Down by the Lake Ch. 03


Still chuckling, I suggested we get up, see about some food. We padded down to the kitchen, clothes not being necessary. Madge cobbled up sandwiches while I opened pop. We moved back out to the deck, soaking sunshine into every exposed pore of our bodies.

“Mmm…This feels so exotic, hot sun, no clothes; can we do this all the time?

“You may not like it in January, but sure, why not. We’d see any one coming up the road in plenty of time to dress. Naomi and I, and the kids too, would run around naked as jay birds from June into September. We just have to coat up the bits that haven’t had much sun.”

“I’ll do you, if you’ll do me.”

“There’s a deal.”

We spent the rest of the day, and evening, cuddling, kissing and talking. And Saturday. And-except for a grocery run in the morning-Sunday. Sure, we took time to eat, and clean up, and shower, but if we weren’t on the deck, we were in bed, and in between, showering off the sweat we generated.


Bogart got fed, but not by Madge. She said she wasn’t going to bend over anywhere near that damn dog. He just wandered around behind her, that silly grin on his face, going ‘huh, huh, huh’.

I found Madge eager for every position imaginable when it came to love making. Whether she was on top or me, on her hands and knees, or on her stomach with me sliding in from behind, she was an eager lover. Being the old guy, I relied as much-or more-on my hands, fingers and tongue to please her, as I did my cock. By Sunday afternoon we were sated, content to lie out on the deck, soaking in the sun’s rays.

I had been idly looking at the deck, when it occurred to me it was looking a bit seedy. It was after all, as old as the house.

“I wonder…Madge, what would you think of a spa out here? Maybe over on the west side where it can be sheltered from the winter winds?”

“What about the rain?”

“I’m sure we could come up with a roof that would protect us, and still leave the view open to us. I have the house drawings in the office; I’ll see what’s possible.”

In the office, I’d pulled the plans from their tube and was studying the deck details when my phone rang. Not having pockets just then, I had to search for the phone. I found it just as it stopped ringing. Checking the number, it wasn’t one I was familiar with, and was about to forget about it when Madge asked from the deck if that was Jeannie?

Oops, better call back and find out.

It was. “I was afraid I had the wrong number or something. Are we still on for Monday? Can I come out?”

“Sure, but I should warn you, there have been some changes out here.”

“You bedded her didn’t you? I can hear it in your voice. Was she good? Were you? I want to know”

Laughing I said, “I’ll never tell, but that’s not what I was going to warn you about. We’re running around nude, and I don’t think Madge will get dressed until the first frost.”

“Oh is that all? It’s just that much less I’ll have to pack. And I do owe you a fashion show.”

“Now that I’m looking forward to. When can I look for, I mean expect, you?”

“You’re near Fairfax?”

“Uh huh”

“It’ll take me about an hour to get there…say about ten?”

“Ok, I’ll tell Madge. See you tomorrow.”


Sunday night we were in bed-the door closed for some reason, me slowly stroking into her pussy from behind. Her back was arched and she was pushing back against me. Dropping her head she gave a low moan and a shudder, held still. Looking over her shoulder, Lord what a beautiful sight, she asked if I wanted to make love to Jeannie.

“I don’t know…I don’t know her well enough yet. Do you want to?”

Another shudder, her pussy clamping on me, her head dropping again.

“Yes, if she does. Ever since you mentioned her touching me, she’s been in the back of my mind. Oh, push like that again. I’ve always liked her, but there has been a ‘something’ around her, that kept me back a little.”

“Do you want time alone with her?”

“No, hold still, I feel a small one coming…oh, that was nice. You’re so good to me. No, anything we do, I want you there. No secrets. Now Finish Me. Fuck me.”

And over the edge we went, driving into her with all my strength, her pussy holding me in its silken vise. Every muscle in my body cried for release, and then, that now familiar low, rumbling, groan rose from her throat. In response I pushed as far as I could, then froze as I erupted every last ounce of myself into her.

Finally, totally spent, we slid to the mattress. Covering her with my body, I laid kisses across her back and shoulders. I started to move, but she asked me to stay for a few minutes more. Eventually I rolled to the side, gathered her in my arms, and drifted off to sleep.


Monday started with an overcast sky. Not rainy, just a slow-to-burn off cover with the probability of a warm day, maybe a light breeze. I laid in bed watching a bird on the window sill, mulling over the past two weeks, amazed at the changes in my life. When I told Madge she had casino siteleri changes ahead of her, little did I know the changes in store for me. I went from an ‘I didn’t know I was lonely’ widower, to the gray beard with the sexiest woman in three counties.

