Subject: Dinner at the Dean’s House 1 (gay adult-youth) Dinner at the Dean’s House This story is pure fiction. None of it occurred in any dimension. The names are fictional and not tied to any person living or dead. Part I Chapter One: The meeting The dinner at my boss’ house was supposed to start at 7 o’clock, so I waited in my car until 6:55 to avoid being too early or too late. I rang the doorbell, and I heard a boy’s voice yelling, “I’ll get it!” and then running footsteps coming towards the door. I stared at my feet as the door opened. When I looked up, standing in the open doorway, I saw the most beautiful boy I had ever seen. He had beautiful blond hair that looked like it was styled specifically to look unkempt, green eyes, perfect complexion, and a compact, but tight body filling the inside of his St. Stephen’s School uniform. I knew St. Stephen’s was K thru 7th grade so, unless he was wearing his old uniform for fun, it meant that he couldn’t have been more than 12 years old at the most. All of this went through my head in the 10 seconds it took to realize that this beautiful boy was standing there staring at me expecting me to say something other than looking at him. I panicked. “Hi, I’m Jacob…umm…your dad’s new assistant at the University?” He smiled and said, “Hi Jacob. I think you’re early.” “Oh my god, I mean ‘gosh’…really? I thought it was to start at 7 o’clock!” I could feel my face getting hot and knew I was turning red against my will. He laughed and said, “It does. It’s only 6 o’clock now. Maybe you uh…forgot to change your clock back last night for Daylight Savings?” His smile almost killed me. Perfect white teeth behind lips that were made to suck on. When I looked up at his eyes, there was a tiny little hint of question in them. “Oh God”, I thought, “did he catch me looking at him from toe to head? Did he see the fire in my eyes when he smiled? Did he see me looking at the bump in front of his khakis?” My mind was reeling so fast I completely forgot about what my boss might think, my being a full hour early for dinner. Just as that thought entered my mind, my boss came around the corner of the entryway in an apron with a bowl in his hand. “Jacob! You’re…early.” He was smiling, but to me he was thinking, “how stupid is this guy I hired as my new assistant that he forgot to change his clock last night?” He laughed and said, “Don’t worry, I have forgotten the time change a few times in my life, although not on a night I was to have dinner prepared for me at my boss’ house.” I felt like I was going to melt into the cement of the doorway. Anthony Gennett, my boss and the Dean of Students at the university in Bedford, had an ability to make anyone feel comfortable, no matter the situation, and that is what he did to me. “Jacob…Ellen and I are still finishing up in the kitchen. This is my son Christopher.” I glanced at Christopher, he was looking at me. Had he been looking at me this whole time? I felt the heat on my face again. Christopher smiled at me. He obviously had inherited the trait of making people feel comfortable from his dad. Dean Gennett continued, “Chris, would you mind entertaining Jacob for a few minutes while your mother and I finish up in the kitchen?” He looked at Christopher, who nodded ‘yes’ even as his eyes never left mine. “Jacob, I’m sorry to leave you in the company of a twelve year old, but you’ll find that Chris is very mature for his age. I hope you don’t mind.” “Of course not, Dean…I am just so sorry to everyone. How stupid of me to be so early. If Christopher is busy I can always come back in 50 minutes or so…” “No!” they both said at the same time. My face heated up for the third time in four minutes. “Well,” I stuttered, “I’ll bother Christopher for a while then, as long as he doesn’t mind.” I glanced at Christopher the boy-god once again. Had he ever looked away? It felt like his eyes were scanning me searching for something. Dean Gennett went back to the kitchen. Christopher seemed to relax a bit. “Can I get you anything? Would you like some wine?” he said with a sexy smile. Was he playing with me? “Uh, no…I’m good.” I said, trying to return his smile, but I feared I looked more like a man in a trench coat attempting to molest this amazing boy. I had only just moved to Bedford, having left my teaching assistant job in Boston to take this new job as Assistant to the Dean. Thirty years old, never married, (for good reason, which I will get to later), and I guess ok looking, at least that is what some guys had told me before. I spent a good deal of time at the gym, particularly in the swimming pool, and watched what I ate, so my