Domestic Affairs


This is a continuation of “International Relations”. Readers should check-out the first installment to understand what is going-on, and why, for this chapter.


After returning home from my training classes in Switzerland, it didn’t take long for my life to get back to normal. Other than the occasional vivid dream, I managed to push to my experiences with Ivan to the back of my mind, and considered the whole thing just an impulsive experiment. No harm done…and since Ivan was highly unlikely to cross my path again…not an event that would repeat itself. I still struggled with the fact that I let it happen at all…much less twice…even though my wife seemed unbelievably cool with it.

“Honey, you really put too much importance on this.” She said to me as we talked, a few days after my return. “I’ll admit it shocked me a little at first…but hardly different than what I shared with Kim in college. I think guys have a really strange sense of logic. Many love watching two women together…others think tag-teaming a lady is really hot…but you’d think that even touching another man would make their skin melt. Are male friendships really that superficial?”

“No, dear…there are friends that I would die for. It’s just different…we’re not as emotional, I suppose. Sharing ourselves in that way with another guy is intensely personal…I guess some of us fear it could get out-of-hand.” I replied, not really knowing why two chicks eating each other out seemed more acceptable. “I’m a straight, married man with a smoking-hot wife. You should be, and are, the only partner I’ll ever need. I feel like I failed you…and in a way that I could never imagined having done so.”

Sue looked at me with a puzzled grin. “So you’re telling me that I am the only sexual outlet in your life? You never jack-off, or have fantasies about other women?” she said, planting a firm kiss on my lips before continuing. “You’re either a liar, or in complete denial. I play with my battery-buddy often when you’re away…and I might have to think twice if George Clooney offered me a quick lay. What you did was new, exciting, and non-threatening to our relationship. I know many of my married girlfriends wouldn’t know how to handle it if their husband confessed to liking cock…but I’m hardly a conventional woman.” Sue kissed me again, rubbing my crotch and pressing her chest to mine.

“I don’t like cock.” I answered, with a nervous chuckle as she bit on my lip. “You’re right…you’re anything but conventional.”

“That’s really too bad.” My wife cooed, slipping her finger between my lips. “I’m so hot…so wet…just thinking about your friend’s cock sliding between these lips.”

I nuzzled at her neck and growled into her ear, “That’s really not the best way to turn me on.”

Sue lowered my zipper and pulled my rock-hard cock through the fly. “Doesn’t seem to make you limp either, tiger. Maybe he forced your hand the first time…but certainly not the second.” She said while dropping to her knees and quickly taking my cock down her throat.

I intended to offer a rebuttal, but her oral skills threw my mind off the subject. As Sue buried her nose into my tight curls, the idea briefly flashed in my head that Ivan seemed even better at the task. Shaking the thought away, I focused my attention on the most important person in my life…taking time to truly make love with her.


Sue continued to tease me with her fantasy of seeing me with another guy from time-to-time, but I learned to brush it off. I was getting more comfortable with having had the experience…and didn’t mind if the idea enhanced our sex life. I was confident the novelty would fade, and Sue would eventually let it slide.

Months passed, and eventually Sue rarely mentioned the incident with Ivan. I had not thought much about myself until one afternoon at our local gym. Sue and I usually spend four days a week doing cardio and weight-training. Over the last few weeks, we’ve developed a casual friendship with another couple who seem to be on a similar schedule. Josh and Patty are also in their late-twenties or early-thirties, in great shape, and an attractive pair. We never meet outside the gym, but conversations are friendly, and it’s nice to have partners to help spot when lifting free-weights. Patty is similar to my wife in many ways…same athletic build, without being bulky…dark hair, and firm c-cup breasts. Josh and I share similar swimmer-style physiques…with him being maybe an inch shorter and ten pounds lighter.

Josh asked for my help doing some leg-lifts while Patty finished her time on the treadmill. It’s not an exercised I normally do, but something different for my abs seemed like a good idea. Josh lay down on the floor, his head between my legs and hands gripping my ankles, as he lifted his legs toward my head. I would then catch his feet and toss them back toward the floor…repeating a cycle. It seemed like an easy exercise, but required a lot of strength from Mersin Eskort

the abdominals. When it came time for my set, I glanced upward as I fought to maintain proper form. I had a clear view up the leg of Josh’s basketball shorts…noticing he wore boxers underneath. There wasn’t enough light to see anything else, and I felt oddly disappointed. I also felt a little strange that the thought would occur to me.