It finally occurred to me I was in an empty bed. Sitting up, I hadn’t felt this alive since Naomi was healthy. Cares I had been carrying for years receded to the far reaches of my mind. Stretching, I reached for my clothes, then realized I didn’t need them. Getting up, it was into the shower, shave, trim the beard, then on down to the kitchen where I found Madge sitting at the table, cup in hand, staring at Bogart, studiously keeping his back to her.

“Good morning,” I said with a kiss, “ahh, what’s going on?”

“He won’t look at me. I’ve put his food out, but he turns his back to me.”

“What did you expect? You locked him out of the bedroom.”

“Yes, but…”

“Darling, he considers himself a member of the family. Give him a few hours, then offer a treat. He’ll come around. Now, what’s for breakfast? Ignore him.”

After breakfast I was sitting in the office, going over my ideas for the spa. Bogart was next to my chair, chin on his paws when Madge came in. She ignored him, while we went over the drawing. There were some suggestions on her part, I threw in a ‘what if’ and as she answered, jumped. Bogart had sat up and was nudging her pocket. She just gave a small smile, and let him convince her to give up the treat.

After that, they were best friends, and she never closed a door on him. She did keep her butt covered. Just in case.

A little after ten, Jeannie came up the drive, horn blaring, shouting, “I’m here! Let the orgy begin.”

Bogart was out the door like a shot to see what was what. Madge and I followed, only to find Bogart, paws up on her window edge, keeping Jeannie in the car.
“Help! Get this wolf off me!”

Laughing, Madge called Bogart to her, allowing Jeannie out of the car.

She stepped out, looking as pretty as could be. Sandals and tight shorts highlighted her legs, a loose top fluttered softly in the breeze, showing off her pointed breasts.

One of us said, “Wow.” I know I was thinking it. Madge complimented her on her entrance. Taking two quick steps into Madge’s arms, Jeannie kissed her fully on the lips, holding it for many more seconds than I would expect in a friendly greeting. I could hear her quietly telling Madge how much she had been missed. Madge, for her part, replied she too had missed Jeannie, then looked over at me saying, “Maybe you were right.”

“About what?” Jeannie asked, looking back and forth.

“We’ll explain later, welcome to our home. Don’t I get a kiss too?”

“Oh yes you do! And I owe you a fashion show too. I haven’t forgotten.”

She jumped into my arms, wrapping hers around my neck, and planting a kiss that curled my toes. No, really, I felt my toes curl. She pulled her legs up, leaving me holding her butt in my hands. I didn’t mind. Not at all.

Still in my arms, she leaned back, looked over at Madge, asking, “Can we share him?”

“Whoa girl, let’s do some catching up before you try cutting in. Besides, I suspect you and I are going to have a serious convo.”

“Oh all right, you can have him back. But I call seconds.”

Tension broken. I put her down, somewhat reluctantly I must admit, and we showed her into the house. Me carrying her bags, of course. And not just one or two, three, and a large purse. Not that I’m complaining you understand. I was trailing two beautiful asses, being supported by four gorgeous legs. If I’d had a free hand, I’d have smacked myself just to be sure I was awake.

They stopped in the kitchen just long enough to pour coffee, then Madge led Jeannie through the house. Me? I was schlepping luggage up to what would be Jeannie’s bedroom.

Having done all the work I planned on, it was back to the kitchen, then out on the deck. The morning clouds had burned off, and the air was warming nicely. I considered stripping down, but settled with just taking off my shirt. Bogart was in his usual spot, next to the chair. Life was good.

Ten minutes later, the women came bustling out on the deck, talking up a storm. Bogart looked up, groaned, and ambled to the far edge of the deck, flopping down. I picked up their conversation in mid topic, “…and Mrs. Patrick has been great to work for, but I’m still not making enough to get a place of my own. My parents have been great, never a complaint, and they love having the kids around, but I’m sure they wouldn’t mind some peace and quiet.”

“How old are they?”

“My parents? In their fifties. They’re getting up there.”

I choked on that one, Madge shot me a look, “No, the kids.”

My ears were on ‘full function’ at that bit of news, but I stayed quiet.

With a quick glance my way, Jeannie replied the two boys were eight and six.

I chimed in, “What are their names?”

“JD is eight, just a bundle of energy, there güvenilir casino isn’t a tree he won’t climb or a game he won’t try. Clark is six, he’s more studious. He’ll play, and loves riding his bike, but already he can read above his grade level, and math fascinates him.”

