Do Ya Wanna Dance?


When I say your ass looks delicious, Don’t get mad and act so suspicious. You know damn well I’m being malicious. You know your ass looks mighty fine, And it tastes like just like expensive wine. Don’t hide that booty, I know it’s all mine. Twist and shout, shake it, do the be-bop, Make that rowdy heinie dance and hop, Shake that bad thing and never stop. I wanna see you show off that funky butt. You sure know how to stir up some isveçbahis hot smut. Baby, you’re one damn bad ass sexy slut. Do ya wanna dance? Shake that booty and grab me by the pants, Show me what you learned in France. Do ya wanna dance? You’re so fine, you got me tied up in a knot. You smell so deliciously sweaty and hot, I just wanna work over that nasty twat. Darlin’, let me just say it and be blunt, You make me sweat, isveçbahis giriş shake and grunt. I’m just beggin’, yeah achin’ for your cunt. I’m stunned, hypnotized, ready to play hooky. I’ll do anything to taste your wet cookie. Oh, baby, just give me that hot shaky nookie. Honey, you’re so twisty, shaky and funky, Your stuff is the juiciest, so fucking spunky. You really hooked me, your addicted junkie. Do ya wanna isveçbahis yeni giriş dance? Shake that booty and grab me by the pants. Show me what you learned in France. Do ya wanna dance? Wrap me between your legs real tight, Give me a taste and don’t be afraid to bite. Ride me hard, shake me, rock me all night. The music your body plays hits the right chord. Ever since you first seduced me and scored, Your snatch has been my great fucking reward. When you swing and shake, it sings a song, Your mighty tasty sex is so damn strong. Between your slutty spread legs I do belong. Your love is so damn wild, you’re a total freak. You take my breath and make my knees weak.

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