Subject: DOCTOR WHO, JESSE, AND JEREMY 111 The Doctor tore through the doors of a Chicago mortuary, large gusts of snow following him. “Chicago winters,” he said, glum. He had to talk to Gordy. Gordy opened a back door and let him in. With the body. There were Christmas cards hanging on the posting board against the wall. The back door let in a lot of snow, too. Neither the frog voiced Gordy or the Doctor noticed. “Gordy,” the Doctor said, “Can you …” “Embalm him?” “No, not yet. I want them to be able to say goodbye first and then I’ll bring him back.” “You’re a piece of work, you are, Doctor,” the mostly bald Gordy the Ghoul said. “Only you would bring him here to me. A morgue attendant.” “Spangler…” Gordy was a bit of a priss. With a frog voice and a high pitch tone, both at the same time. “Please, please, call me what my friends call me, Gordy the Ghoul,” he spouted, sarcastically, “Sometimes, you’re as bad as this reporter friend of mine, Carl Kolchak.” “Oh?” The Doctor raised his eyebrows, as if to suggest interest. He doubted he’d ever be interested in anything ever again, “We’re…acquainted.” Gordy ignored the monotone voiced Doctor. “All of time and space, you have, Doctor, and you bring him to me in 1974. Don’t you know of any more highly advanced civilizations that can provide this better…” and he stressed the next part louder, “…and faster, I might add, job than I?” The Ninth Doctor, Rowan Atkinson’s face, forced a half smile, “You’re the best Gordy…” “Yeah, yeah, yeah,” Gordy said as he moved about the sterile room, a morgue, gathering equipment, “That’s what you all say.” Gordy stopped in his movement and said, “You haven’t moved from that spot since you brought him in, have you?” “No.” “He was…” Gordy looked to the body on the table, “…you’ve never talked about any of the others like you have about this one. Always thought you were asexual.” “No, just repressed. Fought my inner homosexual.” “Well, I’m progressive. You wouldn’t know by looking at me, but I am. You shouldn’t have kept that penned up for so long. Is that why you never made a move on any of those girls you traveled with?” “I, well, I tried girls for a long time…it never seemed to work and it never seemed to be what I really wanted. I mean there were some good friends there, you know but nothing like this one and the other one. Girls. It just wasn’t how I was wired.” “You…? You mean…” Gordy kept looking back and forth, “You kept…you loved this one, didn’t you? He was the one?” “He and another.” “At the same time?” “Yes.” “I…never…” “No. I don’t suppose you have. It IS 1974.” The Doctor said with a mock tone in his voice. It was still monotone. “Lots of people were and are doing that…even in my backward time…” Gordy broke his sarcastic tone, “I didn’t realize that about him…I’ll do it, of course…” “Of course,” he forced another smile. “Thank you, Gordy the Ghoul.” Gordy nodded, swallowed a lump in his throat and shrugged, “It is after all, Christmas.” “Yes,” the Doctor said, still just staring about. He noticed a small…very small, two foot fake Christmas tree on one of the filing cabinets. It had neon like fiber optic branches that made it turn colors and made it, at times, look as if it were turning. It wasn’t. “Oh. Almost forgot. I do have money.” “Oh no, no, not for this…” Gordy noticed the Doctor had already pulled out a large handful of gold nuggets. His eyes went wide. “Yes, I insist,” The Doctor said, still monotone. “Just don’t put it all on the horses, Gordy.” He grabbed Gordy’s hands with his right hand and put the nuggets into Gordy’s hands using his left hand. “No,” Gordy took the gold, turned and bit one of them, “I won’t…” “In case you get fired for doing this…” “Oh, I won’t,” Gordy pocketed the gold. “Just clean him up and I’ll bring him home and then we’ll see about preparing him further. I’m sure you could do a better job of cleaning him up than I did.” “You did try? Doesn’t look like it.” “There were pressing matters at the moment.” The Doctor thought back: The Master takes out another gun, this one with a long nozzle and a tubular head on the end. He looks from the alcove and saw Jeremy, Jesse and the Doctor. As hundreds of Daleks in line descend toward Cybermen and humans alike, the Master fires this new gun. It sets out a yellow haze for a few seconds and engulfs the trio. The Doctor shakes his head but doesn’t notice. Jesse says, “Doctor, I feel funny…” “Me, too,” Jeremy said. “Can we get out of here?” “Yes, this battle has to take