Doin’ the Boss: Again


My name is Constance and I am a slut. A good for nothing, cheating husband humping, loose morals slut.

At least that is what some of the story feedback came to me after I wrote my first story, “Doin’ The Boss”, a while back. It took forever to chronicle my relationship with my former boss, but in the end I thought the story was a decent summary of a lot of what went on between us over a couple of years of working together.

Yes, I seduced him while knowing he was married. Yes, I pleasured him orally countless times in his shiny red automobile. And yes, I even blew him while he was speaking with his wife on his cell phone. There were lots of other occasions, like the time I was an emergency babysitter for my boss and his wife Mary, and that’s a real dozy of a story. Ok, ok, for those of you who demand to have me admit it, I am a slut.

But to the rest of you who wrote very nice, understanding feedback, thank you! It is always great to receive decent feedback, and knowing you liked my story, or could relate to part of it, or were turned on my it, makes the time spent writing it worthwhile. In any event, it wasn’t my intent of following up with another story on the relationship I had with my former boss, Mr. Little, but given some of the requests for more details and given the fact that I enjoyed writing it, why not?

For those of you who missed “Doin’ The Boss” you might want to read it (feedback appreciated) before reading the following, but whether you do or not, enjoy!

As I write this I’m sitting in a comfy beanbag chair in my living room, thinking about my former boss, Mr. K. Lawrence Little. Why not? He is quite a man, just a tad over 6 feet tall with a body shaped pretty well on the strength of three visits a week to a local health club. As Vice President of a bank’s credit processing area, he was my first real boss. He helped me through some difficult times, became friends, and we did ultimately share a satisfying sexual relationship while I worked for him as an administrative assistant. For a bit two years he was a major part of my life.

I was 20, fresh out of secretarial school and very impressionable when I secured that first job. Mr. Little was a steadying force in my life. While everything else could be in shambles my boss was a rock. He could always be counted on to guide me through the multitude of challenges one faces in her first real job. He was a great sounding board, a strong mentor, and a person who I could speak freely with about my professional…and after a while, personal…life.

Yes, it may have been morally wrong when I seduced him in his office late one afternoon, but it happened. I knew he was married, I knew it was wrong, but at the time it seemed so very wonderfully right. It was a sexual thing at first, growing into more over time. Getting him to give into my charms was exciting for me, a girl nearly 20 years his junior.

Thinking back to that first time, I’d have to say the think I remember most wasn’t the toe-curling oral pleasure we gave each other. No, what is etched in my memory was the almost trancelike look Mr. Little had when he looked up my pleated wool skirt. I swear he was hypnotized! It was as if I had writing on my panties and he was attempting to read it.

That was one of many great times we had a sexual escapade in his office. Mr. Little knew it was wrong to be with me, his own administrative assistant. He knew it was doubly wrong because he was married. But once it happened he realized being in for a penny definitely made him in for a pound. After a while he halted having sex with me in his office, afraid that we’d be caught and it might cost him his position, but that didn’t mean we slowed our relationship.

The man had a nearly insatiable desire for oral sex. Never in our relationship did we have intercourse, as he at first said he didn’t want to “fully cheat” on his wife, and later he said he wanted to wait for sex until we were married. How gentlemanly, but I think he just liked to have his dick blown.

And blow him I did. Most of the time it was in his car, but every so often I’d suck him off after walking hand-in-hand at a local park, or in the stairwell of a mall parking lot and once in a baseball dugout at a local field. There was the hand job on the Metroliner on the way to New York on a one-day business trip, and the blowjob in the 30th Street Station parking lot after the train trip home. And of course, that babysitting assignment.

Don’t get me wrong, I never complained a bit about our nearly one-way relationship. I loved sucking Mr. Little’s cock, I loved the power I had over him, and how he was putty in my hands. Doing it in partially public places was an extra turn on, as the threat of being caught in the act was ever so hot. I really got off on doing it, and his infrequent reciprocal visits between my legs were icing on the cake.

Once, after my boss said he hadn’t had sex with neither his wife nor me for more than a week, he literally begged me for a blowjob. Flowers were on my desk when I arrived in the office, casino siteleri and I thanked him in his office with an ear-to-ear smile. The fact that I had entered the office after lifting my skirt to halfway up my thighs couldn’t have hurt!

