Subject: Distracted at the cinema 6 – distracted at the pool party Distracted at the pool party A story from j-boog This story is a work of pure fiction and a fantasy I’ve had, since I realized I was attracted to the male physique. As a reminder, if you are under the legal age in your state, please read no further. The stories will still be here when you’re an adult. Please remember to donate to to keep this site free. Mr. Robinson’s hand lingered on my lower back before gliding up to my shoulders. “I hope you’re ready to have some fun because it’s going to be a hot day and I’m horned up.” Mr. Robinson stated. He removed his hand from my shoulder and jumped into the pool. Water splashed up and out of the pool with a few drops landing on me. “I see you know Bill and Ron. What have you been getting up to?” Charles asked, looking at me with a devilish grin. I looked at him, still in shock of seeing my neighbor. I blinked a few times wondering if I’d just imagined Mr. Robinson or someone who looked like him. Charles gave me a little shake to snap me out of my stupor. “Jamie, no need to be nervous. That hole of yours know it wants him in it and he’s going to give it to you.” Charles stated and winked at me. Charles was right. I had been neighbors with him since I was a toddler. He had come to some of my family’s bbq’s and I always noticed him. He was an extremely attractive older man and every time he was around I couldn’t help but notice his bulge. I snapped out of it and laid my towel in the chair next to my shirt then made my way to the pool. “Fweet, fweet.” Bill, Harold, and Ron all whistled at me as I made my way in the pool. I dipped my foot in to test the water, when Charles came from behind and pushed me in. I splashed around under the water then came up for air. “There’s no testing the waters here. You’ll get used to it, plus it’s heated.” Charles said. I waded over to the other guys and began to horse play. “Chicken fight anyone?” Mr. Robinson (Bill) asked. “I’m up for it.” They all said in unison. “Pair up then, I got Jamie.” Bill said. “I got Charles.” Ron stated. “That’s means we’re together.” Harold said looking at Gary. I got on Bill’s shoulder, Gary on Harold’s and Ron on Charles then the battle commenced. Bill and I were a pretty good team knocking both teams down pretty quickly. We started playing another round when I felt my dick start to stir from all the contact. My dick grew out of the trunk leg and was laying next to Bill’s face. “Someone’s ready to take the party to the next level I see.” Bill stated. He lifted my legs and started to turn me around. The others took the hint and helped turn me. I rested now with my groin in his face then he opened his mouth and swallowed my dick. I grabbed the back of his head to steady myself, but to also get extra leverage as his expert mouth went to work. Bill bobbed back and forth getting as much dick in his mouth as he could. The guys stood next to us, still atop the others shoulders, goading him on. Ron and Gary each took an arm and started leaning me back. Bill grabbed the waistband of my trunks and slid them down my thighs and off my feet. Once off, he threw the trunks to the side of the pool and walked back between my legs and took my dick back in his mouth. Now that he had extra room to work with and the trunk material was no longer in the way he was able to get more of my dick in his mouth. All the while Gary and Ron released my arms to Charles and Harold to detach themselves from the others shoulders. Splash. Splash. Splash. My hips began to thrust into Bill’s mouth, the water not letting me drop to far down. I heard some more plops as what can only be assumed as the others throwing their trunks to the side of the pool. Ron and Gary opened my legs wider pretty much putting me in a spread eagle situation. Leaving me to the whim of these 5 men. Bill grabbed a cheek with each hand and pulled and pushed my dick into his mouth. His fingers kneaded my ass as I neared closer to climax. I was moaning loudly as my dick was sucked with precision. Harold dipped his head and started kissing me. His expert tongue searching for gold. He removed his mouth to ask. “You like daddy’s mouth on your cock?” “Mm hmm.” I moaned. Then he started kissing me again, reaching behind my head and pulling me even further into the kiss. Bill continued to slide his mouth on my dick and my breathing picked up. I was ready to blow when he stopped and said “not yet.” He removed his mouth and stood there laughing as I whined in Harold’s mouth. After a few seconds my high came down and he put my dick back in his mouth. He sucked on just the head still massaging my cheeks with his hands. Charles or Harold put