Done Waiting Pt. 03


I was hooked. I wanted her bad. She obviously wanted me, too, which probably meant she didn’t have much sense. But I knew better than that. The heart wants what the heart wants. We were two peas in a pod. We both needed and wanted someone… to love? Hard to say. I think we both just wanted some human tenderness, which was as good a place to start as any.

I texted her the next day.

“Is Todd gone?”

She didn’t answer right away, so I started second-guessing myself. But then…

“Yes, thank God. What did you have in mind, and does it involve eating my pussy?”

She gets right to the point. I like that about her.

“I’m gonna call.”

I’m all thumbs when it comes to texting. And anyway, I liked the sound of her voice.

“Good morning, handsome,” she said when she answered the phone.

“Good morning, Rachel. I wanted to hear your voice again.”

“I sound like Minnie Mouse.”

“You do not. You sound like trouble, is what you sound like.”

“Minnie Mouse was trouble. Did you know she ran a whorehouse on the Disney backlot? Mickey never had a clue.”

I laughed. She laughed.

“You’re in a funny mood this morning.”

“It’s your fault, Mark. I’ve been feeling like a teenager ever since yesterday. In fact, you know what? This is so nuts. I’m getting wet just thinking about you. I want to feel your tongue on my pussy again, soon.”

“Which is why I’m calling. What are you doing Friday?”

“Whatever I’m doing Friday can wait if that question means what I hope it means.”

“What if we meet at the DiAngelo?”

“The hotel? Oh, Mark, are you sure you can afford it? The Hampton Inn would be fine with me.”

“I want to impress you with my worldliness, since you won’t be impressed with my body.”

“Oh, right. Let me tell you, it’s your good looks and your good hands that have made me so crazy horny these past few weeks. The DiAngelo! That’ll be something to remember.”

“I hope so.”

“When? I’ve got a cleaning job at 10. I could cancel it…”

“No, don’t. If I pick you up at noon, does that give you time to work and get ready?”

“You bet. And you know what? I’ll arrange for the kids to go to my sister’s after school for a play date. They’ll get to hang out with their cousins and I won’t have to rush home. In fact…”

She went silent.


“Maybe I’ll be visiting my sister with the kids…”

“I don’t follow.”

“Todd usually goes out with the office crowd for drinks Friday night, but just in case he breaks with tradition and wonders where I am, I’ll get my sister to cover for me.”

“She’d do that?”

“In a heartbeat. I’ll hint that I’ve got a date. She’ll be elated. She hates Todd. She thinks I’m wasting the best part of my life with him.”

I wasn’t sure what I thought about letting Rachel’s sister in on what we were doing, but I figured Rachel knew best. I hoped so, anyway. I understood the risks I was taking. Rachel was worth it and I was ready to double down, if necessary.


She came out of the house dressed to the nines. Heels, black dress, pearls around her neck, her hair bouncing and glistening in the bright sunlight. She was pulling a small, wheeled suitcase, which I took from her as I helped her into the passenger seat. She smiled and raised her eyebrows as closed the door. Oh, my. This was going to be an afternoon to remember.

As I settled in on my side, she leaned in and gave me a soft kiss. The v-neck of her dress gaped a bit and exposed more of her breasts than she normally showed. I couldn’t help but stare. She glanced down at herself and chuckled.

“This dress makes me feel sexy.”

“That dress makes you look irresistible.”

“Hold that thought. To the DiAngelo, my knight, and as quickly as this steed will take us!”

The DiAngelo was the city’s oldest and most prestigious hotel. It was where the visiting celebrities stayed, where the politicians met with the press, and on this particular day, it was where the Aaron Parkhurst “Money Grows on Trees” seminar was taking place. Young disciples of the self-made wealth guru were crowding the lobby, having just finished their morning session. They were all talking at once, each one convinced that he or she would be the city’s next multi-millionaire.

I had reserved our room the day before – the DiAngelo believed in late afternoon check-ins – so we avoided the busy main desk and went directly to the elevators. A line of Parkies, as they called themselves, stood behind us as the elevator doors opened. Rachel and I filed in and the car began to fill.

Just as the doors started to close there was a shout and they slid open again. A laughing couple stumbled into the front of the car. The eyes of most of the men turned towards her. She was a statuesque redhead, a little tipsy, very giggly, and built like a brick house. The man whispered something into her ear and she laughed and whispered something in reply that he seemed to like very much. And then it hit me. Todd. Rachel’s husband kaçak iddaa Todd. Holy shit.

