Felicity Pt. 02


***If you haven’t read Pt. 01, I highly recommend doing so before proceeding.***

I don’t think either of us knew what to think.

When we finally woke up, we just lay with each other, neither of us wanting to say anything. It had turned dark outside. Most of the candles lit the night before had burned out. Only a few remained, creating a faint glow. I didn’t want it to end. It was too comfortable here with her to move or do anything, but I knew we had to do something.

“You know, we never settled the bill,” I said. I regretted it instantly. What kind of thing was that to say? It cheapened the moment; at least I thought it did. She looked at me after a little while.

“Just pay what you think it was worth to you,” she replied tenderly, yet trying to come off like a professional.

“I don’t think I have that much,” I said. How could I put a price on this? We’d shared something. I hadn’t imagined that, right?

“That’s sweet, but you’ll have to figure it out. You can’t stay here forever, you know.”

“Yeah, you’re right,” I said. “I’ll get dressed.”

She kissed my chest one more time. “Alright,” she said calmly. “I’m going to take a shower…it might be easier if you were gone by the time I got out.”

It all sounded very practical, but I still got the feeling that we were both trying to hide something from each other. Regardless, I nodded my head in confirmation.

In nothing but a sheet, she walked to the bathroom. I couldn’t help but stare at her, thinking of the wonderful body that was underneath. I had to leave, though. All this weirdness was getting unbearable. I couldn’t spend another minute thinking about this.

After buttoning my shirt, I grabbed my jacket off the floor and reach into my inner pocket. I’d withdrawn a considerable sum for this…venture, hoping it would be enough. But now, it felt so damned cheap to leave this money here. But what else could I do? It would look so wrong if I left nothing for her. So I left it all. Putting on my jacket, I headed out.


The next couple of days were weirder than normal. I hadn’t expected to think about her, but I did. The more I thought about her, the more I thought about how differently I could have handled the situation.

I should have been aggressive!

I should have had my way with her!

I should have fucked her, not made love to her!

I should have, I should have, I should have!

All of this was supposed to fulfill my one big fantasy, nothing more! I could have made this entire thing easier for me in so many ways. But I’m not aggressive. I’m not the using type either. Never have been and probably never will be. It was done, though.

It would probably be a while until I could walk into the strip club without feeling weird about this whole thing. Hell, I might never go to another strip club again. But even this revelation didn’t keep me from thinking about her. Oh how I wanted her out of my mind!


A few days passed.

I came to my apartment after work one day where I saw a thick looking envelope with my name on it taped to the door. Perplexed, I approached it carefully and took it down.

The handwriting was neat, most definitely a woman’s. Going inside, I grabbed a letter opener and sliced the top of it. Inside was a bunch of money, but not just any money. It was my money. What I left for her. Also with it was a note:

“Don’t worry. I’m not stalking you. I remembered where you worked and followed you home. Hmm, I guess I did stalk you. Oops! Hope you can forgive me.”

She drew a smiley face after this comment. I couldn’t help but chuckle. She had an interesting sense of humor.

“I want to see you. Call me at the number below and leave a message to let me know when your next day off is.”

I had never made a phone call faster.


It was minutes until her arrival. I was trying to keep myself occupied while I waited for her. In the end I decided to watch TV, but I ended up not paying any attention at all.

She had left me a message the day before and since then I’d been filled with both excitement and dread as my damned neurotic overthinking bombarded me.

What did she want?

Why didn’t she take the money?

Why did she want to meet here?

What on earth was I thinking, allowing this to happen?

Was this really happening right now?

Soon enough, though, I heard a knock on my door.

I shut off the TV and nervously headed over to open it.

I saw her standing there wearing a black jacket, jeans and a white sweater. It was always funny how clean and classy she came off outside of work. Most strippers I’d known didn’t come close. You always kind of knew.

“Hey,” she said, smiling. I smiled back.

“Hey,” I said, swallowing nervously. “Want to come in?”


“Can I take your coat?”

“Yes, please.”

That was a good sign, I thought. She meant to stay for a bit.

I took her coat as she walked in and surveyed my apartment. It was a total bachelor almanbahis pad with a couch right in front of a big-screen TV with a massive collection of media right next to it. Yet I took pride in it as I usually kept my apartment clean and tried to make it as homey as possible.

