Ed , Sue


“Thank God! Home at last.” I thought as I came through the apartment door. I could hear water running in the shower. “I guess I might as well get a glass of tea and watch the news for a minute.” I thought. Sue usually takes a few minutes in the shower, and there is usually not much hot water left when she’s done so I went into the bedroom and kicked off my shoes, I noticed that the bed hadn’t been slept in. “Funny.” I thought. “She must have slept on the couch again.” I told myself. “Oh well, she’s welcomed to it if she wants to sleep on that thing.” As I went into the kitchen to fix myself a glass of tea, I could hear that the water had stopped running and she had the hair dryer going. The smell of fresh coffee was welcomed after working around the barns all night, but I was too hot for coffee just yet, I needed something cool to wind down with.

I had just sat down in my recliner in the living room and turned on CNN to catch the news when Sue came into the room wearing a bathrobe carrying a cup of coffee.

“I thought I heard you come in.” She said smiling at me. “I think I left some hot water in the tank this time too.” She smiled embarrassed. “I really am sorry about the other day.” She chuckled lightly.

“Well you could have warned me that the water was cold couldn’t you now?” I said, still somewhat irked over the incident. But I couldn’t really be mad at her.

“How was work?” She asked pulling up the ottoman and sitting next to me.

“Aside from a skunk that couldn’t seem to find the door in the stud barn, and a couple of teenagers that were going at it hot and heavy in the backseat of their car at the west gate…” I said chuckling. “It was a pretty boring night.”

“You didn’t!” She said beaming that mischievous grin I remember from her childhood.

I grinned. “Yeah, I did.” I laughed. “I remember when old Sheriff Wilson did that to me and Jenny that time, I thought I was going to die right there on the spot from embarrassment.”

“I hope you at least let them get their clothes on before you gave them the third degree!” She giggled.

“Yeah… I did. But I kept the spotlight on the car the whole time. They were very red in the face by the time they got out of the car too.” I said smiling I remember when Jenny Rogers and Myself had been caught “parking” on the outskirts of town in what I thought was a secluded spot where we wouldn’t be found. However, it seemed that the local Sheriff knew about the spot too. I later found out that he liked to sneak up on unsuspecting “couples” and scare them. And he did scare us. Damned near wet my pants if I remember right… ‘cept I wasn’t wearing any at the time. I remember the spotlight he blazed on my old car and then the public address speaker crackling with. “YOU IN THE CAR! COME OUT WITH YOU HANDS IN PLAIN VIEW! NOW!”

I’d thought that I was going to die, or at least go to jail. But after giving us the third degree asking us what we were doing and all, He told us to put our clothes on and get home NOW! And, if he ever caught us out there doing something like that again, He’d take us to our parent’s just the way we were, naked. To my knowledge though, he never did report the incident or tell our parents…much to our relief!

“Ed! You’re awful!” Sue giggled plaintively. “Just because you got ‘busted’ doesn’t mean you have to do the same to those kids.”

“Actually they need it more than I did.” I said. “There wasn’t anything like AIDS around when I was foolin around. Kids today have a lot more to worry about than we ever did.”

“Yeah, I guess you’re right about that.” she said solemnly. “But we still have to worry about it now too.”

“I guess you’re right about that.” I said. I could smell the scent of strawberries in her hair from her shampoo or rinse or whatever it is that women put on their hair, and the smell of baby powder too. “You smell nice this morning.” I said to change the subject.

“Thank you.” she said brightly. “Better than your feet do that’s for sure!” She added with a smirk.

“Hey! Leave my poor feet out of it. They worked hard all night! And they can stink if they want to.” I chuckled, nudging her shoulder with my right forearm. “Besides they’re sore enough as it is.”

“So’s my neck.” She said rubbing her neck at the right shoulder. “I fell asleep on the couch watching a movie last night. Tell you what, I’ll rub your smelly old feet if you do my neck for me.” She said with a raised eyebrow.

“Deal!” I said putting the recliner in the upright position and tucking in the foot rest. She got up and pulled the ottoman around in front of my chair and sat down with her back to me and picked up my feet one at a time and set them in her lap.

“Was the movie any good?” I asked as I started gently squeezing her deltoid muscles pushing my thumbs up her spine from the base of the neck to the bottom of her head.

