Subject: English Village Life Installment 1 This story is set in the UK in the 1960s so some of the terms may be different from those found in other parts of the world. Back in the 1960s guys wore trousers or jeans and wore pants underneath. School exams at age sixteen and eighteen were called O Levels and A Levels respectively. The main characters here are fictional as are the events. As always if reading about sex between school age pupils and older guys is not permitted in your country or you find it offensive then simply do not read this story. It will have a slow build up and will involve the different experiences of the four main characters. I want to make clear I do not condone sexual activity between minors and adults. This is my first story for so if you enjoy it or can see ways of improving it please contact me on ail I’m Peter and for the moment that’s almost all you need to know about me. This story happened many years ago back in the 1960s when I was twenty two and a student at university here in London in the UK. I was back home for the summer vac, or summer holidays as we called it. I knew I was seriously interested in boys but was more or less a virgin with guys. I had some experience with girls but usually felt more turned on by boys. I had kissed and fondled girls at university and a couple of times I had `gone all the way’ as the saying was which required condoms, not always easy to buy. Looking back on it the girls I was attracted to all looked slim and boyish. I had wanked with boys at school. In fact seeing boys or guys in swimming trunks and imagining what their package was like excited me more than girls in bikinis. That summer I was thoroughly bored and, truth to tell, wanking rather a lot thinking mostly of boys from school and ones I saw round the town. I had gone to an all boys boarding school, hence my liking for boys. I liked girls but knew I preferred boys. Porn magazines were expensive back then but as I studied in London I was able to buy some all guy mags and saw pictures of guys using candles to open their bums as well as giving and taking oral and fucking each other. It was a bit scary but exciting. I threw the magazines away rather than risk being caught with them at home. I’d had several good wanks with them tho. At school I had got to know a smart thirteen year old boy who was just starting out with other boys. Ali was Egyptian, a cute light brown skinned boy with soulful eyes. A couple of times I had got his trousers and underwear off (all white pants for both of us) and had wanked with him. He had felt my balls and helped me to an enormous spurt all over his hand and my stomach. I had been in heaven when I wanked him, wishing I was sucking him but watching him squirm, roll his eyes as he had a thin watery cum; it was so precious. There he was lying on the floor trousers and pants off, legs bent up giving me a view of a beautiful bottom and perfect hairless hole. I so wanted to finger and lick him there before ramming my cock inside it. But he was small and I knew he wasn’t ready for it. A year later, however, he had another older boy and was blissfully shagging as often as he could with his bum well filled. I grew up in this village in the west of England about three miles from a fair sized town. I lived with my parents and my sister Lizzie who was four years younger than me and about to go to college to train to become a teacher. She and I got on OK but this summer with her examinations passed she was away on holiday with her friends quite often. Our parents were keen on their garden and it contained a shed where Dad kept his tools. I often helped in the garden and quite liked the shed as it was secluded. The area where I lived was surrounded by woods, small hills and quiet places. Most days in this summer holiday I either read books or documents as I was studying History and then I would go out for a long walk but sometimes I went into the fair sized town with lots to offer young adults but not really set up for gay guys. I say `gay’ but back then terms used were `queer’ or `homo’. It was such a hot summer that year and we had endless days of sunshine in the west country. I always checked the toilets and knew all the ones with gloryholes. I’d once before I went to university wanked a cock thrust through. The guy soon withdrew it, put a piece of loo paper through with the instruction `suck it’. I wanked him instead and his cum splashed on the floor which I cleared up after he’d left. I sat on the toilet a bit frightened but amazed at the amount he squirted. I knew I should try sucking but felt nervous about it. When I went for a walk I usually went up the nearest hill not far from my house, then along paths that led through woods, or else I would go up to the top of the hill and down and around to the main road. Sometimes I saw people but not often. Those I saw tended to be teens often with another boy ankara eve gelen escort or