The workout was over; we said goodbye to our friends as both couples got in their cars to leave. Sue smiled at me like a Cheshire cat and asked; “I saw you boys had a new routine. So, how was the view up there?”

“Huh?” I replied, with a heavy dose of confusion.

“An opportunity like that, and you can’t tell me what he’s packing?” Sue said with a giggle. “I can share that Patty has very lovely breasts.”

“You can really be evil. No, I didn’t bother to look.” I said, lying. “How about you…have you and Patty been lathering each other in the shower?”

“Oh yes, dear…right after the pillow fight and wrestling each other in our teddies. They have all those things in women’s locker rooms.” Sue said, rolling her eyes. “Men really are pigs. I just had a glimpse once while she changed into a sports bra.”

“Sorry to disappoint you, dear. I can offer nothing in return.” I answered honestly this time.

“They are cute, and I’ve seen you stealing glances at Patty’s chest while she’s on the elliptical.” Sue said while slapping my thigh. “Not that I blame you. Josh is pretty hunky…I thought maybe you’d have a flicker of curiosity.”

I took a deep sigh, and tried to ignore the slight stir in my shorts. “No dear. Besides, that would be a violation of the Locker Room Code. Guys don’t look and then tell.”

“Ohhhh…I see.” Sue said mockingly. “Well I certainly wouldn’t want you to violate the code. I’ll just have to keep my evil thoughts about the two of you to myself.”

“Please do.” I said, lifting her hand and kissing the fingers. I understood what she was inferring, but allowed the conversation to end there.


About a month later, we decided to invite Josh and Patty to dinner with us after our usual workout. They seemed genuinely thrilled, and eagerly accepted the offer. Since going home would add another layer of difficulty, we all agreed to shower and change at the gym, and go from there. The gym isn’t elaborate, just a small neighborhood place with equipment, changing rooms, and two showers in each locker room. It’s really all we need, and I don’t mind not having to pay for pools, saunas, and basketball courts.

When the four of us had finished, Josh and I headed to the men’s locker room to get ready for dinner. It never dawned on me that I had never actually seen Josh naked, and really didn’t think about it as we undressed and walked to the showers. We shared idle chit-chat about sports and work…not bothering to close the curtains on the stalls that faced each other. It wasn’t until I looked toward him…the soap bubbles trailing down Josh’s back and buttocks, the well-defined muscles visible around his shoulders as he washed his hair…that I had a sudden flash-back of admiring Ivan’s physique in a similar way. My thoughts started drifting back to the feeling of Ivan’s warm mouth around my cock, and the strength of his grip at the back of my head. I quickly turned to face the wall…afraid Josh would see my half-hard cock and create problems I didn’t want to deal with.

“Hey man…you ok?” Josh asked, tapping my shoulder as I stood under the water, lost in my own thoughts. “You’re going to turn into a prune if you stay in there much longer.”

“Oh…yeah…just got caught in a daydream, I suppose.” I stammered in response, grabbing my towel as Josh dried his hair…his uncut cock swaying between his legs. I looked only briefly, not wanting to reveal my curiosity. I struggled to suppress the urge to touch it, and compare Josh’s package to my memory of Ivan’s. “You are one sick fucker.” I thought to myself, and quickly got dressed. I knew Josh had to see my near-arousal. I was glad he made no comment, and spared my dignity.


The four of us turned into close friends and spent more time with each other outside the gym. Almost a year had passed, and the ladies seemed to enjoy spending more and more time with each other…often heading to art shows, area festivals and weekend shopping trips. Josh and I weren’t quite as connected-at-the-hip, but liked each other’s company, and would sometimes hit the local sports bars when the girls were away, or fill-in for each others company softball teams. Sue and I could tell that there was some minor tension between our friends…they weren’t unhappy…just something lingering under the surface that didn’t come-up in normal conversation.

“Patty’s a little worried about her man. Maybe you boys should hit the bars and let off some steam while we’re gone.” My wife said a week later, with a wink and a smile. “Go to that classy gentlemen’s Mersin Escort Bayan club downtown, not some dive. Remember…look, don’t touch.” She said as she slapped my ass, walked to the closet, and packed for another “girls’ weekend”.