body was in good shape. But I was lonely. Why was I lonely? Well…because the objects of my affections were…well…boys. Boys of all ages, but mostly between the ages of 10 to 14 years old. Boys of those ages can’t exactly be found just anywhere, and certainly not in many places that thirty year old men hang out at. And even the ones I did meet, there was no way I could muster the courage to come on to one. Boys at that age aren’t really into sex, and even if they are, they certainly aren’t into sex with older men. Or so I thought. That was before I met twelve year old Christopher Gennett. Christopher was standing there looking at me. Had he asked me a question? My mind was racing in a million directions. I was going to be alone with the sexiest, most gorgeous boy I had ever met, but he was my boss’ son! Getting fired would be the least of my problems. I had to play it cool. No matter what. And in no way should I look at anything other than his face. But just as I thought that Christopher said, “Jacob…should I call you Jake? Do you want to see my photo collection?” “Uh…sure, yeah. Um, yeah…you can call me Jake” “You can call me anything you want” is what I really wanted to say. “Do you prefer Chris or Christopher?” “Most people call me Christopher” he said, “but Chris is what my friends call me…so, you can call me Chris”. “Jesus” I thought, “he is just perfect. If I didn’t know better I would swear he was flirting.” But of course he could not have been. He was 12. He was in 7th grade at the Episcopal School. He was just being polite. He probably thought I was ancient and was secretly pissed that he had to entertain the dumb guy who couldn’t even tell time on a clock. But Chris smiled at me in the most genuine of ways and said, “Okay! Follow me Jake.” He turned around in front of me and my heart skipped a few beats. His khakis fit tightly around his hard, round, and perfectly shaped ass. As I followed him I could not take my eyes off his ass, and all I could think about was burying my face in between his cheeks and my tongue digging into his hole. God, what was wrong with me. I can’t be thinking things like this. I absolutely can NOT be thinking this. Think of something else, quick! I thought to myself. As we walked down the hallway to what I was guessing was his room, a boy came flying out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel. Now, this one wasn’t quite as beautiful as Chris, but he looked a lot younger…maybe nine or ten. “Chris! Oh…uhhh…Hi” he said to me. Chris shot him a dirty look, the first time I saw any negative emotion cross Chris’ face. “Jeez Aidan, we have a guest, can you act like a human?” said Chris. “Sorry, I just wanted to know what I was supposed to wear for dinner” Aidan replied. “Wear a suit dork. Your birthday suit” Chris laughed, and looked at me. Aidan dropped his towel and said to Chris, “You mean like this?” Aidan laughed, completely unashamed, and probably completely unaware that he had just sent an electric shock into me equal to about a thousand volts…straight to my dick. “Oh my god, you goofus!” Chris yelled, but also laughed. He was looking at me again, but I couldn’t take my eyes off of Aidan’s ass as he bent over to pick up his towel. His tight pucker pointed straight at me. I thought I was going to die, right there and then in the hallway of my boss’ house at 6:10pm Daylight Savings Time. I tried to laugh, but it came out as a sort of whimper. God I hope they didn’t notice. Aidan turned around and told me his name. I said, “Hi Aidan, I’m Jacob. I work for your dad.” Aidan reached his hand out to shake mine, as his towel started to fall again. I didn’t get to see his little cocklet, but I did see the V in his little torso. This kid was built with the body of death as I imagined his brother’s to be as well. Could this really be happening to me? And where did Dean Gennett get these beautiful boys from? The boys must have gotten their mom’s genes, because they sure didn’t look like their dad. Chris said, “Get dressed loser…Jake is mine tonight” That’s an odd thing to say, I thought to myself. Chapter Two: The Bedroom Chris turned and I followed that gorgeous khaki ass further down the hallway. My head was spinning, but I decided to just go with what was happening and try not to think too much about what it all meant. It didn’t mean anything after all…I was having dinner at my boss’ house, and his kids were just showing off their stuff to the new visitor. That’s what I was thinking. We reached a door that had a sign on it that read “CHRIS”. He opened the door and we stepped into a large room that looked more ataköy escort like an apartment