Emily’s Seduction (part four)


My stepdaughter, Emily, was going to be leaving. It was time to return to her private academy. I didn’t pay for it. That was done by her father, or perhaps his family. They were rather well off. I wasn’t destitute, of course. I was a fifty year old, full professor of English at my university. My wife, Erica, is an instructor in the same department.  Now it was time to say goodbye to Emily. She would be completing her final year at her school. I was rather proud of her. I understood from her mother that she was academically superior. I trusted that was true. I knew her to be bright, and extremely knowledgeable. About my things, so I learned. We spent the summer getting to know each other. Erica had been teaching for most of this summer session. I didn’t have to do any lecturing, as I had so much seniority. That meant Emily and I were alone much of the time. Getting married in the spring had brought us together as a new family. It had been rather eye-opening, to say the least. I was coming to terms with my own transgressions. I forgave myself for taking advantage of Emily. It seemed to me that she was at least somewhat culpable, as well, in what happened to us this summer. I mean, I understand that as the stepfather I should be in control, and demand respect from my stepdaughter. Perhaps my reactions were over the top. Anyway, it was done now, and I was resolved to be a better man in the future. But, one should note that Emily and I are not actually related. No, I am married to her mother, but Emily is not my real child. She is a lovely young lady, and she is in my care some of the time. She had just turned seventeen. But we are not father and daughter. She has a father. I am just married to her mother. No, I don’t think I should feel so guilty. Erica was at home now. She was finished with her classes, and final grades were all turned in. Emily’s academy would begin the next week. I noticed that Emily was not going outside to tan anymore. I assumed that she had reached the perfect tone for her. I was sure she hadn’t stopped just because her mother was home during the day now. But, I must admit, if I am honest, that I did miss the times she was outside on the patio. I would often gaze out the almanbahis şikayet french doors and admire her perfection. She was a younger addition of her mother. Yes, she was her mother’s daughter in so many ways. Her body was sublime. Her young breasts like cones, and so taut and perky. I had seen them so many times. Just thinking of it caused me to become erect. Not only her breasts, but her sweet vulva. She kept it shaved, one could see. When I had succumbed to my own urges I had found how sexually arousing such a pussy could be. Oh yes, very tempting, indeed. She would often place her hand upon it while sun bathing. I had seen her and I knew she was fondling it. I believe she caused herself to have orgasms, on occasion. During one of the times that I rubbed lotion into her soft, tender flesh, I had noticed her moaning. I am certain that I caused her to tremble, and her pussy leaked fluids. Yes, she did enjoy that. I did too, I have to be honest with myself. I missed those times. I missed masturbating while I watched her. I missed touching her and making her happy. I know I made her happy. She expressed that verbally as I fucked her. But, as I say, I was going to control my behavior. Especially with her mother present during the day now. Her mother, Erica, was so lovely to me. She enjoyed any kind of sexual activity I might imagine. She delighted in the kind of sex that was rough and made one feel like one was a true sexual machine. I was going to have to use her tonight. Yes, I would need to use her thoroughly tonight. I watched Emily walk past me going to bed. She turned back and leaned down. “Goodnight, Dick. Sleep well. You too Mom. Have a nice rest.” She kissed my cheek. I felt her tongue softly touch it as her delicate hand squeezed my bare arm. I shivered. It was time to go to bed with Erica. Yes, I needed to be alone with my wife. So much like her daughter. Just a little older. Only thirty-eight years old. Right in her sexual prime. Ready to please me. I watched as Emily walked slowly away. Her body swayed. I reached out and touched Erica beside me. “We must be getting to bed too, my dear. Let’s go, love.” “Of course, Richard.” We followed behind Emily, then passed her almanbahis canlı casino door as it closed. I smelled a trace of her jasmine scented perfume. It brought