place,” The Doctor stated, “Unfortunately.” “That woman and those men…” Jeremy started to say. “Part of history, part of deaths that have to happen…again, unfortunately.” “I understand…we’ve been through this before,” Jeremy said, “But how can we reach the TARDIS now?” Between the open space in the courtyard and the corner of the building were dozens of Cybermen, arms pointed up, firing quick laser bolts up at Daleks. Daleks were seemingly winning, firing their own lasers at the Cybermen and making many of them go limp. The TARDIS lay on the other side of this battle. Jesse snuck away from the building, going the other way, “I can distract them if I go this way and…” “JESSE!” From the other side, five Daleks moved at him, rolling along the street. “EXTERMINATE!” Jesse was hit by a bolt in his chest and his body turned green and his skeleton was seen through it. He yelled and fell and was still. “JESSE!” Jeremy ran out. The Doctor tried to reach for him, “Jeremy, no!” He followed. “DELETE!” Cybermen fired at Daleks but more Daleks flew in from above and both sides blasted the building. Large chunks of the building were struck. Some areas were just above the Doctor and Jeremy. Bricks fell on the Doctor, who put his hands up and was buried. There was nothing to be seen of the Rowan Atkinson Doctor as he lay beneath a ton of bricks and stone rubble. The sounds of the battle continued to fill the air. Racing toward Jesse’s very still and dead body, Jeremy turned to see this, “Oh no!” Daleks were coming from the sky at him. Daleks were coming at him from the street. Cybermen were advancing at him from the other side of the square. All were firing blasts at each other and at him. The last things he heard were “EXTERMINATE!” and “DELETE!” seemingly forming one word….Jeremy closed his eyes, a blast, a scream. A skeleton, a hole in his chest, ashes. The new word continued on after his death, “EXTERMINATE” and “DELETE” long after he was dead… The smoke cleared. Daleks were gone, Cybermen were gone. Something sucked the Daleks out of the sky. He knew who. His Tenth self and Rose Tyler. The Cybermen were pulled off the ground into the same holes they came to Earth from. They were all in the void now. Rose almost had been sucked there herself. More thoughts of Rose came to his mind, briefly. The losing of her was bad enough but nothing like what he was experiencing at this moment. Nothing like having seen, from the rubble, Jeremy…his lovely Jeremy, burned into ashes just after Jesse was shot. The bricks moved and a hand came out from among them. The Doctor pulled himself out of the brick pile that was parts of the building that had fallen on him. He saw two black leather boots. He crawled out to them and looked up. A figure stood there against the sun. Smoke came from its mouth. It tut tutted at him. The Doctor rose up and looked at the Nick Hoult Master. “You. You protected me?” The Master took his cigarette out of his mouth and threw it to the ground. He smirked, “Of course, my dear Doctor. I wouldn’t allow them to kill you and deprive me of the pleasure.” He pointed a ray gun at the Doctor. The Doctor looked at Jesse’s body, “He…you could have…” The Master used his free hand to take out the other gun, “I could have. This protected you when I shot it at your general area but I made it so that it explicitly did NOT save your two friends. It wasn’t allowed to encompass them.” The Doctor fumed. “I’LL KILL YOU!” He jumped at the Master and head butted his chin. The Master dropped both guns and was completely startled. The Doctor punched both sets of ribs on the Master’s sides and floored the Master and jumped on top of him and kept hitting the Master’s chest and stomach. He rose up and kicked at the Master’s chest as the villain tried to rise up. “Not used to being taken by surprise, are you?” The Doctor turned to see Jesse’s body. He ran to it and heaved it up into his left arm and draped the boy over it. “No more, Jesse. No more. Back to the life you would have had. Had it not been for me.” Giving a sideways kiss to Jesse’s cheek, he carried the boy back to the TARDIS and made it vanish soon afterward. The Doctor looked at Gordy working over the naked, dead body of Jesse McCartney. THEME STING INTO DAVID TENNANT/DONNA NOBLE DOCTOR WHO fast paced THEME SONG (new series season four)….spinning TARDIS which moved to show the green and with slight bits of red vortex…ribs of tunnel showing, the TARDIS stops from exiting one and then enters another bursa