“What the hell are you talking about?” I asked with surprise…not believing that our wives were giving us permission to tuck dollars at a local titty-bar. “Josh seems fine to me.”

“Patty’s been having some “girl problems”…nothing serious, but she’s just not been feeling sexy lately. The doctor says it’s just a hormone imbalance from birth-control pills. They’ve changed the meds, and she’ll be fine in a few weeks. Sue’s confided in me that she’s tried to “be there” for Josh, but her enthusiasm just isn’t there. Patty thinks the poor guy might be getting frustrated with taking things into his own hands.”

“I’m not sure how taunting the guy with bouncing boobies is going to help that situation.” I said with a scowl on my face. “Josh is certainly not the first guy whose had to deal with this problem…I’m sure he’ll find a way through it.”

“Oh, I don’t doubt that, sweetheart. Do whatever you like…I mainly wanted you to know that your friend is stressed enough, that his wife talked to me about it. Women talk about things that bother them…it seems sometimes guys never do.”

“If Josh needed to talk it out, I’m sure he would. Everybody deals with things in their own way. I’m not going to push him into such a personal conversation…it seems you and Patty have no boundaries on what you discuss with each other.” I replied, giving Sue a peck on the cheek.

“Patty and I share more in common than I would have ever imagined. It’s been nice to have a girlfriend I can be so open with.” Sue said, pausing as though thinking about her next words. “A while back we were gossiping about our college lives, relationships…all sorts of girly stuff. You might be surprised that you and Josh share a similar conflict with your pasts.”

“Hmmm…apparently must have something to do with marrying women who don’t know when to keep their mouth’s shut.”

Sue had a grin across her face. “Ok…you might have a point. Thing is, we were talking about wild parties, sorority crap…and I mentioned my friendship with Kim. Patty’s life was fairly vanilla…no real surprise there…but Josh had some early experiences with a fraternity brother that he reluctantly discussed before their wedding. They had an “evening of honesty”, as Patty put it, to talk about their partners and sexual histories before committing to marriage. Josh was nervous about telling her, and from what I gather, had similar difficulties in dealing with it as you did.”

At first, I was stunned, and then angry. “Are you telling me you told Patty about the things that happened in Switzerland!? You two took the most private information…confident discussions between a man and wife…and shared them over lunch!?” I yelled, as my emotions started to boil.

“Oh no…no, baby.” Sue said, holding my hand. “I was surprised Patty told me about that…probably the effect of too many margaritas. I brushed it off as no big deal…told her I thought more men had those kinds of experiences than were willing to admit. We didn’t linger on it…the discussion ended right there as we pondered where to shop for shoes.” My wife seemed genuinely remorseful for upsetting me. “I shouldn’t have told you…not sure why I did…guess I thought the information gave you and Josh common ground. I’m sorry for being insensitive…but your secret is safe. I promise never to reveal the things you found so hard to tell me in the first place.”

She hugged me tightly as a tear ran down her cheek. My anger began to subside as we stood in the kitchen and shared a tight embrace. Confident that my own story hadn’t gone any further, I started to empathize with Josh. If he knew Patty had so leisurely discussed such personal information, I’m sure his reaction would have been the same as mine.


Our wives were heading-out for five days of antique hunting with Patty’s Mother. Josh and I were more than relieved that we couldn’t be away from work for the hen-fest. After waving goodbye as they left the driveway, I invited Josh to stay for lunch and watch whatever game we could find on television. We weren’t really interested in any of the teams playing, and the game we settled-on was turning into a blow-out.

“Did you get the same suggestion from Patty that I got from Sue?” I asked, as boredom overtook me. “My wife actually suggested we hang-out at strip clubs.”

Josh nearly choked on his beer. “Uh…yeah…I got something like that.” He said, with mild aggravation. “Do they talk about absolutely everything? Guess you know we haven’t had sex in nearly a month. Hell…you probably know how often I take a dump!”

I laughed, trying to ease the mood. “Well, no…I don’t know the exact details. But Sue did say your wife was feeling out-of-sorts with the change in medication.” I handed him another Mersin Escort beer before continuing, “It’s ok, dude…a month is a long time…cool that she’s thinking about you.”

