ESTIM Experiences Ch. 02


Since my first story, I have developed into a real estim freak. My daily pleasures are such that my body almost ‘knows’ that it is time. I generally masturbate every morning anyway, but estim is almost always the usual method.

I have taken to looking at online porn the whole time as I stimulate myself for at least an hour daily.

The sensations are so exquisite!

I have been getting into explicit jerk-off encouragement videos, as they tend to enforce the fantasy of what I am doing and enhance the excitement.

There are many hypnotic ones where the images have very sensual voiceover of a hot woman encouraging you, and often visual cues in the form of text banners that come across the screen, enticing you to ‘feel’ and to stroke, etc.

Also, a lot of sissy fetish stuff gets me hot! Let me tell you about one of these sessions, as they are KINKY!

Those videos are amazing because they incorporate so much cock-teasing and blowjob action, again with sensuous voices encouraging you to let your fantasies get you hard, and to feel the throbbing in your cock and balls, allowing your body to relax into sexual awareness.

Many of these incorporate men stimming as I am, some of my favorites are of men stimming while watching the same video as me!

Recently, after working my stiff cock repeatedly and teasing myself with toys and fingers, I fondled my balls as I wrapped a rubber electrode around them, and pulled the clamp tight. It was not too snug, but enough to feel the pressure, knowing that the stim would cause them to throb!

I could feel my cock swell in anticipation even more, as my body and mind remembered the pleasure to come, or CUM as I should say!

Lubing up my cock some more, with a water based lube, (astroglide, actually) I pulled another rubber electrode up just under the head of my cock, my stiff, aching cock, and isveçbahis again pulled the fastener snugly, against it.

I plugged the wires into the ends of the electrodes, and the other end into the stim-box.

Turning it on and adjusting the pulse to a fairly low setting, and allowing the wave setting to flow over me, I felt a low, deep throb in my groin, my balls tightening, and a gentle pulse stroking my cock!

It felt fantastic already; like a gentle hand or tongue, caressing my prick up and down, teasing an aching pleasure up and down and INSIDE me!

The first drop of pre-cum started to ooze out of the head of my horny dick!

I ‘m telling you the feeling is out of this world!

While watching a video of a cock-teasing trans-gender jerking off her stiff dick, while dressed in sexy lingerie, making ropes of pre-cum come out of her cock-head, I felt myself getting into the mind-fuck!

The video cut to s scene of a man stimming himself as he watched the same scene!

He groaned out his pleasure, as his cock pulsed and bounced to his delight, the video he and I were watching getting more perverted, as our tranny induced hard-ons responded in similar fashion.

Damn! It was so hot to masturbate this way, as I eased the power up a notch, and my balls throbbed in response!

My hard cock was dripping with juicy pleasure, oozing precum out of my pee-hole, and flowing down my shaft to pool around my swollen sack!

Tranny-boy was groaning as well as her cock stiffened even more, she was sliding a satin panty all over her cock and balls, dripping, as she fucked the satin panties. She poured some lube all over her throbbing shaft and rubbed those wet panties all around her throbbing meat, and commenced a rhythmic fucking motion into her satin pussy!

My virtual stim partner and I were almost on the same level of arousal, isveçbahis giriş as I have watched this so many times that I have figured out how to time my orgasm to cum with him and out mutual tranny pleasure-mate!

Knowing there was still time to enjoy more arousal, I eased the power up just a little more, and the feeling of exquisite stroking felt like millions of tiny fingers or kisses relentlessly caressing and stimulating me from base to head over and over again!


My moans of pleasure surprised even me as I moaned along with my stim friend, and our inspiration!

He was dripping, I was dripping, and ‘she’ was dripping.

Now I want to be clear, this trans gender had feminine breasts, feminine features, such as long sexy legs, beautiful ass and a hard stiff cock. Something perversely sexual about this arouses me sometimes.

I still love women more than anything, but the fantasy allows you to go crazy, and the blatant masturbation guidance, and naked sexual excess, gets me so fucking horny!

I increased the power, my cock twitched dramatically, bouncing up and down. The head of my cock felt like I was getting an incredible blow job, my balls felt like they are being gently squeezed, and massaged…MMMM so good!

Throbbing, sexual sensations increased more and more, exponentially, churning the cum in my heavy balls!

Watching the pre-cum being milked out of the tranny’s cock, as she bucked her hips back and forth in her panty-pussy; and my virtual stim buddy groaning out “ooo pre-cum!” made me buck my hips in an imaginary fucking. I was getting so worked up!

The insistent female voice in my headphones encouraging me to FEEL, to relax…and enjoy the incredible thrill, of pulsating caresses, and then the countdown began on the screen.

Watching, twitching, feeling, STIMMING!

BLISS! PLEASURE…oh isveçbahis yeni giriş my god, such pleasure was fantastic!

My cock swelled even more (if that was even possible!) as I was fully distended, throbbing and fully erect, stiff, aching with lust!

The guy on the screen stimming along with me, and the visual of our mutual lust were rapidly approaching the point of no return!

Suddenly, Tranny-girl let out a loud moan and spurts of hot cum shot out of her cock, squirting all over her panties, thighs and belly! The look on her face of pure need, and joy ramped me up to squirt!

Suddenly my virtual stim-mate groaned out loud, “I’m cumming! I’m cumming!”, as spurts of hot sticky cum creamed forth from his stiff hot dick, which immediately made my hard aching meat swell to the fullest, and then I felt it:

That fantastic sensation we all strive for, ORGASM!

I first saw an ooze of thick white cum almost gently flow from my engorged penis, and then OMG! Spurt after spurt of intense, white lava squirted out of me, all over my thighs, belly and dripping on my hot swollen balls! MMMMmmm!

My eyes going hazy, but still seeing the wet dripping of cum from my partners’ dripping penises, I rode the wave of intensity, FEELING the wonder of pure amazing sensations, slowly sensing my cock slowly softening, but still feeling incredible aftershocks.

I eased the controls down a bit; still feeling amazingly turned on, and let my cock work down the draining of my balls.

Another fantastic session…another fantastic cum.

When I play alone, this type of play is exquisite…marvelously enticing.

I will relay more soon. There are some many hot videos to help you cum intensely online these days…masturbation no longer has to be boring! It can be an amazing activity.

In addition, I am joining a skype estim group that will allow me and others to interact in real time together!

When that happens, I will surely update!

If you are intrigued, look into it online, ESTIM, ELECTROSEX will yield MUCH information, so you can join the fun!

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