Drift to Bi


Apart from the name changes this is a true story of my friend and I and how we got into bi sexuality.

I have had a fantasy for many years now of watching my friend, Ben, fuck my wife. The fantasy doesn’t work with anyone else and I have no inclination to watch her with anyone else.

Some of the hottest sex my wife and I have is when we discuss our fantasies and I bring up the subject of her fucking Ben. Then she goes all coy and says that she would never really want it to happen but I guess that’s why fantasies work so well.

Although we speak quite often on the phone and chat occasionally on instant messaging we don’t often meet up as we live a couple of hours away from each other.

As I was going to be working away from home I arranged to stay around Ben’s place for a night on the way home and take the chance to have a few beers

Anyway during this “Lads” night out Ben and I were discussing our respective sex lives (as usual), we had always known that we had similar tastes in our fantasy lives rather than real life. I say this because our wives were completely opposite in that Sue was 5′ 9″ and blonde whilst Carole, Ben’s ex-wife was around 5′ 4″ and a gorgeous redhead.

As we discussed our likes and dislikes and gradually got more loose tongued as the beers went down I found myself telling Ben how I would love to see him fuck Sue. There was a stunned silence for just a few seconds as we realised what I had said. Ben’s only comment was “wow” and he subconsciously adjusted his cock in his trousers.

“Sue is in my fantasies more than I should admit” he said with a grin on his face.

“Does Sue know your fantasies” he asked with a sort of hopeful look on his face?

“Oh yeah, we often talk about it and I’m sure that if the right occasion arose she might even let things progress but how do you go about getting your mate to fuck your wife” I asked him?

“Fuck, I am so hard now that I might have to get into the bathroom and have a quick wank” he said half jokingly.

“Listen, if you swear not to tell anyone, especially Sue, I have some pretty raunchy pictures on my laptop if you want to see them.”

He downed the rest of his pint in one go and got up from the bar, “ready” he asked, trying not to grin too broadly?

We walked back to his apartment and I was wondering if I should carry on with this. It was not a small step to take, no one other than me had ever seen my wife naked and I knew that I should have at least asked Sue if she was OK with this. Of course the answer would be no but my cock was ruling my head at that moment.

As soon as we got back to Ben’s apartment I switched on my laptop. We grabbed another beer and I searched out my hidden files.

I got up from the seat and let Ben sit down. There were about 30 pictures in all that we had taken of ourselves over recent years. Some were quite tame but others showed her holding her cunt open or my personal favourites, the creampie shots.

As Ben scrolled through the pictures I could see the bulge in his trousers getting larger and larger. As for myself, I could not remember being more turned on.

I told Ben I had to use the bathroom, the inside of my trousers were getting seriously damp from leaking pre-cum and I had to dry myself off. When I returned from the bathroom Ben had his cock out and was wanking himself slowly going back over the pictures. I had never seen another real live hard cock outside of porn films.

“Sorry mate he grinned but a man’s gotta do etc.”

I thought to hell with it and got my cock out too. It just seemed so unreal to be blatantly wanking alongside someone other than my wife and a guy at that! And to know that someone else was as turned on by my beautiful wife as I was: it didn’t seem at all unnatural to be wanking alongside my mate.

My eyes were going from my wife’s open legs on screen to Ben’s cock and back again.

“Oh fuck, I’m gonna cum Ben moaned.” I offered him the tissue I had brought from the bathroom but instead of taking it from me he just aimed his cock at it. He let loose with several strong jets of cum some of which hit my hand as well as the tissue.

I was slightly stunned as I used the tissue to wipe his cum from my hand and wrist.

“Sorry mate, he said a bit sheepishly but I never thought I could be as turned on by photographs alone.”

“Well what excuse have I got I grinned back, I have never been as turned on as I am now from knowing you are looking at my wife’s cunt. That’s just weird.”

All through this exchange my own cock was sticking out of my boxers hard and throbbing.

“You need a hand with that?” Ben asked. I thought for a moment he was offering me a wank and I just stood there unable to speak. But Ben was already moving to his desk to return with a CD which he slotted into the drive on my laptop.

