Down the Rabbit Hole Part III


It took six more hours, but I finally got my two more required orgasms and went home. As instructed, I drove naked all the way – part of me hoping I wouldn’t get pulled over, and part of me wishing I would. Monday morning came way too quickly as I was anticipating another assignment from Domina but failing to get one, I went to work in the same office I’d occupied since graduating college, sorting through the same files, filling out the same paperwork, and having all the same conversations. A week ago, I thought I was happy but after this past weekend with Domina, it just all seemed so…empty. So small. Hollow. I found myself barely able to sit still in the chair in my private office. I kept waiting for the phone to ring. Waiting to hear from Domina. I kept staring at it…even holding the receiver in my hand so I could pick it up the microsecond it rang. I’m sure you’ve been there. I didn’t know if it was the sex or the lust that had me – I just knew I wanted more and I needed Domina to supply it. I knew how this was going to end…the way I needed it to end…complete exposure and humiliation but by that point, I’d be a different woman. The woman I needed her to turn me into. Finally, at 9:03, the phone rang. I picked it up before it finished the first ring. “Hello?!” I asked way too nervously. My nerves were soothed bahis siteleri by my Domina’s voice. “Good morning, Freya. This is Athena,” she said with a smile in her voice. We had never discussed a code name for her, but I guess she chose one. “Good morning, Domina. I…” I began to speak but I was so nervous the words got caught in my throat. “…I wanted to thank you for this weekend. I can’t describe how much fun that was.” I felt like a teenager again, and even twirled the phone cord around my finger. She chuckled as she replied, “No need to thank me, whore – the exposure material is only beginning. The adult book store, as well as the diner, are on video and from here it only gets more sexual.” As she said the words, the vibrator in my pussy turned on to a low setting. I gripped the phone hard as it started to work its magic. “You’re good at eating pussy, Freya – just so you know. That was my first orgasm in a long time.””I’m glad I could please you. Don’t go getting attached to me and forgetting what this is about, Athena.””Trust me whore, I won’t but I’m going to build a lot of material. Speaking of which, you have half an hour to get to the condemned hotel across town by the airport. The “Moonlight”. Go to room number 12. You’ll find three men waiting for you. Get each one of them off until you’ve had canlı bahis siteleri four orgasms. There are hidden cameras in the room, whore. I’ll be watching.A quick computer search revealed a problem. “Domina, that’s a forty-minute drive from here. I can’t make it in half an hour.””Well, we’ve been talking for five minutes so now you have twenty-five minutes. If you want our relationship to continue and for me to keep building material on you, you’ll find a way to get there on time. Oh, and drive naked. Always.”To save time I took my clothes off near the bottom of the elevator ride, and got in my car quickly. I made it just in time but I had to speed the entire way. It was partly to meet the deadline and partly because this vibrator had been buzzing for half an hour and it was really doing its job! FUCK, I was horny!The old me would have teased everyone of them, got them to spend money and then tossed them aside without giving them a thing. Right now my pussy was humming, my nipples were hard enough to cut glass and I couldn’t even walk straight. This was the new me. The real me, and I was done being shy about it!Barging into the room, barely giving them a glance I said, “Who’s first?” as I kicked the door shut behind me and dead bolted it.I pulled out my vibrating buddy and made for the naked man on the bed. canlı bahis He was lying face up and I mounted him hard. As all women do, once he was deep inside of me I felt a huge wave of relief roll through my body. He was of average length and girth, but he was young and hard – a college kid. His brown eyes rolled back into his head as I leaned forward, took his face in my hands and shoved my tongue down his throat. Not wasting time, I began sliding my body up and down his shaft, taking him fast and deep on each thrust. I was already close to my first orgasm and I wasn’t letting go. I knew he wouldn’t last long due to his age but he’d recover quickly so that worked in my favor. A man roughly twice his age put the head of his cock at the entrance to my ass and said, “I’m Mike. Under you is my son, Scott. You’re about to be the bitch meat in a father-son sandwich.” He then shoved into me hard and deep. I’d never taken anal before this moment. Oh, I’d promised to take it to make men do things or buy me stuff, but never done it. I dug my nails into Scott’s shoulders, arched my back and moaned loudly. Mike reached out and wrapped his right hand around my throat from behind. Another young man approached from my left and turned my head to face him. He was about the same age as Scott. “You’re married.” He began pointing to my wedding ring. “Why are you doing this?” he asked curiously. “My husband is a great protector and provider. I’m just a cunt and fuck other men while not fucking him.” I replied grunting through the pain of having a cock in my ass. 

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