“Nice place. It’s very cozy,” she said as she kept looking around. She was inspecting my movies now. “Pretty good taste too.”

“Thanks. I’m pretty big into movies,” I said as I put her coat in the closet. “I have a ton more in one of my closets, but I keep my favorites out here.” I could hear the light tremble in my voice. I hoped to God she couldn’t.

“My Fair Lady, huh? Isn’t that the one where the professor…”

“…teaches the girl how to speak well. Yeah it is. It’s my all-time favorite!” I found myself getting excited the way I always do when I talk about movies and such. It was good since it was making me more comfortable around her.

“Interesting. Not what I’d expect to see in a dude’s place.”

“What’d you expect? Racks of porn?” I said, trying to sound playful.

“Ha! No. It’s just a change from the norm.”

“Well, I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I’m not exactly normal.”

She turned to look at me thoughtfully. God, that face of hers was one you couldn’t forget. “No, you’re not, are you?”

“Not really,” I said, finding myself moving closer to her.

“Well that’s good thing.”

“It is?”

“Oh, you have no idea.”

“I guess I don’t.”

She moved closer to me. “You also have no idea how cute you are, do you?”

“I’m cute?” I asked, disbelievingly.

“You definitely were the other night.” She kissed me then. I held her and kissed back.

“Why did you come here?” I couldn’t help myself. I had to know.

“I think you know why.”

“I honestly don’t. I usually have to have things spelled out for me.”

“Well, it’s been a long time since…well…when we…made love, I guess…you were so…honest and open. I think we connected somehow.”

I gulped as it started getting warmer between us. “So that wasn’t just me.”

“No, it wasn’t. I really felt bad for keeping your money.”

“You shouldn’t feel bad. You earned it!” I said as sincerely as possible.

“I might have, but I thought…it felt…it felt wrong. I mean…I…we…there was something…”

“There was…it wasn’t just you. But I felt I had to keep my part of the bargain.”

“I know. I feel stupid for making you leave the way you did.”

“No, you’re not stupid. I didn’t know how to act either. I didn’t know what to think. The whole thing was supposed to be just a big fantasy for me. I didn’t expect to find something…real.”

“I didn’t either. I figured going through the motions would make things clean and simple. But really, it just felt…awkward. Like I cheated you.”

“You didn’t. I just didn’t get what I ordered, I guess. God, that sounds so stupid!”

She laughed, which put me at ease.

“Would it be wrong to tell you I haven’t stopped thinking about you since?” I asked.

“No, because I’m just as guilty.”

“Oh, well that’s…nice,” I said, leaning in closer.

“Yeah, nice,” she replied as she leaned in too. We kissed more passionately this time, inhaling each other as we did. I’d never felt so close to anyone in my life. I just kept waiting for the catch.

“There’s just one thing,” she said.

And there it was.

“What is it?” My hands found myself moving around her body as hers did the same.

“You said you needed things spelled out for you. Well here it is. I’m not looking for a relationship. I haven’t had many good ones to begin with. I want to be with you, but only in this way. I don’t want to lead you on, which is why I’m telling you about this now. I like you, but that’s not what I’m looking for right now. So if that’s going to be a problem, you’d better tell me right now.”

I looked at her thoughtfully and then retreated to my couch to think.

I hated this! This is what I struggled with the most. I’ve always wanted the whole package. Love along with the sex. I’ve never wanted just sex. Well, actually, I have. But my conscience gets the better of me. I’m not a one-night stand type of guy, or just a guy able to pull off being fuck buddies with someone. But it’s kept me alone more often than not. And it’s tormented me to no end sometimes. And now here was this beautiful woman basically offering me her body. Most guys would just jump in. Like I told her, though, I’m not normal. She knew what she was doing when she laid all this out for me. But I wanted her. So for once, I decided to give in.

I looked at her looking at me. Just this once, I wasn’t going to hold myself back.

“It won’t be a problem,” I said calmly.

She sat down with me and held my hand. “Are you sure? I don’t want you to do something you don’t want to do.”

I looked at her, squeezing her hand back. “I do want this. If anything, I want to see what it would feel like.”

“You’re positive?” she asked.

I kissed her deeply.

“I’m almanbahis yeni giriş sure.”

She smiled and kissed me back.