a hand under my back while Ron and Gary pulled my legs back to bend me in half. Bill pulled his mouth from my dick head and traced his tongue down the length of my dick, kissed each ball, then puckered his lips and placed them over my rosebud. Bill stuck his tongue to my hole and pushed in. My hole opened wanting to feel his talented tongue inside it. Bill’s tongue went a good 6 inches up my rectum, wiggling around once it could go no further. This elicited a cry into Harold’s mouth of pure pleasure. The roughness of his tongue and the wiggle caused my dick to explode a gigantic amount of semen into the air. After the first volley I felt a mouth encase my dick and swallow the rest. Bill’s tongue got caught in a vice grip as my hole spasmed. Once subsided he continued his tongue assault, a mix of jabbing and suction from his tongue and mouth. In and out, into and out, then suck, Bill continued. “Open that boipussy up.” Ron stated. “I can’t wait to get back in there.” “I don’t think he’s ever cum that hard before.” Gary said, removing his mouth from my still erect dick. Bill tongue fucked me for what felt like hours. Flicking his tongue across my asslips, then darting in, and sucking on my hole. All the while Harold was still kissing me. Bill finally lowered my ass and removed his face. “Move him to the edge. Let’s open this baby up.” Bill stated. Harold broke our kiss and helped move me into the shallow end while leaving my lower half hanging over the edge. Laying on my back, Bill got out of the pool and I finally saw his mammoth appendage. It looked mighty angry and heavy. It was a good 10 inches and just as thick, if not thicker than Ron’s. He stepped over me and lowered his big, black dick to my mouth. It touched my lips. I parted them and let my tongue linger on the slit. Some precum had dribbled out, I tasted it, it tasted a bit salty but delicious. I opened my mouth more and the head slid in. He lowered his dick some more and my jaw stretched further to accommodate the girth. Slowly he inserted more dick into my over stretched mouth. He got to the back of my throat and it stopped. I sucked what was in my mouth but it wouldn’t go any deeper. He made a slight shift of his weight and more of his dick slipped down my gullet, my windpipe completely cut off. Bill slid all the way down my throat, my eyes bulging at the feat of swallowing this anaconda. My Adam’s apple protruding outward as his dick slithered down my throat. Bill wiggled his dick in my throat for a few seconds. He started to slide his dick out of my throat all the way to the front of my throat. I gasped for air as my throat deflated from the loss of his dick. I licked the slit before he started his descent back into my throat. I felt hands slide up and down my body. Again my windpipe closed and my throat inflated like a balloon as he bottomed out. Bill got in push up position and started to piston in and out of my mouth. Bill would bottom out and slide all the way out before going the opposite direction. I gurgled and slurped as his elephant dick stretched my mouth wide. Bill fucked my mouth in this position for a few minutes before removing his dick. “Turn him around and leave his head over the side.” Bill said. I was twisted around where my head was draped over the edge of the pool. Bill got in the water and started walking towards me, dick first. I dropped my mouth in astonishment at the dick this man carried around. Bill took this as his cue and shoved his dick in my open mouth all the way to the hilt. I made a sound that came out like a gulp as my mouth was stuffed. Bill started pounding my throat forcing my head into the side of the pool. My eyes rolled into the back of my head as my mouth was fucked into submission. I felt a hand at my hole and instinctively lifted my legs. “This whore wants some daddy cock in his boipussy fellas.” I heard Gary say. I felt my legs hit skin and a hot dick touch my hole. A slight push and my hole opened to the invader. My hole stretched as Gary’s dick slipped in and out of me. Gary’s dick being thicker at the base opened me wider once he bottomed out. Gary pounded my hole with vigor as Bill fucked my throat like a pussy. My throat muscles were growing raw as Bill was relentless in his fucking. Bill picked up the pace and so did Gary. My holes were fucked senselessly. Bill’s balls hit me in the face as he sawed his dick through my mouth and throat. “This boipussy is outstanding. He sure has learned how to work his muscles to milk my daddy cock.” Gary stated. “Mm mmm. Fuck me.” I mumbled around Bill’s gigantic dick, slurping like a baby with its bottle. The water became more disturbed as Bill really started to lay into my throat. I ataköy