Diary Of a Dirty Old Man: Shawn


Along with a bunch of old porn magazines and Beta tapes I found in a storage locker was this journal written in my a man with amazing penmanship, which made reading the fading ink a lot easier than you would think for something 40 years old and kept in a dusty box.

I have no idea who this guy was, but I like his style. Here’s a entry I particularly enjoyed.


June 30, 1972

“You dirty old man,” I mumbled when I saw the plot develop before my eyes, and while I had seen bits and pieces of this over the last few months, this time I was in prime position to see it all.

My long time neighbors, the Hermann family, looked like your typical suburban family. Husband, wife and three daughters, with the elder two girls having moved on to college and their own lives.

I knew the eldest daughter Denise quite well, but that’s another story for another time. The middle daughter I had never gotten to know, and I suspect that the reason was that her older sister had warned her about me, but I don’t know that for sure.

This younger daughter, Shawn, had always seemed frightened of me. It wasn’t until recently that I had attempted to get better acquainted with young Shawn, and through that I learned that she thought I looked like the bald-headed iconic character in the Mr. Clean commercials.

“That guy always scared me when I was a kid,” Shawn had admitted, but I assured her that I was a gentle soul that wouldn’t hurt a fly.

I didn’t tell her about the things that went though my mind whenever I looked at her, because I think that would have really given her something to be frightened about.

I like young girls. Always have and I suspect I always will. Not TOO young, mind you, because the last thing I want to have happen is to get arrested and tossed in jail with a bunch of other horny guys. 18 is young enough for me.

My infatuation with young things cost me my marriage years ago, although by that point is wasn’t much of a loss for either of us. My ex claimed that I was silly for having such thoughts about barely legal girls and couldn’t understand what I saw in them.

“You were 18 once,” I reminded her.

“They probably think you’re a silly old man,” she contended on her way out the door. “What do you do? Stand there and whip your thing out?”

Some of the young ladies I’ve made moves on probably do think me silly for my interest but a surprisingly large number don’t, and I’ve learned that through experience. As for my ex-wife’s last contention, the answer to that was quite often yes. If you’ve got it, flaunt it. The girls often do, and so do I if I think it will work.

Back to this morning. My married neighbor, well respected father of three and a lawyer for some cheesy firm in town, had hustled out the door in his pinstriped suit for a day of ambulance chasing just like always.

Just like a couple of mornings earlier, he tossed his briefcase into the car but he didn’t hop in the Lincoln himself just yet. Instead Dave Hermann walked around behind his garage and waited. Inside the house his bloated wife was probably sleeping in since it was summer and the remaining kid at home didn’t have to go to school.

The kid. Shawn. Not a kid but a woman, having just graduated from high school last month, and just like she had a couple of days before the little lady was climbing out her bedroom window clad only in her pajamas and slippers.

Shawn wasn’t a raving beauty, certainly nowhere near as pretty or as well-developed as her older sister Denise had been at 18, but that didn’t bother me a bit. Shawn looked young and innocent, even though not nearly as innocent as she had seemed before I had figured out that something was likely going on out back behind their garage.

It had to be sex. Why else would a guy slither out back there and meet a daughter who snuck out of the house through a window? The only question was what it was I would see as I crouched down in my own yard with my trusty Poloroid in hand.

The way the yards were on our block, there was only one neighbor who could see what went on back there. Me. What would I be doing back there at sunrise? So their openness was probably a result of an expectation of privacy, an expectation that was simply not going to happen when there was an 18 year old girl around next door to me.

Shawn came around the corner to her father like an obedient puppy, and after they kissed and embraced the honorable attorney undid his belt and let his trousers drop down around his ankles. By then Shawn was dropping to her knees and tugging down her old man’s boxer shorts, revealing a cock of respectable proportions that was on the way to getting hard even before his daughter’s hand and mouth got hold of it.

Three minutes later my lawyer neighbor had his daughter’s head in his hands while his knees buckled a bit, letting out a moan that signified that this case was closed. Shawn didn’t even flinch while his load filled her mouth and went down her throat, and just like that it bonus veren siteler was over.