For the record, there was no reason we hadn’t had sex over that particular week. It was just that I had several things to get to after work, was overly busy at work, and given his desire not to do any of the nasty stuff in his office just made our getting together out of the question.

Mr. Little asked — no begged — that we get together after work, and I nodded and told him I’d think about it, knowing all the time it was a sure thing. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on him, but I wanted to keep him guessing.

At 4:45 I stuck my head into Mr. Little’s office and asked if he minded if I knock off 15 minutes early. The look on his face was priceless, as he thought it meant we couldn’t meet. But it soon brightened as I said I had to go to the mall. That was one of our secret meeting places, way back on the bottom floor in a parking spot guarded on one side by a wall. I left the spot open between my car and the wall, and Mr. Little would park there as his car was a bit bigger and offer more room to our lip wrestling.

I drove over and freshened my makeup while waiting for my boss, and he didn’t disappoint me. He arrived just minutes behind me — I knew he’d have to leave in short order to be home and at the dinner table by six — and he gestured me over to his car.

Sliding into the front seat, I made no effort to slide down my skirt. I sat there, smiling at him, while he gazed at the whiteness above the tops of my black stockings.

“Oh Constance, you are a wicked dream, you are so enticing,” commented my boss. “You make me so horny for you.”

I didn’t reply, except to put my arms around him and begin a long, passionate kiss. Mr. Little is a great kisser, and I loved to take advantage of that. When we had time, we’d kiss and feel each other’s bodies for extended periods of time. On this night, though, given the time constraints, the kiss lasted only several minutes before I reached over and began stroking his cock through the tent in his trousers to begin quickie time.

His dick grew from semi-hard to rigid in my grasp, and it gave me a warm feeling to know I had such an effect on him. He kissed my neck, my ear and back down to my mouth while I stroked him. After a bit he reached down and unzipped his fly, and I reached into and maneuvered his dick out of his boxers and into the air. Then I broke his kiss and asked what me wanted (as if I didn’t know!). I just loved hearing him say the words.

“Suck me, Constance, suck my dick!”

He asked and I did as the boss requested. I knelt on the passenger seat then bent over with one hand on the floor to prop me up a bit while placing the other hand securely around his throbbing dick. I looked at his thick, brownish white cock as I stroked it, and listened to his heavy breathing above me. Then I lowered my head toward his cock, licking it around the tip before laving up and down the rock-hard spike. Then I ovaled my mouth and sucked his dick into my hot mouth.

No matter how many times I sucked that dick, the first several seconds of his cock sliding past my lips gave me such a tingling thrill. I always started slow, alternating strokes of my hand with the up and down strokes of my head. I prided myself on knowing the kind of blowjob he wanted by his actions in those first few seconds. If he moaned and groaned to my initial stroking and sucking then felt his hand on my head, then I knew he wanted me to continue those actions. If I didn’t feel that hand, then I would stop stroking his cock and balance myself on both hands and just use my head-bobbing action to suck him off.

Whenever I wore a skirt to our mall rendezvous Mr. Little would add a bit of spice to our coupling. He’d lift my skirt up over my backside and (if I were wearing them) insert his hand down my panties to caress my ass and sometimes all the way down to my pussy while I blew his throbbing dick. If I had arrived pantyless, he’d not only lift the skirt and caress me, but he’d also redden my ass with some well timed loving spanks. I particularly liked the latter, as I’d move my head to the beat of his light spanking of my behind.

On this particular occasion I had on red panties, which he surprisingly lowered and then warmed my ass with gentle swats alternated with caresses. It got him so hot to do this, and his dick somehow grew even more in my sucking mouth.

“Oh yes, Constance, you’ve got it. Suck my cock, suck my dick,” he cried while giving my ass several warming smacks. “Oh yea, oh yea, you are the best…There’s someone walking by and he can see you blowing me, he can see your panties are down and your bare ass is showing. Wiggle your cute little ass for him.”

Mr. Little enjoyed our little play-acting. While I never thought for sure that anyone was watching us, and surely standing there right outside güvenilir casino the car with my sucking him off, the thought that we might be observed was hot. And it really excited my boss. Whenever he would speak those kind of words I knew his orgasm was near, and I wiggled my butt high in the air while intensifying my mouth action on his blossoming, sperm-filled dick.

