Filling Her Holes in the Closet

Double Penetration

I’m not a terribly big reader, but I do enjoy a good book now and then. And so whenever I find the time, I’ll visit the local library after work, especially since I’ve found out that besides books they’ve actually got a decent CD and DVD collection. And so it was this one time recently when I was there, browsing through a few books, late as usual since I can never seem to get off early from work.

I had found a few CDs and was now going curiously through a row of self-help books about love and sexuality, just to see if I could find one that would speak to me. Out of the corner of my eye I could see someone standing next to me, but I ignored it, thinking it was just another visitor, when suddenly, the woman addressed me. “Excuse me,” she said, “we’re about to close…”

I turned and looked at her. She was about my height, with a decent, round face that was dominated by a huge pair of black-rimmed glasses. Her wavy black hair was cut very high and short towards the back, but got somewhat longer to the front of her head, framing her face down to her chin. She wore a lose blue sweater, so I couldn’t see much about her figure, except that she had the widest hips I had ever seen.

Her thighs were thick, and broad, and to make it even worse she had squeezed them into tight turquoise leggings. According to the tag she wore on her chest her name was Novella. I nodded at her. “I’m sorry,” I said, “this is the only time I can find to come here, and I must’ve gotten carried away. I’m just looking for something to stimulate my writing.”

“Oh, you’re an author?” she asked, her eyes suddenly lit up with curiosity. “Ah, author is a big word,” I replied, shrugging. “I mostly write lesbian porn.” I leaned against the bookcase, resting a hand on my hip, smiling at her as I was watching her expression. “Oh,” she said and then paused for a minute, not knowing what to say to that, but her eyes retained their curious look. “So, ah… where could I find your… works?” she asked finally.

I laughed. “On the internet,” I said. “Let me write down some of the sites you can find me on.” I reached for my handbag, trying to get a pen and something to write on out of it, which proved difficult with a hand full of CDs. Seeing my struggle, she came closer and held the disks for me. I scribbled a few URLs on an old shopping list (cucumbers and bananas, I remember those fondly) and when I handed it to her, I smiled and leaned in, whispering: “Or you can just find out right here.”

She grabbed the paper and looked at me surprised. “W-what do you mean?” she asked. I ran my hands slowly down her sides, tracing her figure through the bulky shape of the sweater until I reached her hips. One hand moved along her front, slowly towards her crotch until it rested there, pressing gently, but firmly against it. She froze, with paper and CDs in hand, unsure what to do. I took that opportunity and slid my fingers under the waistband of her thighs and let them crawl down between her legs.

I found her panties, and slid inside those too, feeling a small patch of short cut pubic hair and long stubble around it until I finally reached her wet, hot epicentre. Her outer labia were big and puffy, entirely covering her inner labia, so when I slipped my middle finger into her slit, I immediately felt wetness and soon hit her clit. She gasped, and backed into the bookshelf, looking at me wide-eyed and horny. I could feel her breath on my face as I looked into her eyes, my finger rubbing her clit fast and hard.

“Oh my god,” she said, looking around. “What if somebody sees us?” I smiled without stopping the treatment of her little wet cherry. “Well, then they know their librarian likes to get wanked off by a lezzie porn writer behind the bookshelves.” She gasped again. “Oh god,” she repeated herself, “come on, let’s go… let’s go somewhere private. I’ve got an idea.” I pulled my hand back and she ushered me to a small, discrete door at the backside of the library, glancing left and right and almost walking on her toes as she went, while I sucked on my finger, acquiring her taste.

When she unlocked Ankara bayan escort it and hurried me inside, I could see why she thought it was private. “A broom closet?” I asked, laughing as I looked around in the cramped space full of shelves, cardboard boxes and cleaning utensils. She blushed and stood by the door, almost ashamed. “Mmmh, very well then,” I said. “Undress.” Novella opened her mouth as if to say something, but then thought better of it. She carefully placed the disks on a shelf and then pulled her sweater over her head.

Underneath, she wore a plain, white bra which held some nice-sized, full breasts in place. They were larger than mine, maybe a C-cup, and the bra seemed to be a few sizes too small for them, squeezing them into a tight cleavage. “Go on,” I said, watching her. Hesitantly, she pushed down her tights. Her legs were just as I imagined them, thick and broad, with wide thighs and a nice, supersized ass. She had a definite, distinct pear-shaped body. “Well, go on,” I said as she stepped out of the pants, “do you want to make me wait?”

She paused, staring at me with a mixture of fear, curiosity and arousal, then slid down her panties. I found her choice interesting, as most women would open their bras first, but I enjoyed the sight of a pussy I had just felt a little earlier. Her pubes were black and short, and shaved into a little drop above her puffy labia. She must be a lazy shaver, as all around them, stubble had grown back in, giving her pelvis a dark hue and me a good idea how far her pubic hair would spread.

