DJ Pt. 14


Coming in Part 14

DJ’s new manager is working DJ’s ass off

DJ and Jamie receive their final grades

Randy and Daryl rent the house

Christmas Eve, Celebrating Jamie’s 20th Birthday

Looks like a White Christmas is in store

DJ Part 14

Sunday morning, December 10 DJ and Jamie were up quite early because Randy had asked DJ to come in early, at noon, and work through 9:00 that night. Randy wanted DJ there to help handle the after church crowd that always comes in every Sunday after church lets out. Jamie was also going in earlier than usual, to handle a group in the party room from 2:00 PM until? and he would be working until close at 9:00 PM.

Jamie had told Karen and Carl that likely, over the winters break, that he and DJ would probably spend more nights at DJ’s. His home is closer the where both boys work, although Jamie’s home is closer to the college campus, and they like to leave from there on school days.

While Jamie sipped his juice, and DJ had his first cup of coffee, Jamie took two sheets of notepaper, and wrote down their schedules of availability for after Jan 15th.

Work availability:

WF after 2:00 PM,

Thur after 6:00 PM

Tues, Sat and Sun anytime.

Off Mondays

“DJ,” Jamie said, “here is a schedule we can give our bosses so they know when we’re available to work, after college resumes.”

DJ, looking at the note, “Our classes let out earlier than that.”

“But we have to have time for some lunch, and to change and travel. And on Thursday, time for a shower and to eat, I can grab something to eat at work, but you don’t have that option.”

“I guess you’re right, baby, I’ll give this to Randy, shall we get a shower?” The two boys headed into the bathroom.

They were soaping each other up and Jamie spent some extra time fondling DJ’s BBC and it became hard. Jamie dropped to his knees, and sucked it into his mouth. DJ grabbed the top of the shower doorframe, enjoying the feeling of his cock inside Jamie’s mouth, while the water sprayed on both of them.

Jamie quietly soaped up his hand and started to play with DJ’s hole, sliding his finger inside of it, then pushed it in a little further, finally stimulating DJ’s prostate.

“Oh, Jamie! I’m gonna cum! Oh, fuck! Damn, feels so good!”

Jamie had DJ backed against the end shower wall, continuing his assault on DJ’s cock, feeling DJ pulsing, then exploding into his waiting mouth, and swallowing DJ’s delicious cream that he loves so much. After Jamie released DJ’s penis, and pulled out his finger from DJ’s hole, DJ was panting. Jamie’s own cock was throbbing, begging for it’s own release.

“Baby! Jamie exclaimed, “Ride me!”

“Ride you?” DJ questioned, “How?”

“Let me lay down, and just lower your hole onto my stick, you have control as to how fast and how much you take. It’ll be like giving me a blowjob, with your ass.”

“I don’t know about this,” DJ spoke softly, while squatting above Jamie, feeling the head of Jamie’s cock, touching his anus. Jamie had already soaped DJ’s anus with his finger shortly before. He cautiously lowered his anus feeling the head of Jamie’s cock press into his hole, he relaxed his sphincter ring, allowing the head of Jamie’s cock to enter his rectum.

DJ paused for a minute, getting used to the intrusion, then slid down a little more, gradually starting to ride up and down on Jamie’s hard and excited cock. Jamie was in heaven, loving the feel of DJ’s asshole sliding on his cock.

“Baby, you’re doing great!” Jamie exclaimed, “that feels utterly fantastic! Please don’t stop!”

“I’m all the way down, Jamie, and it feels like I’m gonna cum again! I don’t think I can though, cause I just did. Are you close?”

“Probably just a couple minutes, I can feel it building.”

“Jamie, look how hard I am again. I can’t believe this!”

“Baby!” Jamie exclaimed, “I’m gonna fill you, right no—Oh fuck, I’m cumming, big—time!

Feeling Jamie’s release into his gut triggered DJ to cum again, the first spurt landing on Jamie’s face, and a second, smaller one just kind of dribbled out, running down DJ’s own cock. Jamie wiped the spurt off his face and licked it off his finger, grinning.

The two boys just stayed that way for a couple of minutes, smiling at each other. DJ started to rise up, and Jamie pushed him back down.

“Not yet,” Jamie said, “I want to stay in you for a while, it feels so good.” Jamie knew he would deflate soon enough.

After a couple more minutes they realized the water was starting to cool. Jamie told DJ he could squat and release the sperm out of his butt and the water would rinse away the evidence. Both boys took a last rinse, turned off the water, and hugged, shared a romantic kiss, then dried each other off.

