Diane and the Mexican Lawn Boy

Double Penetration

Disclaimer — All characters are 18 or older. There is sex between an older woman and a much younger man. The man is Mexican. There are racial stereotypes in this story. The woman is a prototypical middle-aged woman. She’s a 46-year-old woman who looks her age. Not one who could still pass for 30. If any of this is not your cup of tea, just move on.

Intro — Diane is a white 46-year-old divorcee. Her ex-husband comes over to help their son move into college, but Diane and her ex end up in a huge fight. Frustrated and pissed off, she decides to sleep with the 20-year-old Mexican boy who has come to mow her lawn. Sexual hijinks ensue.


There was a knock at the door.

Oh crap, thought Diane. That’d better not be Doug. Ben’s not back yet.

She opened the front door. Sure enough, it was her ex-husband. She saw his pick-up in the drive-way. They stood at odds in an awkward silence.

“Where’s Ben? I’m here to get his stuff loaded and drive it over to campus,” Doug finally asked.

“He’ll be back soon. He just ran over to Chris’ to get back some things he’d lent him before.”

“Christ, I have afternoon appointments. I don’t have all day.”

“You’re early. I thought Ben said to be here at 9:30 AM. It’s only 9:15.”

“He should be here.”

“He’ll be here. Cut him some slack,” Diane shot back.

Doug glared at Diane. He huffed but bit his tongue. They’d been divorced for over 10 years. Their relationship had only grown more acrimonious post-divorce.

Diane sighed. Might as well be civil.

“Would you like to wait inside?” Diane asked, trying to strike a reconciliatory tone.

Doug eyed inside the door then relented and took up the offer. He stood in the entryway after crossing the threshold, looking over the décor. His tastes were spartan. The accents and throw pillows scattered throughout the room were too busy and offended his senses. A bunch of cheap foreign-made crap. He wondered how he ever lived with her for 10 years.

“What afternoon appointments do you have?” Diane innocently inquired.

“I’m meeting up with Joe.”

Golf, thought Diane. Jesus, that’s what’s got you so pressed. You’re worried about making a tee time on your only kid’s college move-in day. Doug saw the look on her face.

“When someone is doing you a solid, you don’t keep them waiting. It’s common courtesy,” he stated.

God, he’s insufferable, thought Diane.

“Ben’s grown now. He’s got to learn,” Doug continued. “Christ, he’s going off to college. You piss off the wrong person with this crap, then you’re left wondering why you didn’t get a job, a call back, or lost a client. That’s how the real-world works, Diane. He needs to learn.”

“You know, maybe, just maybe, you should cut him some slack.”

“This world’s filled with lazy bums. All the folks who feel entitled these days. To what? You’ve got to earn things in life. And you work hard to earn those things.”

“What the fuck are you babbling about?”

“Do you want our son to end up as one of those fucking guys waiting on the government to bail them out of everything. Like all the damn immigrants who come here thinking life in the USA is easy street when they don’t have any skills and can’t even speak the damn language.”

“Earth to Doug. Who the hell are you talking to? I work. I speak English. What the hell?” Good to know he hadn’t lost his racist bent.

“You’re one to talk.”

“Excuse me,” Diane objected. Here we go again. Just like old times, she thought.

“He’s mama’s little boy. Why do you think he’s like this? He’s soft. He’s weak.”

“Maybe he could’ve used a better father figure in his life. Of course, you were too busy skirt chasing. Or maybe that’s just what a real man does? Abandon his family for some hot young thing.”

“I’ve been married to Jodie for 8 years now,” Doug objected. “When are you going to get over that? She wasn’t the issue. You were.”

“Oh, that’s rich.”

“Christ, you’re so freaking frigid. What was I supposed to do? You didn’t put out the last 2 years of our marriage. It’s like your pussy just dried up and shriveled away. A man has needs. It’s like you pushed me away.”

“I pushed you away?” Diane replied incredulously, near tears. “You already had one foot out the door!”

“Bullshit! I would’ve stayed. If you gave me a reason to. What happened to you? You used to be fun. Look at you. You’re just old and bitter. You let yourself go. Any real man would’ve jumped at the first chance to run.”

“We had a kid, for Christ sake. You want me to apologize for taking care of our family? Really?”

“Guess I wasn’t part of the family. You sure as hell didn’t take care of me. You’re such a fucking martyr. Jesus, when’s the last time that pussy’s even been touched? That kitty’s probably died from starvation.”