escort reached behind Bill and grabbed his butt and started slamming him in my face wanting his delicious treat. Gary lifted my ass up higher and started slamming his dick into me hitting my sweet spot causing my dick to grow hard again. “Look at this whore take a pounding.” Harold said. “I can’t wait to fuck him like he really wants to be fucked. Look at him try to eat Bill whole.” Gary sawed in and out of my ass before lifting me up to only my shoulders causing Bill’s dick to angle upward. “Aww yea.” I heard Bill say, as I can only assume Gary was sucking on his dark chocolate nipples, as I pummeled myself with his dick. “Fuck this boipussy is going to make me cum. He’s still so tight and hot.” Gary said. Two more forceful thrusts and I felt him unload his semen up my ass. “Aaaaahhhhh.” Gary yelled as he spilled his seed in me. Gary started to lower my legs and Bill grabbed my throat and took control of fucking my mouth. “If his ass is a good as his throat I might unload a few loads up him.” Bill stated. He held my throat and head still and rammed fully into me. I felt his first load hit halfway to my stomach and a second equally as strong spurt hit about an inch away from the first. The next three weren’t as strong but I still felt them hit. By the sixth I could still feel his dick flexing to get its load in my stomach. Bill began to withdraw his dick, a stream of cum following after it. When his dick head reached my mouth I closed it and sucked the remnants from his shaft. With his dick being so big he had a lot of cum in the urethra. My mouth was half full by the time he popped his dick from my wanting mouth. “That’s right baby, you’re going to be sneaking out of your house to get some of this daddy dick once I open that boipussy up. You aren’t going to sit right for a week.” Bill said. My eyes glassed over at the thought of it. I was brought out of my stupor as my legs were picked back up and thrown over Ron’s shoulders. “What do you want?” Ron asked. I looked at him, delirious from the fucking I’d just gotten. “Your daddy dick.” “My what?” He said. “Your daddy dick.” I said louder. “My what?” He asked again. “Your daddy dick.” I cried aloud. “Where, boy?” He said. “In my boipussy.” I cried. With that he rammed all the way into me stretching my ass wider than Gary. “Aah. It’s so thick.” I whined. “Shut up with that whining. The only whining I want to hear is for more.” As he pulled out and shoved back in. My ass was on fire but thanks to Gary’s copious amount of semen Ron’s dick got coated quickly and started sliding through me easier and faster. Ron grabbed ahold of my shoulders and started jack hammering into me. My hole wasn’t ready but knew it was going to take the beating it was about to get. Ron hooked his hands under my knees and bent my legs even further as he long dicked me, pulling his dick out the tip then shoving back in. Ron looked down, mesmerized from seeing his beercan thick, pink, 7 inch dick obliterate my caramel colored hole. My hole relaxed more as it had truly been stretched by Ron’s thick daddy dick. Ron let go of one of my knees and turned my hip to the side. Ron slipped his dick in and out a few times, sensing his dick wasn’t going as deep any longer, Ron grabbed my top butt cheek to move it out of his path. This allowed his dick to dig the last 2 inches up my rectum. I cried out in ecstasy as the new angle and depth were providing new sensations. “Aww, daddy! FUCK ME!” I whined out. “Yea, you like that daddy cock?” Ron asked rhetorically. “Yes, daddy. Fuck me with that thick, daddy dick.” I cried. “Yea, that’s what I like to hear.” Ron stated. He started pulverizing my hole. Lifting my bent knee straight up keeping my hips turned and back flat on the ground. Ron jack hammered my hole into a mushy mess, causing Gary’s load to seep out as he pulled out and created a squishy sound as he delved back in. Ron held my leg up and would pull my body back as he shoved back in forcing himself deeper and harder up my ass. Ron’s erect nipples stood staring out at me. I twisted a bit and took his right nipple into my mouth. I sucked hard causing him to fuck me even harder. My leg was now completely next to the upper half of my body leaving me in a contortionist position. Ron put his hands on the ground and leaned over further, lifting my ass off the ground and my back curled. My mouth never left his nipple as he did work on my ass. Slap, slap, slap was all you heard as Ron slammed into me. Ron gave another hard shove and my mouth dislodged from his nipple. “Oh GAWD!” I screamed. “Fuck you’re so big. Fuck me, fuck ME!” I was getting lost in euphoric bliss as my ass was fucked hard and fast. Ron stopped and his dick