Subject: Entrepreneur Chapter Three Thank you for your feedback and suggestions. If this story gets you hard, please consider donating to Nifty for providing this wonderful platform. fty/ ENTREPRENEUR CHAPTER THREE CHAPTER THREE The next day Justin showed up for work again at Jack?s dirty book store. He came in from the alley and stripped placing his clothes in a box by the door. Justin?s little penis was full mast at three hairless inches. He enjoyed being naked in a controlled public setting. It made him feel naughty, dirty and sexy! Jack watched the boy strip on the video monitor. He licked his lips. The boy worked hard mopping the spilled cum and grime, but he couldn?t help the bottoms of his feet getting dirty from the grimy floor. The eleven year old mopped and wiped away with a roaring hard on of a boy right on the cusp of puberty. When he was finished he went to booth nine where the movies played for free and unknown to him where the booth was being secretly surveilled and taped. Excitedly the naked and hard boy started scanning through the choices. Eventually he settled on one where a burly and hairy man seduces his twink nephew. Jack smiled knowing that man was his type, and the boy was soon stroking to it with the lube on the bench. Jack gave him plenty of time to explore the x rated movie before stripping down and walking out into the closed video arcade. His six inch pedo meat roared in front of him. Picking the booth next to the boy, Jack crouched down and peered through the glory hole. ?Hey, buddy. Having fun?? Startled, the engrossed boy turned and smiled when he saw the handsome man?s mouth and beard. ?Yeah, Jack. This movie is so darn hot.? ?Wanna try the real thing?? he asked with a grin. Without waiting for a reply, the man stood up and slid his throbbing six inches through the glory hole. Justin?s boy dick konyaaltı sınırsız escort throbbed in response. He got on his knees, and the naked soon to be sixth grader started sucking his dick. Jack sighed as the little boy started to blow him. He wanted to get the boy used to sucking dicks at glory holes. The idea of turning the little cocksucker into a glory hole slut caused the perverted man to drip a steady stream of precum into the kid?s slobbering mouth. On Justin?s end, the boy lathed the (to him) huge dick with his wet tongue. He fiddled with his boy cock while he sucked and occasionally pulled off of the man?s prick to rub it over his face. Just before he was about to cum, Jack pulled out and crouched down to the hole. ?Under the bench there is a little step stool. Pull it out, step on it, and put your dick through the hole.? Excitedly Justin did as he was told. Pressing his smooth, trim, and hairless body against the wall while his hairless boy dick and balls went through the hole made him clench his ass cheeks with pleasure. Jack looked at the immature organ appreciatively. For him there was nothing like hairless boys and their little junk. He leaned in and licked the cock and balls thoroughly. Then he settled in for a nice and slow blowjob. With his vast knowledge of underage sex, Jack stopped shortly before the kid was ready to dry cum. Jack left his booth and knocked on the kid?s booth. Justin opened it and smiled shyly to the stark naked pedophile. He saw that the man was sweating and his meat was three quarters hard. ?Let?s watch a move together, little buddy. Then we can go have some fun on the bed in my office.? Jack scrolled through the movie selection until he found Ass Licking Piglets. He smiled. As the porno started, Jack pulled the naked lad onto his lap. He felt the boy konyaaltı türbanlı escort up as the movie played. Justin was amazed. He remembered the man licked his ass thinking at the time how gross it was but how good it felt. In this movie, though, the asses being licked weren?t smooth but rather hairy jungles hiding a pink pleasure hole. Whispering into his ear, Jack asked, ?Did you like it when I licked your ass, buddy?? He nodded. ?Your ass was so sweet. And I know it felt good. Is this something you would like to do for me?? Justin thought. ?Maybe. Do you want it? It seems kind of gross.? Jack chuckled. ?A dirty butt is gross, but a regular clean one is sexy. A little sweat makes it even better. And, hell yeah, I love a nice tongue up my asshole. I would love you to do that.? Justin melted when he felt Jack?s fingers on his boy dick. ?OK.? The boy said simply. Jack growled playfully and picked him up in his arms. The naked man carried the naked boy to his office and put him on the leather covered bed. Jack crawled up to a pillow and put his face in it leaving his hairy ass exposed. Tentatively Justin felt the ass and then parted the cheeks. They weren?t nearly as hairy as the ones in the movie. He could see the pink trench and the winking ass hole. Leaning forward, Justin licked the first ass crack of his life. ?MMM, that feels so good, Justin. Yeah. Lick my crack and tongue fuck my hole. MMM Good boy.? Justin decided immediately he liked the smell and taste of the sweaty man ass. With the bear?s encouragement, the kid shoved his whole face in the crack, licking and kissing and probing with his little licker. Jack?s dick was dripping steadily. He turned around and kissed the boy deeply. ?MMM My ass tastes good on your tongue. My turn. Get on your hands and knees.? Justin squealed konyaaltı ucuz escort with delight and presented the hairless prize to his adult lover. Jack looked for a moment in rapture. Not a single hair on his legs or ass, and the skin was unblemished. Fresh and ready for the taking. On impulse he found a leather string and reached under the boy tying his dick and balls with it. He then pulled the hard cocklet and nuts behind him. He smiled when the boy moaned with pleasure. He sucked on the little bone and tiny marbles and then started lapping sloppily in the crack. The hole tasted so good. He again resisted fucking him then knowing that the lake would be the perfect place. ?I?m going to need to meet your parents,? he said after taking his tongue out of the kid?s ass hole. Justin turned around inquisitively. ?Why?? ?Because I want to spend a lot of time with you, and we need to set up our cover story. So tell me about your mom and dad.? That night at six, Jack escorted the young man home. Jack was wearing a very expensive suit which immediately pleased Justin?s image conscious mother. He praised Justin?s work ethic and told them of how he had done a great job cleaning out his garage and wanted him to work on his basement next. Justin?s father nodded appreciatively but still looked skeptically at his next door neighbor. Smoothly Jack praised his parents on raising a fine young man and then to the father mentioned he was also interested in retaining a tax attorney for his businesses. Casually he dropped his annual revenue, and the stiff attorney suddenly came alive. ?Why yes! We can meet next week,? he said with a rare smile. ?Excellent. You know this weekend I am going out on the lake with my nephews who are around Justin?s age. I was wondering if it would be OK for Justin to join us. I want to reward him for all of his hard work.? By the time the pedophile left, he had managed to not only get their enthusiastic permission to let Justin go to the lake but to spend the entire weekend with him. Justin marveled how the smooth- talking handsome man had won over his rigid parents. On the way out, Jack winked at the boy and chubbed at the knowledge that this weekend he would be balls deep in the boy?s ass.

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