“That’s none of your fucking business!”

“And I’m glad it’s not,” Doug said, shaking his head.

Just then Ben’s car pulled up in the driveway, and he hopped out. A few seconds bonus veren siteler later, he walked in the front door.

“Oh, look Doug, 9:25. Your son made it back in time. A few minutes early even. What a responsible young man.”

Doug glared at Diane as Ben spoke, “Hey Dad, you ready? I really appreciate the help. I brought Chris to help load the stuff faster. He’s just waiting in the car. I’ll call him in; then we can get started.”


An hour later they had everything loaded in the pick-up. Diane watched as they drove away. Texas A&M was only a few hours away, but she didn’t want to be around her ex any more than necessary. And that was before the blow-up that morning. Anyway, she could visit Ben next weekend after he was settled in.

She was still livid. 10 fucking years later. How the hell could Doug still get under her skin so easily? She was still visibly shaking in anger. She held it together while they loaded the truck, but her emotions were stewing inside, and those emotions rose to the surface after they left.

Frigid? Like he did anything to turn her on. He just wanted a sex slave is all it was. Everything was about him. Maybe if he’d paid her any attention, but no. All he cared about was making sure he got off. Not like she didn’t have desires, but he never noticed or cared.

Had she let herself go? Probably. As if Doug’s lard ass hadn’t gained 50 pounds since marriage. Some prize he is. She’d probably gained 30 pounds herself, probably up to 150 pounds now on her 5’6″ frame.

Age was catching up with her. She’d cut her long dirty blonde hair several years ago and kept it in a short bob that was much easier for upkeep as the greys started creeping in. Her gut hung over slightly, and her C cup tits swung wildly if she didn’t keep them caged in a bra. She was no spring chicken, but she was no damn elderly invalid, either.

Even though she wouldn’t give him the pleasure to admit it, she hadn’t had sex in years. After the divorce, it was 2 years before she even considered going on a date. By the time she did, all the men she met were all jerks… small wonder why they were divorced. She slept with a couple of them, but they all ghosted her after she put out. She devoted herself to raising Ben after that, and now it’d been over 6 years since she’d been with a man. She really hadn’t missed it even, although the dust-up this morning made her feel like going out to fuck the first guy she saw.

Diane watched as a pick-up and small trailer pulled up in front of her house. Pedro’s Lawn Service read the sign on the pick-up door. She’d hired them this summer knowing that Ben would be going away soon, so she’d need someone else to take care of mowing.

She could hear her husband complaining if he saw them. Fucking immigrants, he’d say. Probably asking to be paid in cash so they can cheat on their taxes and collect welfare.

Diane couldn’t help but laugh. She did pay them in cash. Still, they worked cheap and did good work. How they lived their life beyond their business transaction was none of her business. Curiously, she didn’t see Pedro. Usually he worked in tandem with his son, but only the son was in the truck.

What the hell was his name? Vito, she thought, though she wasn’t sure. She watched him carefully as he unloaded the riding lawnmower from the trailer. What if I fucked him, she asked herself? Jesus, Diane, you’re old enough to be his mother. What the hell are you thinking? He’s got to be around 20 years old or so. Besides, what would he even want with me? He’s small, probably about 5’6″ like her, but lean and dark from working out in the Texas sun all day. She saw what she would want with him.

She leaned out the front door screen door and called, “Where’s your father?”

“He’s sick, Miss. It’s just me today, if that’s alright.”

“That’s fine, as long as the lawn work all gets done, Vito.”

“It’s Victor, Miss. And yes, it will all get done.”

Shit, she cursed herself, embarrassed as she went back inside. Strike one, she thought as he fired up the mower and started cutting the grass. The summer heat is almost unbearable, she thought. It was July in the Dallas area, and the high temps hit triple digits most days. Half of her neighbors had dead yellow yards, but her yard stayed green since she ran her sprinklers regularly. You had to if you wanted a nice yard. Otherwise, the grass died off, and the weeds took over.

Diane watched him make quick work of the front yard. The urge to seduce him stuck in her mind. It’d be like a trifecta, she thought. She could prove she wasn’t the frigid sexless soul Doug accused her of being. And she was still sore that Doug had left her for a younger woman. Maybe she could prove that she could attract a younger partner, also. Lastly, fucking a Mexican would just be an extra way to stick it to Doug. Not that he would ever know. God, she’d never hear the end of it.