She was next to me, her arm around my waist, but hidden behind a 200-pound kid in a three-piece suit who was struggling with a binder full of sure-fire get-rich-quick schemes.

I shifted her in front of me, turned her towards me and held her, tight. She looked up. I put my finger to my lips, and Todd turned slowly to scan the faces of the other riders. He stopped on mine. He looked puzzled. Then it snapped.

“Matt, right? I never forget a face. Insurance guy? Rachel’s working for you, right?”

“Mark, but otherwise, you’re right. Good to see you, Todd.”

Hearing his voice, Rachel stiffened in my arms and I crushed her a little tighter against me.

“You’re not here with these pie-in-the-sky losers, are you Matt?”

The car grew silent. If it had been a rugby team, he would have ended up on the floor beaten to a pulp. But a bunch of day traders and real estate speculators? What were they going to do?

“No, meeting a potential client.”

“A client? What’s a guy looking for an insurance policy doing in a fancy place like the DiAngelo?”

“He’s from out of town. Brought his family in with him for a getaway. Might move his business here, so he wanted some advice. What about you?”

He looked down at the redhead, she looked up at him and giggled.

“Managers’ meeting. We all get together once a month to talk strategies. They bring in food, we talk sales, then we all get shit-faced.”

The elevator dinged, the doors opened, and Todd glanced up.

“This is my floor. Good seeing you again, Matt.” He stepped out, then turned back. “Don’t mention you saw me to Rachel, ok buddy? Wouldn’t want her to get the wrong idea.”

He winked, the redhead pulled him into the hall, and the doors slid closed.

We were going to the top floor and were the last to step off. As soon as we did, she stopped me. Her face was red with anger.

“Who was she?”

“I have no idea, Rachel.”

“Managers’ meeting. What a crock. Was she a tall redhead? Big plastic boobs?”

“Uhhh, yes, that sounds about right.”

“Amber! His father’s hot new franchise owner. I knew something was going on. I knew it! Managers’ meeting my ass. What floor did they get off on?”

“Umm, three, I think.”

“I’m going down there and I’m going to find him, and when I do…”

She started towards the elevator. I caught her arm and stopped her.

“We could do that. We could find him. Slip some money to the desk clerk or maybe a maid. Get a pass key. My Glock is in my truck. We could walk in on him, catch him in flagrante delicto, shoot him in the balls, and kick Miss Silicone out naked into the hall. Then we’d disappear into the night and head for Tijuana. Of course, you’d have to leave the kids behind.”

She was turning pale.

“Or, we can go let ourselves into this gorgeous room I’ve booked us into… did I tell you I got the Presidential Suite?… and we can find a more pleasant way to get some revenge. What do you think?”

She gazed into my eyes for a long time, then pulled me into a bear hug and kissed me hard.

“Fuck Todd. I don’t want to go to Tijuana tonight. We can shoot him tomorrow. Take me to the room.”


I’d had a few days to imagine and fantasize and plan. I wanted this to be right. You only get one shot at a first time. I’d tried to check off all the romantic and passionate boxes because I wanted to wow her. Fancy suite in a 5-star hotel: check. Big garden tub for relaxing: check. Wine and hors d’oeuvres: ordered and ready.

I figured we would spend a good bit of time kissing, necking, getting warmed up. She would be nervous; I would take it slow, relax her, put her in the mood. She would be apprehensive about getting naked, so we would dim the lights and maybe sip some wine. When I thought the time was right, I would go down on her, bring her to an orgasm, maybe two, until she was fairly drunk with desire and ready for anything.

It was a good plan. But no plan survives first contact with the enemy.

I had no sooner closed the door behind me when she was on me, kissing me hard. I gave back as good as she was giving, tongues, lips, hot breath, hands going everywhere. She pressed me back against the door and devoured me. I pushed back, pressed her against the entry wall and slid my knee up between her thighs, tight against her pussy.

“Oh, baby, yes,” was all she said.

She was stronger than she looked. She pushed me back against the opposite wall, gave me a devilish smile, and used both hands to pull my shirt up. I’d worn one of my best dress shirts, but the buttons didn’t slow her down much. Pretty soon she pushed it off my shoulders, started kissing my chest, and even latched on to my left nipple as her hands made short work of my belt and zipper.

Her hands found my cock, and that’s how she led me to the king-sized bed.