“Jamie,” DJ spoke softly, “I feel empty, I think I like the feeling of you inside me! I still can’t believe I came twice.”

“Baby, next time it’s my turn to ride you, can I assume you liked what we just did?”

“You don’t have şişli bayan escort to assume, I’ll admit it, that was beautiful. I like having you make love to me. I love you so much!”

“No more than I love you, baby,” Jamie replied.

When the boys returned to the bedroom, they noticed Joe and I sitting at the kitchen table. DJ looked at the clock and it was already 11:00 AM and DJ is scheduled at noon today. I had already started to cook some bacon and eggs, so had some breakfast nearly ready for DJ.

Joe, grinning, “I guess some young men had some fun in the shower this morning!”

A suddenly red faced DJ replied, “You were spying on us?”

“No DJ, we weren’t spying,” Joe answered, “Doug and I needed to pee, so we used the toilet and just over heard some of the activity. It’s all good, I just had to pick a little.”

Joe and I both grinned. I think we all know that Joe loves to pick, if he thinks he can get a rise out of someone. DJ ate quickly, got dressed for work, picked up one of those notes to take to Randy and left for work. Joe and I had another cup of coffee and the three of us sat naked at the table for a while, chatting.

I remember how self-conscious Jamie used to be, when he and DJ first became friends, about being naked in front of us. Now he is just like the rest of us, strutting around here naked is like second nature. DJ has told me that they only strip to their underwear when they’re at Jamie’s house, I suppose because of respect for Karen. I’m betting they still sleep naked, even there.

* * * * * *

DJ walked into the store about 11:55. Gloria greeted him cheerfully when he was clocking in.

“Good morning, Sweetie,” Gloria said, “you might want to check the schedule for this week. Randy put it up last night, and you are getting some hours!”

“Gloria,” DJ asked, concerned, “Why are you always calling me ‘sweetie’?”

“Because you are sweet, and I like you a lot, does it bother you?”

“It’s just—well—I’m am hoping you aren’t liking me for the wrong reasons.”

Gloria, a hand on DJ’s shoulder, “DJ, we need to talk.” She led him to the back of the pharmacy.

“To begin with, this company has a stringent policy on fraternizing between management and subordinates. If such were to occur, someone will be transferred to another store. Secondly, I have someone in my life, my boyfriend and I have dated for about 6 years, and we’ve lived together for over three. We just haven’t married, yet.”

“If I was looking for someone, I wouldn’t choose a young, gay kid like you, I would be looking for a woman’s man.”

“Who told you I was gay?”

“Sweetie, I’ve been around, and I know people. Nobody told me, I sensed it, the first day we worked together. It’s not a bad quality, just a little unique. When I asked you about becoming a cashier trainer a few days ago, it was due to your qualities, and qualifications. You have the desire to please, and do things right, and patience. That’s why I think you are the right person for that position. Feel better?”

“Yes, I do, Thanks, Gloria.” DJ displayed that captivating smile.

“DJ,” Gloria stated, “You’ve got the most beautiful smile of anyone I know, can I still call you ‘sweetie’?”

DJ, smiling again, “Sure, Gloria, if you wish.”

On the way to the front of the store, Gloria handed DJ a till and told him he is on terminal 3 today. Church has let out, and there are quite a few customers in the store. When things are slower DJ will check out the next weeks schedule.

When I arrived to start my shift at 3:00 PM, I checked the schedule. Randy had changed mine, from the usual 3-9 every day to 3-7 on Saturday and Sunday, but still 3-9 on the other days. I’ve had a habit of writing down DJ’s schedule, and was quite surprised to see the hours he is scheduled for this week. He’s not going to have a lot of playtime this week. I wrote down his schedule.

DJ- 12/11 – 12/17

Monday Off

Tuesday 10-9

Wednesday 3-9 Del

Thursday 12-9

Friday 12-9

Saturday 12-6

Sunday 10-5

Total 48

“Doug,” Randy said, “I’ve noticed we have very few deliveries later on Saturday’s and Sunday’s, so I trimmed your hours back to 7:00 PM those days. You can make them up, if you want to go on the registers, especially between now and Christmas.”

“Randy, I’m not really comfortable on the registers, it’s kind of new to me.”

“You’ll be OK Doug, you just need some more practice. When you’re in here, between deliveries, or when you’re done for the day, I want you to go on DJ’s terminal, and have him shadow you. He’ll be right there to assist you, and you’ll get better.”

“OK Randy, I’ll give it a shot,” I told him, “I need to give you a heads up on something else, but please keep this secret. Jamie’s parents, and Joe and I have chipped together to give the boys something really special for Christmas, but they don’t know yet. We don’t want them to know, until Christmas Day. We’re sending them on a five day vacation to Disney World.”

