbor would show himself out. My husband said you sound a little anxious what is going on I said well I am going to be honest with you the neighbor came up to help me with groceries, and he was flirting with me hard. To my surprise he just said ok. He asked if it was the black guy from downstairs I said yes, how did he know. He said he had seen him checking me out. Then he asked what I wanted to do about it, I said I don’t know, I don’t think anything. He said that was alright and asked if he was still there, I said I didn’t think so but that I was in the bedroom. He said well go out and check and then if he is just say yes and answer yes or know questions. I said Ok, looked into the front room and said “yes.” He told me to walk back over to him, so I did. He said is his cock bulging. I looked down and said yes, do you want to touch it, I said kind of yes, so he said go ahead. So I grabbed it. My neighbor’s face got a little smile across it, and grabbed my hand. My husband said do you want to see it. I said absolutely, so he told me to take it out of his pants, and I did. Then he asked if I like it, I said yes amazing but a lot of work. I was trying to add things that would describe without actually tipping off my neighbor that my husband was giving instructions. I grabbed the cock with one hand and held on the phone with the other. I put his hands on my nipples after stroking his cock for a few minutes and showed him how I liked them pinched. My husband kept talking and then asked do you want to put that cock in your mouth, I said deneme bonusu absolutely. Go ahead was the response, so I knelt down and said can you hold a minute, put the phone down and put both hands on his massive cock while I tried to get as much as I could in my mouth. It was the biggest cock I had seen up until that point and I wanted it badly. I was trying to force it into my throat, gagging and stoking, for I have no idea how long. I heard a faint voice coming from the phone I sat down on the floor next to me. So I stopped and picked it up. My husband then asked if I want to fuck that cock, I sad of course. I could immediately feel my juices on my thigh. My clit was swelling and it had not even been touched yet. This was the height of arousal, not only getting to fuck this massive cock, but hubby listening, encouraging, and supporting. Finally, he said my condoms are in the top drawer of my dresser, have fun, so I said I will I love you, I will call you later.With that I hung up and went back to working his cock. Soon I felt him lift me with his powerful arms like I was a doll. I wrapped my legs around him, and he put one hand around my waist and another he took his large hand and grabbed my ass, worked my panties to the side, and inserted a finger into my very anxious pussy. He took me into the bedroom and took off my skirt and ripped my panties off, tell me I needed to stop wear them when he was around. I said I would. I then told him the condoms were in the dresser, he reached in and pulled them out and started to laugh I said what is so funny, he said these condoms are regular, he could barely fit in a magnum. Then he asked if I wanted him to stop and go pick up some that would actually fit. Without hesitation I grabbed him pulled him on top of me and said no just fuck me hard, we will get more later! With that we fucked for almost two hours, details will be in a different story. Afterwards we decided to grab some dinner, we were starving, and to pick up some condoms while we were out. Before I left I called hubby, he asked if I had fun, I said it was increadible but we were off to get dinner and codoms. He seemed surprised and said there was a whole box?! I told him what happened, and he said he was very proud of me for letting go, and for being honest with him. I told him I planned on fucking this guy a lot until I left, and he said he was ok with that as long as I enjoyed it, and told him all about it…and maybe took a video or two. I knew I had married the perfect guy for me!

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