My cock was just starting to soften a little but I couldn’t keep my hands off it as Ben opened up the files on the CD. There appeared the first shot of Ben’s bursa evi olan escort ex-wife Carole.

She was strolling up a naturist beach displaying her gorgeous body. She was definitely a true redhead. My cock was instantly hard again and I started to wank myself.

Ben stripped the rest of his clothes off and walked into his shower. I took the opportunity to take my trousers and underwear off and I started to seriously stroke my cock. The pictures scrolled through one by one then a video file appeared.

Ben had left the shower and was stood behind me. “You’ll like this one” he said as he invited me to open the video file. He was stroking his cock lazily.

I started the video going. It was a typical amateur type video but it was all the better for that.

Ben had Carole bouncing up and down on his cock as she rode him reverse cowgirl. Her cunt was stretched around his cock as they fucked and her tits bounced beautifully as they fucked.

I was wanking furiously and I moaned “fuck, I’m cumming, hand me a tissue” instead Ben came around to my side and sunk his lips over my cock. Although I was stunned I was too far gone to stop and I erupted into his mouth.

As I came down from one of the best orgasms in ages we both sort of looked at each other and then looked away. It was one of those “Hey what about those Giants” type moments. As we both avoided talking about what had just happened.

Well it was just the start and after another beer we had put on some of Ben’s porno collection and sat and got gradually more and more pissed. We were soon talking about his chances of fucking my wife and how we could share more pictures and videos.

I watched Ben’s cock and ball sack bounce as we each wanked away half watching the porn and discussing fucking each others partners. Before long I could not resist the urge to feel another cock and I reached over to take Ben in my hand.

We were soon wanking each other hard and rubbing our cocks together revelling in these new sensations.

I was not ready to suck cock yet but we had discovered a new hobby and it was not long before our newly discovered bi side grew bolder and bolder.

We finished that evening shooting our cum over each others cocks in a display synchronised orgasm that was perfect in its timing.

That was just the first time of many occasions and though we have not fucked each others partners yet we each have pushed the “fantasy” further with our partners and I’m sure it’s just a question of time before our fantasies are realised.

If you want to hear more about us pushing our bi tendencies further and further just let me know.

Continuing where I left off in my story about my drift in bisexuality;

It soon got to be a ritual; whenever I was away from home I would take the time to come back via Ben’s house. We would put on a DVD or stream a video from some bi website. We tended to fast forward through any hardcore gay scenes as the thought of kissing another guy just didn’t do it for either of us.

We each had our favourite turn on’s. Bens usually started with a shower and a slow slippery wank and he would then suck my cock until I was bursting ready to cum.

My own favourite was lying next to each other gripping each others cocks as we watched a slide show of our partners, both my wife and Bens ex wife.

Running a second favourite at this point was feeling Bens hot cum shoot on my cock and balls and then using it as a lube as he wanked me.

It took a while for me to get into thinking about sucking a cock but on one occasion when we were lying on Bens bed and he was sucking my cock we were in a 69, although I was just wanking him at this point, I thought here goes; it’s now or never and I took Bens cock into my mouth.

The sensation was mind blowing his cock was so hard and I could almost feel his veins throbbing in my mouth. Ben moaned in surprise. In the three or four months that we had been enjoying and getting bolder in our sex games this was the first time I had got up the courage to return the favour and suck his cock.

Wow what a baptism of fire, I had been sucking his cock for less than a minute, enjoying this new feeling and experimenting with my tongue. When Ben moaned, “fuck Steve, I’m about to cum.” I had a quick decision to make. What should I do? Take it in my mouth or not?

Before I had chance to decide Bens first load hit my tongue. It was both salty and smooth and I swallowed the first two jets before I took my mouth off his cock. His next two blasts hit my mouth and cheeks. The sensation was enough to send me over the edge and I lost my own load in Ben’s mouth.

Ben had no decision making problems. He considered it a waste if I ever spilled my cum anywhere other than his mouth. Ben always sucked me dry and enjoyed licking my cock and balls afterwards.

It wasn’t long before Ben started showing me pictures and videos of his current partner, Marie who even at 45 had a glorious figure altıparmak escort and a beautiful smooth shaved cunt. Her tits were much bigger than I was used to on my wife Sue.