girl. To look at I was regarded as good looking: 5ft 10″, fair hair, blue eyes, fit and about 140lbs. I looked younger than twenty two which attracted some guys but so far nothing that led to anything. I smiled readily, had defined abs, a flat stomach and fairish pubes with flecks of brown. I also had a five inch cock. Yes, I was shy and afraid to approach guys other than through the gloryhole. One Monday evening in a warm mid July I was out on my usual walk. It was about 7pm, maybe a bit earlier and I was walking along this quiet track ready to turn off onto a path which soon divided into two. One track led up the hill while the other went beside a hedge with a gate inserted and then on through some woods. Behind me was a boy on a bicycle who I noticed but then looked away from in case he saw me looking. From my quick glance he was a teenager. When we met at the turn off I saw a cute boy about 5′ 4″ with lovely brown hair and eyes, chiselled features, kissable lips, slim build, dressed in jeans and t shirt, both nondescript but showing off a slim frame. I smiled and said, `still hot isn’t it?’ or something like that. I just wanted to hear his voice. He spoke quietly, a mumbled `Yes’ but with a smile as I looked at him. I turned to walk along the path through the woods and walked close by him so I asked if he walked this path often. He opened up and I learned he was called Roger, was nearly fifteen, went to a local school, was bored really in the holidays, so was out most evenings just to get out of the house. I also learned his best friend was called Philip and that there was no girl in either of their lives. I explained I usually walked either this way or up the hill, that I was Peter, a student who was back home on holiday. We also shared the fact we both had sisters. His sister Jo was older than him, she was seventeen so a year younger than Lizzie though at a different school. Jo had just finished her first year of A Level study at the local technical college. That was about it and Roger rode on along the path through the wood down to an even quieter road on the other side, while I walked further up the hill beside a hedge making sure he could see me if he wanted to. Before I left him I got a full view of a cute ass and hoped so much something might come of it. I was still thinking of this boy. I didn’t know if he was meeting anyone so I walked home in the end desperately in need of a wank. It was two days later, a Wednesday, I reached the gate and turn off and simply hung around. It wasn’t long before I saw Roger ready to push his bike along the path. I waved and he smiled. We chatted for a few minutes and this time he said he’d been with Philip most of the day at the local outdoor pool. I asked him about his swimming and diving and said I thought he’d look good at the pool, for which I got a grin. I gathered Philip was a bit stockier, fit and a good swimmer. I casually asked if many girls noticed him. I got a shrug and the comment that Philip got looks but wasn’t that bothered. This was promising if Philip and Roger were such good friends. I did add that he Roger was pretty noticeable but turned away not sure how he would take that comment. In fact Roger rode off on his bike but lifted his ass giving me a perfect view and I could just see the outline of his pants under his jeans. There’d seemed to be something in the air that warm evening and I’d made sure he’d seen me stroke once across my bulge while we chatted. Smiles tell a lot and while he was reserved, as was I, we were quite close physically as we walked. I said’ I’d like to come one time, swim with you’. I didn’t say I want to see you in trunks but thought it as I admired his slim body. Still nothing further tho I got cautious smiles. So it was home again and another desperate wank. I just didn’t know how to tell him I was interested and to find out if he was interested too. I reckoned he might have done some stuff with his friend but probably not that much. I did know that I was going to have to get sucking experience if I was going to get anywhere with Roger. So, I had to brave the gloryholes and simply do it. At the gloryhole Next day after a pretty sleepless night I decided to do it. I’d been around sufficiently to know the best times were early afternoon after the lunchtime rush had gone. I’d decided to go to quite a large toilet block set in a park on the outskirts of the town. It was easy to see who was going in and out and also easy to make an escape. It wasn’t as dark or dingy as some of the others but it was depressing. I went in one of the cubicles, read the graffiti which was all exaggerated and wishful. It just seemed quite dark and dreary although it was cool unlike in the heat outside. I’d got my trousers down. It wasn’t long before someone gaziantep escort entered the cubicle next door. I sat down on the toilet and waited looking at the metal wall and its neatly cut hole with edges smoothed. It wasn’t