than just a boy’s bedroom. The first thing I noticed was the bed of course, but there was also a sitting area with a couch, a fireplace, a flat TV on the wall, a gaming console, videos, bookshelves and a sliding glass door at the other end leading to outside. Wow, I thought, this kid has everything already! He was watching me again as I looked around. I caught his green eyes looking right into me it seemed. He noticed I was looking at the sliding glass door and laughed a little. “This door leads out into the yard and to the street. It’s how I sneak out at night.” I looked at him. “Or…how someone could sneak in without my parents knowing” he grinned at me. What. The. Fuck. Did. I. Just. Hear? I shook my head as if to get the water out of my ears. Surely this beautiful kid did not just say that. “Umm…let me show you my old photo collection” Chris said. I had completely forgotten what we had come here for. Jesus, was my dick getting hard? Oh no. I had to sit down quickly before this kid saw it and screamed for his dad to beat me up or call the cops. “Can I sit down Chris? I’m feeling a little light-headed” I said. “Sure Jake, sit here” he pointed at the couch. Chris found a box from the bookshelf and brought it over and sat right down next to me. Not like a cushion over, or even a few inches away. I mean he sat right next to me. His ass slid down the side of my right leg as he sat, he was that close. Now I knew my dick was not going to go soft anytime soon. Chris opened the box and took out some old photos. These were like old black and white portrait photos, the kind that photo studios would take in like, 1910 or so. Men in beards sitting for the camera. Young, handsome men looking seriously into the distance. Men and boys posing in their Sunday finest for the photographer more than a hundred years ago. Wait, I thought, these are all photos of men, young men and boys. Not a single woman in any of them. That’s interesting. Chris explained that he loved the old black and white pics and would go with his mom to antique stores throughout the Northeast looking for bins of old photos. He told me that almost all the stores had at least one box of old photos, and he “always found what he was looking for” in the boxes. It was fascinating. It was like I was having a conversation with a grown man in a 12 year-old body. I am not complaining. As he explained to me his passion for these pics, his leg never moved a millimeter from mine. He was leaning into my body and I could smell his hair just in front of my face as he bent over. His arm was resting on my thigh and his hand touching mine as we flipped through his collection. At one point there was a portrait of a man in his 30’s and a boy around twelve posed for the camera. The man was dressed in his old-time suit seated in a chair, with the boy wearing some sort of sailor suit standing at his side with his crotch right up against the man’s arm. I could imagine that a hundred and ten years ago, the man could feel the boy’s dick against his arm and what he would do when the photographer finally left. Or maybe the photographer stuck around to film what happened next. I was pretty sure that Chris’ collection didn’t have the follow up pics to this one, if there were any that is. As we looked at the picture of the man and the boy, Chris turned his head and looked up at me. My dick jumped inside my pants and my heart was beating like crazy. Chris’ eyes were like half open and he was looking at my lips. If I didn’t know better, this beautiful boy was looking for a kiss. But, I knew there was no way. He was just naturally sexy and I’m sure he didn’t even know it. As he was looking at me, the picture dropped into my lap. Oh fuck, I thought. But before I could grab it, Chris’ hand reached into my lap to grab it. But he didn’t just grab his picture, he held his hand on my now obvious hard-on, and looked down to where his hand was. He didn’t move, but he did look back up at me and damned if he didn’t have that grin on his face again. I thought I was going to die right there and then. He put the picture back into the box with the other ones and set the box on the end table. He never moved from my side, but rather leaned back and put his head on my chest. “Is this okay?” He asked. “I’m just a little sleepy today. I wish we…I mean *I* could get into bed right now.” Again he looked at me and smiled the sexiest grin. If I had been an ice cube I would have melted into water at that moment. So, now I knew that this boy, this amazing, sexy, devastatingly handsome boy was flirting with me. Not just flirting, but totally and completely coming on to me. He wanted