“Where’s their father?” I asked

“North Dakota. Well, that’s as of the last I heard from him, and that was months ago. We’re divorced, and he’s supposed to be sending child support, but big whoop, it never seems to happen.”


“Yeah. Now, can we get on to happier things? Where’s the swimming pool? Can I get naked? What are we doing this afternoon…?”

“You want to get naked?”


“Yes Madge?”

“I think she’s kidding you.”

“Or are you dear?” With an upturned eye brow toward our guest.

“Just kidding. Although…”

After that it was kidding back at each other, easing the little tension that had risen. I had the impression this was common between them, Jeannie would tease, Madge would react. Yet it appeared they both enjoyed the game.


We broke for lunch; salad, pita, pop. Carrying it back to the deck, they sat shoulder to shoulder while I sat across the table, watching. Once again I noticed Jeannie regularly placing a hand on Madge’s arm, or brushing her fingers over Madge’s skin. Occasionally a blush would pass over Jeannie’s face and chest and she would pause in mid-sentence. The third time it happened, Madge put her hand on Jeannie’s arm, “Honey, can I ask you a question?”

Without waiting for an answer she went on, “Are you in love with me?”

Jeannie started to rise, but Madge pulled her back down, “its ok if you are, I think I have a lot of affection for you too. If you do, let’s just get it in the open. And if not…oops, my bad.”

“How…how did you know?”

“Josh spotted it the other day in the shop, AND pointed out my reactions. Even though he’s sitting right there, I have to say he’s very perceptive.”

“Can we talk about this later? Alone?”

“No, Honey. We’ll do it with Josh. I don’t want any secrets between us. He’s been helping me see sides I didn’t know I had, let alone existed.”

For the next hour they talked, by the time they had finished, they had cried, and hugged, then cried and hugged again. Honest to God, I was wrung out, and I hadn’t said a word.

When they had been wound down for a while, I suggested a walk, a chance to show Jeannie some of the property. Whistling up Bogart, we strolled toward the lake, Madge pointing out where she and Dave had camped, where she and I had sat and talked, “That’s where I knew he was for me.”

“Just like that?”

“Um hm.”

“And now?”

She looked over at me. “Oh, I guess I love him, not that he’s done anything to earn it all afternoon.”

“Kinda slow, is he?”

“Hey Wait! No fair! We’ve had company. My car wouldn’t start. I had a flat tire! My suit’s at the cleaners! Baby, forgive me!” As I dropped to one knee.

“Oooh you,” she said as she tackled me. We rolled around trying to tickle each other, laughing.

‘Hey, I’m still here you know.”

Madge and I looked up at her, and in unison, “Get her!”

“No! Wait, I didn’t mean…”

Too late. We had her on the ground, tickling, caressing, soon kissing, touching each other. It didn’t matter who kissed who, and soon where didn’t matter either. I found myself kissing Madge one moment, Jeannie the next. I had Madge’s shirt off, licking her nipples while she was kissing Jeannie. Someone’s hand was in my shorts, fondling my cock, then I had Jeannie’s small, pointy tits in my mouth. A moment later we were in a three way kiss. Eventually we stopped, everyone breathing heavily. I pulled the girls in to me, kissed both, and asked if they were ready to head back.

“Maybe in a minute.” said one, “Umm, what she said.” from the other.

Just over Madge’s shoulder, Bogart stood, head crooked to one side.

Finally we meandered up the hill, they carrying their tops, me dusting the ‘dirt’ off their bottoms. Gently, of course.

Back at the deck we sprawled on two of the chaise. Significantly, Madge and Jeannie together.

Madge looked over Jeannie’s shoulder, asking if I minded. I blew her a kiss and mouthed ‘enjoy’. She turned back to Jeannie, laying kisses around her ear, along the jaw, and on to her mouth. She responded by cupping her left hand along Madge’s face, pulling her in for deeper kisses. For the longest time they laid together, kissing, murmuring to one another, stopping to look into eyes that saw only each other. They didn’t seem to be building to a peak; rather I sensed it was more of an awakening, a realization that they did love each other.

When they did roll towards me, the smiles were a mile wide, and the sparkle in their eyes just as deep.

Madge, “Thank you for being so understanding. I love you for that.”

“He doesn’t mind?”

“Jeannie, the two of you are so perfect together, there is no way I could mind. I don’t own canlı casino Madge; she is free to love you all she wants. It doesn’t diminish my love for her, and I hope doesn’t diminish her love of me.”

“Don’t you feel jealous? Even a little? Or is the girl on girl action turning you on?”