“Yeah…I know…her heart’s in the right place.” Josh replied, sounding calmer. “The girls are really close…not like they tell everyone they meet what’s going on. You’re the only person I’d share that kind of shit with anyway. I’d just like to be the one deciding who and when to discuss my own issues…without it going through committee.”

“You’re preaching to the choir, man. I had a similar reaction when I learned what they’ve talked about at various times.” I said, regretting that it sounded like I knew even more. “They don’t mean to hurt us…women just seem more open to spilling their guts.”

Josh remained quiet for a few moments, as though considering what else I knew about their private lives. “I respect your friendship, man…be assured that I don’t discuss trusted information outside the four of us.”

“I know that…and I hope you know I share the same loyalty.” The atmosphere was really tense, and we both seemed to be considering how much the other knew. “Fuck this shit…let’s go look at some naked babes.”

“What the hell.” Josh said, raising his hands in mock defeat. “Not really my thing…but it’s not like either of us came up with the idea. Let’s see if those places are just as cheesy as when I was in college.”

We decided that Sue’s suggestion of the fancy place downtown would be our best bet. Neither of us cared much for strip clubs…but we were bored, and the idea had already been placed in our heads. During the drive, Josh and I couldn’t help but wonder why our wives came up with this idea. Sue and Patty were obviously very open and sexual women…but it still seemed slightly odd. The club itself was surprisingly nice, and the women all seemed young and gorgeous. A far cry from the cheap places we had experienced in college. After a few too many drinks, I paid one of the prettier ladies to give Josh a lap-dance. He seemed annoyed that I did it, but also realized my judgment was slightly impaired. Regardless, the bulge in his trousers indicated he found it more enjoyable than painful. In my mildly intoxicated stupor, I probably stared at his crotch far too long, and my mind drifted once again toward wanting to see and touch it. I was still lucid enough to be aware of the stir in my own pants, and chastised myself for being a twisted pervert.

“What are you staring at, asshole!” Josh said, with a mild slur. “You fucking bastard. I can’t believe you paid her to do this to me!” he laughed, while grabbing and shaking his crotch.

The young lady then slid over to me…her breasts uncovered and bouncing inches from my face. “You boys are so naughty.” She cooed. “Maybe you guys should meet me after work, and I can take care of the dirty trick you pulled on your friend.” The dancer said, looking around to be sure no one else could hear. “I think you’re both pretty hot…and I can make a special arrangement for you both at once.”

Josh and I both looked at each other, and knew we were in trouble. “Uh, thanks…but we’re just here for a little fun. Not to get killed by our wives.” I said as nervousness cleared my head. “I think its time we called it a night.” Josh offered her a nice tip, and we left the club.

I drove maybe a mile before it occurred to me that neither of us should be driving. We weren’t sloppy drunk, but the buzz hadn’t cleared either. It was late, so I found an empty parking lot, and pulled over. “We should probably let our heads clear before we try and drive. I don’t want to hurt anyone.”

“Good idea, man.” Josh said, already speaking more clearly than in the bar. “I can’t believe we just got offered to double-fuck that chick.” He said, covering his eyes and grinning. “I’ve done some wild shit, but a three-way isn’t one of them. How about it, Romeo… is that in your repertoire?”

I was coming out of the daze, but my tongue was still looser than it would be, otherwise. “No…not on the same girl. I did it with my girlfriend while my roommate and his girl were in the room. Kind of a four-way without the swapping.” I answered, chuckling. “It was hot, but weird at the same time. Only time I ever had an audience.”

“Oh fuck…I’m still horned.” Josh said, laughing. “What the hell was I thinking? Going to a place like that while my uninterested wife is away? Brilliant, just fucking brilliant.” Josh shifted in the passenger seat, arranging his privates. “Guess we’ve all had our share of wild-ass experiences.”

“Is that so? Your turn, then…what skeleton is in your closet?” I asked, punching him in the arm.

Josh stared at the headliner of the car, looking like he was ready to share a personal moment, and then thought better of it. “Nothing comparable…pretty routine stuff on my end.” His tone revealed he was hiding something.

I, of course, had a good idea what was going through his head. I also would have rather died than let him know I had any idea what he experienced. “Hey, it’s cool…nothing is going to shock me…absolutely nothing.” I said, quickly glancing at his crotch and then back toward his face. “But we can let it drop…we’re just talking shit, anyway.”

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