My fantasy of seeing Ben fuck my wife had struck a chord with him and whilst we both had many enjoyable hours mutually wanking each other thinking of the ways we could both enjoy my wife, Ben had started to introduce the fantasy to Marie.

Ben would tell me of the times they would fuck and discuss what Marie would do with two cocks at her disposal.

Ben had not let on to Marie of our secret hobby but I am sure that she must have had some idea as Ben described how he would like to see her suck my cock and would love to see her covered in more cum than either Ben or I or even combined could possibly produce.

As Ben and Marie were having the same sort of sex play that Sue and I were having; both Ben and I were ever more hopeful of getting the girls involved although I think that at that stage we were both very reluctant to let anyone know of our ever increasing bisexual side.

I loved telling Sue of how I would love to see her being fucked by Ben whilst I watched and wanked. I got the feeling thought that while Sue joined in with these fantasies she had no intention of us ever acting them out. Often we would get carried away with our sex talk and I would describe every nasty thing that two guys and a girl could get up to and Sue would join in telling me how she would like to be tied up and fucked senseless by us both before being covered in our cum.

Afterwards though as we lay there cuddling she would tell me how she only talked like that because she knew it turned us on and would never really do it. It was if by reminding me that this was just fantasy sex talk made it Ok.

Hell, at that stage I agreed with everything she said. Secretly I was a little afraid that if we ever did follow through on our fantasies they would diminish or the reality would not live up to expectations.

I had nothing to moan about. I was having a great sex life with my wife and also with my best mate. At the back of my mind though was the worry that if either Sue or Marie found out what Ben and I were doing our relationships would suffer.

The next time Ben and I got together we started off as usual in the shower and had a really good soapy wank. Ben told me he had a new video to show me of a recent fuck he and Marie had had.

We got out of the shower and dried off and Ben loaded up the DVD.

We lay back gently playing with each others cock and balls.

In the DVD Ben and Marie were in the 69 position.

As the DVD played Ben and Marie got quite vocal in between licking Marie’s cunt lips and clit; Ben described what he would like he and I to do with her and to her. Marie was also getting carried away and describing how she wanted me to wank over her face whilst Ben fucked her.

This was one of the most erotic things I had ever heard. To hear this sort of dirty talk involving you and good friends (that one of them didn’t know I would hear) was a fantastic turn on.

Ben knelt on the bed and was about to put my cock in his mouth when he said “listen to this bit,” as he sunk his lips around my cock.

Bens cock was now directly by my face and I took him into my mouth as I tried to watch the DVD at the same time. I was licking the length of his shaft and cupping his balls as I watched the DVD action. After a couple of minutes of this as the screen action got hotter I stopped licking his balls but carried on gently wanking his cock.

Maria was sounding out of breath when in the video Ben said “tell me what you want Steve to do to you.”

She replied in between deep panting breaths. “I want to suck and wank Steve’s cock until he cums on my tits. Then I want to scoop up his cum and put it in my mouth and kiss you.”

Even on the DVD you could see she had almost hesitated when she said it.

She was looking for Ben’s reaction.

Still on the DVD Ben replied, “You want me to taste Steve’s cum?”

“Fuck yes, it would be so hot” she answered.

“You don’t think it’s a bit gay?” Ben asked now having stopped licking at Marie’s clit and looking into her eyes.

Marie replied questioningly, “You can’t tell me that you haven’t thought about it at some time in all your fantasies involving Steve?” Marie was looking at Ben now and slowly caressing his cock looking for a reply.

“I think I’d like that said Ben” as if he hadn’t already tasted my cum on at least a dozen previous occasions.

Back in the present time Ben had stopped sucking my cock.

“Sounds like an offer to me” I said. “Do you think she’s ready to join in?” I asked hopefully.

“I’m going to tell her that you’ll join us for dinner next time you’re here,” he replied. “I think she knows what I want from there,” he grinned.

Meanwhile my cock was throbbing and as hard as ever in his hand as he went back to sucking me.

As I got back to licking and sucking Bens shaft I had one eye on the screen still as Marie’s beautiful cunt was on display for me. My mind was in a whirl as I realised that it was now a distinct possibility that I might also get to fuck Marie.

