Driving home my son’s eighteen year old friend


I’d had quite a hard day at the office running around and was pleased to be home. I’d changed out of my work clothes and was wearing my denim skirt with a plain white T shirt and no bra as I thought I would be hanging around at home. I went into the kitchen and started unloading the dishwasher. My son’s friend, Brad who was at college with him was sitting on the sofa in the kitchen drinking a glass of water. “Hi Brad,” I said, “I didn’t know you were here.” “Oh, John’s gone to work and I’m just waiting for my sister to pick up the phone so she can come and get me,” he said. Brad was eighteen at the time and had known my son for a few years so I was pretty comfortable almanbahis şikayet with him being around. He had turned into a handsome young man in the last couple of years with a reputation for being a little uncomfortable around girls. As I kept bending down to pull crockery from the dishwasher I noticed Brad looking sideways at my feet as they flexed off the ground. I was barefoot as I often am around the house. I do have really great feet. size eight and slim but not narrow and I am used to them being the object of affection as Scott likes them a lot. So I thought, “let’s see if that’s really what he’s looking at.” I moved across to the other side of the kitchen almanbahis canlı casino to near where Brad was seated, sat on a chair and picked my foot up to look at the sole, saying, “I think I stood on something… oh well, may be not.” Brad’s eyes almost jumped out of his head as he got a full view of my sole and I could feel my nipples start to harden slightly under my T shirt. Even better still, I could see from in his shorts that he was enjoying it, not much, just a small movement. I thought, “what the heck, let’s see if we can make this interesting.” “Brad, would you like me to give you a lift home?” “If it’s not too much trouble that would be almanbahis casino great…. my sister seems to have switched her phone off.” “Sure, no problem, let me just put this in the garage first,” and I grabbed the nearest thing to me which was a pile of newspapers. As I walked into the garage I threw the newspapers in a pile and got on to my hands and knees to look for a small stone or a piece of gravel. Found one! Fortunately I’d had much practice, so it was the work of a moment to take off the dust cap of my rear passenger side tyre valve, put the stone in it and screw it on just tight enough for some air to start coming out. As I heard the rush of air and smelt the rubbery odour of the tyre air I started to get that warm feeling deep inside me that usually leads to a great evening. “Are you ready? Meet me out the front,” I called to Brad and jumped in the car, hit the garage door remote and reversed onto the drive.

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