Subject: Filipino Teen Neighbor filipino-teen-neighbor-16 Filipino Teen Neighbor Chapter Sixteen ————————————————— Author’s Note: This story is completely fictional. Please send feedback (good, bad, editing suggestions, ect). Thank you! **Do not read this if you are not legally able to do so.** Copyright: ail , 2018 ————————————————— Chapter 16 It felt good to give my boyfriend a kiss before getting out of the car. I didn’t care that we were in the high school parking lot. I didn’t care that my little brother was in the backseat. Ryan was my boyfriend. He was mine and I loved him. Our run and morning sex was our special time together. I know I get carried away when I’m horny but Ryan always takes care of me. When we showered afterwards, Ryan held me close while we stood under the hot water and everything felt perfect. It was so sexy to see my cum run down his leg and to see how eager he was to taste it on his lips. I was eager to taste it on his lips. “Stop thinking this stuff,” I whispered to myself. My dick was hard and wet, again. Precum leaked out whenever I thought about sex with my boyfriend. My erection was obvious as I walked through the crowded high school hallway. I tried to cover myself with an algebra textbook but it just made me look awkward. “Hey Lil’ Cuz, what’s up?” Miguel said as he came up from behind me. My older cousin put his arm around my shoulder as we walked. It was even more awkward to hold the textbook in front of me now. My cousin spoke to me in Tagalog so nobody could eavesdrop. “Everybody’s talking about last weekend. Apparently your girlfriend told her friends what happened at the party.” “Really? She wasn’t even that good,” I admitted. Even Kevin sucked my dick better than that girl at the party. My erection was now gone. “That wasn’t your first blowjob?” My cousin seemed surprised. I guess I was a small and skinny guy. Outwardly I didn’t appear too masculine or like the type of guy who fucked a lot of girls. Because I didn’t fuck girls. “Nope. I’ve had much better than her,” I said. “You’ll have to tell me with who. Since Kayleigh and I broke up, I haven’t had any good sex. Mind if we share? Ha!” We both laughed but for different reasons. My macho cousin would definitely not want Ryan or Kevin. Besides, I didn’t want to share. Especially Ryan. My boyfriend was not going to touch anybody besides me. “So who is this person who gives better blowjobs?” Miguel asked. I was really grateful my horny cousin was speaking in Tagalog. There were no other Filipinos at this school so nobody could understand. “She lives near our apartment but I don’t talk about her or bring her around because I don’t want my mom to find out,” I said. Miguel looked down at me and gave me a quizzical look. “She’s a little older,” I admitted. “Ahh, older pussy is great. I was thirteen when Tito brought me and our other cousins to get `blessed’ by these whores back in the Philippines. I think they were in their thirties but, man, they loved my dick.” Because they were paid to, I thought. In the Philippines, older male relatives sometimes brought younger cousins and nephews to fuck whores to help `turn them into men’ and prevent them from turning gay. Luckily I never had to endure this dumb tradition. “You know, our little brothers are at that age where they should be blessed,” Miguel said. “Martin seems very shy and timid. Maybe it’s time he gets his first blowjob.” Martin and Kevin were the same age. Martin was very tiny though, he looked like he was only nine or ten years old. He had longer shaggy hair, a tiny nose, and big lips. Him and Miguel also had much darker skin than Kevin or I. “Cuz, there are no whores here in the US,” I said. At least there weren’t any in our small Virginia suburb. “Ask your woman if she’d be willing to do us a favor,” my cousin said. “You’re serious?” I was a little shocked. “Yeah why not? I wouldn’t mind getting some head too from somebody with experience. I’ve always wanted to try an older white woman. She’s white, right?” I nodded and felt my cheeks blush. “She”, Ryan, also had experience but not the same kind Miguel was thinking of. The idea of making Ryan or Kevin suck other guys was kind of a turn on but this fantasy was impossible. I didn’t want Ryan to touch anybody else but the thought of making him obey me and service my cousins was kind of hot. “Shit, this mystery woman escort kocaeli really loves your Pinoy cock?” Even though it was Tagalog, I