I slowed my sucking to delay his orgasm, and then sped up to bring it on, bobbing my head on his dick like the bobble head doll that I am.

“Swallow it all, suck the cum out of my cock,” begged Mr. Little, and swallow I did. But not all of his sticky hot sauce. On this afternoon I kept a couple spurts of his cum in my mouth. After several minutes of recovery, I pushed myself up and planted a major league kiss on his mouth.

Mr. Little pulled back a little upon the taste of the strange substance, but I moved with him, swirling my cum-drenched tongue in his mouth. Ultimately he kissed back, resigned to the situation. Oh, it was hot knowing this macho man had his manly sauce in his mouth, but heck, if it was good enough for me it surely was good enough for him, right?

“You are a bad girl, Constance,” said my boss when he came up for air.

I smiled my cum-stained lips at him and asked him if he liked the taste. Now that was a test! If he said no, then he would have my wrath as being one who had sucked down gallons of his cum over the prior few months. If he said yes, I’d ask if he wanted more next time. He shook his head and laughed, finally telling me it was good but that he’d rather I swallowed it all the way down into my stomach instead.

We laughed and I hugged him, reminding him of the time. “You don’t want to be late getting home to your wife,” I tongue-in-cheek reminded.

He sort of groaned, but reminded me that he loved me. I think he loved my cocksucking skills more than anything, but appreciated the compliment.

I smiled at him, and glanced down at his shrinking cock. It had shrived up, and I coyly asked if he wanted me to clean it off. Not surprisingly, he nodded yes. I lowered my head once again into his lap and sucked his now flaccid cock into my hot mouth. He pulled back a little as I did it, but gradually loosened up and allowed me full access to his dick. All of it fit into my mouth, and I slowly caressed his knob with my mouth. His cock grew a little, but it surely didn’t get hard. It was the first time I had blown him so soon after sucking him off, and I didn’t know what to expect.

My mouth sucked his semi-hard cock for several minutes. I didn’t bob my head on it, I didn’t have to. I just sucked and twirled my tongue around his little dick. He forgot about getting home to wifey and just kept telling me how wonderful it felt, how hot it was that I was sucking him off again so soon after his blasting my tongue with cum the first time. After a while he told me I could stop, that he couldn’t cum again so fast after the last time, and that he did need to be going. I, on the other hand, was a woman on a mission, and continued to oval my mouth on the flaccid dick.

It was great sucking him this way, as his dick wasn’t throbbingly insistent. You know, it didn’t need to cum. It was spent. Still, it wanted more of what I was giving, and I gradually increased the pressure of my oral assault on his dick. I’ve honestly never been able to deep throat a guy when he was rock hard, but in Mr. Little’s current state of rigidity I could more than handle all his manhood. I rolled my tongue around his dick while continuing to suck, and feeling his thick brown pubic hair tickling my nose was quite an unusual feeling.

My boss lay back and savored by mouth on his cock. He kept telling me to continue, to “keep sucking it baby” and so forth. Soon I felt him reach down and another first occurred. He grasp his cock in his hand and began milking it off to the tune of my sucking mouth. Instead of my jerking his dick into my mouth he was doing it himself, and I swear his cock jumped at the knowledge of what he was doing.

“Oh my god Constance, I’m jerking off into your mouth, oh yea, it’s great, you whore!” spouted the excited words from his mouth. “Oh yea, suck the tip, suck me off. I can’t believe you are letting me jerk off into your mouth!”

Mr. Little stroked his insistent and lengthening dick off into my mouth, and soon a spurt and a half of cum sauce rewarded me into my mouth. My boss groaned and I know he would have collapsed had he been standing, but in this sitting position he merely slumped over in his seat. “Oh that was incredible,” was all he could say as he panted.

Incredible indeed, it was hot and exciting and I knew I would remember that moment forever. I don’t know how he made it home that night without crashing the car or something, but needless to say there were more fresh flowers on my desk the next morning upon my arrival.

I don’t know exactly why I thought of that rendezvous the other day. Maybe it was the voice mail message that morning from Mr. Little wishing me a Merry Christmas canlı casino and Happy New Year.