“Not bad.” She said as she sighed and rolled her head around in circles stretching her neck muscles. “I didn’t get to see the end though, I fell asleep. But I did bonus veren siteler tape it on your VCR for later.” I could feel her strong hands on my feet working magic. The thumbs of both hands were pressed on the bottom of my right foot at the bottom of the heel and were manipulated up one at a time towards the arch and then to the ball of the foot then along the bottoms of the toes.

“That feels nice.” I said again noticing her smell. It’d been a while since I smelled a woman this close. I was just soaking it up.

I guess I should back up and tell you about myself and Sue. We practically grew up together. We were as close as any sister and brother could be. Except that we aren’t family. Sue lived on the adjoining farm to my family’s. We were both the youngest of large families, and being the “babies” in our families gave us a lot in common. We played as only children can. We rode to school on the same bus had most of the same classes. We competed against one another in things like raising animals in the FFA. Being the same age we also discovered the other sex about the same time…but not each other. Sue was my best friend and really kind of like a sister. I never thought of Sue as a “girl” we talked about the people we dated and the things we did.

Eventually Sue married the Star Quarter back from our High School Football team, after graduation. Tom and Sue moved to Florida after they were married, I was the best man. Time passed and slowly we heard less and less from each other. I went on to college and later when I decided that school wasn’t for me, I joined the army.

After spending my tour in Germany, on guard duty mostly, I got out and came home to Kentucky. I was hired onto a horse farm as a security guard, and was later promoted to head of security for several of the farms in the area. The only problem with being Head of Security was that it involved a lot of “night” hours.

I was coming in from work one morning when I ran face to face with Sue. It was both a Shock, and a Joy. We were both startled and both began to speak at the same time… just like a silly scene from a bad movie. We both laughed and hugged each other. I learned later over coffee and pancakes, that Tom had died in a car accident three years ago and that Sue had been working as a groom on a farm in northern Florida. The farm had gone bottom up and went out of business, so Sue decided it was time to come home to Kentucky. As it turned out, she had been recommended by her former boss to a farm right next to the one I was working out of. It was a complete coincidence that she had leased an apartment in the same complex, in the same building, and right next door to my own. We both had to wonder about that.

As a groom, Sue had to work “days” so we usually passed each other coming and going to work. After living here a few months, the owners of the apartment complex sold out to another company who decided to renovate all the units. The new owners did however offer to put their tenants up in a different complex and to store their furniture while they did each apartment. However, as the other complex was on the other side of town, and because we worked opposite hours, Sue asked me if I would let her bunk out here until her apartment was finished. How could I turn her down? That was nearly a week ago, and now here we are giving each other massages and talking like we did when we were kids.

“Ummm that feels nice.” Sue said as she picked up my left foot to start on it. “I may not let you stop now.” She chuckled.

“Well if you won’t let me stop, you’d better not stop on my feet either.” I said grabbing hold of her neck teasingly. I could feel her muscles relaxing under her terry cloth robe. I was beginning to rotate my hands on her shoulder blades my thumbs on her spine and pushing outwards towards her arms. I could feel that she was not wearing anything under the robe too… at least no bra. Not that Sue really needed a bra, she would barely be a handful each. I remember when we were kids, she used to be very self-conscious about being “flat” I even teased her about it occasionally. But Sue had long since grown up and even if she wasn’t very big now, she didn’t seem to mind.

By now the news stories on CNN had begun to repeat themselves and I’d lost interest in it so I asked Sue to change the Channel. She put down my feet long enough to stand up and lean over to the coffee table and grab the remote. As she did I could tell by the stretched fabric of her robe that she didn’t have anything on under her robe at all. I was getting a little self-conscious myself now as she sat back down, Sue half turned and asked me if I wanted to see the movie she had been watching.

“Sure.” I said. “But don’t you need to be getting ready for work?” All the while I was trying my best not to notice her left breast peeking out from under her robe.

“Not today.” She said. “Maybe not for the rest of the week.”

“Why is that?” I asked.

“My mares were moved to another farm to be bred, all six of them. bedava bahis They might be gone all weekend. I guess I will have to sleep on the couch when you are home.” she said.