I walked up towards her, her eyes following my every move behind her glasses. When I got closer, my hands ran down her sides once more, while my body rubbed gently against hers. Her naked skin began to crawl under my fingertips and I slowly bent down, kissing her chest. Suddenly, with a quick movement, my hands came back up and pulled down her bra hard. Instantly, her tits fell out, released of their constraints, and dangled into my face. They were long, flat and saggy, and she must’ve been ashamed of them.

To her surprise, I began to suck her nipples immediately, trying to get as much of her milkbag into my mouth as I could. She shivered and closed her eyes, her nipple rubbing hard against the roof of my mouth. I knelt further down until I reluctantly had to let go of her fun, floppy tits and my attention turned towards her pussy once more. I reached between her legs and ran my hand along her slit, my face moving closer until I could smell her fragrance strongly. She smelled of soap and fabric softener, and underneath it all was the harsh smell of a woman that has just come off her menstrual cycle.

I licked, at first along her pubes, enjoying the feeling of her hair tickling my tongue as she relaxed and spread her legs slightly more. When I finally could get access, I held her thick labia open with both hands and sucked hard on her clit. She groaned and shook at the seemingly new and unknown feeling and instinctively leaned across me, holding onto a shelf as she steadied herself, spreading her legs as far as she could.

I licked and slurped at her juices, paying special attention to her small red cherry button, munching on it, biting it, clenching it between my teeth and pulling on it, harder and further than I should, maybe, but she seemed to enjoy a little pain with her pleasure. “Oh goddd,” she whispered breathlessly, “this is sooo good.” I munched on her clit a little more before I looked up at her. “You’ve got the greatest ass I’ve ever seen,” I said, slapping her butt just to confirm it. “Please tell me you like when it gets fucked.”

She blushed, staring down at me with her mouth open, but without an answer. “Yes,” she finally admitted quietly. “Mmmmmhhhh,” I moaned in relief and looked around. I had to fuck her, just to make her feel how it is to get used by me. My eyes fell on a mop and a broom in one corner, their handles a little too long for her but with the way she was standing, it might just work.

I reached for them, grabbing the mop in one hand while I licked deeper, further Escort bayan Ankara down, trying to reach as much of her fat ass with my tongue as possible. Soon, I discovered the musky, dirty, harsh taste of her anus and began to spit on it and cover it with saliva as good as I could, while my hands behind her brought the stick in position. She didn’t notice what was going on and only when the thick handle of the mop pressed at her fat asshole did she become aware of it.

“Ohmygod,” she said, quickly and repeatedly, her breath coming fast and shallow. I paid no attention and just tried to screw the long handle as far up her ass as I could. To my surprise, she pushed back against it, and as the mop became lodged onto the wall, she leaned back into it, taking it hard and deep up her asshole. “Mmmh, god,” she purred, “this is how I need to get fucked.”

“Good,” I replied, squatting underneath her as I leaned back and looked up at her. “Then piss on me.” She paused, still breathing heavily, looking down in puzzlement. Her tits were dangling saggy and long above my face, her eyes looked even bigger in surprise behind her glasses. “Are you serious?” she asked.

“Piss on me,” I repeated. “Let’s see what a dirty cunt you really are.” She nodded, and squatted a little until her puffy labia opened above me, showing a glimpse of her rosy wet cunt hole. The stick was still firmly and deep up her ass, and many times that makes it harder to pee at all, unless it presses on the right spot and the bladder is full enough. It took Novella a long time to overcome her embarrassment and relax enough to follow my orders, but finally, thin streams began to run down the sides of her legs, until a thin, warm, yellow stream hit me on my tits. That was when the door opened.

A young woman stood in the door. She was about 20 years old, approximately Novella’s size but thinner, with long, straight black hair and a pale complexion. She was dressed in a cleaner’s work coat which designated her as part of the cleaning crew that must take care of the library after it closes. “I’m sorry,” she said after she stared at us for a while, her slight accent made me think she must be from an east-european country, probably Romania.

Novella looked like a deer in the headlights, while I regained my composure quickly. “It’s alright,” I said, grinning. “It just seems that this dirty fucking cow has made quite a mess and it needs to be cleaned pronto.” She looked at me dumbfounded and so I took advantage that most people will just do whatever they’re being told. “Come in and close the door,” I said in a demanding tone.

She stepped in and closed the door behind her, instinctively locking it. Novella looked down on the ground, avoiding her eyes, her face red from shame. She stood on her toes, the mop still firmly in the grip of her anus. I smiled at the girl. “Looks like you need to use your tongue to mop the floor,” I said, “since my friend has grown very attached to your cleaning tools.” She showed no reaction and so I got up on my feet, my wet dress clinging tightly to my tits as I stepped right in front of her.