yabancı escort and starts moving through it now, vanishing because it moves so fast through a moving red tunnel, with bits of green, end over end, and the vortex is now …. “David Tennant clean opening? Of course he has a clean opening!” Rowan Atkinson Nicholas Hoult Matthew Smith David Tennant DOCTOR WHO Repeat end of opening theme over and over… THE FUNERAL OF JESSE AND JEREMY By dia/wikipedia/commons/6/6d/Irvington_Town_Hall.jpg Ginger McCartney was trimming a Christmas Tree. She stood back and smiled at it. “Lea, Tim, come see it. You’re work has been improved.” The huge living room area lead off to a main front foyer area where a large double door was. The house was restored and made modern but still retained the old fashioned woodwork of yesteryear. She wondered if the two children upstairs heard her. She went to the ornament nearest her that held her oldest son, Jesse’s face on it. She smiled as she thought about something he said once, “I don’t want to say I have a temper but I do. I kind of sulk and sit there when I’m bitter. I won’t show you but you can see it. Probably if you bring me Godiva Chocolate I’ll be your friend again.” She looked at his Christmas gift under the tree and hoped the Godiva name brand would not show through. Would he be home this Christmas again? The visits were more and more infrequent and of late, she had this irksome feeling that he and his two, uhm, friends were in some deep waters. But from the little they told her, those were just the bits in between good times. She sighed. Somehow he had managed a career AND life traveling the universes and all of time and space, human and otherwise’s history and had a love affair with two people at the same time. It was a full life, she thought and what more can a woman want for her son? She turned to adjust the mistletoe under the doorway for when her husband came home and backed up. She heard that familiar roar of engines. She knew to back up because…well, it wasn’t supposed to land on anything living. The two pet rats she had for Jesse ran off. The TARDIS took a long time to appear this time. She wondered if all three of them would come out. The double doors opened OUTWARD, which, although Ginger never made a mental note of it, never happened before during the drop ins of the Doctor, Jesse and Jeremy. He never stayed long, the Doctor, even if Jesse stayed to make a movie, an album, an appearance on tv or on stage… “WHAT THE HELL?” The Doctor had Jesse draped over two arms. His head, lifeless, draped over the Doctor’s right arm and his legs hung limply over the Doctor’s left arm. “I didn’t know what…how…I thought you’d want to see him before…” “You take your hands off him!” Ginger ran over to them and started to try to take Jesse away from the Doctor but they both managed to fall over to the green couch, which was adorned with a Christmas throw-cover of Santa and reindeer. Ignobly, the Doctor moved Jesse’s back to the couch and laid him down gently, head on a Rudolph pillow. He was on his knees. Ginger backed up. She couldn’t move. She heard Tim’s voice, “Was that the TARDIS, mom? I wanna see him!” Neither the Doctor nor Ginger was sure whom Timmy meant: it was either Jesse or the Doctor himself or maybe Tim even meant Jeremy. He was close to all three of them, Jesse the most. Ginger snapped, “NO, TIM, I have to talk to him about something first, don’t come down here.” They heard Tim’s footsteps coming down the staircase. The Doctor snapped, “TIM! LISTEN TO YOUR MUM, DO NOT COME DOWN HERE!” Something about his voice made Tim stop dead on the steps. He knew something serious was happening. Despite that, he didn’t want to turn back but stopped where he was and tried to listen. “GET UP!” Ginger yelled. “GET UP SO I CAN KILL YOU!” The Doctor had his head on Jesse’s chest and his left hand on Jesse’s blond hair. He had his head down. He made as if he didn’t hear Ginger but she tore him off her son. “This is your fault. He had everything to live for and all he wanted was you, you, you! You BASTARD!” She punched the Doctor’s chin and sent him sprawling into the Christmas Tree, where he fell in the middle of it. He put his hands out and tried to grab on but managed only to fall straight down. He was sure a manager model rooftop was in his asshole. He recovered and turned, pulled the tree to rights, and turned to Ginger, who was now over Jesse and looking at him. She reached out as if to touch her dead son. “Everything to live for. A career, girls…” “He didn’t want