“Well as long as you massage my feet, I will massage you sore neck.” I said playfully.

“Deal!” she said smiling, and turned back to face the TV and resumed massaging my feet.

Sue turned on the VCR, and rewound the tape to where she fell asleep. It turned out to be one of those ‘mushy’ foreign, soft core movies that the guys on the farm refer to as “Titty movies.” Between the boring dialogue of the movie and Sue’s working on my feet, I was getting very relaxed. I was almost ready to drop off to sleep, when I noticed that my hands had dropped to the small of Sue’s back in the massaging action. The movie had taken a turn for the “risqué” and I saw that the leading man was wiling the lead female into a tryst. I also noticed that Sue had stopped using both hands on my feet. It appeared that the other hand was inside her robe massaging her breast. But I couldn’t be sure of that from where I was sitting. About that time I felt Sue’s muscles tense up under my hands, as if she had noticed that I was noticing her. She turned to face me, and I could see her face was a little red.

“Ummm… I guess maybe I shouldn’t have recorded this after all. It’s pretty risqué don’t you think?” She said with a slight blush.

“I don’t know… it’s not all that bad…” I said indifferently. “I do know that I have to get up and take a shower though… I can smell myself, so I know you can smell me too, I know my feet aren’t the only things that stink when I get home from work.” I said a little abashed.

“I think you smell good.” She said coyly. “But go take your shower anyway.”

“Uh… ok… I will.” I said hesitantly. I didn’t quite know how to take a comment like that… from Sue anyway. I mean for god’s sake she’s almost like a sister to me. I have never thought of her as a… well I had to get up and go before I did think of anything. She scooted the ottoman up enough for me to stand up and head to the bathroom. I could hear the chair cushions swoosh as Sue occupied the seat after I left it.

The water had reheated enough for me to have a fairly hot shower by now. So, I went to the bedroom and shucked my clothes and put on a robe and went back to the bathroom. I had just lathered up my head and shampoo had run into my eyes when I heard a knock on the bathroom door.

“Do you want anything for breakfast before you go to bed?” Sue tried to shout through the door. But I couldn’t understand her over the water.

“WHAT?” I shouted. The door opened a crack and she repeated the question. I couldn’t tell if she was looking at me for the soap in my eyes.

“I said.” She said as I heard the shower door slide open. “Do you want anything for breakfast before you go to bed?” And I heard the door slide open some more. I didn’t know what to do…I mean I did, but this was Sue!

“SUE! … I … WE… I mean we…” I was stammering trying to rinse the soap out of my eyes.

“Ed.” She said in a voice I’d never heard her use before. “I…We are not kids anymore. I’m a woman now, and you are a man. We can. And I want to. Now just shut up and relax.” she said as she took the wash cloth and wiped my eyes. Then she reached up and tilted my head under the stream and rinsed my head free of the shampoo. I opened my eyes and looked into hers. I’d only seen her so serious when she told me she was going to marry Tom all those years ago. My eyes seemed to take a mind of their own after that. They roamed from Sue’s gaze and drifted down along her graceful neck. I could see how her neck flared out onto her slightly broad shoulders, Sue had always been a good swimmer and had developed a strong set of shoulders by doing so. From there my eyes drifted down to her smallish breasts.

I had never seen her naked since we were nine or ten years old and skinny dipping in the pond on the farm. Her breasts were barely more than a handful each but her nipples were like the erasers from a number two pencil, only a little larger. Her aureoles were barely bigger than the size of a quarter and flushed a dark pink. My eyes drifted lower, across her small tummy to her narrow-ish waist then to her nicely flaring hips. Down they traveled to her nether region. Her Mons was sparsely covered with downy black hair that was glistening with the water of the shower, and finally down to her strong slender legs. I felt her hand under my chin lifting my attention back up to her face. I could feel the blood flushing my face… and elsewhere.

“See.” Sue said coquettishly. “I’m not a little girl anymore. And from the looks of it, you are not a little boy anymore either.” She took hold of my hands, which were hanging by my side, and put them on her breasts. I could feel her hard little nipples rubbing against the palm of my hands. I saw her inhale and shudder, her eyes seemed to be smoldering, and her lips parted just a little. She raised her hands to deneme bonus my chest and began doing the same to my nipples. I have never quite felt that sensation before, I too inhaled a bit and shuddered.

