Eva So Soft


Her sexy thin lips were moving, but her words never reached my ears. I couldn’t stop imagining what her lips would taste like– strawberries, vanilla… The way she was positioned on the other end of the sofa could easily be mistaken for unspoken permission to satisfy her. With her legs tucked beneath her bottom, her posture caused her shiny metallic dress to rise higher up her sexy thighs, ever so close to exposing her underwear. Her head rested against the back of the sofa; her body on the arm, arched upward to an acute degree.She looked ever so uncomfortable, but I adored the position–it looked so inviting. But I knew better than to take advantage of her in her drunken state. However there’s no moral violations for fantasizing. And with her legs slightly ajar, I couldn’t help my vivid imagination. My hands traveling bahis siteleri alongside her smooth legs…”Oh Carmyn…” she groaned lowly, which came off more as a seductive moan (or maybe I imagined it that way considering how horny I am). “I have a terrible headache.””I know. But I don’t think it’s a good idea to mix all that alcohol with Aspirins.””Al…” she burped. “Alcohol? What alcohol?””All the alcohol you had at the New Year’s Eve Party.””I was at a party? Well,” she slurred as she looked around, “where am I now?””My apartment. You’re too drunk to drive, so you’re crashing here. I’ll get you a pillow and a blanket.”I left Eva on the sofa in the living room and headed to my room to retrieve the extra blanket from my closet. I turned around and stared at my empty bed. If only she could be in my bed… canlı bahis siteleri the things I would do to her sexy body… A thud in the hall alerted me.”Eva? What are you doing?” I cried when I noticed her on the floor in the hall.Laughing, she replied, “Falling.”I joined in on the giggles. It was a dumb question for me to ask I guess. I threw the contents in my hands on the floor and ran to her aid. I bent down to help her back onto her feet. In the process, her lifeless arms flung everywhere, one of her hands accidentally grazed one of my boobs. The match had been struck, because I was certainly on fire. Being this close to her with my hands around her slim waist and consuming her strawberry fragrance, all my mind could fathom was how edible she was. But what really melted my heart (and soaked canlı bahis my panties) was the moment our eyes met. She was still strikingly gorgeous with her disheveled hair and sleepy eyes. I wanted her so bad. I averted my eyes to mask my ever so lustful thinking while I helped her to her feet. She giggled the entire time. Just the cutest giggles ever to my ears. Even more captivating was her dazzling smile housed by perfectly aligned pearly whites surrounded by her kissable lips. I wanted to taste them ever so badly. Without notice, her lips were on mine for a brief moment. It was a kiss initiated by Eva. Was that real or did I just daydream that? I thought. I licked my lips to taste her strawberry lip gloss remains. It… was… real.Eva pointed up; my eyes followed. I smiled guiltily. Due to my procrastination, all of my Christmas decorations were still up–the tree, the lights, and more importantly the mistletoe dangling above our heads.With our faces less than an inch away and my hands still planted on her hips, I pulled her body into mine.

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