Exponential Chastity

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Exponential Chastity

She had him bound to the bed this time. His cock was bulging out from his metal chastity device. She stood on the bed over him wearing only high socks, a short-stripped skirt and a sports bra. She was swinging her right foot back so her heel would touch her butt, then let it fall until it made contact with his tightly bound nuts.

“Ah!” Slowly and rhythmically she would lift her leg back up and do it again. And again. And again.

“Oh, I know. It kinda hurts doesn’t it? Believe me, I could make it a lot worse.” She let her leg fall again, hitting him directly between the balls with the base of her foot. “You were lucky that I was so nice to you the last few days. You got my mouth yesterday, you got to make me come riding you Tuesday, you got some real sensual edging on Monday. At the time I didn’t know then that I was going to find you trying to get yourself off with my vibrator.” Her foot nailed him again. “Plus, you were pretty lazy about licking my pussy before, maybe this will help you do better tomorrow.” She kicked him again.

“Ah!” He cried.

He hadn’t come in 6 days, but he knew it would be another five until he would. She set the timer for 11 minutes each of those days. 11 minutes for 11 days, and then he would get to come. For 11 minutes she would pet, lick, kick, fuck, stroke, suck and torture his cock to the point that it was ready to burst and then put him away in his locked cage. Each time reminding him, “only 10 more days until you go to come.”

“Only 9 more days until…”

“Only 8…”

“Only 7….”

She let her foot fall again. “Since you tried to break the rules, I’m just going to keep kicking you in the nuts for the rest of your time.” She had her foot lifted up, touching her butt, leaving it there as she hovered over him. “Then when there is one-minute left, I’m going to pause the timer, unlock you and grab your cock as hard as I can. I’m going to jerk your cock so painfully hard until you are just about to come, and then I’m going to let go and hit your poor swollen balls a few more time before I lock you back up.” This time she brought her foot down with a little extra force, hitting him more on the left ball this time.

“Ah! Oh fuck,” he said. His balls were already so sore they were starting to swell. The pain was moving around his abdomen more and more with each new blow. He knew he was helpless, completely at her mercy. He knew it, and he absolutely loved it. She kicked him again. “Ah, fuck!”

The stop watch next to the bed was at 7 minutes 56 seconds, 55, 54, 53….

Her foot fell. He yelped, “ahhh!”

Two months earlier….

Things weren’t what they used to be around the home. Clutter was building throughout the house. Things were getting messy, untidy. It had been about 3 months since his dominant wife had repealed the ten-minute trade, where she gave him ten minutes of sexual attention in turn for doing all the dishes, all the time. As things fell back into normalcy the quality of their sexual activities began to follow suite. If it happened at all it would happen pretty much the same way each time: they would kiss, he would strip her and eat her out a little, then he would fuck her hovering over her or get her from behind. With this return to normalcy came beşevler escort a general decline in motivation for both of them.

Netflix had largely replaced the passion filled nights of pussy licking, ball busting, cock stroking, sucking, licking, pinching, teasing, coming, fingering, face sitting and ass smacking, prostate massaging, fucking and coming again. And again. And again. One evening, after finishing their season finale, they looked at each other sprawled out on the futon. Her in her bathrobe and sweatpants, him in long johns and a hoodie. They lazily stared at each other entertaining the idea of fucking, but neither of them could find anything in the other to get them going. He went to bed in a sad state of hopelessness feeling dumb and male as he so often did. She went to bed equally discouraged, but was forming the realization that something needed to change.

They next day started pretty usually. Coffee, breakfast, computer work and then off their separate ways for a day of work. This fine day, however, would end much more captivatingly than it began.

When he arrived home, he filled the wood stove, fed the dog and started a pot of soup on the stove. He had noticed her car in the driveway, but didn’t see any signs of her. He went upstairs to change into something more comfortable, thinking about what they should watch now that their show was over.

When he opened their bedroom door he was blown away by the scene laid out in front of him. The candle light showed the cleanest room he had seen in months. This surprised him greatly, but not as much as the sight of her kneeling on the bed wearing nothing but black thigh high pantyhose and the smallest black bikini bottom he had ever seen. The flickering of the light on her bare skin gave him the impression that she was on fire. She smiled at him with a brash look on her face while she twirled a metal cock ring in her finger.

“Wow. Uh, hey.” He was clearly speaking unfoundedly. His cock was already beginning to grow.

“Last night I realized that I’m craving something out of your that I haven’t been getting lately, so I came up with an idea on how to get it back.” As she said this, she stopped twirling the cock ring and reached behind her with her other hand. She pulled up a metal chastity cage with a small lock on it.

Just then he noticed a string with a key on it dangling between her breasts. “Oh fuck,” he said. His cock was almost fully erect in his pants.

“We are going to play a little game for a while. Here is how it is going to work.” She got up from the bed leaving the ring and cage and walked up to him, pressing her nearly naked body against his side and beginning to unbutton his pants. “You are going to make me come, then I am going to make you cum, and then you are going to put this cage on.”

“Sounds good to me.” he said.

“I’m sure it does, but that’s not the whole game. Tomorrow you are going to make me come again, but with the cage on. After I have come, I’m going to tease your cock for one minute. Whether I leave you locked up or not is up to me, but I can tell you that tomorrow, you definitely will not be coming.”

He let out a sigh that sounded strangely like a groan. She had his pants down and rubbed her chest on his leg on her way back up, trailing her hands behind her until she stood all the way back up. She left one hand beylikdüzü escort on his ass and the other she kept over his boxers and grabbed his hard cock. She held it firmly as she stared directly into his eyes. For a moment he thought he would come from the sheer strength of her stare.