But would Victor even want her? Even if she blatantly put herself bedava bahis out there for him. Fuck it, there’s only one way to find out, she finally concluded. She decided she didn’t care about the risk of rejection. One way or another, she was going to get fucked that day. If not by him, she’d find someone else.

Diane laughed. She felt a freedom she hadn’t felt in a long while. For so long, she always put others’ needs before hers. As a mom, a friend, or a loyal employee. But suddenly, she had the house to herself and no one else to take care of in the moment. It could be all about her. No son or friends to cater to, and the whole weekend ahead before she returned to work. It felt strange but exhilarating.

Looking back out the window, she saw Victor opening the side gate so he could start working on the back yard. She needed to figure out a plan of action fast. She quickly changed out her clothes, opting for some really short shorts and a really tight tank top. Sans bra, her nipples clearly protruded, and her dark areolas were clearly visible through the thin stretched fabric. Below, the shorts were small enough, her ass was basically hanging out, and the top of her thong was just barely visible above her shorts.

Diane laughed at her own reflection in the mirror. This is ridiculous, she thought. I need one of those carnival mirrors that make you look insanely skinny. Her thick thighs and belly fat jumped out at her. Her tight outfit highlighted all her flaws. But hell, she was 46 now. She knew this could go really badly, but she was mentally prepared for rejection. She hadn’t taken a risk like this since God knows when. Fueled by the fight with her ex and her own rapidly increasing libido, she felt brazen, ready to just put herself out there and see what happens.

As Victor was close to finishing up the back yard, she opened the sliding glass door and waved over for his attention. He killed the motor, and she saw the shock in his eyes as he caught sight of her. A good shock, she hoped, and not one of horror, although she couldn’t be sure.

“It’s hot out there, Victor.” She made sure to get his name right this time. “You should come in for a few minutes to cool off.”

“I’m used to working outside, Miss.”

Jesus, take a hint, kid. “I insist. It’s not safe to stay outside for too long in this heat. I have some nice cool lemonade.” She pushed her chest forward as she spoke, conscious that her nipples were practically poking through the thin fabric and out the other side.

“Ok, if you insist, Miss. Let me just finish the backyard real quick.”

“Good,” she smiled. “Just come right in through here when you’re done.”

She wanted to make sure he came in the house through the backdoor, so the neighbors wouldn’t see. The last thing she needed was some of the spying eyes in her neighborhood asking why a strange young man was visiting her. There were a couple of old widows across the street who seemed to have nothing better to do than engage in wildly speculative neighborhood gossip. t

He has an accent, Diane thought, but his English seems decent. It’s much better than his father’s. He must’ve gone to high school in the States.

She felt the excitement and anticipation rapidly growing. She was a ball of nervous energy. It’s not too late to change your mind, she thought. Yes, it is, she reconsidered.

She heard the mower engine die off again and watched him make his way to the glass door. Well, here goes nothing, she thought.

“Come in, come in,” she waved him over as he stepped inside. “Have a seat while I get you a cool drink.”

He took off his shoes as he entered. “Shoes are dirty. Don’t want to mess up your nice house, Miss.”

“Thank you.” She poured a glass of lemonade with ice and brought it over. “You must be dying working in that heat out there.”

As she placed the glass on the table in front of him, her tits were right in his face. She looked down and saw his eyes locked on her high beams. She took in his musky odor from sweating in the sun and saw the mixture of grass clippings and sweat that coated his arms. She left her tits to linger in his face an extra second before she stepped back.

“You’d feel better if you cleaned up a little. There’s a shower down the hall if you’d like.”

Diane saw the confusion on his face.

“I could help you get cleaned up, if you’d like,” she smiled.

There, she put herself out there. So much for subtlety. His eyes widened, and then a big grin formed.

“I think I’d like,” he replied.

She led him down the hall to the shower. He seemed somewhat hesitant but followed along. He might think I’m some kind of insane obsessive woman, Diane thought. Maybe he’s right, she chuckled to herself.

She turned on the shower water to let it warm up.

“How about we get you out of those clothes so we can get you cleaned up,” she suggested.

He nodded, his facial expression a mixture of stupor and eagerness. She pulled his tee shirt over deneme bonus his head. He’s in good shape she thought. Almost has a 6 pack. Hard manual labor may have its advantages, she mused.