something. I wanted the same thing, I’m pretty sure, but reality was going to have to hit me in the head at some point. This cannot be happening. I am at my boss’ house. This is his twelve year old son. His mom and dad were literally a few dozen feet away in the kitchen, and in fact, could come through his bedroom doorway at any time. Chris rubbed his hand across my chest. I could only put my arms up on the couch and let him do what he wanted. I looked up on his wall where a calendar had a date circled from 2 weeks before that said “My Birthday!” I was slave to this boy who until 2 weeks ago was 11 years old. How could this be happening? When was I going to wake up from the best dream I had ever had in my life? Chris’ hand breached through my buttoned shirt to reach my bare chest. He went right for my nipple and I swear I heard him moan. Or maybe it was me. One or both of us moaned, I’m quite certain. He looked up at me and I looked down at him…at that moment we knew we were going to kiss. I could barely breathe. “CHRIS! BRING JACOB INTO THE LIVING ROOM! WE’RE READY FOR APPETIZERS!” Fuck me. The moment was gone. Chris jumped up and grabbed my hand. “Come on Jake, let’s go make an appearance.” He was acting like we were old lovers already, having to do our ‘couple duty’ so that we could hurry back home and eat ice cream and watch TV. Although, I was hoping that was not what this particular couple was going to do. Who am I kidding? Nothing was going to happen. We had a moment. It passed, and now, NOW reality was setting in. We would sit at the table, the Dean would talk about the university, dessert would be served, and I would leave never to see Chris again. My heart was breaking and racing at the same time. Chris still had a hold of my hand as we walked to the door of his room. The magic was about to end when all of sudden he turned around, walked up to me, put his arms around my shoulder and drew my head down to his. His lips met mine and he kissed me with all the tenderness and passion that I would never imagine a boy would have, let alone a boy who wasn’t even a teenager yet. His tongue went straight into my mouth and found mine. I was still in shock, but he wasn’t having it. He was in charge and he knew it. Had he done this before? Where the fuck did he learn to do this? How the fuck did this happen to me? Why couldn’t we go to the bed and finish this like they did in the movies? Well…because his mom and dad were waiting for us in the living room, that’s why. He slowly drew away from me, but his eyes never left mine. The only words he said was, “We will continue this Jake. Don’t worry.” Chapter Three: The Dinner and the accident We sat at the table, the Dean and his wife Ellen at the ends of the table, Aydan and a daughter I hadn’t even known existed sat across from me, and next to me on my right sat Chris. We were both very careful, but several times I felt Chris’ knee knock my thigh and his hand somehow found its way onto my leg a few times. I was a nervous wreck. What if the Dean or Ellen saw what was happening? What if Aydan, the little exhibitionist wanted to stir up shit? The girl, who I learned was named Karen, sat staring at her food, pretty much a typical teenage girl who was mad because she had to put her phone down for 15 minutes to have a stupid dinner for her stupid dad’s stupid assistant. She was probably 15, but who the fuck cared. I can’t even tell you what she looked like…but she might have noticed something as well. It turned out that no one noticed a thing. The Dean talked about the university and who knows what else? (I wasn’t listening), Karen and Aydan fought over every little thing and Ellen kept asking if the potatoes were seasoned and that she should have gone to the other store to get the whatever for the whatever because they had better whatever there. My mind was only on Chris. And I daresay, I hoped his was on me. Dessert was served and I knew my time with Chris was coming to an end. Ellen got up to collect dishes, Karen got up to grab her phone, the Dean said he needed to make a quick phone call as well, so Ellen told Aydan to get up and help her bring dishes to the kitchen. Chris and I just sat there next to each other staring at the table. Well, I stared at the table, but he was looking at me. I turned my head when our eyes locked. Just then “CRASH” came from the kitchen. Aydan yelled. Ellen yelled, Chris and I got up and everyone headed to the kitchen. Turns out that Aydan had dropped two wine merter escort glasses and as they fell he somehow managed to cut his hand on the glass. He was hopping around, screaming and yelling, his mom was