girls…” “Shut up! Just shut up and get out of here! And look at him. He was gone this time— for how long? He was only just…” “I know how old he was.” “Really? He’s supposed to be 22 in this time and he looks exactly the same each time he comes home. Tim looks older than he does now. And that’s impossible.” “I’m sorry about the year and it being Christmas. I was trying for June 2005.” “You can’t even get that right, can you?” “I’m going to wait for Scot to get here and then I’m going to…” Ginger turned to the Doctor, “You’re going to get the hell out of my house now before I call the police and tell them there’s been a murder…” “I beg your pardon?” The Doctor had tears in his eyes. “I didn’t…” Ginger ran to the open kitchen area and took a knife from a pudding pie cake she was making for Christmas. “December 2011 and he looks like he was from 2005. I mean it…” The words stuck in her throat and she let out a sobbing gasp. She held the knife to the Doctor’s chest, “You leave or I’m going to murder you, right now.” Lea came down the steps behind Tim, “What’s going on?” Tim was wide eyed, “Shhhh…” “I’m sorry again about it being Christmas. And this year. I thought id be easier if he looked more like the year he came from… ” “You can’t even get that right, can you? Get out of here now! I mean it! I mean it! I don’t want to see the sight of you! Just leave!” “You don’t want me to make arrangements?” He moved toward the couch. “If you so much as touch him, I’ll stab you in both of your hearts…not that you even have one,” Ginger’s eyes began to water and soon dropped tears, “…to put a parent through this much pain. Hope you’re satisfied…that your life style is validated…and my son…my beautiful son…” she dropped the knife and turned to Jesse, went to her knees and hugged his prone body, “…is dead!” She broke down hysterically. “That car that just pulled up,” she recovered a bit as she heard the sound of the car door being slammed and turned slightly, but kept her field of vision on Jesse’s body, “…is my husband. Please go, he WILL kill you.” “I have to…I have to go then. I have to talk to Jeremy’s family…” It was only then Ginger turned to him, eyes dripping, “He…like this, too?” “Yes, I’m afraid…yes.” Scot came in the door and saw Jesse’s body on the couch. He gasped. “I’m…I’m sorry,” the Doctor said, “I am sorry. I can’t…I just can’t…” He was crying, too. He ran to the TARDIS doors and pulled them closed after he went inside. The TARDIS began to vanish, making the slow groaning noises. Ginger stood up and blocked Jesse’s body from her husband’s. “The kids are upstairs,” Ginger said, “Please, Scot, make sure they don’t find out like this… I don’t want them to come down here.” “What happened?” Scot asked, unable to move. His eyes were wet, too. “I don’t even know! Does it matter?” “Yes, it does. I want to know.” Scot moved toward the steps, unable to go further, unsure he should. He then moved to Jesse and took his hand that was now hanging off the couch. Scot forced a smile, “He…he’s still warm…get that monster back here, I want to know what happened…I mean did he die saving the universes or something?” Ginger forced a smile to be brave for her husband, and looked up, after going back to Jesse and kneeling down by him. “All we have to know is our son is dead.” Jesse’s pet rats came and sat on his stomach. In the TARDIS, on the large scanner embedded into the white wall, The Doctor watched Jesse giving an interview some time in the past, “I’m giving them all I have and if that’s not enough, then sorry, I’m out of the game. I’ll do this for as long as I can and as successfully as I can with a lot of joy and pride.” He turned the dial. A news reporter on E! was on the screen. “Jesse Abraham Arthur McCartney, born April 9th, 1987–buried December 28th, 2011.” The Doctor shut the scanner off and put his head down over the console. He set the controls. “This is the choice we make. Death is a part of life and life a part of death. It goes on after death,” the Doctor told Jeremy’s mother. “That’s what he once told me.” Jeremy’s father, “He once told me about the shark thing.” “Yes, well, that other swimmer…that warned you. He was one of my companions. Trouble is: I can’t remember if it was Chris Wedge or Casey.” Mom, “You’ve had lots of boys then?” Accusatory. “Oh, no. Maybe one or two before…I don’t…think…there bursa sınırsız escort was Oswald and Arnold, Third Body then, I think…depends on what you mean by the word had….” “Uhm, the shark thing…ironic