Subject: Mam Cam (Didaka (4) This is the fictional story about guys from an online chat site. It’s purely fiction as all the guys live far away. Some gay, some straight and some bisexual. But all are hot as hell. Enjoy. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Man Cam (Didaka (4) ……. “He has a friend” I said I watched the screen as my hot Bulgarian hunk lay back on the lounger. Somewhere in Bulgaria. Some where in a tree filled zone. He lay there stroking his big ole cock. And he had brought a friend. Karan sat on his own chair, pulling on his cock. He had sent a message to the masses watching about Didaka’s big cock. He pulled on his own dick. Sitting there less than a foot from my stud. I watched as Karan pulled on his smaller dick. It was nice, but not anywhere as nice as Didaka’s schlong. And he was no where near as good looking. “We stroke our izmit escort big dicks for you” Karan said to the screen “So how big we are” Then the two held their cocks hard from the base. Karans hand covered most of his dick. With maybe two inches sticking out. Didaka hand only about half his massive dick covered by his hand. That big gorgeous shiny cock had my mouth watering. Then I looked over to see Karan’s eyes wifpden as he looked over at his friend. I surmised that his friend may have secret desires for Didaka. But then again it may be just my lust talking. “How can you not look over at that” I said as I watched “It’s so damned big” “So damned big” Then Karan leaned back in his chair as he pulled on his cock more. I saw as his free hand reached out and touched Didaka’s knee. Gently touching his friends leg. “Caress it” I said to the screen “Caress his yummy leg dude” It’s what I izmit otele gelen escort would have done. But I watched as Karan stroked harder on his cock. His head falling back occasionally. Then he would glance over at Didaka again every now and then. Meanwhile Didaka pulled slowly up and down his huge log. I was hauling out my own cock out as well. How I would have loved to been Karan. Like I said. I would bend over and swallow Didakas big dick. But he didn’t. He kept telling his dick. Even though his hand would occasionally squeeze his friends leg as he pulled on him self. And there was the occasional look over at Didaka and his huge dick. “Awee fuckk” he then moaned I also moaned right after him. I was pulling hard on my dick. Like a cheap whore I licked my hungry lips in want of what I was looking at. Then Karan chirped as his body gave into orgasm. darıca escort He got up and turned as he yanked on his dick. Crouching over to Didaka. Then he shot several volleys on his friends leg. This set me off and I also came. I practically lunged at the screen as I watched the cum splatter on his meaty thigh. “Fuckkk mee!” I howled as I came “Look at that cum on his thigh” “Ohhh God I want it” I actually licked the monitor as Karan pulled the camera to the spot where his cum lay on Didaka. “Good” he had said Then after that I watch Didaka also cum. He continued to pull until his big club burbled up the hot white cream to the tip. I watched as it just sort of oozed fromhhis cock and on his fingers and down his hands and shaft. The video ended as the cum reached his balls and a hand grabbed his dick other than his own. Then they were gone. “Fuckk. More! ” I shouted “More” But the image was gone. What had Karan done after that. Had he moved down and sucked his friend, like I hoped. Or just helped him clean his big cock. I would probably never know…………….. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

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