lay wedged up me. He leaned forward and kissed me before leaning back and shoving his hips forward. He pulled his dick out about and inch then back in. Teasing my hole, knowing it wanted to feel the whole length retracting and probing my anus. Ron did this for a minute before picking up the pace and beating my rosebud up like he was trying to tenderize chicken. “Mmm. Oh gawd you feel so good daddy.” I whined. “Damn this boipussy feels like heaven. Where do you want my load boy?” Ron asked. “My boipussy daddy.” I cried out ecstatically. “Fuck, you’re going to get this daddy juice.” Ron growled. He slammed into my hole letting out an animalistic roar. “Fuuuuuuuuuck!” He screamed. I felt my hole stretch even more as Ron unloaded his molten, hot daddy juice up my ass. Ron stayed still for a few seconds before giving me a few hard strokes to drive his cum up me even further. Ron let my legs drop and removed his dick from my puffed out asshole. He took his hand and put his fingers to my hole then pushed his finger in. He hooked some cum on his fingers and stuck them to my mouth. I sucked his finger clean while looking at him wanting his daddy dick back in me. He pulled his finger from my mouth and jumped in the pool. A few seconds later his head emerged. “You’ve got one sweet boipussy. Keep working it that way and you’re going to suck my dick dry.” Ron stated. “Come here, boy.” Harold said. He was sitting on the second step leading into the pool. I got to my feet, wobbly though they were and made my way to Harold. I stepped onto the first step and threw my leg over him. I sat down on his dick, facing him. He wasn’t as thick as Ron but he fit snuggly up my ass. He pulled me in for a kiss grabbed my cheeks and started slamming my ass on his dick. I moaned in his mouth as he slammed me down with the force of a car crash. “You wanted daddy’s cock, so take every inch.” Harold stated continuing to kiss and slam his dick in me. Harold broke our kiss and took his left hand and put it to my throat. He applied a little pressure, just enough to get me even more roused up. “You like daddy’s cock up your boipussy?” “Yes, daddy. Fuck me with that strong dick.” I replied. I started bouncing harder on him. Water splashed around us as we fucked on the steps of the pool. Charles walked up to me, his dick leading the way. He stood at the top of the step before stepping down one step and inserted his dick in my mouth. I bobbed up and down on Charles dick while riding Harold’s dick. Harold slammed me down on his dick so hard Charles dick popped out of my mouth and churned his dick in my guts. “This boipussy is going to suck me in. Oh to be young again.” Harold said and laughed. I reinserted Charles dick in my wanton mouth, loving the way his 8 inch dick felt in my throat. “Ah fuck Harold. Keep that up and with what this whore is doing and he’s going to drown in my cum.” Charles sighed. Charles leaned forward, holding onto my shoulders for support as Harold ate his asshole. Harold removed his hand from my ass and reached up to Charles ass. He spread Charles cheeks and dug his face in further. He removed his hand from my neck and brought it to the back of my head and forced me completely into Charles groin. “Harold, stop.” Charles whined weakly as Harold swirled his tongue around his ass and I choked on his dick. Harold moved his hips up and down while I circled my hips on his groin. Harold guided my head on Charles dick. Harold pulled his head away from Charles ass long enough to command me to ride his dick like I wanted it. I started bouncing harder on Harold’s dick as he commanded. I felt him hit my love button over and over as I would take his dick all the way to the tip then slam myself back to the hilt. Harold’s breathing picked up. He took his hand from the back of my neck left it on my shoulder indicating for me to stop. I stayed still until he told Charles to lay by the pool. I started riding him again when he lifted me up and pointed me towards Charles. I took Charles dick in my mouth while Harold got behind me and lifted my right leg up onto the upper stair. He lined his dick back up and rammed forward. “Aww fuck daddy. Fuck me like the whore you’re making me.” I pleaded, removing Charles dick from my mouth. I lifted his legs and began sucking on his balls. Harold began fucking me like a madman. I swirled my tongue around Charles balls as Harold went to town on my ass. Harold rammed in and out of me making me pant as my prostate was destroyed. Harold pushed my head lower towards Charles ass. I stuck my tongue to his hole and licked. Harold merter escort pushed further and my tongue entered Charles ass. “Fuuuuuck.” Charles cried. Harold took his dick out