I sort of stumbled along, trying to free myself from the rest of my clothes. Felt like kaçak bahis a teenager instead of the suave and experienced lover I had fantasized about. Once I got untangled, she took my rigid cock in her hands, dropped to her knees, and pressed her juicy lips over the head. She started a rhythm: mouth, lips, hands on the shaft, hands caressing my balls, hands stroking my nipples. It felt like I was being ravished by that Hindu love goddess with four arms.

The only sounds in the room were the pleasant slurping of her mouth on my cock.

Damn. I felt myself letting go. This was too much, and too early. I started reciting the states and their capitols, baseball World Series champs, anything to last a little longer. She seemed to sense what was happening and abruptly stopped. She gently pushed me back on the bed.

“I’m going to fuck your brains out.”

Still completely dressed, she hiked her filmy dress up with both hands, almost to the point where nothing would be left to the imagination, then hooked her fingers in her panties and pulled them down. They dropped to the floor. She deftly stepped out of them. Stepped out of her heels. Stepped closer and kneeled up on the bed, straddling my thighs. Pushed me flat onto my back. Shimmied up closer, then, looking down at my cock, raised her dress up so that we could both see our nakedness, our desire. My cock jumped and barely grazed her pussy. So close.

She trapped my cock between the moist lips of her labia, then started sliding forward and backward, stroking her clit. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her pussy, her soft bush, and the way the head of my cock would disappear and then reappear as her lips engulfed me. I was covered in her juices. I wanted to flip her on her back and pound her hard, but her eyes were closed in delight. This was good. Let her drive. Let her take her pleasure as she wanted it.

She put her hands on my chest and smiled down at me as she picked up the pace. Then she whimpered, stopped, lifted up and guided me to her opening.


I was. She sank down on me. There was resistance, lots of resistance. She was tight. She wiggled. She pulled back and pressed herself down harder.

“Oh, god, Mark, you’re much bigger than I thought. God, you feel good.”

She pressed down again, all the way this time, then yelped.

“I think you hit my cervix! Oh, baby.” She sucked in her breath and started moving, up and down, up and down, the muscles of her quads taught. Her dress covered us and I wanted to watch. I grabbed her hips and was mesmerized by the sight of my cock disappearing into her pussy.

She was working hard. Her breathing was becoming labored.

Then she leaned forward and started a sprint, grinding herself against me on every stroke. I grabbed her ass cheeks and pulled her down hard. Her face was flushed. Her mouth was open, gasping like a distance runner on the last mile.

“Oh, yes, baby, oh shit. God, that’s good. Fuck me, Mark. Fuck me. Make me come, please. Ohhhhh, shit.”

She picked up speed. She ground her sensitive clit into me relentlessly. I could see the orgasm building in her face.

Then she shook violently, pressed her pubic bone down as hard as she could and screamed.

“Fuck you Todd! Fuck you, you bastard!”

She quivered and shook, locked her thighs tight against mine, gasped for breath, then trembled and jumped as more little shocks rolled over her pussy. Her orgasm rocked back and forth, up and down, like a wave caught between two jetties. It seemed to last for minutes. Then, slowly, she lowered herself to my chest, collapsed, and pressed her face into my neck.

I thought the phone was ringing, like maybe security was calling to see if we were ok. Then I realized my ears were ringing. I held her tight against me, maybe a little afraid she’d mistake me for her husband and go into a homicidal rage.

But I felt warm tears on my neck. She sniffled, then started weeping, and I held on to her in love, not fear. I put my hand on her head and slipped my fingers into her hair and she wept harder.

“I’ve got you. Go ahead and cry. I’ve got you, Rachel.”

She kissed my cheek. Her weeping gradually subsided. She wiped her face on the bed cover, then raised up a bit and looked into my eyes, searching for something.

“I’m so sorry, Mark. You don’t deserve to be in the middle of this. I’ve had my suspicions about Todd for a long time but I stayed faithful. I kept hoping he would look at me the way he looks at other women. And then the very day I finally decide to move on with my life, I get slapped in the face with the reality that I’ve tried to deny all this time. And you, you angel, I should just feel so grateful to you for giving back to me something I had lost, but all I could feel was anger.”

“You always come like that when you’re angry? I’ll have to keep that in mind.”

She laughed and punched me playfully in the arm.

“I come like that when I’m with a real man. I haven’t come for so many years, and in these past couple illegal bahis of weeks you’ve turned me into a raving orgasm monster. You have no idea how good that felt. I nearly passed out. You’re a girl’s dream come true. … Wait, are you still hard?”