trying to calm him down and wrap his hand with the dishtowel. Karen was rolling her eyes, Chris and I were both standing there with our mouths open and the Dean was still on the phone. Ellen yelled to the Dean to get off the phone, they need to take Aydan to Urgent Care to see if he needed stitches. Karen said she was going to her friend’s house, and I started to excuse myself to get out of the house and out of the way. Just then Ellen looked at me and pleaded for me to stay with Chris, while she and the Dean took Aydan to Urgent Care. She said she didn’t want the whole family to go, and she was so sorry, but could I stay for just awhile with Chris until they got back? “He’s just not quite old enough to stay home on his own yet” she said. My mouth was so dry that I could only croak out, “Of course, no problem. I will stay as long as you need me to.” That part was said while I was looking at Ellen, but it was directed toward Chris. I swear his eyes were lit up like green Christmas lights. It was clear that Aydan was going to be fine, he just needed to be seen by a doctor just in case. Karen was gone almost instantly, Anthony and Ellen apologized again but headed out the door with Aydan and their car keys. From what had been the darkest part of the night for me, getting closer to the moment I was going to have to say goodnight to Chris probably forever, became the brightest of brights at the prospect of what might happen next. “C’mon Jake” said Chris as he took my hand and lead me down the hallway to his bedroom for the second time that night. If this whole night was nothing but a dream, I hoped I would never, ever wake up. Chapter Four: Where Did He Learn to do THAT? Chris’ lips were on mine before we even reached his room. He had his arms around my neck and suddenly he jumped up and wrapped his legs around my middle. I could barely see, but I sort of blindly headed to where I thought the bed was. We reached the bed and tumbled onto it. Chris lips were glued to mine. This kid was undoing the buttons on my shirt without looking. He pulled my shirt off, and took his blue school polo off in one swift move over his head. At last our bare chests were touching. Chris was grinding his crotch into mine. Grinding. He was literally humping me through our clothes. He had taken the reigns and run with them, and I was his helpless victim. Helpless but not unwilling that is. At this point I thought the more experienced of the two of us should take over and direct what happened next, but little did I know that was not going to be me. No way. Chris knew exactly what he wanted and nothing was going to stop him. Could a boy who two weeks ago was eleven, be this horny? Apparently, the answer was ‘yes’. Chris reached for the snap on my pants and in seconds had undone it and unzipped me and his hand was inside my underwear grabbing onto my hard dick. He gasped at the size in his hand, not because I am some giant cockmonster, but I thought that maybe he hadn’t held a man sized dick in his hand before. But if that were true, where the fuck did he learn to do all of this? I didn’t really care anymore. Wherever Chris had learned to seduce a man, he had learned very well…and I wasn’t going to stop him. When a boy takes charge you don’t ask questions, you just go with it and thank the gods for your luck. Chapter Five: Heaven Chris was sucking on my nipple. I looked down and I could see his angelic face attached to my chest and his blond hair moving subtly. As good as this was, I really wanted to kiss him. I wanted to feel his tongue in my mouth. I lifted his face to mine and his lips went for mine like a magnet. His mouth was open, inviting my tongue in to explore his teeth, his gums, his tongue. I could taste the sweetness of his mouth. I swallowed the juices of this perfect 12yo…the first of his DNA to enter my body that night. I held his head, and to my surprise, he grabbed my face with his hands. This boy had watched every romantic movie Hollywood ever produced, and I was the luckiest leading man in history. We both had our eyes open and my dick felt harder than it had ever been. One of his hands left my face and went straight down to my dick. He pulled away from my lips long enough to look me square in the eye and say, “We’ll be able to hear the garage door open when they come back. Until then, I want to do everything we can. I want to experience everything. Everything.” I would have expected a 40 year old virgin to say something like that after so many years of pent-up sexual frustration…but to have those words come from a boy who’d only been alive 12 years and 2 weeks? Unbelievable. But, I was not