because he wanted to be in that movie he did SOUL SURFER.” “As soon as you called us, when I heard your voice on that phone, I knew. I just knew.” Jeremy’s mother, “I…you said you couldn’t find his body?” “No. I tried and tried though. There’s nothing…nothing left.” They were at a kitchen table, California light shining through. Two dogs were under the table, looking very sad. The mugs they drank coco out of were Christmas themed. He wondered what it was about Christmas that the TARDIS liked so…at certain times. At this time. “So you’re sure?” Jeremy’s dad. “Yes,” the Doctor sipped hot coco. “Now that you’re sure. You can leave,” the dad said, “No offense…” “Gary…” “No, Sandy, I mean it, I don’t want him around here any more. Ever.” The Doctor stood up, “I understand. And…I want to say I’m sorry… but it hardly seems…” “No, it doesn’t,” Sandy stood up but put her hand out for the Doctor. He hugged her instead. “If you want to ever visit me…you…” she looked at her husband, “I’m…busy a lot, you know, but you can…” “I don’t…” “Doctor. They wanted you. He wanted you. I wasn’t going to stand in that way. I tried. Many times. It just did not work. The way he tried girls, the way Jesse tried girls, the way YOU tried girls. It wasn’t going to work that way. He wanted you. So did Jesse. His parents, they told me what happened. Even before you got here.” “I’m sorry.” “I’m glad you called us first,” Gary said, “But it…it’s just too…too messed up. The entire thing. I don’t really fully get it. I mean we…we’re Christian people, Doctor.” “I know that.” “From Kentucky. Yeah, we’ve lived in California for a long time…but…maybe, I don’t know. Maybe it effected…” Sandy nodded, “Don’t start that. He was born that way, Gary. You knew him better than anyone…you know that’s true.” The Doctor forced a smile, “He once told me that…he’d once threatened me …to expose me if I didn’t take him back to the TARDIS.” “Yeah, you kicked them out once, didn’t you?” “Yeah,” the Doctor said, “My chin hurts from Jesse’s punching me that time…or maybe that’s from his mum?” Gary put his hands to his face and then down again, “I just need…just need some ….you know, some time, Doctor. I just…it’s too much to absorb all at once. The whole gay thing…his not aging normally…a three some…traveling in time and space and still having a career like he had…being a part of history…” “He loved you. Both of you. AND…he was the most positive person I’ve ever known. I see it in the both of you.” “All right,” Sandy said, tears in her eyes, “You can go now. I mean…I’m sorry but can you go now?” “Yes.” He put the novel THE GIVER on the table. The two people sat at the table, looked at the novel without opening it, and not talking as the TARDIS noises strained to leave the unseen living room. They sat there until long after the TARDIS noises stopped, the echo of wheezing and groaning finally fading. The dogs, Bear and Chewie, were crying louder and whimpering. The Doctor thought about Jeremy while at the console: “I thought I was the coolest kid in the world so I wound up being the coolest kid in the world.” “He can do everything. Sword fighting, flying, dancing, fighting pirates and monsters. Never growing old…” He couldn’t see the console for his eyes were filled with water. K9 floated nearby him and put his mechanical head on his shoulder. The Doctor patted the head and smiled. The Doctor dismissed the idea of ever taking on a friend again, a lover, a companion. He had K9 and that was enough. And at the same time, he knew he was finished. He knew he might as well have died in that brick pile. The damned Master. Ironic he saved him. He had no interest in saving the universes now, no interest in meeting new civilizations and races, in seeing new horizons in all those planets and solar systems out there, no desire to meet historical figures or visit historical events in Earth and other planets’ pasts…he knew now the past was painful, the future…he had no future. “Without them, K9 I can do nothing. Perhaps that’s why the Master saved me. It’s more painful to exist now than to be dead and at the same time, I can’t stop any future plans of his because…I’m inactive. I can’t really move to do anything without them.” Suddenly, the Doctor felt terrible pain in his chest. He grabbed at it and bent over. He gasped. He held his arm. For that hurt, too. “K9!?” He fell onto his back as more pain seized him in one terrific gulp. “Was the coco poisoned?!” K9 hovered over the Doctor, “Scan incomplete