Yes, after he told me that his wife was expecting another child I came to the realization that his promises and my hopes of marriage were never to be I left the company and ended our relationship. I missed him, but I didn’t need him anymore. Still, it was good to hear his voice. After all, I had loved the man. I had valued his company, I had drank gallons of his mansauce while dating him.

He excited me, and I enjoyed the sexual control I had over him. I didn’t mention it in my original story, but I did satisfy one of my own sexual urges by spanking Mr. Little’s bare ass on several occasions, and while he didn’t do it often he had oral talents of his own. Fact is he did offer me unlimited access to his cock, to suck at my whim, throughout our relationship. While I had truly put him behind me when I moved from his employ, a sparkle of loved still remained.

Whatever the motivation I returned his call at noon on Christmas eve. Mr. Little seemed surprised I had called back, as I had never returned any of his other calls. We spoke for a half hour or so about his family, his new baby, work and even about sports. He asked about my love life, my family and the new job. It was all pretty antiseptic, but throughout I felt a twinge of an urge to, well, seduce my former boss at least one more time.

Why not on Christmas Eve?

I mentioned to him that I was off work early, at 2, and was heading over to the Showboat Casino in Atlantic City. I added a hint that I would park on the top floor of the self-parking garage before going inside. It was an obvious come on, and it was up to him to take the bait…or not.

My holiday outfit of a red skirt and green sweater accented by a cute little smiling Santa Claus was a bit snug from all the Christmas cookies and egg nog. I wore the diamond earrings Mr. Little had given me the Christmas before. A smile graced my face as I knew the man would have to be there — no way he could pass up a meeting with someone like me no matter how much he had promised his wife and family he’d be home early. It was naughty, and I knew I wasn’t nice, but I really did want to see what kind of hold I had over the now 39-year-old man.

There was no disappointment when, after driving up ramp after ramp, I arrived at the top of the parking lot and quickly observed that Mr. Little had preceded me. He was parked on the far end of the lot, over against the wall. I pulled in beside his car, looked over and smiled at the man. He motioned me over to his auto.

“”Hi Constance, how have you been? You look great in that outfit,” he said, giving me a long once over. “Have you been working out?”

I nodded yes, but said all the holiday food had to be worked off sooner rather than later. I asked how the job was, and whether he had found a suitable replacement for me. . He replied yes, but not as, well, adorable as me. Then reached over and planted a deep, long holiday kiss on my open lips. “I’ve missed you,” he said, coming up from our lip lock. “I want you.”

Uh huh, I knew that. I leaned back and lifted by skirt, displaying my pussy to his eyes. I had conveniently had removed my panties prior to entering his car, and his eyes were riveted on my neatly trimmed love nest.

“Come and get it,” was all I said. Mr. Little did not disappoint me, as he contorted himself and somehow managed to get his head down between my thighs. He licked up and down the whiteness of my thighs above my lace-topped stockings. He paid particular attention to the areas between my garter belt straps, as if those areas were more sensitive or something.

He inserted a finger easily into my well-moistened pussy, rotating it around while kissing my thighs. His other hand reached around and fondled my ass, pulling it toward his face. Fortunately my pussy was in the way, and he began licking my hole with passion. Throughout our relationship Mr. Little had licked my pussy on numerous occasions, but never in his car. He always said he couldn’t do it justice in the close confines of his car, so he saved his oral talents for times when we had more room. I didn’t mind, really, because I loved going down on the man. But this was my day for excitement and a little bit of domination, and I laid back and savored each lick of my snatch by the married man.

“Do you lick your wife often?” I questioned. “You obviously have had a lot of practice.”

He sort of groaned up at me, as my hand on the back of his head was insistent on his not leaving his job licking on my pussy. All I could think of was how I was turning the table on him, “forcing” his head onto my sex to ensure I received proper satisfaction. I thrust my pussy up at his face in tune with his bobbing his head up and around my cunt. His nose tickled my clit, causing me to moan.

“Oh yea, suck my clit, suck my pussy. Eat me baby.”

The man did just that. In the background I heard a car pass near us, but I paid it no heed at first. It paused behind, and I noticed in the passenger side rear view mirror that it was a security mobile. I panicked for a second, quickly giving them an “I’m okay” wave. I could swear the man smiled and gave me the okay sign back. He drove off while Mr. Little was licking like a cat did milk.

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