Subject: NEW STORY- GAY/ENCOUNTERS “EASY SHOP” Chapter 2 EASY SHOPby Mike hoo Dear Nifty reader. Authors enjoy your feedback, so if you will, please take a moment to share your thoughts, ideas and feedback. ALSO, please fty if you can make any donations. They deliver a real benefit to all, and especially in these days of pandemic and to shut-ins around the world. The donation details appear on the site’s home page. PART II……… The two bulls made themselves at home in Bob’s office. The space had a desk, desk chair, tall file cabinet and small sofa. Stacks of can good cases stood in one corner which left a good clear area between the desk and sofa for play. The pop-squirt of two beer cans being opened led me to the doorway. Inside, Jeff splayed out legs wide from the sofa while Rick kicked back in Bob’s desk chair. Bob crowded close behind me and announced, “Now Mark boy, I wancha to show my buds what you can do with that mouth and tongue”. I didn’t need another prompt. Out of respect, I turned, dropped down in front of Bob and rubbed my face in his crotch. His hands worked the back of my head slowly but firmly pushing down. I moaned and mouthed his swelling crotch. I knew his boxers gave him freedom and I wanted to play this out. I rubbed my face up and down as I squatted in front of this burly bull, giving his buds a full show and teasing them as well. After I rubbed the top of my head straight into his box, I reached up, unhooked his belt and tugged the zipper down, marking my face with his scent before I tugged the thick piece of bullmeat out and tongued the loose, thick hood. His veiny meat was already hardening as I sucked the hood, chewed it easy and then swallowed deep to his hair. The thick dick swelled harder as my throat muscles began their duty. I collared his hood back and tongued the slit, mouth wide showing off, I admit. But I wanted those other studs to get worked up and eager. Then doing my best cocksucker move, I bobbed full length on Bob’s dick. Showing the other guys what I could take. His hands ground the back of my head all over and my nose rubbed his pubes. Rick was the first to break the tension and called me over for a taste of his meat. It was cool with Bob since like I said, I knew it would take a bit to get his nut. As I started to stand, Rick motioned for me to stay down and crawl on all 4s to him. I was a happy dogboy for sure. He stood from the chair and unhooked his belt as I crawled to him. He hefted his thick bulldick with the golf ball sized head. What a KNOB!!!!!!!!!! As I got close, he pulled his bag out and the long hairy sack was filled with like-sized nads that would have done a donkey proud. Grabbing his bag, he swatted my face and told me to open wide. I did and the big sack got smashed against my face and hungry mouth. The warm nutsweat filled my senses and made me eager and hungry for more. “Tongue em pig” was all Rick mouthed. Standing tall, he swigged another gulp of icy brew then tapped the top of my head. “Time to eat boy”, as he shoved his thick dick all the way to the back of my mouth with one hand, while holding the back of my head with the other. Damn was I a happy pig!!! He unsnapped his Levis shirt and showed off his thick, brown pelt, full front like the gorilla I figured. Rick’s skullfucking was doing a real job for Jeff too, as he groped his meat in those sweats and began leaking full throttle down his left leg. He stood, walked behind me tuzla escort and began rubbing his box on the back of my head. DAMN, I was sucking a cock between these two bulls and we had only just begun. “Lemme try some o that” said Jeff to Rick and without a pause, Rick pulled my mouth off his dick and turned my head to his buddy Jeff. Shoving my face down in Jeff’s box, I could feel the thick hardon throb and thump. I lapped at the wet spots in his sweats. Out of the side view, Bob was slow stroking his hefty dick. The fine long loose hood sliding back and forth and the head getting foamy from the scene. I wanted some to savor NOW. Bob read my mind, wiped the head with his thumb and index finger and stuffed em in my mouth to enjoy. Oh fuck was I turned on. At that very moment, thunder clapped, I jumped and they all laughed, just before Rick reached down to my butt and did some rubbing. “I bet that pussy is hot n juicy about now” was all he said…….He was right of course and we all knew it! I tugged the sweats down slowly. Jeff’s full trail spiked out from the waistband and got wider, the lower the sweats came down until this full thick pubes filled my face. The heavy meat swung low and those beautiful hangers were over the top for me. DAMN I