Subject: DILF Town 0 DISCLAIMER: This story contains graphic depictions of sex between adult men and minors. If you are under 18 years of age or such material is not permissable in your jurisdiction, do not open, click, download or read this story. Adhere to all laws in your area. Do not molest children or particpate in anything sexual with minors. This story is a fantasy and should be treated as such. The following story is copyrighted to the author. All rights reserved. Please do not publish, upload or use in any manner other than for “personal use” without the author’s prior written agreement. Warning: this story contains themes of cum hungry bottom dads and hung underage sons as the tops. If you dislike this, please do not read. If you’re like me and enjoy this weird and nasty premise, feel free to message me ­čśë (Please do not send me any illegal material) This story was majorly inspired by the following stories: https://www.//gay/incest/dads-dripping-derriere https://www.//gay/incest/dueling-deputy-dads Please read them as I build out this juicy dad pussy universe ­čÖé Please support Nifty so that these nasty stories have a place to call fty/donate.html === Somewhere in Middle America is a town you’ve never heard of before. That’s to be expected, it is pretty isolated. The town is called Dadwood, and the founders must have seen the future because the name is so fitting. You hear some locals referring to it as “DILF Town” offhandedly, which seems like an unusual name. At first glance, it appears to be a typical middle American small town, where everybody knows each other. A town that seemed like it was taken from a wholesome 1950’s sitcom. But if you look closer, you might begin to notice something strange. The first thing you might notice is, there are no women in this town. No, somehow, this entire town seems to consist of middle-aged men, all of whom are universally fit, paragons of masculinity. You might spot some of their sons too, most of whom are still in Middle School or younger. There are some teenagers, of course, but not as many anadolu yakas─▒ escort as you’d expect. The next thing you might notice is the town’s “dress code”. The dads all seem to go out of their way to wear as little clothing as possible. How else could you explain a middle-aged father walking his young son down the street, his huge muscle ass practically bursting out of a pair of extremely short jean cutoffs that exposed the bottom half of his fat daddy globes. And why did the police officer uniform seem to consiste of a too-tight button up shirt (with the top half buttons left undone) and a pair of shorts that were so tight that their asscheeks swallowed up the material. You might even be shocked to go to the local community pool and see a father laying out in the sun, face down, exposing his huge cakes in a tiny little thong to all the boys playing in the pool. You might even notice that the fathers seem to have large wet spots over the seats of their clothing, and that almost all of them have droplets of some liquid dripping down the backs of their legs. Almost like there is a clear, lube-like substance drooling out of their tight daddy holes. You might try to justify this by saying the town just has a hot climate and it’s just sweat, ignoring that none of the boys seemed to be dressed in this manner. If you take a closer look at the boys, however, what you see might shock you. Boys of all ages were walking around in shorts or jeans with… some exceptionally full pouches. You spot a middle schooler with a bulge that juts out several inches from his waist, and if you look closer you realize that the bulge is in fact his cock folded under itself so that it may fit. Or you might even spot the elementary school aged kid, cute as a button, with what appears to be a large kielbasa stuffed down his jeans, the end of it jutting right past his knee. And as you continue to get a look at each boy you come across, your shocking observation is confirmed. Every boy in town below a certain age is packing a ankara anal escort cock that would make a horse jealous. A cock so large, it looks completely out of proportion with his little body. A cock that shouldn’t even be physiologically possible for a boy of such a young age. And then you realize just what kind of town Dadwood is: A town where the dads are cum hungry bottom sluts, and the boys are packing extra large anacondas to satisfy them. A town where a 43-year-old single father might wake up his 5th grader with a sloppy morning blowjob, coaxing out a hefty load of sticky, hot cum to gulp down as his protein-filled breakfast to start the day. A town where the local piano teacher, Mr. Warner always ends his lessons showing off his lean, flexible dancer’s body, forged in a previous life as Broadway chorus boy, to his young students. And many boys take him up on his offer when he spreads his legs in a perfect split and pulls his thong aside… A town where a beefy hairy muscle dad will go down to the public pool in the skimpiest bikini thong imaginable. He’d spot a group of grade schoolers playing around and lay down face first on a lounger, making sure to raise his round, hard ass up high so the boys take notice. Then he’ll look over his shoulder and ask those boys if they would like to help put suntan lotion on his back. And when their small hands make their way to his big globes, he makes sure to reach back, spread his cheeks, and tells them to “Make sure they get every last inch lotioned up.” A town where the senior high school football quarterback will park his car on the side of the road to give his boyfriend a nasty, sloppy blowjob. And once he’s done, he’ll drop his boyfriend off at the local middle school. A town where Mr. Kalvo, the big burly Serbian chef at the local diner, always has boys on staff to help produce the secret ingredient that makes his milkshakes such a hit with all the local men. Despite keeping several of the kids drained, he somehow always seems to sell out. A town where everyone ankara anal yapan escort knows not to go to Old Man Johnson’s house for Halloween. But the few that do brave it end up pulled inside, their costumes roughly torn off, and the sensation of a man old enough to be their grandfather gulping down every inch of their cocks. A town where fathers cruising for dick go to the local playground instead of the woods, lewdly fingering their loose and hungry pussies while watching all the boys play, taking special notice of those with bulges that seem to bounce and jiggle at the slightest provocation. These fathers might even look around at the other men standing around in the perimeter, sharing a knowing glance. Then one of the braver ones steps forward and invites a boy to go to the park restroom with him. Exiting 20 minutes later, contently patting his slightly bloated stomach, every other dad there knows exactly what went down in that restroom. A town where the elementary school cafeteria is staffed by the chef nicknamed Sloppy Joe. He’s called that because his sloppy joes are famous, every boy can’t get enough of them, sometimes eating multiple sandwiches for lunch. None of them know Sloppy Joe’s secret ingredient, of course. None of them have seen Sloppy Joe squat over the pot of chili nude, letting his natural pussy juices drip into the delicious mixture. You begin to notice the dynamics here. Despite being the bottoms, the dads are in charge. The boys, young and innocent, most likely confused by all the strange changes happening to their bodies, are not fit to be dominant tops. You notice the way men on the street stop and stare as little Timmy walks by, his 13-inch whopper swinging lewdly, their eyes full of lust and hunger. Where you see a little boy with an unusually large cock, they see a dildo that is just big enough to scratch that hungry itch deep up their dadcunts. Of course, after seeing these things, you might be disgusted and horrified. But of course, they can’t let you leave DILF Town. The town is quaint and isolated, and they would prefer to keep their secrets to themselves. Hope you enjoy your indefinite stay in DILF Town. === Hope you guys enjoyed this weird premise! I find it incredibly hot and would love to hear from some like-minded folks. Feel free to shoot me an email to tell me which of those teasers you’d love to see play out in full. ­čśë

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