Experiences of a Late Starter


I have decided to describe my first adventures with men here. Maybe some of you will recognize the experiences and feelings. It is no fantasy story but an account of what happened during the last half year.During many years when I watched porn I always liked to watch women being butt fucked doggy style. My wife never let me fuck her ass. A few years ago I discovered that I actually wanted to be the one being penetrated. This feeling became stronger every day.  I had being using anal toys when I was about twenty-five years old but stopped with that as I married. But a few years ago, I again began using butt plugs and a dildo. I got used to dildos the size of an average cock. I like to fuck myself with the dildo, but usually I don’t reach an orgasm by doing it. It is just the feeling penetration that I like so much.Last year, I decided that I had to have the real thing. I was now 60 years old, waiting any longer would mean that I would never have it. When I go to the gym and shower, I like to be naked among other men, but it is not easy to find partner there.I checked for a gay dating website and placed a short text that I was looking for a man to fuck me. Soon I got a response from a guy who was interested to do it. We made an appointment. He arrived in his car after I had been waiting for him half an hour. He was much younger, about thirty years old. I had expected to have this meeting in his apartment or some place like that, totally nude. But he was married and had no place available. He said he knew lots of places in the area where we could isvecbahis do it in the open air. As we drove around to look for quiet place, it was clear that he was surprised to meet such an old man like me anxious to get his first fuck. He told me that he would be gentle with me.He stopped the car at the end of a road not far from a farm. He asked if I wanted to suck his cock. I would like to suck and swallow but I said I would only do it with a condom. So we had no oral sex.  There was no foreplay at all; I was not really interested in it anyway. I was so horny and nervous at the same time that I just wanted him to fuck me.It was summer and nice weather. We found some bushes to stand behind and he opened his pants. I felt his cock. It was not very big to my regret but stood very hard. It was the first time I felt another man’s cock. He said, “Let me see this ass of yours.” I have rather a big butt. I had told him that I wanted to be fucked doggy style so he had me bend over. I gave him the condom and put lube on my ass.He held my ass cheeks with both hands and stuck his cock in me. His promise to be gentile with me was forgotten. He fucked me fast and pushed me forward deeply. I almost fell so I had to hold the ground while he was pounding me. I wanted it harder and was bucking my ass, milking him. I felt like a whore. Here I was standing, a married man, bent over in the open air, offering my ass to a guy whose real name I did not even know!You understand how strange this was, how nervous I was but also how horny I must have been to isveçbahis giriş do this. He finished very fast and shot his load in my ass. A few seconds later we heard voices. A woman and child came along on their bicycles. I don’t believe they saw us behind the bushes. Anyhow I pulled my pants up very fast, it was a bit of an anticlimax.  I believe I saw him throw away the condom. He asked for tissue, he did not bring anything at all. Later, I thought it strange that I had to bring the condom, lube and cleaning tissue.He asked if I did not want to cum, but this time, I really only wanted to be a bottom, just fucked hard and deep. I did not have an erection, I was too nervous. Being naked for a strange guy, offering my ass was enough.  As we returned to his car he began asking where I worked and all kind of questions like that. When I posed him similar questions, he evaded straight answers and clearly was lying.He took me back to the crossroad where we had met and we went our separate ways. Travelling home, I was still very excited. I finally did it! I could feel the lube still seeping from my ass and that gave me such a feeling of being fucked. However I did not like the way we had done it.Later I started worrying. Did he really put on the condom? I did not check him. I made an appointment for a HIV test and had to wait two weeks. Everything was OK. These two weeks I was very worried and decided not to do it again. I realized that the risk of being exposed and my family might find out was too high.***Encounter two…Although I had isveçbahis yeni giriş decided not do it again, after a few months the longing for cock returned.I found another dating website. At these websites people hide their identity; they give a wrong name, age, profession everything.  Several times I almost had a date but very often the men were imposters, just interested to have a horny chat and then suddenly disappeared. Especially many young men are totally unreliable at these sites. They want sex now and expect you to jump in your car right away.  None of them is interested in a date tomorrow. Older men are better partners in this aspect.A man aged sixty-seven sent me a message. He wrote that he did not do anal sex but promised “lots of other things”. His favorite book was Fifty Shades of Gray and this made me curious to meet him. I met him late in the afternoon outside his office. The man was a much respected and married lawyer. I was surprised to see him. I had visited him a few years ago for a legal matter, but obviously he did not remember me. We chatted for ten minutes in his car. I told him that I had little experience and was willing to learn new things. He asked me if I had ever sucked cock. When I told him that I would like to do that, he put his hand on my knee and invited me to his office.The office building was empty and very quiet. The air conditioning was switched off and it was very warm inside. His office had a large room with a huge desk, expensive furniture and lots of impressive law books everywhere. We undressed and he brought me to the office kitchen to clean ourselves with water. Then he embraced me, started kissing me with a lot of force. I was not really expecting this but he pushed his tongue in my mouth. I tried to enjoy it but it was not easy.

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