was hot. I kept tugging the sweats lower then dropped under his bag to lap and worship his nuts. They were so full and the sack was so loose and furry, sweaty, and warm from being wrapped up in those sweats and his body heat. I sucked the left one slow, tongue washing it then the right, then the left again giving each one full service. His swollen dick strained out, arcing away and then down some. Damn what an awesome cock!!! I had seen Jeff, his wife and brewd and knew he was a breeder, I just didn’t know what gear he had until now. The huge uncut head had lots of hood, was hanging over the head even now hard, the thick ropey vein down the belly of his meat, turned up and over before diving into his dense pubes and then there were those bullnuts hanging there; full as fuck!!!! What a sight. I tugged his hood in my teeth then lapped the crown before digging in for starch. His thick head was heavy and he was a real leaker, filling his hood. My tongue split the deep slit and lapped the pre-foam and sucked for more. His hood stretched easy and my mouth tugged him out then released. Both his hands and Rick’s now worked the back and sides of my head giving this stud pleasure. I deep throated him, held him there, sucked with my throat muscles and breathed in his musk all at the same time. How could it get better than this? They began working my head back and forth, I let them use my head and mouth. Rick soon thumped the back of my head again. Jeff as done before, pulled my mouth from his own dick, turned my head to his bud and pushed me forward over Rick’s golf-ball dickhead. The huge head pressed my tongue flat before driving down in my throat. Rick had to have the biggest head I’d ever taken and I wanted it bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He reached down, felt my throat for his dick, then the head and squeezed his rough hands there. Oh fuck did that feel good. At that moment, more thunder, but I didn’t slow my sucking this time and no one laughed. I was in cocksucker heaven. I reached back of his hairy butt, grabbed his glutes and helped him skullfuck me. The hairy glutes and muscles, power-drilled his dick down my throat. His big hairy hands held my head in place this time pendik escort and he began a hard mouth-drill. Slime poured out my mouth while his pre, lubed my throat for more. “I’m gonna make it pop guys” Rick said as he pulled his head out of my throat, then quick shoved it back in. Sure as promised, my throat made a pop-gulp noise I’d never heard before. My eyes bulged and he did it again, then again. He was making me so crazy for his dick now, I was unaware that both Bob and Jeff had stripped down. The hands moved my head off his dick, as Rick turned me to face Bob. The thick head now seemed red-hot, swollen bigger than I’d ever seen before and the slit gaped wide and his pre flooded in long honey-like strands to the floor. Jeff pushed my mouth to the concrete floor and said “lick”, I slobbered up Bob’s pre from the cold cement and wanted more. Turning my face up, I felt the warm strand lay on my nose, I licked up to the headslit fast and wasted none. My tongue eagerly lapped the slit and sucked the rich clear pre. Again hands on the back of my head reassured me I was doing a good job. I heard Rick’s belt and jeans hit the floor in the background. Bob grabbed my ears and face fucked me slowly. His dick driving down my already well-fucked throat like it belonged there. I felt Jeff push by, walk into the store buck-assed naked and return. My face was still buried in Bob’s crotch. My throat still milking his bulldick. “Oh yeah bud, now you’re talking”, came from Rick to Jeff behind me. “Yep” came from Bob above me, before his hand pulled me off his dick. “Get your clothes off bitch”, Bob directed. I stripped as told. Wet clothes don’t come off very easy, but these did in record time. I felt Rick’s rough hands grab my right butt cheek and squeeze. Then the left, squeeze again and then tugged my trench apart. “Bend over and show us” Jeff said. I spread my feet, bent over, then grabbed my glutes and showed off my hole. “Sweet blond pussy”, Jeff announced. I shot a glance at him over my shoulder. He was right though, even at 27, I had very little hair and being blonde, what I did have didn’t show much. I flexed my ring at them. They laughed and mumbled something about well-fucked cunt and swollen pussy lips when they were done. It was enough to make me even more HOT. The three bulls were all hard. Jeff tossed me the lube from the store shelf. Vaseline!!!!!!!!!!!! DAMNIT. The three began ripping open the TROJAN MAGNUM rubber packs and I knew it was