She took me by the hand and led me to the bedroom. Turning around, she kissed me again as her hands held both sides of my face. I responded, rubbing my hands around her back, our kissing growing more urgent by the second. Soon, we found ourselves on the edge of the bed, making out like teenagers in heat.

She lay down, taking my face with her as one of her hands moved to caress the bulge in my pants. My hand found itself moving down to rub between her legs. I could feel the heat of her pussy through her pants. It was all I could do to keep from ripping them off right then and there! But she decided to stop.

“Anything wrong?” I asked, praying there wasn’t!

“No, nothing’s wrong. It’s just…”


“I…I want you to go crazy on me!”


“Yeah. Last time everything was tender and sweet…but this time…this time I want you to fuck me!”

I probably could’ve come right there from hearing her say those words. It awoke something in me. “You want me to fuck you.”


“You want me to go crazy on you.”

“God yes!”

“What exactly do you want? What do you want me to do to you?”

“I want to meet the man that felt like rimming my ass just because he could! I want you to take me and do what you want with me. Anything that comes into that head of yours, I want you to do. Don’t worry about hurting me and don’t worry about using me. Just enjoy my body and I’ll enjoy yours…you think you can do that?”

I was done with words! I kissed her and the next few minutes was a whirlwind of wild making out. Soon enough, I removed her sweater and shirt while she unbuttoned my shirt, revealing my bare chest.

I kissed around her neck and then found my lips at the top of her breasts, fondling them through her bra. She unsnapped the back and let it slide down her arms. I moved down, kissing her body as I did. I unbuttoned her jeans, sliding them down those lovely legs of hers. She helped by kicking them off her feet, instantly pouncing back on me, pinning me to the bed.

She kissed down my chest and stomach until she was at my belt. She undid it and removed my pants and socks. I grabbed her and moved her back up on the bed, kneading her tits with both hands. My mouth found itself sucking at them with abandon, her nipples getting harder as she became more aroused. She moaned softly as her hand fondled the bulge in my boxers. I was getting harder as I moved my hand down to her mound and lightly touched it.

She pushed me down on the bed and moved to slide my boxers off. My cock popped out and bounced a bit as she exposed me. She quickly took me in her mouth while one of her hands moved my balls around. This really wasn’t about being tender. It was about lust and nothing but. I found it getting easier to let go. I held her head to my crotch as she moved her lips up and down my shaft, licking and sucking as much as she could. She even forced herself to gag on it at one point, but in a way that said she couldn’t control herself or get enough of me. It was so goddamn sexy!

“Take off your panties,” I commanded her. She did as I said while still desperately slurping on me. “Now gimme your pussy, but don’t stop sucking.”

She got the hint. Soon, she maneuvered herself until her pussy was right in front of my face while she continued sucking on me. I grabbed at her hips and began licking up and down the outside of her pussy.

I felt her moans on my cock. It put my mind into overdrive, trying to focus on pleasuring her while she pleasured me. I focused on the sides until I started in on her lips, taking them into my mouth and sucking them. Eventually I licked up through her slit, teasing her opening even more until I darted my tongue inside of her, pressing her cunt onto my face so I could get deeper.

Her hips moved uncontrollably. I wanted her cunt so bad, though, and I let her know it by spanking her ass whenever she moved it away. I then grabbed her forcefully and placed her back on my mouth, eating as much as I could.

I felt her alternate between sucking my cock and leaning forward even more to take my balls into her mouth. I was getting close and she knew it as well. She focused on my cockhead, moving her tongue around it as she pumped the rest of my shaft with her hand. I soon came in her mouth and felt her trying to swallow all she could. I in turn sucked on her clit and wrapped my arms around her hips to hold her still. This drove her crazy and I felt her tits resting on my torso as she enjoyed this, her nipples hard as rocks.

She climaxed, her pussy drenching my face with her juices as she shook and shivered. I loosened my grip on her hips as they bucked up and down near my face. I savored how she tasted. It was all so intense and I was incredibly turned on in how we’d basically had our way with each other. But there was still more to come.

She lay down on her stomach as she caught her almanbahis giriş breath. Rubbing my hands over her body, I moved to kiss her so our tongues could exchange what we had tasted. It was intoxicating.

“You spanked me!” she said feigning shock and surprise.