but it appears not.” The Doctor could hardly talk as his hearts seems to stop, “Then what’s happening to me?” “Diagnosis: you are having a hearts attack.” “Negative, boy. Time Lords don’t have hearts attack.” “You are having a heart attack. Affirmative affirmation. It is as if…” “My hearts are broken,” the Doctor gasped and K9 floated upward, further from the Doctor. As the Doctor’s body began to glow, K9 watched from the ceiling. The Doctor yelled and the yell sound changed. The 11th Doctor, Matt Smith, sat up. “Oh, no, no, no, these clothes just won’t do! Will they?” “Not this one. Stupidest one yet.” K9 stated. “Must change.” He tried to stand up but the tiredness and ache from his hearts break was still too much, even with a degeneration. “Must change.” “You just have, Master.” “Master?” In the Doctor’s eye, he felt something. Something laughing. Someone laughing. It seemed like many people and two of them were decrepit. “The Master, could only be…” The Doctor thought back: The Master takes out another gun, this one with a long nozzle and a tubular head on the end. He looks from the alcove and saw Jeremy, Jesse and the Doctor. As hundreds of Daleks in line descend toward Cybermen and humans alike, the Master fires this new gun. It sets out a yellow haze for a few seconds and engulfs the trio. The Doctor shakes his head but doesn’t notice. Jesse says, “Doctor, I feel funny…” “Me, too,” Jeremy said. “Can we get out of here?” The three of them fell. Fast asleep. The Daleks fire at them but their blasts hit a barrier that stops the energy. The Cybermen were firing at the Daleks mostly but tried to fire blasts as the sleeping trio as well but gave up as the invisible field stopped their energy blasts as well. They kept firing at the Daleks. Concentrating on one Dalek gave them success but the other Daleks in the sky blasted all the Cybermen below. “Go back to your petty killing elsewhere,” the Master smiled, “You can’t penetrate my hard shell.” The Daleks’ eyestalks moved at him. One screeched, “Time Lord known as the Master. Enemy number two.” “Number two? Now, you have stepped in it,” the Master laughed, “I mean not to interfere with you petty nonsense here. Do what you want to with this planet…” Without a word, the Daleks zipped off, defeated. “No words from them means they have acknowledged defeat or…are planning something else…” The 11th Doctor stood up from the ground. “Changed again?” The Master chuckled, “Oh, the retarded one.” “I am not retarded, thank you very much, just seeking bow ties and fezzes!” “Contradictions already,” the Master said. “You did this!” The Doctor pointed to this prone lovers. “I shall get you for this, cowardly eater of the droppings of goats, I shall crack your skull for this! I…I…I shall pursue you to the ends of time, the ends of the known universes, parallel universes and alternate…” “By the way, your side Doctors from alternate and parallel universes seem to be over. The process seems to be back on track.” “So you caused this? Did you?” The 11th Doctor pointed, “Me degenerating…” “Yes, imbecile, I’ve already admitted that at least twice,” he smiled, “See, retarded.” “You’ve slain my two lovers and I shall…” “Doctor, take a look,” the Master nodded, turning off the gun’s effects. “Darbodia, Doctor.” “Darbodia, dream I had when I was my 8th self. Dream?” The 11th Doctor saw Jesse shaking his head as well as shaking Jeremy with his hands, “Jeremy, wake up.” “They’re…” the Doctor smiled and looked at the Master, “They’re alive!!!?” He ran at the Master and hugged him. The Master, totally caught off guard again, was wide eyed as the Doctor hugged him tightly. “How undignified! Doctor!” The Master gasped, gun devices behind the Doctor’s back as his arms, at first hung loosely but then he decided, “What the hell?” and hugged the Doctor back. The 11th Doctor broke the hug, then used both hands to karate chop the Master’s wrists, “HAI!!!!” the dream gun fell to the ground, the nozzle broken. The other gun, the ray gun, fell, as well. “Not so retarded, then!” The Master was again surprised, “Will you never be grateful!?” The Doctor turned to Jesse and Jeremy, who finally stood up. Jeremy asked, “We…fell asleep in görükle escort the middle of a Cyberman-Dalek war?” The Doctor clasped his hands, “His fault entirely. But I’ve disarmed him.” The Doctor smiled, and waved his arms around foppishly. “Is that the retarded one?” Jesse whispered in Jeremy’s ear. “I’m so entirely glad to see you both,” the Doctor