going to question anything that he said or did. His dad was my boss at work, and Chris was my boss in the bedroom. At that moment I would do anything he wanted. Check that…EVERYTHING that he wanted. Chris made me stand up and he pulled on my pants and underwear. He stood back and looked at me up and down. He ended at my eyes, and somehow I could tell he was pleased with what he saw. Without breaking gaze, he finally unzipped his own khakis and his pants came down, but he kept his underwear on. His confidence seemed to wane just a little and I thought that I could see just a touch of embarrassment in his face. So, I said, “Chris…you are the most beautiful boy I have ever seen. Your body is perfect. My dick is hard because I am looking at the sexiest boy alive. Let me see it all.” At that, he grinned and off came his underwear. Except for the mop of blond hair on his head, there was not a hair to be found anywhere else. His skin was flawless and a nice boyman size dick with a nice set of balls. He was still soft, but his dick started filling within seconds of being free. Like me he was circumcised, which surprised me a bit since in this day and age boys seemed to be uncut mostly. As his dick rose, it became a good 3 or 3.5 inches. It was like I was looking at a pornographic statue that Michelangelo might have sculpted if he could have. Perfect body, not too skinny and in no way fat, perfect dick, perfect face…there was just one more body part that I hadn’t seen fully yet. I complimented him on his beautiful dick and body and told him I wanted to kiss every square inch of him. Then I said, “There is one place I want to start Chris…baby, turn around.” He smiled and did what he was told. It was the first command that I had given him all evening. Of course his ass was as perfect as the rest of him. His khakis had not done it justice though. His ass cheeks were high and perfectly round, sitting on top of perfectly formed thighs. I dropped to my knees and ran my hands over the two white globes in front of me. It was the first time in my life I wanted to cry at the beauty I was seeing. But there would be no crying tonight. I took both hands and parted his ass. His pucker was tight and inviting. Definitely the best thing I was going to eat all night, not to diss Ellen’s meal, but come on…Nothing could compare with this. I kissed each cheek and for the first time I noticed a full length mirror on the wall facing us. I could see Chris looking at the mirror with me kneeling behind his bent over body. No porn writer could have imagined a better scene. Finally I went in tongue first. Boy pussy is indescribable. There is simply nothing like it in the world. My tongue licked and probed. Chris let out a sigh that let me know one of the boxes on his checklist of “Doing Everything” was being marked in big black ink. He pushed back onto my mouth. He was reaching heaven. This 12yo, who probably still raced down to the Christmas tree to see what Santa had left him, was moaning uncontrollably with a man’s tongue in his pussy. I reached around to his dick. Even without seeing it I could still feel it’s perfection. I didn’t even know if this kid could cum yet. But he had said ‘everything’ so I was going to do what he asked and making him cum was going to be my priority tonight. That reminded me though that my own dick was ready to shoot and I hadn’t even touched myself yet. Just having my face buried in his ass, tasting his boy pussy was all I needed. But I didn’t want to cum yet. We’d only been at this for 10 minutes. But the thought of his parents coming home did give a sense of urgency. I would come back to his ass later. I stood up and turned him around so I could see his ass in the mirror. His mouth was about even with my nipples and he put his arms around me in a hug and to feel my dick up against his chest. I gently pushed him back and put my hands on his shoulders. Our eyes locked again and I pushed him down to his knees. He looked carefully at my hard cock and kissed the shaft. Then his tongue came out and he licked it like an ice cream cone. I was dying. Please baby… He put the head of my dick in his mouth and started to suck. He went down as far as he could and gagged, but it didn’t stop him. He was a professional cocksucker without any training. At least I imagined so. We hadn’t talked about it, but how could he have this much experience bahçeşehir escort at 12? He toyed with my dick in his mouth. His tongue probed into my piss slit. Fuck me…Chris knew exactly what to do to please a man. Maybe I wasn’t his first. I didn’t care. At least I was his first tonight. He grabbed the shaft of my