There was only one thing hotter than that for me and that was the fantasy that got me into this in the first place. That was to watch Ben fuck my wife Sue.

As my fevered imagination got to work thinking about sliding my cock into my wife’s cum filled cunt I felt my orgasm building. In between trying to deep throat Ben I let him know that I was about to cum. Even though I knew his favourite thing was to swallow every last drop I always let him know when I was about to cum. We had got quite skilled at synchronised cumming and depending who was to cum first we always tried to shoot at the same time.

Within 30 seconds there was no way I was going to being to hold off and I felt my first jet hit bens tongue. Before my last jet left my cock Ben was cumming in my mouth and try as I may I could not swallow all of what was easily the biggest load I had ever seen Ben deliver. His cum dripped off my chin and down over his cock and balls. A small river ran down the crack of his arse and I tried to scoop it up to massage into his cock and balls.

As my finger touched his puckered ring piece Ben moaned and his sphincter seemed to wink at me through the gooey mess of his semen. I don’t know why I did it but it just seemed natural at that point to slide my index finger into his butt through all that natural lubrication.

“ooohhh Fuuuuuck ,” Ben moaned as I started to increase the pace of my finger fucking. I tried two fingers but I think that was too much too fast. Bens cock was coming back to life already as I must have been hitting the right spot.

If Ben hadn’t already cum less than two minutes ago I am sure that he would have cum again there and then. As it was the next thing I felt was Bens tongue licking my ring. Fuck, this was taking things to a whole new level.

The next thing I heard was, “oh Steve, fuck me hard.” This wasn’t from Ben but Marie on the DVD.

Bens tongue left my arse as he looked up. “I knew you’d like that bit,” he said. With that my finger left his arse and we both sat up.

“I Hope you didn’t mind my finger there,” I said slightly questioningly as we had never done anything other than wanking or sucking each other.

“No, it was hot, specially feeling you rub my cum in my arse.”

“Next time do you think you could come on my arse just so I can feel what it’s like he asked?”

“Yeah, I think I’d like to try that.”

We watched the tail end of Bens DVD and had a beer. By now, we were more than relaxed being naked in each others company and lazily playing with our own cocks as we watched.

Ben slotted in a CD with a collection of our favourite pictures of our wives. We thought it was strange that despite the plethora of porn out there on the net the things that turned us on the most was knowing that Ben was looking at my naked wife and I was looking his naked wife.

As usual when we looked at these we would discuss what we would like to in the unlikely event that we could convince our wives to join us. Although now after seeing and hearing Marie on the last DVD there was a distinct possibility that at least part of our fantasy could happen.

As we got into looking at our pictures again we were both getting hard. We naturally reached for each others cocks again.

As I held Bens very stiff cock and started to wank him harder I moaned that I really wanted to hold his cock as my wife Sue sank her cunt down over him and how I really wanted to fuck my wife through his cum.

“Don’t forget to cum on my arse,” moaned Ben as he was getting near his climax.

We moved around on his bed so we could still watch the slide show of our wives.

Ben was on all fours and I knelt behind him wanking my own cock by now. I aimed my cock at his puckered ring but as I reached around to try and wank his cock at the same time my cock was rubbing his arse.

“Fuck that feels good,” he said as he reached between his own legs to finger his arse. Suddenly he stopped and reached into his bedside drawer and drew out a pump action bottle of lube. He reached around to squirt some between his arse cheeks.

“Rub it in for me,” he asked. I took the bottle from him and squirted more around his ring. I also squirted some on my cock.

I was wanking with one hand as I rubbed the lube in his arse with the other. He reached his own hand back to his arse again and resumed fingering himself. Meanwhile my free hand, now covered in lube, reached in front of him for his cock.

I wanked both of us for a couple of minutes as Ben fingered his own arse. My cock kept nudging his are and fingers as I approached orgasm, determined to treat his arse to a white hot load of cum. Soon though my cock was nudging Ben’s puckered ring every time his finger came out and I knew I wanted to fuck him.

The next time my cock touched his arse I pushed my knob end up and down between his arse cheeks.

“Go on: Do it,” Ben urged.

10 seconds later my lube covered cock slipped into Bens arse and I was fucking him!

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