“You like that too?” She asked in a husky voice. “I thought you might.”

I raised my hands and took her face gently and pulled her to me and looked into her eyes. All I could see in her eyes was a smoking passion. I kissed her for the first time since we were teenagers on the farm. This kiss was nothing like those however, before it was like kissing your sister. Sue was not my sister. And I have only been kissed like that a very few times. I thought I was about to pass out when we finally broke away gasping for breath. Her hands had by then found their way around my back and were grasping my backside, pulling us together pushing her breasts into my chest. I could feel her nipples brushing the hair on my chest. I could also feel that my own hands had somehow found their way to her back and were holding each half of her behind drawing us closer still. Looking into my eyes, Sue breathed.

“Wash my back… please?”

I couldn’t refuse anything now, I was in a trance. My hands seemed to be moving by their own volition as Sue turned to face the other way. She pulled her long brown hair up behind her and pulled it over her right shoulder. I took the bar of soap and lathered up her back, starting with her shoulders and ending at the dimples on the top of her rear end where the spine turns into the tailbone. Sue reached around then and taking one hand in each of hers pulled them to her chest and pressed back against me and began to rub her back against my front, cooing as she did so. She motioned for me to lather her front while we were rubbing her back. I didn’t need much prompting. After a few minutes of this lathering, Sue turned her head to face me and said.

“I think you have a few stiff muscles to that need attention too.”

“Uh… yeah… I think so too.” I said in a daze. “How do you think we should go about doing that?”

She just smiled and gave a throaty little laugh and turned back to face the other way. She bent forward and raised up on her toes like a ballet dancer. She put one hand on the tiled wall and the other between her legs and grasped me. I shuddered with anticipation as she drew me into her. My hands instinctively went to her hips as her other hand went to the wall also. Slowly I entered her. I felt a chill running up and down my entire body with our first intimate contact. The chill turned into an electric charge as we came together completely. I was entirely inside her and I didn’t want to do anything but stay there for the rest of my life. I could feel the heat of her inner being radiating from her to me through our intimate connection. I heard her gasp, and then a low mewling sound came from her throat.

It was Sue who started the moving, slowly, very slowly at first. She gyrated from side to side and inched out away from me a little, only to gyrate back onto me. Then she rocked forward a little more, and then back, alternating rocking and gyrating. Her breathing was getting shorter and sounded raspier with every move. I could hear her moaning softly now, growing in volume as our tempo increased. Sue’s legs began to tremble and shake. Fearing that she would slip on the shower floor and fall, I reached around her waist with both of my arms to steady her. With a gasp, and a little chirping squeal, she pushed off the wall and raised up. Her arms went over my head and grabbed the back of my neck. She pulled her legs off the floor and slipped them around the outside of mine. The tops of her feet locked onto the backs of my calves just below the back of my knees. I almost fell forward on top of her, but somehow I managed to keep our balance. All the while Sue was still gyrating and pumping for all she was worth. Then, with a sound somewhere between a laugh and a shriek, her body stiffened and began convulsing from our joining outward. She began bucking so hard that this time I nearly did topple over, but my arm shot out behind me and braced against the wall. I could feel her inner muscles contracting and releasing and contracting.

After a little while Sue let her feet drop back down to dangle between my own and she laid her head back into the crook of my neck. Sighing contentedly, she stroked my cheek with her left hand and I kissed it as it passed my lips. With her right hand she loosened my grip on her waist and eased herself back down to her feet all the while I was still inside her. She raised my right hand, drawing it slowly across her belly and across her breasts, up her neck and over her chin to her lips then she kissed the palm of my hand and tickled it with her tongue. Sue turned her head to face me and said,

“I think we should get out of the shower now, don’t you?”

I couldn’t believe that she was going to do this to me! And with me still inside her even!

“But… but… why?” I stammered


“Because the hot water has run out silly! You want to catch a cold?” She said with a husky giggle as she pulled off of me and reached around me to turned off the water. I hadn’t even noticed that the water had in fact gone cold… ICE cold in fact. I was shivering now, but not entirely from the cold water.

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