“Awesome!” şişli escort Randy exclaimed, grinning, “They’re going to have a ball. When are they going?”

“I’m not sure of the exact date’s yet. It’ll be during the first half of January, as they need to be back before the 14th, which is our wedding day, and also their classes will be resuming on the 15th.”

“Wow!” Randy commented, “January is going to be a busy month for your family, are you guys going to go on a honeymoon?”

“Yes, we get married on Sunday, the 14th, then we’re flying to Miami on Monday, and doing a gay cruise to the Bahamas on Tuesday through Friday, we’ll be coming home Saturday.”

Randy, smiling, “Have you ever been on one of those cruises?”

“No, it’s something both of us have always wanted to do. Joe already secured the reservations.”

“Daryl and I went on one, I think three or four years ago, Doug, you two are going to love it! I’m so happy for both of you! There are only a couple of deliveries right now and they can wait for a while. Let’s go up front.”

“DJ,” Randy said, “I want you to continue working with your Dad on checkout. Please let him do the work, and guide him when needed, OK?” DJ nodded, there were three customers in line.

DJ informed the customers that I was in training. He coached me as to how to handle prescriptions, how to ID customers that may be underage, and purchasing tobacco or alcohol. DJ worked with me for about 2 hours, and never once touched the terminal. I then left to take the deliveries, and later, continued to train with my Son.

At about 7:00 PM, Randy gave me a choice, either clock out, or stay on the register and continue to train, and I chose to train on. By 9:00 PM, I was handling all the transactions with very little help from DJ. When we were ready to clock out, Randy informed me that when I come in tomorrow (Monday) at 3:00 PM he was going to give me my own terminal for the shift, and I would be cashing out some customers in between deliveries.

DJ, just noticing his schedule, “Holy shit, Randy, you’ve got me scheduled 48 hours this week! Are you trying to kill me?”

Randy replied, smiling, “DJ, you’re young, and I know you can handle them, but please don’t say anything around the others. You’re the only one that’s getting overtime, and that’s time and a half pay rate. Take it while you can get it, kid, Christmas only happens once a year.” DJ smiled, realizing Randy is actually favoring him, with the extra hours and overtime hours.

Wednesday, December 13th seemed to be a day of good news. Gloria opened that morning. When Randy came in that afternoon at 3:00 PM he shared the information that his “roommate” was getting a transfer to the local CVS store, effective on January 1st so he was now officially in search of a two or three bedroom house to rent, for Daryl and himself.

When DJ got a break, he called me and informed me of Randy’s announcement. I took a little drive around to the house where Justin used to live, as I knew it was a decent house with modest rent and was a two-bedroom house. I made note of the realtor’s name and phone number, and will give it to Randy tomorrow. Only DJ and I know that they really don’t ‘need’ a 2 bedroom house, but…

After I gave Randy the information on Thursday, he called the realtor, and made an appointment to see the house the next Tuesday, the 19th, when he and Daryl would both be off, and could check it out. If they accept the house, they would like to move between Christmas and New Years, when they likely could both get a couple of days off together.

Thursday evening, December 14th, Anthony had a discussion with Jamie, asking his help. He said he had more school orders for class Christmas Parties that what Jamie would be able to deliver, and wondered if DJ could maybe make some deliveries. Jamie told him that Randy had DJ already overloaded with hours, then Anthony asked about if maybe I could do some school deliveries. Jamie gave Anthony my cell number, and asked him to call me.

Friday morning, December 15th at about 9:15 AM my phone rang, and I didn’t recognize the number.

“Hello?” I answered.

“Is this Doug Kendall?” the voice asked.


“Doug,” Anthony spoke, “This is Anthony, at the pizzeria, I’m hoping you can help me out. I’ve got a shit load of school orders for next Tuesday and Wednesday, the 19th and 20th, and I know Jamie can’t deliver all of them. You don’t work until afternoon, do you?”

“Usually 3:00 PM, Anthony, and I’m usually off on Wednesdays”

“I really need some help, some are elementary and middle school, and some are high school. They’re scheduled anywhere from 11:00 AM to 12:30 PM. I’ll be glad to pay you, and you’ll likely get some tips, can you help me? Please?”

“I’ll help you, Anthony, what time would you like me to come in?”

“10:30 would be fine, Doug, I’ll be in at 8:30 and I’m bringing Jamie in at 9:00 to help top and box them up. Both Tuesday and Wednesday, OK? Wednesday is the last day of mecidiyeköy escort school and the kids will be out until January 2nd, Doug, I really appreciate your help.”