Attorney Hermann pulled up his boxers and pants and after helping his daughter up to her feet, gave her a kiss and hurried back around the garage to his car. Shawn was brushing her knees off as her father pulled out of the driveway, and after he left she looked around the corner of the garage towards her house to make sure it was safe to run back to her bedroom window.

It was then that the girl looked over toward me, and that saved me the trouble of clearing my throat or saying good morning. The look on Shawn’s face when she saw me standing there in my yard was priceless, and in retrospect I should have taken a picture of her then to go along with the 4 I had taken and were already developed.

I did smile and wave, with the prints in my hand as I did so. While Shawn never seemed to be the sharpest knife in the drawer she did manage to put the pieces together in the 5 seconds or so she stood there frozen on the other side of the fence from me, with her mouth open just as wide as it had been with her Dad’s cock inside of it.

After that brief encounter Shawn took off running across her yard and back in though her window, her plump butt wiggling as she fell inside. I smiled while walking back into my own house with my eyes still trained on the Hermann residence, with Shawn’s eyes looking like a raccoon as she looked out at me from inside her bedroom.

The pictures? Well not bad considering that I was about 20 feet away and a bit excited at what I was watching. You could certainly see who the players were, and the glossy image of pudgy Shawn kneeling there with her mouth full of Dad made me wish I had a better camera so I could see his balls bouncing off her chin.

I resisted the urge to stroke myself off at the time in hopes that there might be more to follow. What would Shawn do? I had my hopes high but whatever was going to happen later, it wasn’t even 8 a.m. and I hadn’t had my coffee yet but it had already been an interesting day.


Shawn emerged from her house around 11, and as I watched her casually hanging around her front porch and glancing at my place from time to time I wondered what was going through her mind. Was she trying to decide what she would do next? Maybe she was just hanging around waiting for her friend to stop by, like she often did.

Shawn didn’t seem to have that many friends besides this one girl who I think was called Lois who also happened to be on my radar. She was a skinny hippie girl who never wore a bra, although in her case she didn’t seem to need one since her tits were small, even smaller than Shawn’s. They did hang low though, and since she wore a lot of tank-tops it didn’t take much to see the sides of her titties through the armholes of the tops, along with the thick tufts of hair that filled the deep pockets of her armpits.

Shawn and her hippie friend had a history of their own behind that garage although to my never-ending regret I had missed that. There was something about the way they emerged from behind that garage that day – the guilty looks that I knew all too well – that made me think that there had been some hanky panky going on, and that alone had my imagination working overtime.

So when Shawn was still alone out there a few minutes later I decided to make myself available in case the young lady wanted to chat. I made sure I was looking okay before I went outside, and after determining that I looked as good as my 55 years would allow I proceeded to go out back and putter around some.

Shawn saw me back there, and I could see her trying to decide what to do, actually making a couple of steps toward my property a couple of times before turning around and going back to her porch. I guess I should have felt a little sorry for the girl but my mind was occupied with other things.

Was she still a virgin? Having seen the way she gobbled her old man’s cock it didn’t seem possible, especially in this era of free-love and promiscuity. Maybe Dave Hermann was screwing her in the evenings and getting head in the morning, and I guess it was a good thing we never had kids of our own because I confess I wouldn’t have been any more moral than old Dave was if faced with looking at a nubile young woman around the house all the time.

Shawn was wearing a sleeveless blue and white horizontally striped blouse that made her tits look bigger than they probably were and denim shorts that showed a lot of leg, legs that like her arms were just a tiny bit fleshy.

I figured that if I put the measuring tape to Shawn the numbers would be about 34-28-37 because her body was a bit pear-shaped. The 34 part I knew for sure because I happened to be over in their yard one day and saw a slightly padded 34B bra hanging on the line. No way Dave’s wife could fit her huge jugs in that little harness so it had to belong to Shawn.

I was enjoying this little game of cat and mouse a lot, but as I puttered around bedava bahis the side of my garage I began to wander a little bit farther up the driveway to make myself more accessible, all the while pretending to be unaware of Shawn out there.

The next time Shawn made a couple of steps toward my property she didn’t stop, and I pretended to be unaware of my young neighbor as she made her way over, all the time glancing back to make sure her mother wasn’t watching.