ran to them and gripped them, in one arm each. He hugged them tightly and pulled them to him in a circle. He kissed their mouths at the same time, “MMMMMMMMM!” The Master examined his destroyed “toys” and stood up from the ground afterward. “He made me think…” The youthful Master smirked, “Well, if I made you think then my job here’s well and truly done…” “…made me dream… you were both dead.” The Doctor finally broke the kiss. “Glad you are not!” “Undignified,” the Master said, “Still…wish I had that.” “So, it’s over?” Jesse asked. “Not quite…” the Master pulled the Tissue Compressor Eliminator, “I still have this!” The Doctor was wide eyed now, “You sure have a love of weapons, where’d you pull that one out of?” “You don’t want to know.” The Doctor put his arms out protectively, over his two friends on either side of him. “This is between us, leave them out of this.” “You were the one that brought them here!” Hordes of landed Daleks came down the streets from both sides and the Doctor realized that the Master was pointing the TCE at them. “Scatter! RUN! Separate!” The Doctor pushed his friends to either side. Jesse ran to an alcove. Jeremy ran to the TARDIS which was on the far side. Daleks, on the ground, were on the other side. He kept moving around it to avoid them but finally he was able to open the door and get inside. Jesse saw that from is alcove. One Dalek saw him close the door and blasted at the door. On the interior door, Jeremy leaned and sighed relief. “I just got them back, I’m not going to….” The Doctor ran to the end of a walkway, which had a railing on it, and jumped over it, found himself falling a long way down and hit his head. The Master ran to the edge of the walkway. Looking down at the prone Doctor, the Master nodded, “Retarded one.” He frowned. The Doctor’s degeneration was already ending. The Master examined, “They seem to be speeding up with each successive one.” He turned, shrank some Daleks and turned back to time it. “Already too late to time it. Damned salt and pepper shakers. Distracting me from my scientific method.” The 10th Doctor, David Tennant jumped up onto his feet, landed, and jumped again. He ran up to the TARDIS, skipping every third step on the cement. He took off the jacket. As he did so, more and more Daleks came past the alcove where Jesse hid, almost exposed. The Master smiled and chuckled. “Doctor!” Jeremy gasped. “No time! If I’m to save Jesse,” the Doctor tossed his green smoking jacket down and took another one off the clothes stand. This was a long, billowing tan jacket, an overcoat. He ran out again and slammed the doors shut. Jeremy looked stunned. He also did not know what to do. He couldn’t fight Daleks without a weapon of some kind. And the Master was out there. “K9?” “Hello, young master.” Jesse came out of his alcove and on one end of the street, he saw Cybermen pointing up at Daleks in the sky but Daleks on the ground were coming at the Cybermen, too. He tried to sneak his way down another street. More Daleks came gliding from that way. Jesse turned to the third and fourth way and Daleks were blocking the roads in both directions. He was cut off not only from the TARDIS but from any possible exit. The Doctor ran up behind a row of Daleks. Jesse saw him, having opened one eye when the inevitable blast didn’t smack him in his chest, “Doctor, get out of here!” The Doctor smiled, pushed two Daleks aside and started to come over to Jesse, “They can’t fire.” More Daleks came from the sky and he pointed a metallic tube at them. “EXTERMIN….VERMIN STOPPED OUR GUNS.” “They’re not much without their guns. Oh, they can still hurt you …plungers, sheer bulk…massive bubble attack, that sort of thing,” the 10th Doctor ranted on and on. As he did he stopped more and more Daleks. He moved two aside but could see more coming behind and to the side of Jesse. He pointed at them. Guns unable to work, they raised plungers at Jesse. Jesse ran but behind him the Master came. Jesse ran but a string of Cybermen came up in front of him. “Delete!” They raised their arms at him but he ducked and noticed they were pointing at the sky. They shot at Daleks. The Doctor noticed Jesse was too far from him now. “Out of range, Jesse!” He ran at the boy and saw the Master behind Jesse with Daleks all around and Cybermen converging. In the confusion of this last battle, the Master sneaks up behind Jesse with the TCE and his intent this time was clear: to kill him; the Doctor saw this while stopping the guns of