Subject: Father and Son Bonding 23 Can you imagine life without Nifty? Please show your support with contributions to keep the Archive online. You can find out how fty/donate.html This story is completely fictional. I’d love to hear from you if you enjoying the story. Please send any comments to ail and I will reply as soon as I can. Bill FATHER AND SON BONDING Chapter 23 Gordon was delighted to be invited to form an extended household with Callum and Joe. He was also pleased to be invited to dinner. “I’m working a late shift tomorrow but I’m free on Saturday,” he said. “Great!” said Callum. “Joe and I will cook something special. We’ll eat about seven so come over any time after six.” “He’s coming on Saturday,” Callum told Joe. “Now we have to decide what to cook.” “And what to wear – if anything,” smiled Joe. “I’m only joking!” he added quickly. “I hope so,” Callum responded. “I wonder if we might eat outside. Let’s check the weather forecast.” He tapped at his mobile phone and then announced, “It doesn’t look good. Cloudy and cooler tomorrow and rain on Saturday. We’ll be eating indoors.” “Okay, let’s do roast lamb for the main course. That’s easy and you make the best gravy,” suggested Joe. “And we have lots of courgettes so we just need to get potatoes and some other vegetables to roast with it.” “Salad or a warm starter?” asked Callum. “Something warm if it’s going to be cooler and wet,” said Joe. “Fish?” “How about…scallops and black pudding?” Callum suggested. “Perfect!” smiled Joe. “We have lots of raspberries in the garden so we can use them for the dessert. Perhaps just with ice cream.” “We’ll go to the supermarket on Saturday morning,” said Callum. “We’ll need to make up the bed in the guest room in case Gordon wants to stay over.” Joe smiled at the prospect of an evening with two hunky gay men. *** Gordon arrived by taxi with a bottle of wine and a box of chocolates. “The chocolates are for you, Joe. I don’t expect you’re into wine,” he said. “Give me a hug,” grinned Callum. “That’s allowed now that we are one extended household.” Gordon hugged Callum and patted his back. Then he looked at Joe. “May I hug you?” “I would be upset if you didn’t,” smiled Joe. He wrapped his arms around Gordon and enjoyed the feeling of being engulfed by the bigger, bearded man. “Hmm, that was lovely,” Gordon said when they parted. “I want a boy like you.” “You won’t find another one like him,” said Callum. “Now come through to the living room and sit down. Can I get you a drink?” “I’d love a gin and tonic,” replied Gordon. While Callum was fixing the drinks, Gordon smiled at Joe and said, “I loved your sexy show on Thursday morning. I’m almost disappointed to see you wearing clothes this evening, although I have to say you look great.” Joe laughed. “That was the naughtiest thing I’ve ever done and it really turned me on.” “It really turned me on too,” grinned Gordon. Callum was back with the drinks. “Did you have a wank on Thursday night thinking about Joe?” he asked Gordon. “I’m not ashamed to admit that I did. Cheers!” Gordon raised his glass to Callum and Joe. “We did something better than having a wank.” Joe winked at his dad. “Now you’re making me jealous again,” smiled Gordon. They chatted about other matters until Callum disappeared to the kitchen. “Only the starter needs careful timing,” said Joe. “It will just take a few minutes though. Maybe you’d like to sit at the table and pour the wine?” Gordon had just finished izmit escort bayan pouring the wine when he noticed the nude photo of Joe on the wall. “That’s you,” he said, walking over to it for a closer look. “We thought that a black and white photo was classy enough for the dining room,” said Joe. “Do you like it?” “I like it very much,” said Gordon. “I would have hung it in the living room.” Just then Callum arrived carrying the starters. “Take a seat, guys. Dinner is served,” he said. Gordon made very favourable comments about the meal, especially about the pancakes Joe made to accompany the raspberries and ice cream. As the men enjoyed coffee and Cointreau after the meal, Joe decided it was time for a bit of fun. “I’m feeling hot now. Would anybody object to me taking my shirt off?” “Not at all,” smiled Gordon. “Take as much off as you want.” “Don’t encourage him,” said Callum. “You shouldn’t tell our guest what to do, Dad,” Joe said while unbuttoning his shirt. “Especially now that he’s a member of our household.” Callum rolled his eyes and then Joe went on. “I think I’ll take these trousers off as well. I should have worn shorts.” To Callum’s surprise, Joe was wearing his see-through briefs. Joe took his time folding his shirt and