“OK Anthony, I’ll see you Tuesday morning.”

Anthony sounded so desperate, and he and Maria have been really good to our family, there is no way I can not help him, and I know where all the schools are. It won’t affect my store schedule, and it’s only for those two days. Anthony is even letting Joe and I use the party room for our wedding and reception without rent. I’m not going to even let him pay me, I’m not that tight for money!

These last couple of weeks before Christmas has all of us getting some extra hours. Even Joe has been doing off-duty security at the mall from open until he has to go on his regular patrol at 3:00 PM. He is mostly handling the arrest of shoplifters at the mall. DJ’s working hard, Jamie’s had a lot of parties to work, and now I even have a couple days of pizza delivery to schools.

That same Friday that Anthony called me, the mailman delivered an envelope addressed to Kendall, Douglas Joseph from the college. When we got home from work that night, DJ was smiling even before he opened it, just seeing his name printed out on the envelope. He then opened it, and read it.

“Dad,” DJ stated, “these are my final grades for the semester, I got A’s in Math and Government, and B’s in English and Psychology.”

“Great, I’m proud of you, Son,” I said, smiling, I was very proud of him. He’d worked hard, and deserved those grades. I am pleased that DJ is taking his education seriously, and really trying to get good grades.

Being this was a Friday evening, Jamie would be working until 11:00 PM. DJ text’d Jamie to let him know that he’d gotten his grades from college and likely his would also have been delivered. Jamie passed the information on to Anthony.

“Jamie,” Anthony stated, “bring that letter in tomorrow, you know I want to see it. Your scheduled work hours next semester depend on those grades.”

“Okay, Anthony, let me call Mom right quick and see if mine was delivered today also, and if it was, I’ll pick it up tomorrow before I come in to work.”

Anthony nodding in approval, “Fine, I need you in here at 11:00 AM tomorrow for a party, but I’ll try and get you out after the dinner rush, about 8:00 PM.”

Jamie called his Mom and determined that the letter from college had indeed arrived. Since Jamie has to be at work at 11:00 Saturday, and DJ is scheduled at noon, Karen ‘insisted’ that the boys spend Friday night at their home, and she would be happy to serve them a nice breakfast before they both had to go to work. DJ told me of their plans, and left my house about 10:30 PM to hook up with Jamie at the Seldon’s home. Joe will be home about 11:00 PM and I guess we have the house to ourselves tonight, although we both miss the boys when they’re not here.

Over the course of time, some of DJ’s clothes have migrated to the Seldon’s home and about an equal quantity of Jamie’s clothing has taken up residence here at my house. Karen and I have both given up trying to separate their individual garments, and just let the boys decide whose is whose. Their sizes are so close, they can both wear each other’s clothes, and that often happens. The one thing that has changed, there is rarely any soiled boxers to be laundered anymore, just a lot of boxer-briefs.

DJ walked in the kitchen door of the Seldon home, now finally without knocking, about 10:50 PM. Karen was prepared, as she heard the Tracker pull in and park. She opened her arms to warmly welcome her second son, and they hugged and kissed. DJ sat at the table, while Karen was preparing something at the stove.

It would probably be another 40 or 45 minutes before Jamie would arrive. DJ pulled the letter from school from his back pocket and proudly showed it to Karen. They discussed DJ’s grades, and Karen smiled happily, hoping Jamie’s grades would be as good.

“DJ,” Karen asked, “can I pick your brain? You know Jamie’s birthday is only a few days away. What would be a good Birthday Present? What do you think he would really like, and we want to keep it separate from his Christmas present, which is already taken care of.”

“Mom, Jamie has mentioned that he would like to have a Notebook, or Laptop. We are going to be taking a Computer Software class next semester, and it would help him a lot, doing research and stuff. I’m quite computer illiterate, and he could probably teach me how to use one also.”

“He has access to a computer here,” Karen responded, “Any time he needs one.”

“Yeah, but that one is like the ones that Dad and Joe have, and it’s wired to the house. A laptop is portable, and he could use it anywhere, like at school or even at Anthony’s, as Anthony has WiFi at the pizzeria.”

“Thanks, honey,” Karen stated, “I think you just helped us solve a dilemma. Carl and I were at a loss, as to what to give him. I’ll discuss it with Carl, but please don’t tip Jamie off, okay?”

“My lips are sealed,” DJ answered, “I’m thinking that with some of this extra money I’m making with all these hours, I might buy one for myself after the first of the year, maybe. Now I have to ask, what does Jamie need, that I can afford to buy him?”

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