“It’s possible.”

“You didn’t come yet?”

“I was too interested in you to think about me, I guess. The look on your face when you have an orgasm is amazing. I would gladly give you that kind of pleasure every day of the week if I could.”

She sat up straight, took hold of her dress, and lifted it over her head. Wow. Just wow. I reached out for her small breasts and squeezed them in my hands. Her nipples were thick and rubbery. Her skin was baby-soft.

“My boobs aren’t very big. I’m sorry to disappoint you. Todd likes them big. I thought about having implants done, but wondered if it would really make a difference to him.”

“Don’t you do it. You’re completely stunning, Rachel. Your breasts are just perfect. Delicate, feminine, touchable.”

She drew in a breath between her teeth.

“I like having them touched.”

“I love the way they disappear into my hands. Good thing I’ve got big hands.”

She smiled.

“We should strip this duvet off the bed. Then I want you to make love to me.”


We kissed for a long time, touched each other all over. Her skin was remarkably soft, and she liked being touched. She had firm muscles, especially in her legs from all the miles on her bike, but she was soft in all the right places. I stroked her clit lazily with my finger, then pressed it inside of her as I let my thumb take over clit duty. And meanwhile, I sucked and chewed on her fantastic nipples.

It wasn’t long before I’d brought her to another orgasm.

“Damn, you’re good. But I feel empty. My pussy wants your penis.”

“I thought she would never ask.”

I moved between her legs. She raised her knees and spread them wide. I moved up until I bumped into her pussy, then she gently squeezed my shaft with her hand and guided me inside of her.

So wet. So warm and inviting. I pressed forward, kissing her nipples as I pushed inside of her, then kissing her neck, her throat, her ears, her eyelids, and finally her lips. Her pussy contracted slightly around my shaft as it adjusted to the intrusion.

I started moving very slowly, just savoring the feeling. There’s just nothing like it in all of creation. That feeling of sinking deep into pleasure, deep into connection, deep into that place where everything makes sense. It’s really some kind of spiritual feeling, I guess, to be connected to a woman in that way. I didn’t fuck her. I made love to her, because I loved this gift she was giving me.

But eventually, the body takes over and tells the mind to shut the fuck up. We both picked up the pace. I supported myself above her enough so that I could watch her breasts bouncing up and down with each stroke. I pressed my hand under her left ass cheek and pulled her in harder each time we met. Pretty soon, we were pounding each other, oblivious to the other’s needs, just deep in the zone of our own pleasure. I needed to fill her pussy with my seed. She needed me to fill her. We were both racing now, panting, sweating, our bodies were slapping against each other. I could feel it coming, and this time I wouldn’t hold back.

“I’m gonna cum, Rachel.”

“Do it. Cum inside me. Fill me up, Mark. Fill me up.”

“Come with me, Rachel. I want to feel it.”

“Oh, oh, yes Mark. Shit yes. I’m going to come with you. I’m almost there. Not yet. Keep going. Just like that. Just a little more. Just… oh… unnnggh… oh shit! Oh, I’m cumming! Ohhhhh!”

As I felt her pussy squeeze down on my cock. I pushed into her deeply once more and let go. I flash-flooded her little pussy and kept pumping. Felt like a kid again. Felt my balls emptying themselves, felt my whole body quiver and spasm with the most intense pleasure I could remember feeling.

I pushed in harder as the last dying jets of my seed flooded into her. Then it was my turn to collapse.

Neither of us said anything. Didn’t need to. We nuzzled, we kissed, we stroked each other’s hair. Then I rolled onto my side to give her some breathing room. My soft cock slid out of her, our juices ran down her thighs. Good sex is messy sex. I pulled her over on her side to me and we both closed our eyes and fell asleep.


I awoke to the sound of water running. She was gone. I glanced around and saw light in the bathroom. Got out of bed and walked in on her as she was lowering herself into the massive garden tub. She looked like a goddess.

“Mind if I join you?”

“I was hoping you would.”

The water was hot. I got in behind her, pulled her up against me and held her in my lap. She lay her head back against my shoulder and we relaxed. I played with her breasts and nibbled on her ears. Left her pussy alone for the time being. I figured she might be sore.

She moved around to get more comfortable, then settled down into the water until her chin was floating on the surface. My cock was between her ass cheeks and getting bigger.

“Someone is coming back to life. That’s good. I was hoping I hadn’t killed you.”

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