dick and began jerking me with a good half of my dick in his mouth. Did he want me to cum? Because I was ready. Should I stop him? Should I pull out so he doesn’t get disgusted at the taste of my man juice? He reached around my ass to pull me into his mouth. I looked down and Chris had my entire dick in his mouth. Clearly he had control over his throat muscles because I was deep down his throat. His nose was against my skin and he was humming. He knew what he was doing to me. He pulled his head back and looked at me. “Give me your cum Jake. I want your juice inside me.” God. If you have ever had a child talk dirty to you like that you know what I mean. I couldn’t hold it anymore. I said, “Baby…you are making me cum. I can’t stop.” With that he worked his mouth harder and faster on my dick, one hand squeezing the shaft and his other hand playing with my balls. And then it started. The best cum of my life. I felt it start in my tummy and travel slowly through my body. I yelled his name. Then I could feel my cum shooting out of my cock. Chris did not move his mouth away from my dick. He swallowed and swallowed and swallowed. He looked at me with my dick still in his mouth and his eyes were smiling. Another box got checked off his list. He slowly moved his mouth on my still hard dick, making sure that he cleaned it completely. Finally he took his mouth away and stood up. He came at me and I kissed him with my tongue deep inside his mouth where my dick had just deposited a week’s worth of cum. My juice had mixed with his sweet saliva and I sucked out whatever was left inside his perfect mouth. He moaned in my mouth as I reached down and grabbed his steel dick. “My turn” I smiled. I turned him around so he could see himself getting his first (?) blowjob from a man. Chapter Six: My Dessert I kissed my way down his chest, licked his tummy, and played with his dick with my chin. I was going to make sure he felt the best he had ever felt in his short life. I licked his dick from balls to his piss slit. I sucked his balls. Chris started shaking. He threw his head back and his hands went to both sides of my head. I opened my mouth and took his whole dick in. I didn’t gag, because his dick wasn’t that long, but it was sure the best thing I had eaten in years. In my whole life, in fact. I sucked his dick, I kissed his tummy, I nuzzled his balls. My hands had been going up and down his back as I was doing this, but now they were on his ass. I pushed his whole body into me and he moaned. His dick was completely in my mouth and I tried to put his balls in with it. His cock was just the perfect size. I pulled back off his dick and stuck the middle finger of my right hand in my mouth. I looked up at him as I sucked on my finger to get it nice and wet for where it was going next. His eyes were glazed and half open. I knew that Chris was in another dimension right now. I reached between his legs and my middle finger found his pussy. It was still wet from the toungeing I had given him earlier. I found his pussy lips and my finger entered into this boy. He bent his legs a bit and tried to sit on my finger. I looked up at his face as my middle finger slipped up and down inside his pussy. He loved it. He absolutely loved me finger fucking him. He bent over and shoved his tongue into my mouth and neither of us missed a beat. I continued to finger fuck him and he continued to move his ass to get the maximum effect. With my finger still fucking him, I took my mouth away from his and went back to his dick. I started going up and down on his dick as rapidly as I could. Chris was panting. He literally had his head thrown back, his tongue was out and he was panting. He was making sounds that almost sounded like he was crying, but I knew that he definitely was not crying. He was experiencing his first orgasm. Of this I was pretty sure of. He may have gotten experience from another man (or men), but none of them had given a care to his needs. As I continued to piston my mouth on his dick his legs turned to jelly. My finger in his ass was the only thing that was keeping him on his feet. He steadied himself by putting his hands back on my head. Finally he panted, “J-J-J-Jake! I-yi-yi…I think I’mmmmmm…” and with that his cock jumped in my mouth, his pussy clamped down on my finger like a vice and his dick started spewing the sweetest cream I had ever tasted in my life. I had never, ever swallowed cum before. The men I had had sex with before…I never wanted to taste their cum and certainly didn’t want to swallow it. But Chris was not a man. He was the most perfect boy in the universe and I wanted to drink every last