Dungeon Duo


I will have harmony in the harem. The girls know this from the day they arrive. I know better than to require perfect pitch. There will always be competition, petty jealousy and idle bitchiness when sex slaves are held in close quarters. Where punishments are plentiful and favours are few, some competition is inevitable. But every girl within these stone walls must cooperate smoothly, whatever her personal relationships, for the pleasure of her master. For the use of their owners, they must function interchangeably, finely tuned instruments of satisfaction without a discordant note ever reaching the ears of those who own them. It’s a delicate balance. We do want the little darlings giving us their best in the hope of winning our approval, but obvious competition leads to petty acts of sabotage worthy of spoiled school brats, and I’m keen to spot it. My job as Director of Discipline is to spot potential disobedience and act ruthlessly to discourage it. I take pride in my work, knowing that any master could take any of the slaves I supervise in whatever number with absolute almanbahis confidence in their cooperating to satisfy him. My eye is on Astrid and Mia from the day they arrive. I can see they’re attracted to each other, and to the same kinds of men. At first, it’s cute, the way they try to outdo each other in their eagerness to serve. But mean, little digs begin to sneak into their conversation. All the girls have favourites, and it’s bad form to deliberately play up to someone another slave begs to worship. Eventually, there are harsh words and then sullen silence, which is what I find in the dungeon where l’ve had them brought to me. Wisely, they greet me with pleasant expressions, but neither cares to deny her spiteful conduct toward the other in recent days. What to do? They are sister slaves and they will learn to give each other proper affection before either is allowed the privilege of attending to me. They will please and be pleased, unless they prefer to share in each others punishment instead. That suggestion gets a quick vote for reconciliation. Astrid almanbahis yeni giriş is first on the X-frame, standing spread-open in her leather working harness and strapped rigidly into place. Her pussy is offered to Mia‘ s oral affections, which strikes me immediately as a bit lacklustre, which is especially telling given Astrid’s delectable girly bits. I get down next to Mia for some close-order instruction, seizing her by the hair and around the neck, manoeuvring her sweating face deeper into Astrid’s already dripping gash. These girls have long had all shyness and modesty trained out of them, so I assume the worst motives when either is less than enthusiastic. Clearly, Mia takes me seriously as she should, burrowing into Astrid’s pink slit hungrily, lips and tongue finding all the places that girls know so well. Mia’s posture is admirable and her efforts more committed as Astrid begins to moan and twist in the straps. I’ve yet to meet the slave without pride in what she can do with her mouth, and Mia is no exception, asking permission to work from almanbahis giriş underneath. Granted, of course. She slides between Astrid’s long legs, sucking and lapping from the clit all the way back to Astrid’s tender, exposed anus. This is the humility I want to see. To encourage it, I turn Astrid on the frame and buckle her in again, feeling her sweating, trembling body’s yearning for release. Not yet. First, I want to see Mia’s clever tongue swirling in Astrid’s puckered hole. There are whips nearby, and a quick reminder has Mia spreading Astrid’s cheeks and working her pink, pierced tongue into her former rival’s tailpipe. Astrid thrusts her ass out to meet Mia’s delving, not out of spite, but out of the kind of pure lust she’s been trained to set free when permitted. She writhes and gasps in her bonds, inspiring me to play with her clit, pinching and stroking the hard pulp, until the inevitable shaking begins. Cries echo from the dungeons stone walls, pleas for permission to come. I don’t grant it quickly, wanting both girls to work for their respective rewards. Gripping Astrid’s cunt firmly, I feel it pulsate under my palm as her orgasmic howling fills the room. Good thing I’d given her leave to go there, else she’d have been in even more trouble, which I suspect might have been what Mia intended.

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