still couldn’t believe Miguel was asking these questions in a crowded American high school. I thought about Ryan thought and nodded again. I loved looking down at my secret lover as he worshiped my hard dick. He really did love it. My erection was back. “Ask her! I bet she’d do it for us if you asked her,” Miguel pleaded. He was a desperate and horny seventeen-year-old. If only he knew that a guy’s mouth felt so much better. Before I could respond, the first period bell rang and we had to part ways to go to class. “By the way, what was that girl’s name from the party?” he asked. I don’t remember ever knowing her name, nor did I care. I just shrugged. Miguel laughed at this as he walked towards his classroom. Next I had my least favorite class first. Better to get it out of the way at least. Mr. Manchin greeted me as I walked into his class. “Good morning Sir,” I said, keeping my eyes to the floor and hoping that he didn’t notice my hard dick. I sat down as quickly as I could. My thoughts were everywhere besides the class. I couldn’t believe that my older cousin wanted to get his little brother and Kevin “blessed”. However, Kevin wasn’t nearly as innocent as my older cousin thought. In fact, his mouth was usually “blessing” my dick. It was funny to think about how my cousin probably didn’t want what he thought he wanted. How would Miguel react if he ever found out? I was so lucky to have both Ryan and Kevin. Miguel and Martin had no idea what they were missing. Maybe I should teach Ryan some Tagalog? It would be nice to talk openly with him in public. Discreetly, I picked up my phone and sent him a quick text. `Ikaw ang lahat sa akin’ `What does it mean Babe?’ he replied a minute later. `You are everything to me’ My phone vibrated with another message. It was Miguel. `Let’s get our little bro’s blessed!’ `I’ll ask her’ I replied. I wasn’t serious but maybe it would get my cousin to drop the subject. I’ll just say that my “woman” said no. I did start to wonder about my older cousin’s dick. I bet it was pretty thick. Supposedly a lot of girls really loved it. The old teacher stopped me as I tried to rush out of class at the bell. “Mr. Cruz, I’m really disappointed. You didn’t pay attention all class and I even saw you using your phone,” Mr. Manchin said. The old man always stood awkwardly close. “Do I need to give you detention today?” His voice was stern. Today was the first day of wrestling practice. I was already nervous and afraid to be doing this but I was committed to trying new things. Detention was not going to happen tonight so I had to think of something. “Sir, class is hard because…. Ummm, English is not my first language,” I said. “It is hard for me to follow so, ummm…. I lose focus.” My excuse sounded reasonable. Fuck that old creepy guy. He probably wanted me to bless his dick. I ate lunch with Miguel and his American friends. They talked about stupid things that high school boys talk about. I wasn’t paying attention. Every now and then, Miguel would give me a pleading look but he didn’t directly ask. Why was he so interested in a blow job from some unknown “woman”? Because it was a stupid thing that high school boys think about. “Excited for practice today?” my cousin asked me. The conversation at the table stopped and I felt my cheeks get red. “Ummm, yes, I think so,” I muttered. A couple of Miguel’s friends, who were also on the wrestling team, gave me a little encouragement. They desperately needed to fill the lightweight position. The rest of the day went by pretty quickly. As my first practice got closer, I became more and more nervous. I couldn’t believe that I agreed to try this. Miguel met me after last period and we walked to the locker room to change. Even though I didn’t get fully naked, I was still nervous changing in front of all the other guys. Except for Miguel and I, the rest of the team was white or latino. I looked at the white guys and wondered how Ryan looked when he was in high school. My boyfriend could definitely pass for a younger guy, but he still looked like a man. These other white guys looked like boys compared to Ryan. I looked over at Miguel as he was changing. He wore boxers, like a typical straight guy. His legs were thick and he had a lot of black hair on his legs. I looked down at my almost-hairless kocaeli anal yapan escort legs. They were still skinny but were starting to grow from the runs and workouts I did with Ryan. And the