of my ass and stood there watching me eat Charles ass for a few moments. “That’s right. Eat that hole, boy.” Harold stated. He lined back up and shoved forward driving my face deeper up Charles’ ass. “This boy is becoming a full fledge whore.” Harold just fucked me crazy. I took my hands and spread Charles cheeks to lick his hole deeper. My tongue went about 3 inches up his rectum and I wiggled it around as Bill did to me. “Do.you.like.licking.that.shitter.boy?” Harold asked he slammed his dick in every time he got to a space. “Mm hmm.” I moaned. “Do.you.want.to.fuck.it?” Harold asked? “Mm hmm.” I moaned. “Go for it.” Harold said pulling his dick from my hole. I stood up and lined my 7 inch dick up to Charles hole. “Fuck it boy.” Charles and Harold said in unison. I pushed forward and felt Charles velvety hole envelope my turgid member. “Aww fuck.” Charles sighed. I pulled out and pushed back in. I started thinking is this why they love my ass so much? Does my hole feel this good? I started picking up the pace when Harold got back behind me, bent me forward and started fucking me again. I hooked my arms under Charles arms, grabbed ahold of his shoulders and drilled my dick up his ass. “Do you like fucking that ass?” Harold asked. “Yes.” I moaned. “Fuck.it.good.” Harold commanded. I was in between these two old white men. From afar it looked like a backwards Oreo. Harold sawed into my ass as I sawed into Charles. Harold grabbed my waist then slammed me on his dick. When he withdrew he would slam me hard into Charles. I was on the brink of explosion when he pulled me off Charles chest and kissed me. My eyes rolled into the back of my head. Loud slaps could be heard as Harold and I bucked into each other and I into Charles. Charles reached up grabbed a nipple and twisted. I screamed like a lion showing his dominance in the Serengeti. My dick went steel hard and increased about an inch in circumference as I unloaded 8 substantial spurts of cum up Charles chute. “Aww fuck.” I cried out. Harold pushed me down onto Charles and continued assaulting my hole through my orgasm having cared less that I was in the midst of a climax. I sucked on one of Charles nipples as I came and Harold barreled through me anus. My climax subsided but Harold still fucked me. “My turn to cum boy.” Harold stated. He pounded another minute as hard as he could before slamming into me, pushing me up and out of the water on top of Charles, pulling my softening dick from him along the way. Harold laid on top of me as he shot a copious load already up my full rectum. “That was great. I can’t wait to get more.” Harold said as he rolled off me. I was still laying on Charles when we rolled over. My legs ended up on each side of him, his engorged penis laying against mine. He slid down slightly, his engorged dick following. He used his legs to lift my ass off the concrete, his dick now at my rosebud. “I hope you’re ready.” Charles stated and before I could respond, his dick charged forward breaching my anal ring all the way to the base. I moaned from the entry, feeling all eight, thick inches stretch my hole and delve deep into my innards. He started slowly, rocking his hips back and forth pulling out about 4 inches before sliding back in. After a few minutes of steady ass fucking he picked up speed, retracting more of his dick, his solid pecs flexing with each thrust inward. Charles put his hands on the top of my thighs near my waist pushing and pulling me on and off his dick. My hole grasped his shaft upon its reversal from my anal cavity, sucking the head while it remained to be the only piece of his dick left inside me. “Aaah boy, you keep that up and daddy’s going to flood your ass.” Charles stated still pounding my ass for all he was worth. Every muscle of his muscular torso flexed as he towered over me while laying on my back. Rhythmically his body moved fucking me into a moaning frenzy. “Mmm daddy fuck me. Fuck me.” I moaned repeatedly as my dick grew hard once more due to the onslaught of Charles insatiable fucking. I lifted and lowered my ass to meet his strokes, as Charles fucking grew bestial. His strokes became more powerful, knocking me forward prior to wrenching me back to his groin for another, more powerful lunge only to propel me forward again, repeating the process. “Oh god this boipussy is tight and wants my load. Doesn’t it?” Charles stated. “Yes daddy. Fill me up.” I whined. “I’m gunna impregnate this boipussy good.” Charles said. “You want my baby juice?” “Yes daddy.” I sang. “Do you want it?” Charles asked again. “Yes daddy. Fuck it into me deep.” I begged. “How much do you want my daddy juice?” Charles asked, not letting up on his carnal fucking. “So