ON. “Bend over and show us how you lube your hole”, Bob directed. I did as told, fingering my ring, now getting more and more swollen and then deep fingering my slot. “Squeeze those cuntlips for us”, Rick demanded. Again, I complied stretching my ring, fingering it, geting even more swollen and wet hot. Jeff stood beside the sofa where he’d been when I first entered the room. He tapped the back of the sofa, I climbed up faced the wall, ass back, knees wide apart, holding onto the sofa back. Jeff strode up, rubbed the head at my ring, thumped it, then shoved in. I grabbed the sofa, he smashed my face to the wall and long dicked me. “Damn hot hole”, as I gripped and then pushed on him. He picked up speed and my ring gave way again and again. I gripped at the thick long downward arched meat. His head hammered at my gland. Over and over I felt my orgasm build and worked hard to keep it checked. My own bag sagged low and my dick upcurved to my belly, leaking pre aydınlı escort all over the head and down my shaft. He hammered me for a long time. Then as abruptly as he shoved in, he drew out. “Next” he announced. I looked back as Rick stepped up. I knew I was gonna hurt BAD. “You want this now don’t you” he asked. I nodded affirmative. “Say it”, “Beg for it, pig”, then he held the huge golf-ball head at my ring. “Back on it bitch”, he demanded, “Show us how much you want this”………….I was overwhelmed with the scene. I shoved back hard and felt him bore open my fuckring. I yelled, arched my head back, yelling more as he split me deep. Then the rush of his heat deep in my guts as he fucked me like the bull he is. It was like all my senses gave way. He owned my hole and we all knew it. I’ve never been fucked so hard, hammered so wildly in such a split second action. We went from off to raging in a nano-second. Rick shoved my face back to the wall with one hand, grabbed my left shoulder and fucked the hell out of me. His huge head busting my walls open and making me rush inside deep. My ring gaped wide to hold his thick shaft and when he drew all the way out then shoved all the way back in, I thought my ring would rip apart. Each time it grew more and more willing to take the dickin. I popped my right eye open and could see Jeff jacking his huge dick. My face was hard against the wall so I couldn’t see Bob but I heard his grunts beside me on my left. Then with the same suddenness, pop, out pulled Rick. I gasped for air, but just as quickly felt Bob push deep in my guthole. I groaned loud then felt his bullmeat pound away at the Easy Shop fuck-hole. The guys were stroking beside us now. Bob fucked me harder and harder. I could feel him getting close. He swelled hard, his bone curved up now and he grunted then I felt the rubber expand as he exploded in it. The TROJAN filled inside my walls. I knew his bull brew was straining the latex. Jeff returned. This time, his shaft was full out. The head drove deep. He hammered at me, holding my shoulders, pounding my head to the wall. I groaned louder and louder, the other guys urged him on. Then after two long dick pumps, he slammed deep. The TROJAN again filled inside me, strained and I felt the bloat of his major swimmers stretch the MAGNUM. Then Rick, rubbed my well fucked ring; teased it, talked to me; taunted me, made me ask to be fucked again. I did. He shoved the head at my ring and this time, it easily gave way. The hole was fucked open. My ring snapped as tight as possible but still gave way easily to his assault; or maybe it was just I wanted his huge fuckmeat now. As he fucked me, I bucked harder and harder. My nuts swung, my own dick bounced up and down faster and faster. I felt as though I would spray the back of the sofa. His dick got bigger than before. He dicked me harder and faster, each time pulling all the way out, then driving all the way back in to his base; before he pulled out, like a massive dick piston or drill rig deep boring a hole. Suddenly, he gripped my shoulders hard, roared loudly and I felt the TROJAN fill. Giant pulses in my guts as he throbbed his cumload into the latex. DAMN what a feeling. Over and over he lobbed the rich breeder load in the rubber. It made me want him raw. I knew he’d never go for it. He stayed inside me when he was done. As he pulled out, the earlier plop noise from my throat, now echoed from my assring. We all laughed. There was thunder in the distance, or was that the gurgle of my guts? We dressed, I walked funny for sure. The rain had stopped. No sun and there was more rain to come. But this sure was a fine day to go to the store.

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