back memories. Yes, some memories appear with certain odors. I was becoming rather quickly engorged. My prick was becoming hard. I moved Erica a little faster, and she giggled. Like a girl. Like her daughter. Upon entering the room I flung her onto our bed. I began tearing my clothing off. She started to do the same. As her naked body appeared I saw her nipples were hard, and her shaven pussy was glistening. My erection was pointing upward, read to be used. Yes, I was ready to use my wife. I needed this badly right now. Her long, brown hair was in waves to her shoulders. Emily wore hers in braids, usually. But it was also long and wavy. “Get on the bed. Now. I want that pussy. Please hurry dear. I need to fuck you right now. I want to fuck you from behind, Erica. My cock is so hard. Hurry.” “Yes, of course, lover. God, I love you to be so masterful. You’re an animal, sweetheart. I’m so wet for you baby.” I could see that she was wet. I could smell it. Yes, it was moist and ready for me to fuck her. I moved quickly, bending my knees to fit my cock head at the entrance of my wife’s cunt. I popped my prick into her pussy, and delighted in her moans of pleasure. With that I pressed harder. Not wishing to wait any longer, I rammed my prick into that cunt. My pussy, yes it was. I was fucking her now, harder. Deeper. Roughly, I grabbed her hair and jerked her head back. “Ahhh, fuck baby. Yes, yes, fuck me. Unh, fuck.” I had one hand on her tender ass, and the other kept her hair tightly pulled back. I thrust into her over and over. I was grunting as I screwed my love, my wife. The mother of Emily. Yes, I was fucking her deep and rough, and she begged for more. Fucking her was all I had in mind. Yes, all I had in my mind. I fucked her as I had fucked her daughter last week. I fucked that pussy hard. And she loved it. “Fuckkk…yess…take my cock, take it. Ahhh…fuck. Gahhh!” “Baby, baby, baby…fuck me…baby..,ahh…fuck.” She wanted it all. She wanted my fucking. Like her daughter had wanted it. Yes, they both loved almanbahis casino me fucking them. I would fuck them both. I would fuck them. Holy fuck. I wanted to screw. I needed to cum. I was fucking her and I was going to cum. I was going to fill her cunt. “Now. Richard, baby, fuck, yes, cum for me. I’m cumming so hard baby. Cum in me.” I was filling her cunt with all the cock I had. I fucked her harder and then I spurted. I was filling her cunt. “Yes, fuck yes. Take that, take that cum. Ah, fuck.” I felt my prick shooting once, twice, then four or five more. I gradually slowed and stopped. I rested with my cock still in Erica’s pussy. I was still hard. I had ejaculated, and I was still hard. I withdrew, and she moaned. I released her hair and she turned her head to look at me. She smiled and then giggled. “Baby, I need to lick that cock. I want to eat some of the cum off your cock dear. You know I love doing that, don’t you, Richard. You’re such a fine lover. You’re so good to me dear.” I held my cock out as she spun around on the bed, eager to lick and suck my now softening prick. I was still very sensitive, as she licked it, holding it in her little hand. Her hand was as delicate as Emily’s. They both wore scarlet finger nail polish now. I liked that. I liked the glistening redness on their lips too. Erica’s lips were leaving some lipstick on my cock. I thought of Emily’s red lips wrapped around it. I moaned. The next morning I arose from bed. I was up earlier than normal. I didn’t awaken Erica yet. She could sleep in awhile. I took my shower, got dressed, and went downstairs. I was making coffee when Emily came into the kitchen. “Good morning Dick.” “Help, dear. Did you sleep well?” “Oh, it took awhile to get to sleep. It was a little noisy. But you know that. You and Mom were doing that thing you do. Such a naughty man you are, Dick.” I looked at her. This was entirely inappropriate. Why did she speak to me this way? No, it wasn’t right. If she was younger I would wash her mouth out with soap. Yes, that was what they did when I was a child. But she was not too old yet for a spanking, I thought. Perhaps some discipline was necessary. Grabbing her arm I pulled her out into the living room. She was struggling a little as I dragged her over to the sofa. Sitting down, I turned her over my knees, as she protested. She didn’t struggle too hard, though. I noted that she became rather quiet as I pulled her skirt up, and my hand descended upon her rear. 

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