much. I want to be leaking forever.” I begged. Throwing my ass back to get the essence from his turgid dick. “Show me boy. Show me how much you want my daddy juice.” Charles said and stopped fucking me. I threw my arms around his neck and he lifted me up to his chest. My ass slipped further down his pole and I sat on his thighs. I looked him in the eyes reading his deepest thoughts. “Impale yourself on my dick,” they read. I bounced up and down on his dick as hard as I could making sure to tighten my hole upon ascent and loosen it on descent. My hole ached from the near 2 hour fucking I had been getting but yearned to milk Charles 8 inch baby maker. It ached to have his juices act as a salve and dull the pain. I threw my head back as my lust for Charles seed became unquenchable. I moaned like a bitch in heat throwing myself harder onto his dick. I bounced like my life depended on it. “I’m getting close baby. Your boipussy is feeling so good. I’m going to flood you like a broke dam.” Charles uttered. I rode harder yearning to feel his dick explode. I looked back at Charles, he looked at me. I kissed him. He grabbed my ass and tossed me as hard as he could onto his dick and erupted a torrent of jizz up my over stuffed ass. I could feel his seed pushing out some of the others. It dripped down along his shaft prior to reaching his balls and falling to the ground. I continued to kiss him, my tongue fighting with his. Eight sizable, lava hot shots of cum flew into my rectum before his dick leaked his remaining essence like a faucet into me. I felt us slowly descend to the concrete. Once his orgasm subsided he kissed me one last time then rolled off me, his dick pulling from my ass with a loud plop. Some cum oozed out before I closed my lips tight. I lay there exhausted and completely satisfied in joyful bliss. I must have fallen asleep because when I came to I was face down in a lounge chair with Bill’s face in my ass. He was slurping out some of the cum and tongue fucking me. The other guys lay in the pool on inflatable loungers. I moaned from Bill’s tongue fucking and ass sucking. I threw my hand back to get his face deeper. “Sleeping beauty has finally awoke.” I heard Ron say. My eyes were closed and my head tossed to the side. I lavished in the ecstasy Bill was providing me. I felt Bill’s tongue leave my ass and start to travel up my back. He reached my left shoulder blade gave it a kissed, traced his tongue to the right and did the same. He continued to crawl up the lounger and stopped once he was at my neck. He kissed the crook of my neck. “Do you want my dick, Jamie?” Bill whispered. I nodded, my hand circled his bald head. “How much?” He whispered again before tracing his tongue to the other side of my neck. His dick head touched my balls but no other part of his body was on me sans his mouth. “More than anything in the world.” I whispered back. He took one of his hands and aligned his dick with my rosebud. “Let me know if it hurts. We’re not here to hurt you just get pleasure from this taut, young body.” Charles said. His dick head touched my hole and it bloomed like a rose to accept him. He slowly pushed in an inch and waited for me to get accustomed to it. He seemed thicker than Ron once his dick breached my anal ring. It was straining to accept his appendage. I whined a bit from the thickness. “You ok, Jamie?” Bill asked, concerned he was tearing me apart. I nodded yes and he sank another inch in me. I breathed deep and pushed out as if taking a shit to make my anal muscles relax. My pushing out allowed another inch to sink into me. My mouth opened wide. I closed my eyes to concentrate on the task I was undergoing. Bill waited a minute before pushing in another 2 inches. I threw my hand back to stop him from going in to fast. He stopped and waited patiently. When I felt the burning stop I moved my hand, he let another inch sink in. “You’re more than half way, Jamie. Most guys have me stop here but I know you got this.” Bill cheered me on. “You want this daddy dick, don’t you?” I nodded yes again. I wanted this dick so bad. I knew it the moment I saw it. I knew I wanted this dick to open me up so much, every dick would fail to compare. I tossed my ass back and another 2 inches slipped inside. He hit my 2nd ring, some place no one had been before. My head involuntarily rolled back to his shoulder as he breached the 2nd ring. I threw my hand back to his head pulling his kissing bahçeşehir escort face into my neck. I felt his trimmed pubes touch my ass cheeks. “You have every last inch. Once you’re relaxed the real fun begins.” Charles stated. He stayed stock still as my ass acclimated to his thick, extensive dick. After a few minutes