“Hi,” came the meek voice of my prey, who looked as nervous as she sounded, and I pretended to be surprised at seeing Shawn when I turned around.

“Shawn!” I said merrily. “Good morning. I see you got dressed.”

Shawn pale face turned red at that comment, but she didn’t run away like I suspect she might have wanted to, instead twirling her light brown hair around with her fingers while shifting her weight from side to side.

“Why did you do that?” Shawn finally asked, and after I feigned ignorance about what she meant, she added, “You know, back there before?”

“Oh that!” I said. “I guess I could ask you the same thing.”

“My Dad. If he ever saw you watching he would have killed you.”

“Really?” I said. “Do you really think he could kill me?”

I was wearing a t-shirt that was rather form fitting, and since I make a point to stay in good shape that image was rather flattering if I do say so myself. I watching Shawn’s eyes look over my torso, her gaze lingering on my biceps that were probably almost as big as her father’s thighs, and then she shrugged when she figured out what would happen if her father made any moves toward me.

“Well, he would have been mad,” Shawn finally declared after realizing that at with me 6’1″ and 185 pounds and her old man at around 5’7″ and 140 he would not pose much of a threat to me even if I was a couple of years older than him.

“I suppose,” I admitted.

“Did you really take a picture – of us?”

“Want to see?” I offered, but Shawn shook her head no vigorously. “They came out pretty nice.”

“They told me to watch out for you,” Shawn blurted out. “They said you were a pervert.”

“Is that so?” I said with righteous indignation, hoping it wasn’t her older sister that ratted me out. “Exactly who might that have been?”

“People,” Shawn mumbled, and after I pressed her she went on. “Missy Rivers – and Father Reed.”

“I don’t know anybody named Missy,” I protested, although I sure as hell knew Father Reed, and I was pissed about that pervert calling me one because unlike me Bob Reed had no limitations on age, or gender for that matter.

“She was in my class, and she told me about stuff you did to her sister Marcia,” Shawn declared, and now I knew what she was talking about.

“Oh, Marcia Rivers!” I exclaimed as I recalled that short redhead with the gigantic tits that I enjoyed several trysts with a few years back. “For the record though, I never did anything to Marcia.”

“You didn’t?” Shawn asked.

“No,” I explained. “The things we did, we did to each other. With each other. Sort of like what you and your Dad were doing this morning.”

“Oh,” Shawn said softly.

“You sure you don’t want to see how the pictures came out?”

“There’s more than one?” Shawn asked, and after I nodded I could see her eyes well up. “What are you going to do with them?”

“Show them to you,” I said. “We could go out behind your garage, or you could come into mine. They’re inside.”

It took about a minute of Shawn fidgeting and glancing around before she finally agreed, asking me what she would have to do in there.

“Nothing you don’t want to.”


“My Mom would flip out if she saw me in here,” Shawn declared after we slipped into the side door of the garage.

“Rest assured I won’t be telling on you,” I said as I went over to the work table and turned on the light, motioning for Shawn to follow.

She did, but was walking like the floor was a mine field and kept a few feet away from me as picked up a picture.

“I thought you weren’t going to be afraid of me any more,” I mentioned, and after Shawn shrugged her shoulders I suggested that it would be even more comfortable inside.

“No,” Shawn said, shaking her head so hard it must have gotten her brains rattling inside her head.

“I told you I would never do anything to you,” I reminded her. “Nothing you don’t want me to do that is.”

“I know.”

“Here’s the first picture,” I said while holding the Polaroid out between us, forcing Shawn to take a step closer to me.

“Omigod. You can tell it’s me – and Dad,” Shawn said while her pale face turned pink. “This is so embarrassing.”

“No need to be embarrassed,” I assured her.

“Mom – if she ever saw this…”

“I know. Don’t worry. I’m not going to give them to her.”

“Then why did you take them?” Shawn asked after I handed her another photo.

“Because I love sex,” I admitted. “Just because I’m an old man living here deneme bonus all alone doesn’t mean

I’m dead.”

“You ain’t that old. Besides, I’ve seen girls coming to your house before. Besides Missy.”

“So you keep an eye on me too, huh Shawn?” I said while reaching over and putting my hand on her shoulder, the soft warm skin making my heart race.

