Subject: Dylan – Chapter 15 This story is 100% fiction and none of the characters are real or even composites of anyone alive or dead. I am a new author and have never written erotica before I started my Mad for the Mouse series, for that matter, fiction of any kind. If you are under 18, you know that you should not be reading this. Absolutely nothing in this story should be considered as anything other than pure entertainment. I have no actual basis of knowledge or experience for any of the adult-youth sexual interactions except from reading other stories here and recalling the fun, I had a young lad with my pals. Yes, I love Disney but I do not condone any of the actions of my characters in this konyaaltı sınırsız escort story – this is pure fantasy fiction! If you are like me and enjoy the Nifty Archive, then put your money where your frap is and donate to the folks that make all of this happen to keep the archive alive and free for all. Any amount will be appreciated. Donate now by following this link http://donate.org/donate.html And lastly, I would really appreciate and need your feedback, suggestions and encouragement. There is no way to know if anyone is reading and enjoying my story. Your comments and feedback will only inspire me to write more and make the stories konyaaltı türbanlı escort better. Write me at [email protected] I have had a handful of emails on this story so I am kind of discouraged. Please reach out! Thanks to those who have sent me notes, I really appreciate the comments and I will use as many of the suggestions made as I can. Oh, and more more thing, PLEASE excuse any typos or grammatical errors. Writing these is very time consuming and I do not have a regular editor. I try and catch as many issues as I can, but I know I miss some. And finally, if you notice any inconsistencies in this story or amongst the others in the konyaaltı ucuz escort Mad Mouse universe, let me know. I have started a story bible as I am losing track, but plan on tightening things up now that I have a central bible to refer to. I have created a website with lots of G rated pictures to add some dimension to my stories. Here you will see what I believe my characters look like, provide background, photos, maps, etc. on the settings in the stories and other material to add enjoyment to the reading of the Mad Mouse series. Please visit https://madmouse686064134.wordpress Keep in mind, it is a work in progress and I will continue to add content so check back periodically. As with my stories, I would LOVE feedback nce You will note that this chapter includes a convergence with the story `The Ursula Major’ that I wrote last year. You may want to go and read first it if you haven’t yet. I will fill in the missing pieces between it and this chapter soon as there is a missing gap of time for Aaron’s story, but he now joins the cast of Dylan.

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