“That girl on this girl is a turn on. Especially with those sweet nipples glowing in the sun, but I’m not jealous. I learned how to get past that years ago. Now I see beauty, and I bathe in it, and am happy to be here, now.”

“Madge…can we take him to bed? I want to make love, and feel love, and I want both of you, and I want both of you now.”

“Yes Honey, we’ll take him to bed. And we’ll fuck him into a stupor, then love each other, then sleep a bit, and then start all over again.”


Upstairs, Jeannie wanted to strip me first, but Madge and I unbuttoned her shorts, sliding them down her legs, caressing as we went, then sliding our hands ever so gently back up. Madge and I looked at each other, knowing each move we were going to make. Together our hands roamed her thighs, her butt, came around to her belly, dipping back down the front of her thighs, up either side of her pussy, and then, taking turns pressing the front of her panties. Nodding her head, Madge tugged the moist cloth down, and I leaned in, first taking a deep breath, then admiring the closely cut hair and her pussy, open and inviting. On its own, my tongue swiped from bottom to top, causing her knees to buckle.

We lowered her to the bed, Madge on her left, me on the right, dropping to those sweet little breasts; no more than a small handful, but topped with half-dollar sized areola and quarter inch nipples. I kissed right, she left, sucking, pulling, and biting. Jeanie arched, holding us in place, and with a low keening cry came for the first time.

As she settled back, Madge moved to her lips, kissing and sucking on them. I ran a trail of kisses down her belly, straight to her pussy. Avoiding her clit, I used my tongue on her thighs, across her pubic mound, between her lips. First over the outer lips, then deeper, I tasted her. Driving my tongue ever deeper I searched for the source of the nectar. Soon it was her clit I turned to. Like her nipples, it stood proudly, clear of its hood, calling for my attention, and like the nipples, I kissed, I nibbled, and most of all I sucked on that wondrous button.

Suddenly she clamped her thighs over my ears and from a distance I heard a muffled, extended, “Oh, Gaawwdd…”

I focused on her clit, sucking it in, flicking my tongue tip left and right, up and down, biting gently, then sucking again. I felt myself rising. She was arching her ass clear of the bed, coming once again. I cupped her butt in my hands, squeezing and lifting, pressing her to my face, lapping all the juices within reach. She slowly eased down, spent.

Her legs opened, allowing me a breath. Looking up, Madge was watching me, wiggling her fingers, signaling I should move up to her. Kissing my way up Jeannie’s body, I met Madge’s lips. She tasted the sweet juices, smiled, and licked me again.

“She’s delicious.”

“Almost as good as you.”

“I’ll bet you say that to all the women you go down on.”

“Only those in the last week.”

“Mmm, guys, you know I’m still here don’t you?”

“Oh, we know. How are you doing?”

“Very, very good. And he hasn’t even fucked me yet.”

I dipped my mouth to Jeannie’s ear, whispering it was Madge’s turn. Jeannie pulled her down for a kiss, wrapping Madge in her arms and legs; she did a quick roll, kissing all over her face. I joined in, running hands over Madge’s breasts, cupping and pinching her nipples, caressing her belly, running fingers into her pussy. She was so wet my fingers slid easily in. Jeannie moved to a breast while my fingers searched Madge’s pussy for her most sensitive spots. When I brushed the first, she lifted with an indrawn breath, with the second she moaned, calling my name, and when I hit the rough spot below her clit, arched in a small spasm.

“My turn. I want to taste her.”

“She’s delicious. Like you. Come here. Have you done this before? No? Ok, I’ll show you where to start. Run a finger along her lips, so. That’s right, gently, lean in, blow towards her clit, see the beads forming on her pussy? Run a finger down to them, that’s right. Taste. Delicious isn’t she? Now you’re on your own, I’m going to the other lips. Let’s drive her crazy.”

I moved up, kissing my way to Madge’s tits, sucking and tweaking her nipples, then on to her ear, “How’s she doing?”

“Ooh Josh. I could so easily get used to thiss, oh, she just found a spot…you guys are so good to me, kiss me, hold me I’m coming … aaah…oh, that was a nice one, Jeannie…don’t stop, oh gawd, here it comes…”

Her face flushed, Madge pulled Jeannie’s mouth to her pussy. Moaning, “Harder, please, more, Oh Jeannie, I love you…”

Jeannie held her position for minutes longer, her tongue occasionally appearing against Madge’s clit, until, finally, Madge collapsed to the bed.

We laid quietly for several minutes, savoring the moment, the blush receding from Madge’s chest. Jeannie crawled up to kiss her, whispering how much she loved her, then stretching across to kiss me, murmuring, “Thank you.”

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