Don’t Look Back Ch. 28

Big Tits

A few weeks had passed since their trip to San Antonio, and nothing had been said about the vibrating butt plug. Marshall began to wonder if Lee’d forgotten about it, and what he’d said he had in store for Marshall. But he sure as heck wasn’t about to remind him. He knew better than that. When Lee was ready, he’d know it. So Marshall stopped thinking about it. After all, a watched pot never boiled. Or so the saying went. Marshall had never had a desire to watch a pot of water come to a boil in the first place.

Lulled into a false sense of security, he was shaken from his complacency one fall morning when he came out of the shower to find Lee waiting for him, bullet-shaped butt plug in one hand, remote in the other. Marshall’s eyes lit at the sight. This promised to be an interesting day, indeed. The only question was how long did Lee intend to keep that inside of him, and how crazy did he intend to drive him with the remote control?

Guess that remained to be seen, didn’t it?

“Ready to be wired, boy?” Lee drawled. He was already dressed for the day, having taken a shower earlier. His eyes raked appreciatively up and down Marshall’s body as he finished toweling off.

“Actually, that one’s wireless,” Marshall corrected him playfully. “Didn’t I ever explain the concept of Wi-Fi to you, old man?”

Lee snorted. “That’ll be the day when you need to explain bursa escort something to me. But you just keep it up. And remember. He who holds the remote has control.”

Truer words were never spoken.

“Now, bend over and spread’em,” Lee directed. He set the remote aside and pulled the lube from the drawer in the bedside table.

Marshall obeyed and bent over the bed, his forehead touching the bedspread, his hands going to his backside, spreading his cheeks.

“Such a pretty sight,” Lee murmured, coming up behind him. He felt Lee’s lips lightly press a kiss onto his pucker, before he slid the lubed plug into position. It fit snugly in Marshall’s channel.

“There you go. Now, let’s make sure this thing works. Go ahead and sit on the side of the bed.”

Marshall did as he was told. The plug was slightly intrusive, and yet not uncomfortable. Lee stepped around the end of the bed and picked up the remote, pressing one of the buttons with his thumb. Almost immediately, Marshall felt his ass vibrate in a rather pleasurable way, and his cock twitched.

“Feel that?” Lee asked.

“Mmmhmm, I sure did.”

“Good. It works. Now get dressed, and let’s get to work.”

For the first few hours, as Marshall worked at writing a software program for one of their clients, Lee would sporadically press the remote, sending short waves of escort bayan desire bursting through Marshall’s ass. It felt incredibly good, and the more Lee did it, the more he wanted to be fucked by Lee.

But of course that wasn’t going to happen anytime soon. Lee was milking this for all it was worth.

Marshall almost wished Lee had insisted he use a cock ring. It would help ensure he not come before he was supposed to. He had a feeling that wouldn’t be easy. And Lee wasn’t exactly playing fair.

When Marshall was getting a cup of coffee from the kitchen, Lee came up behind him and deliberately rubbed against him, under the pretext of reaching for something on the counter. But Marshall knew better, and he was forced to stifle a moan. He suspected Lee heard it anyway.

At other times, Lee would inexplicably stop what he was doing to stand up and stretch. He’d put on a damn tight pair of jeans that morning, one that clung in all the right places, like the tight black T-shirt he wore over it, which accentuated his nipples. He made damn sure Marshall got a bird’s eye view of his body, and then he pushed the remote again, sending frissons of pleasure cascading into Marshall’s ass, making him moan again.

By noontime, Marshall’s cock was swollen and needy, and his pants were tight on either end, and the butt plug was keeping him in a constant state bursa escort of horny that was making concentration on work difficult. His condition wasn’t helped by having to answer the door what felt like a hundred times, although in truth it was only a few. The UPS guy, and the Fed Ex guy—who knew they’d have deliveries from both in one day? And each delivery driver seemed to take his time, chatting Marshall up when all he wanted to do was close the door and hustle back inside.

Then Sarah, from across the road, came over and asked to borrow a bit of sugar until she could get up to the store, and she chose today to be extremely chatty and sociable. Not that he had anything against her, mind you, he rather liked her. But today he wasn’t in the mood to listen to much of anything, other than the sound of Lee’s heavy breathing when he pushed his big cock inside of Marshall.

And that wasn’t happening anytime soon, was it?

As if things weren’t bad enough, Roy came by in the late afternoon. At least Roy didn’t stand on ceremony and expect to be let in. He’d knock on the door and holler out, giving them fair warning of his presence, just in case… and if it wasn’t a good time, they’d let him know.

“Y’all about ready to go up to Milly’s?” he asked, standing in the doorway of their workroom.

Milly’s? What for? A surprised Marshall gave Lee a questioning look.

“It’s a mite early, Roy.” Lee glanced at his watch. “Why don’t you grab a beer and we can set a spell before dinner? How does that sound?”

“Works for me, want one?”

“Sure, make that three.”

This was gonna be a long night.

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