he ground his groin into my ass then did a few circles moving my innards around with it. He removed a couple inches from my ass before shoving back in. I gasped. Again he removed a couple inches before shoving back in. I gasped again. His dick took my breath away as he continued this action of only removing a couple inches before shoving back into me. He was taking it slow by letting my ass only be relieved of a couple inches at a time instead of thrusting all 10 inches into it at once. For 5 minutes he fucked in and out of me, only removing a couple inches at a time. My body was completely relaxed by the time he removed half his dick and thrust back in. I moaned as the mixture of pain and pleasure turned solely to pleasure. I began throwing my ass back at him. Sensing my change, he removed more than half leaving just the head inside me before slamming back into me. The force moved the chair an inch or 2. Again he did this sensing I wanted, needed more. I moaned loudly as he fucked me deep. I matched his thrusts with my own backwards thrust, loving the feel of almost all 10 inches burrowing through me. “Told you the fun would begin now.” Bill said. He pulled me back into the doggy style position. He removed his dick completely from my anus before thundering back in. I sighed as my ass was royally fucked by this big, black, chocolate colored man. His dick was letting me know, this ass belonged to him. I was already thinking about sneaking out and having this dick breed the fuck out of me whenever and wherever it wanted. These daddies had turned me into a cock craving cumwhore and I was finally coming to terms with it. Bill picked up speed fucking my ass into oblivion. He was right, I wouldn’t sit right for quite some time. The guys had left the pool and come over to watch the show. Charles and Harold stood on my right, stroking their angry looking hard-ons. Gary and Ron stood on my right doing the same. Ron moved to the front of the lounger and put his dick to my lips. I opened my mouth and he slid in. I was turned into a spit roast as the 2 thickest dicks fucked both of my orifices. As Ron slid in, Bill slid out and vice versa. I slid easily into the rhythm as both men fucked me with a vengeance. “If I knew his mouth was this good, I would have gotten in here sooner.” Ron stated. Both men looked at each other and had the same idea. They stopped mid stroke pulled out, then slammed back into me at the same time. 5 times they did this when my dick erupted like Mount St. Helen as both my orifices loved what they were doing. “Yea.” Ron and Bill said in unison. They both began jack hammering me through my ejaculation making me feel the power they possessed. My orgasm subsided but my dick stayed hard. They picked their rhythm back up and fucked me for another 10 minutes. Ron was first to cum. His balls tightened up and his dick grew in girth stretching my jaw wider as he let off 6 great shots of semen right down my throat and into my stomach. “Aaah.” Ron sighed. I nursed his softening dick before he removed it. “You’re one great fuck, you know that.” He said running his hand over my head. Bill’s pace quickened as he pulled out fully one last time before thrusting back in unleashing a substantial amount of semen. I felt 5 good spurts hit my intestine before he leaked the rest out. I squeezed my anal ring pulling the last remnants from his spent dick. “Fuck that was good.” Bill said. “Told you guys this one was going to drain us dry.” Ron said. Harold walked up to me and came all over my face. His first shot hitting me on the forehead and the rest my cheek. Charles came all over my back. Gary turned my head and shot it into my open mouth. I flopped down on the lounger ass up. I lay there a minute before turning over. My dick still hard. “He never lost his hard on.” Gary said, bending down to stroke it. I moaned as he moved his hand up and down my dick. Without warning he threw his leg over and sat down on it. “Aaah.” Gary sighed. He lowered and lifted his ass on my dick, using his ass muscles to milk me. His velvety insides felt as hot as a furnace. I started lifting my hips to meet his downward thrusts. When I slammed him into me, I rolled my hips around stirring his insides with my dick. “He knows how to fuck, too.” Gary said a big smile stretching his face. He continued to bounce himself on my dick. “God, that feels good.” He said, as I stirred his insides again. Gary stood up, leaving my dick instantly sad to have left his warm interior. He turned around and got on his hands and knees. “Come on boy. Fuck daddy.” I followed and shoved my dick back inside him. I fucked with no abandon. I was pulling my dick out when I felt a hand on my