nearby Daleks, who were engaging Cybermen. The Doctor ran at Jesse, who was smiling from ear to ear, unaware of the Master behind him. The Doctor looked at the Master from his run, “Master, don’t! No! NO! NO! Please don’t!” As he pleaded, the noticed the Master gaining more impassiveness and yet passion in doing what he was about to do. As he ran, waving his Dalek gun stopper tube about, firing, he decided to take another tact and looked right at the Master’s eyes, ” Don’t you dare! DON’T. YOU. DARE!!!!” The Master stopped running and having been caught in the Doctor’s gaze, backed off. He gulped as the Doctor embraced Jesse and Jesse hugged the Doctor right in the center of Daleks engaging Cybermen and knocking them over. The Doctor used his tube, behind Jesse’s back to deactivate more Dalek guns. Jesse hugged him and shut his eyes. “THANKS!” “We have to go. This gun, which works only on these types of Daleks…has its limits.” “GUNS INACTIVE. UNLOCK AND LOAD PLUNGERS!” “Jesse, love to hug ya…” “But…” “Time to run!” The Doctor and Jesse ran, the Doctor with his overcoat tails flying, passed plungers that waved to suck them in. “No one’s ever tried to suck me off to death like this!” Jesse joked. “Good ole, Jesse, still making the jokes!” The Doctor ran to the doors and fumbled with the keys as Daleks came at them. Jesse was at his back, hands on shoulders, “Doctor, please hurry!” Jesse could feel the wave of a plunger at his back just as he and the Doctor fell into the doors, which opened INWARD. The Doctor moved Jesse aside and slammed the doors shut. He ran to the console, jacket waving behind him. “Time to have some time adventures…or is that adventure to have some adventure times, no, no, that doesn’t make sense…does it? Glad to have you both on board, Captain Jack would be jealous…” “This one never shuts up, does he?” Jeremy asked Jesse. “Nope.” “Here’s to some new adventures!” He turns the wheel on the console and everyone goes flying as the TARDIS dips…into… A BLUE VORTEX amid the closing credits…purple, red, green, ube/watch?v=Igsi7WO4aNE “Doctor, you’re forgetting about Damon!” “No, I’m not, I’m a stupid, thickety thick Doctor from the planet of Thickness otherwise sometimes erroneously called Galfrey and no, that’s not a typo! A planet called Diamond –Koh I Noor!–he said —whoa sounding a bit too much like a bloody Sontaran!… a planet called Diamond or was it called Jewel and Skaro was called Diamond? Anyways it WAS drifting free in space, that’s where this stupid one is from, me, that’s stupid. Stupid, as stupid as telling the people an injection can cure them of the Gyros given disease and then forgetting to give them the injection. Stupid, that’s me! Like I came from a planet called Jewel, stupid that’s me!” “No, that was the last one,” Jesse shut his eyes, “I mean the one after you, I mean the retarded one was the one who wanted bow ties and fezzes, dumb ass, thought he was cool.” “He was NOT cool!” “Watch it, guys, that’s me you are talking about. That said…wellllll he lies a lot…” the Doctor noticed their reactions, “Wellll, he WAS the retarded one.” The Doctor smiled. His two lovers smiled back at him and each other. “So off to find Damon who IS cool, and we’re off to seek Gallifrey –they who walk in shadows, then!!!!” He turned the wheel and the TARDIS shook again. Jeremy and Jesse held onto each other. The floor slanted and both of them bumped into the Doctor… “Oh and Merry Christmas to all of you at home, too!” “Sad shows on Christmas day! A British tradition!” Doctor: “Next stop, Gallifrey!” “I wouldn’t count on it,” Jesse frowned. STING into David Tennant’s 4th season end theme… The end credits resume: The Doctors David Tennant Rowan Atkinson Matthew Smith Jeremy Jesse Voice of K9 John Leeson The Master Nicholas Hoult Gordy Spangler John Fiedler Voice of Daleks Roy Skeleton Peter Hawkins David Graham Nick Briggs Terry Molloy David Gooderson Royce Mills Brian Miller Michael Wisher Oliver Gilbert Peter Messaline Cybermen Harry Brooks Reg Whitehead Gregg Palmer Keith Goodman Sonnie Willis Peter Greene Jerry Holmes Gordon Stothard Hans Devries Tony Hardwood John Logan Kenneth Seegar Charles Pemberton Richard Kerley Ronald Lee Michael Kilgariff Pat Gorman Ralph Carrigan Charles Finch Derek Chafer Terence Denville Richard King Peter Thornton John Spradbury Charles Finch David Banks Mark Hardy Christopher Robbie Melville Jones Brian Orrell John Ainley Copyright BBC…

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