“Not on purpose.”

“Guilty. I noticed you two back there couple of days ago so I decided to do a little spying,” I explained. “See what you two were up to.”

“You think we’re werid, don’t you? You probably think I’m a slut and my dad is sick,” Shawn said with a pained expression on her face. “It’s not like that. Dad and Mom, they don’t get along that good any more and Dad says that men have urges that need satisfying.”

“He’s right,” I declared, making a mental note to put that in my bullshit Rolodex for future use. “And so do you, judging by the way you took care of him. You must have a lot of experience.”

“No. My folks just let me go on my first date a little while ago. They think I’m too wild because I got drunk with Lois last year and they caught me. I’ve only touched two dicks in my whole life.”

“That’s not much for an 18 year old girl,” I agreed. “You said something about Father Reed before.”

“Yeah, they made me go get counseling after I got drunk that time,” Shawn confessed.

“Well that explains the other dick you’ve experienced,” I said, and after I did Shawn’s face looked just like it had when she saw me watching her behind the garage.

“How – did he tell you that?” Shawn stuttered, her face now crimson.

“No, you just did,” I said calmly while wondering how the hell the guy managed to get all of the sex he did without getting caught. “I guessed that the counseling included him getting you to handle his little pecker.”

Shawn snorted while trying not to laugh, and then asked me how I knew about his very modest endowment.

“I’ve seen him in the locker room at the golf course,” I lied, not wanting to tell her about the way that Bob Reed had me assist in helping a couple of wayward young ladies in the past, but that too is another story. “Here’s the last picture.”

I gave her another picture, although it wasn’t the last because that one I was saving for my scrapbook. Shawn looked at the photo, which was taken as her father was cumming, and she took a deep breath as she looked at the two of them.

“You swallow. Good girl,” I said as we looked at her Dad coating her tonsils.

“I still choke sometimes,” Shawn said.

“Keep practicing. In fact, if you would like to do a little right now…”

“Here? With you?”

“It’s up to you, or if you would rather we could do something else – inside.”

“I can’t. I promised my Dad I would stay a virgin until I get married.”

“You mean you and him don’t…”

“No, I swear!” Shawn said, as I could tell she wasn’t lying because I could already read her like a book.

“Good for you. Still, since I was nice enough to give you the pictures, I thought it would be nice of you to give me a little reward.”

“Like what?”

“Well for a start you could take off your blouse,” I suggested.


“Or inside.”

Shawn put the pictures in the pocket of her shorts and after taking a deep breath pulled her blouse over her head.

“Very nice,” I sighed. “You should get a new bra. I think you’re outgrowing that one.”

“I know.”

“Why don’t you unhook that thing for me?” I said. “It looks so hideous on you, and it takes away from how beautiful you are.”

Maybe I was the only guy who thought she was beautiful, outside of her old man, but I could tell Shawn liked hearing it. It was obvious because her nipples were visible even through the padding.

“It’s okay,” I said softly, and then I was shocked when Shawn reached back behind herself and struggle with the hooks for a second.

“So beautiful,” I said after Shawn pulled her harness off and stood there awkwardly while I stared at her bared breasts. “I can’t believe how well-developed you’ve become.”

That wasn’t much of a lie, because while I had expected breasts more like the size of apples, Shawn’s tits were as big as grapefruits and the firm looking round globes had nice fat nipples on them as well.

“Really,” I declared when Shawn looked at me with a dubious expression. “Seems like yesterday when you looked like a boy and now you’re a woman. A beautiful woman at that.”

I could almost see Shawn’s nipples throb as I showered her with praises, and I wondered whether she was getting wet down below as well.

“I see that you don’t take after your friend – what’s her name? Lois?” I remarked as I gestured towards her underarm, which was exposed when her nervously began fiddling with her locks again.

“What? Oh,” Shawn said after she glanced over at the pale expanse of her armpit, where only a small patch of peach fuzz nestled in the center of the moist hollow broke the creamy whiteness. “Mom would really kill me if I didn’t shave. She already thinks Lois is a bad influence on me.”

“It looks interesting on her, but I think you look great the way you are. That’s why I love girls so much. They’re all different and special in their own way,” I explained.

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