shoulder and a dick breach my hole. I sighed as the intruder sank deep. Ron had gotten hard again from watching me fuck Gary. Ron moved me closer and made me fuck myself on his dick as I fucked Gary. I fucked harder as every time I slammed back into Gary I knew Ron’s dick would destroy my prostate as I pulled out. 10 minutes this went on until Ron took control and fucked me into Gary. I felt Ron grab my hips tighter and pile drive himself into me. I was launched into Gary and came buckets up his ass as Ron shoved in one last time, sending more cum up my ass. We all fell forward and then rolled off the other. I crawled over to the pool before sinking in. I pulled an inflatable lounger under me and relaxed. “Drink some water.” Harold said. Throwing me a bottle. I downed it and asked for another. He laughed and tossed me another bottle. I laid in the pool for about a half hour. I heard some splashing and looked around. All 5 men were descending on me like a pack of hyenas. They fucked me until late into the night all over the backyard and in the pool, letting me have some rest every now and then. Around 2 am, I finally wobbled home. I opened the front door and made my way to my bedroom. I felt like I had been asleep 5 minutes when I felt a log enter my ass. “Wha..?” I said. “We just wanted to make sure you made it home ok.” Bill said. I felt my head turn to the left and a dick entered my mouth. All 5 men had followed me home, Bill already knowing where I lived being my neighbor and come to my room. They all fucked me again, having me begging for more. Ron was the last one. I sucked his nipples as he fucked me like he was never going to fuck again. His big barrel chest engulfing my face. I sucked and bit his nipples making him wilder. He came in me one last time then laid down next to me. It was close to 6 by the time we fell asleep. His dick still lodged up my ass. Thank goodness my parents went away for a weekend getaway. I slept until almost noon. I woke up in the bed Ron still next to me. My hole ached from all the fucking and leaked a bunch of cum onto the sheets. I’d have to clean those before my parents got home. I nudged Ron awake. This was a big mistake, he was like an angry bear who was disturbed. He pulled me to his chest and flipped me onto my back. He looked at me like I did something wrong. I started to feel his dick grow. Uh oh. He pushed his dick down to my ass, lifted my hips and charged forward. I screamed in pain, my ass still sore from the Saturday fuck-a-thon. “This is what happens when you poke the bear.” Ron said. He fucked me hard and deep. Like riding a bike, my ass remembered and began to buck back to meet his thrusts. I started moaning from his wild fucking. Before I knew it, I had rolled him over and was throwing my ass down to meet his upwards thrusts. For an hour we fucked in every conceivable position all over my bedroom, me begging for more as he knew I would. Finally he shoved in 1 last time and unleashed the flood gates. He fell on my back and kissed my neck. I turned my head to kiss him on the mouth. I fell on the bed exhausted. “Fuck, you’re a good fuck. You could make a man sprung.” Ron said. I laid my head on his chest and played with his nipples. “You keep that up and the fuck you just got won’t be able to compare with what I’ll give you next.” He said. I stopped playing with his nipples, my ass though it loved getting fucked needed a break. At 3 Ron fucked me one last time before heading out. Once he left I climbed into the shower and then ordered a pizza. I jumped on my Xbox and saw Ian in a game. I jumped in the match and started to chat. Ian and I, were in the middle of a horde match with some other online friends when I heard my doorbell ring. I told them my pizza was here and I’d be back. I went to the door and picked up my pizza. The pizza guy was a bit older than me in his 20’s maybe and hand a linebacker build to him. He looked familiar but I couldn’t place him. I took my pizza, paid the guy, giving him a decent tip, and made my way back to my room. I grabbed a slice and hopped back in the game. We played another hour or so before I turned off the Xbox and got ready for school the next day. It was the last week and I needed to make sure I was good to go into summer break. I took the pizza downstairs into the kitchen when my doorbell rang again. I wondered who it could be. I went to the door and looked through the glass. It was the pizza guy. I opened the door and asked if I could help him. A sly grin crossed his face before he said I think you can. He reached down to his crotch and caressed it. I looked him in the eye then down to his crotch.

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