trousers before placing them on the spare seat. He was aware of both men’s eyes on him and his cock was fully erect when he sat down again. “You really are an exhibitionist, aren’t you?” Gordon smiled at Joe. Joe nodded. “I sometimes used to wank thinking about being naked in front of fully-clothed men but I didn’t know how much of a thrill it would be until I stripped off for you on Thursday. I have been thinking about doing it again since you arrived this evening.” “He’s sex mad,” said Callum. “I recall you were much the same when you first discovered sex,” Gordon retorted. “And before long, it wasn’t just sex with me. There were several boys and one or two girls before you met and fell in love with Susan.” “Aye but we were a couple of years older,” said Callum. “Children grow up faster these days. Everybody knows that,” smiled Gordon. “They certainly know more about sex than we did.” Callum looked at Joe who gave what he thought was a sweet smile in return. “Joe is incredibly cute,” said Gordon. “I could never deny him anything. In fact, if he wants to be totally naked in front of us, I think he should go ahead.” “Is that okay with you, Dad?” Joe asked. Callum sighed. “You’re practically naked already. Go on, if that’s what you want.” Joe grinned, pulled off his socks and then stood to slowly remove his briefs. It didn’t escape Gordon’s attention that there was now a damp patch on the front of the see-through briefs. Joe tugged his balls and said, “That feels more comfortable. Would you like more coffee, Gordon?” “Yes, please,” said Gordon, his eyes still on the teenager’s erection. When Joe poured the coffee, he deliberately rubbed his cockhead on Gordon’s arm and some pre-cum dripped among the hairs. “Oh, that was very naughty of me, Gordon. You should spank me for that.” Gordon smiled and said, “It’s okay. I like seeing you close up.” “I think you should spank me,” said Joe. “You will be able to see other parts of me if you do.” Gordon looked at Callum who said, “Go ahead. He’s not going to be happy until you do and he obviously wants you to see and touch his arsehole.” “My pussy,” said Joe. “You can touch any part of me, Gordon.” Gordon took hold of Joe’s very stiff 12 cm (4.75 izmit sınırsız escort inch) cock and squeezed it firmly, causing another bead of pre-cum to emerge from the piss-slit. “Okay, boy. Bend over my knees,” he said. Joe winked at his dad and bent over Gordon’s knees. He enjoyed the feel of a large, rough hand touching his upper thighs and then his buttocks. Two short, sharp sparks landed – one on each buttock. Joe then felt two hands spreading his arse cheeks and heard Gordon taking an intake of breath. “It’s a beauty, eh?” Callum said to Gordon. “Aye,” Gordon said softly. “I’ve never seen one so young or totally hairless before. The hole looks so small.” “It stretches to take my cock so I’m sure yours would fit,” Callum said. “And the tunnel is hotter and tighter than any you’ve ever been in.” “Are you suggesting I might get to enter that tunnel?” asked Gordon while running a finger up and down Joe’s arsecrack. “Oh no! Not at all,” replied Callum. “I was just…never mind. Only Joe can decide whether anyone else gets in there.” “I have to agree that it should be up to Joe and nobody else,” said Gordon. “What do you say, Joe? Might I be allowed in that hot, tight tunnel one day?” He pressed down on the pink pucker for emphasis. Joe squeaked before replying, “Maybe one day.” “You’re a little tease, aren’t you?” Gordon smiled and gave Joe’s bum another spank. “No, sir,” replied Joe. “I think you are.” Gordon gave Joe another, harder spank. “Ow! I don’t think I’m ready to go that far,” said Joe. “How far are you ready to go?” Gordon caressed the bubble-butt as he spoke. Joe took a deep breath. “If Dad allows it, I will give you a blowjob.” Gordon raised an eyebrow and looked at Callum. Neither of them had expected Joe to say that. “You’d better ask him then,” said Gordon. “Stand up and go over to him.” Joe’s face was red with embarrassment when he addressed his father. “Dad, may I give Gordon a blowjob?” Callum was in two minds. Part of him wanted to keep Joe for himself but another part of him wanted to watch Joe sucking his close friend’s cock. He looked at Joe’s cock and saw it was leaking lots of pre-cum. “Joe really wants to do this,” he said to himself. “And he has fantasised about threesomes too. I’m not ready to go that far but giving Gordon a blowjob won’t hurt.” He used a finger to scoop some pre-cum from Joe’s cockhead and then licked it off. “Okay, Joe. You can give him a blowjob but I’ll be watching.” Joe smiled. “Thanks, Dad.” He then returned to Gordon, knelt