“Are you deaf?” I hissed into her face. “Get down on the floor, subito!” She backed away slightly, stammering something like: “B-b-b-but I don’t… I don’t want… I’m not…” I just grabbed her by her long hair and pulled her down harshly until she staggered and ended up, almost falling, on all fours on the floor. I thumped her nose in the puddle of piss that had formed under Novella. “There,” I said. “Isn’t that your job?”

She whimpered when I turned her head to look at me. “Oh don’t be a baby,” I said annoyed. “Go ahead, first you got to clean up the librarian’s leaking cunt.” And with that I pushed her head between Novella’s legs, until her face rubbed against her sopping wet crotch and thighs. Either out of fear or obedience, she began to lick, carefully, along the thick pubic mound and inside her slit.

As she was kneeling like this, I got down behind her. She was wearing some none-too-fancy black jeans that were already slightly torn underneath her right Bayan escort Ankara butt cheek and spanned tightly across her tight, round ass. I grabbed for a pair of scissors off a shelf and slowly inserted the cold metal of their blade into the rip. Snip, snip, snip, soon the hole in her pants was wide enough to spread all across her buttocks and reveal a thin, teal thong underneath. Snip, snip, and the thong snapped apart, giving me a close look and easy access to her sweet little holes.

From the way she sat, her puckered, brown asshole was readily visible and almost gaping, while underneath I could see the back end of some nice, straight, pink labia that were diligently shaved, with only a few hairs at the hard to reach places. The young girl let all this happen without so much as a flinch, still licking Novella’s pussy and seemingly getting into the taste and mood. Only when I inserted the scissors into her pussy and slowly spread them apart, making her moist grotto gape open wide did she moan and shudder at the cold sensation.

“Mmm, you like that, huh?” I asked. “Your little fig is longing for some nice fucking?” She did not answer, but bent down, pushing her butt up higher until I could get a full view of her pussy. It was a perfect nice slit, with none-too-big labia that glimmered moist, and a nice, red, round clit at the end of it. She kept herself shaved but for a small “landing strip” at the top that was as black and thick as the hair on her head.

“Very well,” I said. “Then Novella will give you what you need.” I turned the girl over until she sat in the puddle on the floor, her legs spread wide towards the librarian, who knelt down on her knees, carefully moving the mop behind her so it would stay up her butt, but not get pushed in any further. Novella hungrily dove between the girl’s legs, licking her pussy passionately with a mixture of recompense and relief to finally have something to do that would keep her from feeling embarrassed.

I reached for the broom and handed it over to Novella, who looked at me puzzled, but soon understood and carefully tried to push the stick into the girl’s hungry cunt, licking her all the way. The cleaner squirmed and moaned, her head tilted back, her mouth open from gasping and groaning. As the two women fucked themselves and each other with the long sticks, I pulled off my dress, throwing the wet rag onto a table and then squatted above the girl’s head, holding onto the shelves as I lowered my fat red butt down on her face. “And now,” I said to her as I felt her nose against my ass crack, “lick my asshole.”

Again, obediently, she obliged, and her tongue slid carefully across my anus, making me feel dirty and depraved, but aroused nonetheless. Novella looked up at me, almost face to face with my red, bushy cunt. “Come on,” I told her, “I’ve got two holes to suck.” She smiled and leaned closer, her tongue diligently running up and down my labia, flicking at my clit.

I could not hold back any longer and had to finish myself. With one hand I began to frigg my clit frantically while the librarian continued to lick my pussy underneath and the cleaning lady’s tongue darted at my horny asshole. “You fucking stupid cows,” I hissed. “You like getting treated like the fuck pigs you are, yes? Having to serve my dirty holes with broomsticks up your orifices? I piss on you both!”

Novella looked at me surprised as I continued to rub myself frantically, staring wild-eyed down at her, but then opened her mouth right in front of my muff, eagerly awaiting anything that might come.

I let go. Cum and piss squirted out of me, hitting her in the face like a bucket of water, sprinkling all over her as she tried to catch it in her mouth. Much of it ran down on the coat of the cleaning lady, soaking it, but she finally moved close to my cunt and wrapped her lips around it, letting it fill her mouth. With puffed up cheeks and tightly closed lips, she then bent down to the girl and kissed her, a mouth full of pee shared between them.

They lay there in a soft embrace while I emptied my bladder down onto their heads, soaking their hair and faces. After that I got dressed and just left, leaving them both to sort out the mess themselves. Still, since then, I had new friends at the library, and would never have any problems staying longer than their opening hours permitted.

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