sex. I’m sure fucking him everyday, sometimes multiple times, helped. “Stop thinking about sex,” I said silently. My cock twitched as I pulled up my gym shorts. I put on my new wrestling shoes that Ryan had bought me and followed the team to the gym to set up the mats. The coach started practice with a little introduction and motivational talk. I was so nervous that it was hard for me to understand what he was saying so I just nodded along. He introduced me and a couple other new teammates and we began our warm-up and training. I was partnered with this skinny white kid named Mark. He was also a freshman, skinny, and insecure but friendly. Luckily time went by quickly and practice was over. I grabbed my bag from the locker room and started to walk outside. “You’re not going to shower?” Miguel asked in Tagalog. I looked over at the open shower stalls. Mark and few other guys were already showering. My face turned red. “I’ll shower when I get home.” “Bring stuff to shower with tomorrow. Wait for me outside and I’ll give you a ride home,” he said. My older cousin spoke in Tagalog in order not to embarass me. I appreciated that. Miguel drove me home in his mother’s car. It was an older sedan, bigger than Ryan’s but not as nice. “How’d you like practice? It looked like you were catching on quickly,” he said. “I felt so uncoordinated,” I admitted. Miguel gave me a few words of encouragement, which helped me relax a little. I had never really seen this side of him before. “Did you talk to your mystery woman?” he finally asked. This was the Miguel I knew. “She said, ummm, that she’s very shy,” I lied. “Ha! I bet she won’t be so shy when she sees my dick,” Miguel laughed. My cousin spread his legs as he drove. I could see his bulge grow in his pants. Tomorrow I was going to shower with the team so that I could see his dick. “I thought you wanted to give Martin his first…. experience,” I said. It was hard to focus. I couldn’t take my eyes off my cousin’s crotch. Drive faster, need to get out of this car. “Yeah, well I can give her some satisfaction after she’s had my little bro.” “I give him, her, I mean her, plenty of satisfaction,” I said. I finished the end of the sentence with as much fake confidence as I could muster. My body started to shake as I thought about how I almost gave away my secret. “I’m sure you do,” Miguel said with a funny look. What does that look mean? I thanked him for the ride and jumped out of the car as soon as he pulled into my apartment complex. I walked straight upstairs into Ryan’s apartment. He was sitting at his dining table doing homework when I let myself in. “How was practice Babe?” he asked. I just walked over to him and kissed him passionately. “It was fine. My dick has been hard all day though,” I said before kissing him again. It was time to satisfy my mystery woman. He kissed me back as we slipped off our clothes. I could smell my body odor from sweating at practice but I didn’t care. The smell from all of my dried precum and musk was especially strong but it didn’t stop Ryan. He got on his knees, now only in his underwear, and took my hard brown cock in his mouth. I gripped his head hard and started to fuck his face. I had so much stress to release. My stupid English teacher, tiring practice, even my stupid uncle downstairs…. Fucking my boyfriend’s mouth made all of my problems disappear. “You want this? You’re going to do whatever I say?” I asked. My hip didn’t stop thrusting so there was no way for my lover to answer. I thought I heard a muffled “Ummm Hmmm.” Good enough. “If you want this dick, you’re going to have to do everything I say. You’re going to be my slave,” I said. “Now lick my balls.” I pulled out of his mouth and pulled his face into my crotch. Ryan slowly licked, just the way he knew I liked. I felt some of his stubble tickle my thighs as he moved his head around. Fuck, it felt so good when he licked behind my balls…. I wanted to fuck him so bad. I wanted to put him on his dining table, on top of his homework, and fuck him as hard as I could. First I had to take care of something. “Hold on Babe, I need to pee,” I said. I had been drinking water all day to be hydrated for wrestling practice. izmit yabancı escort Suddenly I remembered peeing on Ryan when we showered. It was so sexy but I couldn’t pee on him in the middle of his apartment. I looked down at Ryan and he seemed a little nervous when I flashed him my evil smile. “You’ll do anything