between his legs and said, “I have permission, sir.” “Take it out then,” responded Gordon. Joe felt both nervous and excited as he reached out to open Gordon’s trousers. He had seen the cock before but at a distance. Now he was going to touch it. He licked his lips as he unzipped the fly and was pleased when Gordon raised himself off the chair so that he could pull the trousers down a little. Joe looked up at Gordon before reaching into the opening of the boxers. His fingers touched the shaft of the erect cock and somehow it was warmer than he had expected. Joe cautiously took hold of the cock and pulled it through the opening. “The head is thicker than Dad’s,” he said to himself as he looked at the shiny, purple cockhead. He let his fingers run down the side of the shaft until it touched wiry pubic hairs and then asked, “May I pull your boxers down too?” Gordon nodded and raised his butt off the chair. Joe took hold of kocaeli escort bayan the waistband and pulled the boxers down until they bunched around the man’s knees. Now he could see the cock properly. “Nice,” he said with a smile. He decided it was about the same size as he dad’s – 20 cm (8 inches) – but the large, hairy balls hung lower. Joe wrapped his fingers around the shaft and gently wanked it for a few moments. Then he bent forward to kiss and then lick the cockhead. He smiled up at Gordon. “Is this okay?” “More than okay,” smiled Gordon. Joe bent down and licked the cockhead again, savouring the taste of the pre-cum. He then licked all around the glans before moving to the base and giving the shaft several long licks. Finally he opened his mouth and took the cockhead inside. Gordon gasped as Joe swallowed almost half his cock. Callum smiled over at him. “Feels good, eh?” “Feels bloody amazing!” said Gordon. Joe enjoyed hearing those words. He started to fondle the low-hanging balls and then bobbed up and down on the cock, using his tongue to stimulate the underside. “Geez!” Gordon reached out to grasp Joe’s shoulder. Joe came off the cock, wiped the dripping saliva from his chin and asked, “Do you want me to stop?” “No! Sorry. You’re doing a great job,” replied Gordon. “I’m just…Oh, I don’t know. Don’t stop.” Joe smiled at the man’s confusion. “He’s loving this,” he said to himself before taking the cock back into his mouth. He sucked for a little while then came up to tease the cockhead with the tip of his tongue. He flicked all around the glans and dug at the piss-slit. He gave the head another suck and then turned his attention to Gordon’s balls, licking and sucking each one. When he saw that Gordon was leaking more pre-cum he went back to sucking the cockhead. “I can’t hold back much longer,” warned Gordon. Joe sucked harder, bobbing up and down on the cock once more. “Oh! Oh! I’m cumming!” Gordon cried. Joe pulled back until only the cockhead was in his mouth and waited. Less than a second later, Gordon groaned and started flooding Joe’s mouth with cum. Joe let it build up and then swallowed to make room for more. He took three mouthfuls before Gordon collapsed back in chair. “Wow! That was…” Gordon smiled and shook his head. Joe licked the cock clean and then sat back on his heels and smiled up at Gordon. “Not bad for a beginner?” Gordon laughed. “No, not bad. Your dad has taught you well.” “I didn’t need to teach him much,” said Callum. “He learned from watching porn.” “Maybe I’m just a natural, born to suck cock,” smiled Joe. “Hey, do you like being rimmed? I enjoy doing that too.” “I do but I’d like to rim you,” replied Gordon. “And I’d like to suck you off.” “That would be nice but actually I get more pleasure from doing the sucking and rimming,” said Joe. “What I love most is being fucked.” “Well, I would definitely like to fuck you,” said Gordon. “Maybe one day,” smiled Joe. “At the moment, my pussy is for Dad only.” He turned to Callum and said, “I hope you’re going to be stuffing it very soon.” “That is my plan,” said Callum. “I’m really horny after watching you with Gordon.” “I’d love to watch,” Gordon said. “Sorry, but I’m not ready for that,” Callum responded. “I want to make love to my boy tonight, not put on a show.” “I’m Daddy’s boy,” Joe said as he walked over to Callum. He sat in his lap and put an arm around him. “I’m yours,” he said before kissing Callum. “That is almost too sweet,” grinned Gordon. “Take him to bed, Callum. I’ll tidy up here.” Callum stood up with Joe in his arms. “Goodnight, Gordon. We’ll see you in the morning.” “Yeah, goodnight Gordon. I’ll try to avoid making too much noise,” said Joe. “Goodnight, guys,” smiled Gordon. To be continued

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