“You kept moving away,” I said playfully as my hand grabbed her ass.

“Mmm, I guess I was a bad girl for doing that.”

Oh how she was baiting me with that line!

“You are a bad girl…what am I going to do with you?”

It was then I got an idea. I went to the bathroom and took the belt off of my robe and reached in one of the drawers for some lube. I came back and placed it next to her.

“What’s that for?” she asked.

“That’s for later. Call it a bad girl’s punishment. First though.” I quickly placed my hand on her pussy. She closed her eyes and grabbed at the sheets as I inserted my fingers inside her, moaning as I did.

“Get on your hands and knees,” I said. It was almost becoming too easy to let go, but she had opened a door, a door I was all too eager to walk through if it meant fucking her as I pleased. She did as I said, her body facing the headboard as her face looked back at me.

“What are you going to do?” she asked. I spanked her firmly. I wanted her ass, but I was going to make her squirm first.

“Don’t you worry about that,” I said. I got behind her, taking the lube with me. My hands explored that beautiful round ass of hers, first rubbing on her cheeks, occasionally teasing her as my fingers moved towards her crack.

I opened the bottle and let some lube pour down her crack. I heard the hitch in her breath. Soon, the stream reached her asshole, at which point I moved a finger to rub the lube around. Now I heard her moaning.

“Oh…oh god!”

I moved my finger as slowly as I could, circling that pink rosebud of hers. At times it would hover right at the opening and press down lightly, but not enough to actually go inside. With the way she was moving, though, I think she actually wanted it inside.

I took my hand and coated it with the rest of the lube, moving it up and down her crack, occasionally rubbing her pussy as well. I found I couldn’t help myself, though. I had to taste her! I placed my face at her crotch and licked her pussy. Again, she moaned. But then I moved my tongue up and up until it was right at her asshole.

She jumped a little and I felt her shift. She moved a hand down, rubbing her clit as I rimmed her. My hands were grabbing at her ass cheeks, spreading them wider to give me more access. I couldn’t get enough. It seemed like no matter where I tasted her, I always wanted more. I think she was more than okay with this.

“Oh fu….I’m cu…..mm…mmmph!” She was incoherent, but I knew what was going on. I felt her body spasm again as her orgasm flowed over her. I could even feel her sphincter contract under my tongue. I swear I almost came from trying to think about all that was going on.

She finally came down from her high while I kissed around her back, laying on top of her as my hands held hers. I felt her panting under me, her body moving up and down as she relaxed.

“Oh my god! That was amazing! I’ve never come like that before.”

“Good,” I whispered in her ear. “I love making you come. I love tasting you too.” I kissed her cheek. She turned her head so she could kiss my lips, our tongues meeting each again.

“You like how you taste?” I asked.

“Yes,” she said. “I think I should be bad more often.”

“Oh I haven’t even gotten to your real punishment yet,” I stated.

“Oh? There’s more?”

I smiled at her and kissed her. “Go into the bathroom. You’ll find some bottles in there with some clear fluid. Use one of them and then get your ass back here!”

I kissed her again and sat on the bed as she moved off it. She looked at me with a wink in her eye as she closed the bathroom door. I was more than sure she got the hint with what I was intending. If she didn’t, she’d realize soon enough when she examined the bottles. They were disposable enemas, which I’d used on occasion to clean myself out for some self-anal play. I really hadn’t planned on anal with her, but I was thankful that I had a few on hand at the moment.

I was on the edge of the bed as I heard her finishing up. In no time, the door opened and there she stood. The look on her face was both wanton and lustful. She clearly knew what I wanted and was more than willing to give it to me.

She came right up to me, looking down at me with her tits hovering in front of my face. Her hands were on my shoulders as I grabbed at her ass and moved her closer to me. My mouth found her nipples and started sucking as my hands rubbed up and down her back. She straddled me, sitting on my thighs as she began sucking on my earlobes.

My God! I’d never had a woman do that before. We could both feel my cock growing from this. She wrapped her arms around my neck and instantly sheathed herself over me. Her hips started pumping while my hands grabbed her hair. Her movements became faster as she clutched my face and kissed me deeply. Our kissing was sloppy and wet while her riding was rough, almost to the point of being painful. But it was all glorious as we continued using each other for all the pleasure we could get!

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