a big gloryhole but big enough. Two fingers tapped on the hole and I tapped back. A message came through on toilet paper wrapped round a pen `stand up and show me’. I did, pushing my underpants down. I was too nervous to get hard but he must have thought it was worth a go as the taps were repeated and he beckoned me to put my cock through. I just stood up and did it. My cock was held briefly and then I felt a warm wet mouth. Oh it was wonderful, I’ve given many a sucking since but that first time! My cock seemed to be taken deep and his tongue swirled round my cock head. It felt nothing like a wank but my whole frame was rigid with swirls of pleasure from my legs, the pit of my stomach. I couldn’t say anything but whimpered with delight. I knew I was close but he wouldn’t let me withdraw. Then I erupted, four jets of spunk into his mouth. He let me go and I felt dizzy as I stepped back. Then I saw an eye and I am sure he smiled before he tapped on the hole. This was it. I was about to give oral for the first time. I tapped back and a cock came through the hole. I knelt on the floor so I could take him in my mouth. I barely registered taste, just the sensation of at last having a cock in my mouth. I knew it was bigger than mine, it seemed red and veined. I didn’t hesitate and pushed it into my mouth giving the piss slit a lick. I had the whole head in my mouth and swirled with my tongue as best I could. Soon he started moving forward and back with it and I realised he was fucking my face so I kept as tight a hold on his shaft as I could. My mouth was really full and we went faster and then he slowed up and was still for a few seconds. Before I realised what was happening my mouth was full of jets of cum. I had done it: taken my first full load. I swallowed without gagging and while I didn’t care much for the taste it went down my throat. A moment later, a message passed through, `You’ve a nice cock’ and then I heard him leave. Almost at once someone else came into that cubicle. I wasn’t going to do any more this time, I was so jumpy, nervous and sweaty so I stuck a piece of loo paper over the hole, waited a minute or so and left myself. I thought everyone was looking at me back outside. Of course I was looking to see if I could work out who my cock sucker was but while there were people about he could have been any of them. It was time to go home, flushed but smiling to myself. When I got home I told myself I had now done it. I was horny again with the memory of swallowing cock and taking and giving my first load but I didn’t want this to interfere with my plans for the evening. I knew Roger arrived at the gate at about 7pm most evenings. Would he chance coming up here with Philip and where would they go if they did? Probably they wouldn’t if they had been together all day. Yes, there were plenty of places they could find. The woods were quite thick, there were places in the fields near the woods with no one around but would anyone chance a meeting, getting naked and facing insect bites? I raced to reach the gate before Roger that evening. At last there he was cycling up the road and with someone else on a bike. Introductions followed and so I met Philip, he was fifteen, more well built, fit and fair haired. Certainly he was more confident than Roger. He went to a different school and the boys had met through scouts. Philip looked me up and down and smiled knowingly a few times. I was pretty sure Philip knew I was into boys. Roger was much quieter and hung back a bit. I soon gathered that Roger was brainy (something I knew), was shy and apart from Philip didn’t have many friends. Philip took things forward turning to ask me about girl friends. I said I wasn’t with anyone at the moment but there’d been one during the year. That was a bit fanciful but was not entirely a lie., `So are you queer (1960s of course) as well?’ I wasn’t prepared for this question which was asked challengingly. Knowing so much depended on my answer and I didn’t want any stuff to get round the area I mumbled but said I was bi which at least was more or less true. I didn’t dare look at Roger and kept my eyes on Philip. `Go on’ I told myself, keep looking at him and smile. He doesn’t know you suck cock. I said more confidently, `I had a girl friend as I said but like boys too. It’s cool to be bi, how about you?’ I said this as confidently as I could but Philip blushed before saying, `maybe’. I had the advantage now and said `it’s cool being bi, hope you try it’ or something like that. I deliberately didn’t look at Roger directly but knew he was looking at me rather than Philip. I got more confident and said `you really should try ankara gerçek resimli escort it with guys as well as girls’ so making it clear he might not have done anything with Roger. We chatted about football and about the local area and it became more relaxed. I noticed Roger had his hand in his jeans and seemed to be rubbing but then he took his hand out and put it back on his handle bars. Was there a bulge? I didn’t know but at least he had not been put off. We parted with smiles although Roger had hardly said anything but had listened to everything. I went home hopeful something might come of this. That night as a confirmed cock sucker I became determined to go as far as I could with Roger and possibly Philip. Nothing happened over the weekend. The boys had things to do with their families so it was the Monday before I saw Roger again. No Philip this time and I was glad. We didn’t say much at first and nothing was said about the Friday chat. I asked Roger where he went when he cut across the hill and as I expected he said he usually went to a quiet road on the other side and then cycled home. I said I usually went back as I lived this side of the hill. He smiled and said he knew where I lived. `Been looking then?’ I answered to which he blushed and said `not really.. there were not many houses that side’. We chatted this time about our families: Roger’s was a solicitor who worked in a town not far away and his mother worked part-time at a nursing home. My father was a builder and my mother did not work at the moment but wanted to go back to being a nursery teacher. Anyhow we parted friendly enough. I deliberately went further up the hill this time as he cut through the woods but when he was out of sight I ducked down and ran and crawled till I was at the edge of the woods. As I thought Roger walked slowly looking at trees so he didn’t see me when I got to the edge of the woods. I kept about five or six metres away from him when suddenly he disappeared. I was puzzled. Where could he have gone? After about five minutes I saw him again with his bike but I could just make out his belt was undone, his jeans partly down. Had he been having a wank or even met someone? I waited of course and saw he had zipped up and redone his belt. Once he was out of the way I investigated. There was a quite deep hollow just a couple of metres from the path and you would be hard put to notice it. I walked down and saw I was below the level of the path, shielded by bracken and in a hole which you wouldn’t notice from above. Had Roger been here? There did seem to be a place where the bracken was crushed and someone might have been sat down but nothing to indicate anything more than that. Had Roger been having a wank here? Or even met someone? Difficult to believe two guys could use the space effectively though. I reckoned Roger hadn’t been in the dip for more than five minutes and so I wondered if anyone else had come by and disturbed him. From this dip he would have been able to hear anyone passing by but as far as I knew no one else had gone along the path. Maybe he heard sounds. I went back to the path making sure I had left no mark or trace of my finding this place. Roger had disappeared by this time and there was no one else around. I walked back slowly not wanting to walk further and risk letting Roger know I had followed him. I had to decide what to do the next day. The next day came with a warm midweek afternoon and I went up to the gate and then a bit further along close to the woods. I lay down in some long grass pretty sure no one would notice me from the path. At just before seven Roger came along with his bike and seemed to be looking around expecting to see someone. He waited for a few minutes, shrugged his shoulders and then walked along the path through the woods. I could make out his movement and though I stayed still I could see him put his bike down but then he disappeared. This was a time to wait and wait I did for about ten minutes before I saw him again. As best I could see he was belted and zipped and was simply moving along the path with his bike. I waited till I could see he was out of the woods and then went down into the dip. This time I could see the bracken crushed as if someone had been sitting there. I looked around and while the ground was dampish as it never saw sunlight I could make out a couple of blobs on the bracken. My experience of gloryholes told me as I sniffed, yes, this was fresh spunk. So Roger stopped off for a wank when no one was around. I had the pleasure of tasting his cum, much sweeter it was than the cum I swallowed from the glory hole. The next stage of my plan was to wait for the following day and to catch up with him just after he reached the gate and walk with him through the woods. That night I imagined his slim body squatting, jeans opened and pants down so he could have a wank but dress himself if he heard noise. I imagined how it must feel to rub yourself off like that outside. You had to do it pretty quickly but it would feel good squirting outdoors. I had done it once or twice. But he must have held himself in most of the day, waited till he was up on his ride and then had a wank. I imagined it was a good hard one.

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