Then her hands undid his belt, unbuttoned his jeans and lowered the zipper. The jeans dropped down, and he stepped out of them, leaving him in just his socks and boxer briefs. I guess he is happy to see me, Diane observed. Victor grinned sheepishly as her eyes traveled up from his crotch to his face.

“This part gets all kind of sweaty when working outside on hot days, doesn’t it,” Diane observed as her hands reached around Victor’s waist and entered under his waistband. She quickly slid down his underwear, revealing his cock standing straight and at attention.

Victor’s hands wandered up to cup her tits.

“Oh, do you like them?” Diane asked.

Victor nodded. “They’re hard to miss.”

She smiled. “Let’s get you in the shower and cleaned up.”

Victor stepped out of his socks and then into the shower.

“Why don’t you wash your hair?” Diane asked him. He obliged.

As he did, Diane soaped a sponge and started going over his body. She started with his upper torso and then shifted his body to cover his back side from top to bottom. He’s got a firm ass, she observed. This was all going better than she could’ve imagined.

After reaching his feet, she started working back up his front side till she reached his pelvic region. Diane looked back up into Victor’s eyes as she wrapped the bath sponge around his cock and started stroking it. She flashed a naughty grin as she worked the sponge over the length of his shaft and then massaged it over his balls.

As she stroked him, some of the shower water splashed over and wetted her top. Her top went from almost see-through to completely sheer as she stood in front of him jerking him off. His hands reached over, lowering the straps, dropping her top and fully exposing her tits.

“Are you a breast man?” she smiled.

Victor leaned over to take a mouthful of her C cup mounds while she continued stroking him.

“I think you’re cleaned up now. Maybe we should dry off and go back to the bedroom,” she continued.

Victor released her teat from his mouth, holding her nipple between his teeth for an extra second before standing up and shutting off the water.

Diane grabbed a towel and dried him off, giving extra attention on drying his cock, rubbing the towel vigorously over his privates. Afterward, she smiled and fully removed her top. Then she took his hand and led him back to her bedroom.

Thank God my room is relatively clean, she thought. Nothing too embarrassing. There were large framed pictures of Ben and her parents staring at her from the desk. Have to ignore those, she quickly decided.

She turned around and sat at the foot of the bed. Victor stood directly in front of her, his cock still hard and just inches from her naked tits. She looked up into his face and then drew him in closer before she squeezed his cock between her tits. She felt his cock pulse against her flesh as he smiled at the sight of her stroking him with her titties. She released his cock from her tits and then leaned down to take him into her mouth.

His cock is so dark, Diane thought. She’d only ever been with white men. Somehow his cock seemed darker than the rest of his skin. She slowly bobbed on his manhood, careful to use her tongue to work over the tip of his cock while her lips kept a tight seal on his shaft. Diane felt Victor’s hand rest on her head, pushing her down farther onto his cock. She almost gagged but took him in till he almost reached the back of her throat. She felt the veins in his cock as she ran her lips over him, and her head nodded slightly as his cock bobbed up as another pulse of blood shot through. After a few minutes, she let him fall from her mouth, a dribble of cum trailing from her lips, and his cock glistening with a thick coat of her saliva.

Diane looked back up into Victor’s eyes. “Are you ready for the rest of me?” she asked.

He smiled and then leaned down to slide off her shorts. Diane kicked them aside and leaned back on the bed. She felt a twinge of embarrassment, but she fought through it. She realized it had been months since she trimmed her pussy, and she was hairier than she would prefer down below, but oh well. She raised her feet onto the bed, spread her legs, and then spread her pussy lips, revealing the soft pink flesh she was inviting Victor to penetrate.

Diane moaned as Victor entered her. It had been so long. She was so wet, and she slipped inside so easily She almost forgot how good it felt to have a hard cock inside her. She felt her wetness soaking her pussy, her wet pussy hairs brushing against Victor’s pubic hairs as he thrust into her.

“Oh God, Victor. Fuck me. You don’t have to be gentle. I’m a big girl. I can take it,” Diane encouraged him.

“Do you do this with all of your lawn service guys?” Victor laughed.

“Oh fuck. I haven’t had sex in 6 years,” Diane admitted between pants.

“Well, then, I hope it is worth the wait.” Victor picked up the pace, almost violently thrusting in and out of her, wielding his cock almost like a weapon that he repeatedly stabbed into her.

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