“The day after that I will let you out and make you come again. But then the next two days after that you’re staying locked up and going to eat my pussy. After I am satisfied, I’ll tease you for two minutes each of those days, and then on the third day you get to come.”

“Oh man,” he said. He was so turned on and ready to start licking her pussy that he could hardly exhale his breath. She had dropped his boxers to his feet and was on her way up to lift his shirt.

“And then it will continue on like that. Every time I make you come, I add another day of chastity on to the prior length, but I add another minute of teasing to each day as well. By my calculation, at the end of the month you’ll be in chastity for a stretch of 7 days, each day making me come and getting 7 painstaking minutes of my hands, mouth, feet and pussy edging you until you want to explode. But I’ll stop before you can, and lock you right back up.”

He was fully naked at this point. She had his cock firmly between her legs, pushing it up on her pussy by reaching behind her ass. She barely moved her hips back and forth. He could feel her wetness slathering the top of his shaft, getting wetter and wetter with each motion.

“And if you fail to satisfy me any of those days, your tease is going to be a lot more painful than pleasurable.” She lowered herself onto her knees and guided his cock into her mouth with one hand. She held it in there for a few seconds without moving, just looking up at him. Then she started slapping his balls with her other hand. When he tried to jerk away, she bit down on his cock to prevent him from moving. He stood up on his tip toes and gave a slight yelp and she started laughing. “Trust me, neither of us want that to have to happen.”

She stood back up and flung him by the arm toward the bed. He landed on his back and looked up at her. She started walking toward him slowly. “So, do you agree?” She asked him.

He didn’t even think for a second, just started nodding and mustered out a quick “Yeah.”


She crawled up onto him, dragging her leg on his balls and hard cock on the way up toward straddling his head. She gave him a light kick in the balls with her bare foot. She giggled a little at jerk his body made and then settle her pussy onto his face with her back facing his feet. The tiny black bikini bottom was soaking wet. She rubbed it all over his face moaning and she did so. He stuck his tongue out eagerly, fully ready to enjoy the taste of her pussy. She grabbed the back of his head and pushed his face into her so hard that he could barely breathe. Then she started slowly thrusting her hips back and forth, rubbing her pussy all over his mouth and tongue.

After a minute or two, or five, it was really hard to tell, she rose from his face and stood over him on the bed. She dropped her panties and left them lie on his torso. She stepped one foot onto his cock so that her front toe was just barley touching the head of his penis, as her heel dug into his ball sack. She shifted back and forth with her bilecik escort foot a number of times, and then stepped with more pressure onto his cock. Precum was oozing out from the tip of his dick. At the sight of such a large bead of precum she got overwhelmingly horny. She bent over and sucked the cum off the tip of his dick. The feel of her warm mouth on the head of his cock had him desperately craving to be inside of her. She put his dick a little further into her mouth and then looked up at him, moving only her tongue in circles while the rest of her was motionless, resting over him on all fours.

She grabbed his cock with one hand and lowered her pussy onto him. She guided his cock into her slowly, throwing her head back in sheer ecstasy and she did so. Aside from coming, the initial insertion of his cock into her was perhaps her favorite part of fucking. She took a good long time before she had fully taken his cock.

She sat there for minute with her eyes closed, hands firmly grasping his chest. When she opened her eyes, she looked at him. “You better hope you don’t come first, because I’m not done until I’m done.” He hadn’t come in nearly two weeks, so she was not asking an easy task.

With that she started thrusting into him and ferociously moving her whole body forward, then backward, forward then backward. She was moaning. So was he. She was fucking him so fast he couldn’t believe it. Grabbing him tighter and tighter as she went. He could feel his orgasm building.

“Oh fuck,” he said while he thought about her sexy mind, that wet pussy, those strong perfectly tanned legs, “oh fuck.”

He started saying it louder ” fuuuuuck, oh, oh fuuuck!” She was moaning and shaking her head no. She started thrusting even faster, even harder still shaking her head no.

“Uuuh, No, not yet, don’t come yet!” She was breathing heavily and continuing on her pace. She was getting close to coming, just a little longer. She felt his cock pulsing, swelling hard as it could be. “Oh fuck, so hard, oh so hard.”

She was riding him so wildly, so constantly. He felt his orgasm begin. There was absolutely no stopping it. His prostate flexed, his balls released, and his dick filled with come. “Uh! Oh! FUuuuuuuuuuuck.” He grabbed her hips as hard as he could and pushed his whole body up, thrusting into as hard as he could.

This didn’t slow her grinding of him a bit. She could feel his dick full of come, as hard and full as it could be and as soon as she felt his hot load inside of her she began to come too, “uhhhhhhhh! UUhhhhhH!” Her pace slowed to a super steady rhythm, but they pushed their bodies into each other as hard as they possibly could. He was flexing himself in her, finishing the last of his orgasm, giving her the last of his come, but she was just beginning hers. As his muscles relaxed, she pushed down into him, barley moving, but letting out the highest pitched moan she could make. Her nails dug into his torso; her breasts were pressed together between her arms. She stood there like that for twenty, thirty, a hundred seconds, it was really hard to tell. She began exhaling slowly, moaning slightly intermittently.

He was rather sensitive inside of her, but watching her come was so beautiful he would never dream of ending it just because of a slight discomfort. She bent her upper body down and kissed him. They lay there a few minutes, catching their breath. After a little while she decided to get up off of his cock. As soon as he was out of her come came pouring out of her pussy, Dripping all over his torso.

She got up from the bed and grabbed the ring and cage. “Okay let’s get you locked up.” She put him in the cage, locked it, and put the key back around her neck.

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