for me, right?” Ryan nodded as he stayed on his knees. “Don’t spill a single drop,” I warned. My dirty hand opened his mouth and I put this tip of my cock against his lower lip. It took me a minute to relax but soon my piss started flowing. Ryan swallowed quickly. He didn’t have a choice, one hand held my dick, the other held the back of his head. “I’ll slap you Babe if you spill,” I said. Ryan had to swallow almost continuously. My pee was mostly clear so it probably didn’t taste too bad. Watching my lover drink the stream that left my dark veiny shaft and thick mushroom-shaped tip was the most sexy sight in the world. “I love you so much,” I whispered as I finished up. “Now lick me clean.” My lover did as he was told. I pulled him up to kiss. I didn’t like the salty taste but knowing it was from me was such a turn on. I was too impatient to go to the bedroom to find the lube so I took a step into the kitchen and grabbed the first thing I could find. Coconut oil will work. I opened the lid and smeared a glob on my dick and gently pushed Ryan backwards onto his table. His underwear slid right off and I rubbed a glob of coconut oil against his hole. “Ready Babe?” I asked. Ryan nodded so I started to gently push myself inside. The table was almost too tall so I put one leg up on a chair for support. “I’ve been waiting for this all day.” “Me too Babe,” he said. I wasn’t long enough to lean down and kiss him so I did the next best thing. I started to fuck my lover, my partner, and my best friend, as hard as I possibly could. The table shook and slammed against the wall. We were both moaning but I didn’t care. It didn’t take long and I let him know. With one final thrust, we both came at the same time. I shot inside my sexy white boyfriend and he came all over his chest. We were both sweaty and I was worried that the papers underneath him would be soaked. Oh well. Time seemed to stand still. We stared into each other’s eyes as our chest heaved for breath. “I love you Amiel,” Ryan finally said. “I love you too,” I answered. We both smiled and I pulled out. Some of my cum oozed out onto his dining table. He climbed off and wiped it up. After our shower, I finally went downstairs to my apartment. “You guys were too loud,” Kevin said without looking up from the TV. “I could hear everything.” I blushed. “Don’t worry, Mom is working late and Uncle went out with his friends,” Kevin said. “How was your day?” I asked as I collapsed on the couch next to my little brother. Kevin blushed and seemed awkward. “School got out early so I came home, and ummm…” I looked at my little brother. He was a innocent-looking twelve-year-old but there it was only a look. He was mature and not as innocent as everybody thought. “Kuya, our uncle knows that I suck your dick. He saw the phone message,” Kevin said. He was now facing me but his eyes looked down at the couch. “I’m so sorry. He said if I sucked him then he wouldn’t tell anybody so I…” The after-sex happiness and relaxation I had immediately vanished. “What?!” “He said that he wouldn’t tell. I’m so sorry, I was scared, I didn’t know what to do!” My little brother was now in tears. I pulled him into me and hugged him tightly. The shock I felt quickly turned to rage. “Did he force you?!” Kevin shook his head. “No Kuya, I said I would do it for him,” my brother whimpered. I felt so terrible, so angry, so confused. Did Kevin like it? Did he feel ashamed? “I need to clear my head Kev. We’ll talk about this later okay?” My little brother looked up from my shoulder and nodded. I kissed his lips. He kissed me back. It wasn’t a romantic kiss and it certainly wasn’t what brothers were supposed to do but I knew it made him feel better and I wanted Kevin to know that he was loved. We parted after a moment and I looked into my baby brother’s eyes. “No matter what happens, I will always love you Kev.” A tear fell down his cheek and he nodded. “Thank you Kuya,” he whispered. I sighed and wasn’t sure how to feel. I wanted to punch my uncle in the face. How was I even supposed to look at him when he got home? I had to clear my brain. “Wanna help me get dinner ready before Mom gets home?” I asked. Today was crazy. Was there anything else I was missing? ————————— Please let me know what you’d like to see next. I’ve included a number of suggestions into this chapter. Let me know what you think! More to cum soon 🙂 -RyC

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