drop of the white honey that came from deep inside his body. He had stopped breathing for the 30 seconds or so of orgasm that he had just experienced. His eyes were half rolled up inside his head. His hands had never left my head and he continued to dance his slow dance on my finger. My finger was almost numb from loss of blood due to the tight pussy that had clamped down on it. I did not care. I wanted to stay like this forever. With my finger still in his little hole he squatted down in front of me. We kissed as passionately as at any other time that night. Clearly he was not going to be one of those guys who cums and then feels guilty or whatever shit they feel due to their shame or whatever bullshit. No, not Chris. He was reveling in his joy and nastiness. He continued to swirl around on my finger, his dick never went soft and neither did mine. We just stayed that way for who knows how long…me on my knees and Chris squatting fucking my finger and kissing my mouth. Another very important box had been checked off, and I was the lucky guy who got to do it. Finally, I lifted him up and took him to the bed. I took my finger out of his pussy and he whined, grabbed my arm and put it back in. No complaint from me. I could finger fuck him for eternity if he wanted. Of course, my dick wanted to see the inside of Chris’ pussy as well, but I didn’t think that was going to possible. Not tonight anyway. We lay on the bed, his hand tracing my face, my nose, my eyelids, my lips, my chin. It was like my face was a book written in Braille and he wanted to read every word. This kid was amazing. Not just for being a 12yo, but amazing for any male of any age. My finger stayed inside him gently fucking his pussy as he wiggled his ass. We laughed and just snuggled. He said, “Jake, I am all yours. This is only the beginning” Where did he learn to talk like that? He pointed toward the sliding glass door that I had noticed earlier. “That is easy access for you to return tonight and every night if you can. You can come back here without anyone noticing and the door will always be unlocked for you. My parents’ room is way on the other side of the house, they will never hear a thing and they never check on me. Besides I lock my door at night, so we would have lots of warning if they did check. Please say you will come back Jake. I need you.” What the fuck am I supposed to say to that? No? Ummm, yeah…I am not stupid. “Of course baby, I will be with you whenever you want. I am just like a fish on your hook. There’s nothing I can do.” With that he laughed and kissed me. At that moment we heard a car coming up the driveway and the garage door starting to open. My finger reluctantly left his pussy and I stuck it in my mouth to get any more of Chris’ juice I could into my body. We both leaped up and clothes went back on as quickly as we could. He grabbed my phone and put his contact info directly into my phone. Then he called himself so mine would be in his. Of course he did this in about 10 seconds, because that’s what 12yo’s can do. We checked ourselves in the mirror, he kissed me one more time and we raced out into the living room. We barely sat down and the door swung open. Aydan was the first one in, beaming and showing off the bandage around his palm that the doctor had put on. Dean Gennett and Ellen followed, both apologizing and thanking me for staying with Chris. I smiled and told them that we had had a great time. And I meant it. After a few more minutes of small talk it was time for me to go. I thanked them for the delicious meal, the fantastic dessert and, looking at Aydan I said, “the entertainment”. He laughed at that and said, “There’s more where that came from!” Jesus…these two boys were going to kill me, I just knew it. I thanked Christopher for putting up with the boring old guy and he laughed and winked at me. He winked at me. Can this night be any better? I put on my jacket, I said my goodbyes, and turned to walk out the door. As I walked towards my car I looked back at the house where the Dean, Ellen, Aydan and Chris were still standing watching me. I saw Chris reach into his pocket and take out his phone. I laughed to myself as I closed the door to my car and started the engine and my pocket began to buzz with a text message. I took out my phone and the text from Chris said, “Don’t go far, you’re coming back in a few minutes. The sliding door will be open.” Then there was a yawn emoji and the next message said, “They’re all going to bed…and so are we Jake. But we’re not going to sleep.” Fuck me, this kid. What could I do but obey?

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