Den of Iniquity Ch. 06


When I left Chantelle standing on the pavement in front of the Domina Flagrante, I started turning over all the things running through my mind. First there were the death threats, and now this scandal business. At least Chantelle seemed to know what she was doing. Adrian knew too; he just did as he was told. Even Annie, despite her innocence, seemed to know what she was doing. Not me, though. I still felt like an outsider looking in. I hoped I wasn’t getting ahead of myself. I’d known these people less than a week, except Annie, of course. As I trudged my way along the dimly lit street towards Josephine’s apartment with my toy box in hand, my mind wandered… Goodness, what a rare gem was Annie. Just delightful. I liked the way she blushed so strongly and so readily. I could feel myself hardening just thinking about her and I smiled to myself. I mean, Annie might have even known I was going to see Josephine again, and still she seemed pleased that I’d be calling on her. I hoped she realised this was a learning exercise. Unless I got the whole thing wrong, I knew people didn’t usually just grab a subbie and fuck her. I mean, I liked Josephine, but it felt really physical, and not… hmmm… right? In any case, I figured Annie and Claudio were just friends. “Hmmmm,” I said aloud. Where did Claudio fit into all this? He seemed the one most likely to have left the envelope in my jacket pocket. Or perhaps his father did at his request. If I checked what is in it, I might find positive proof that Sylvia Harper was forced. Or “fucked and fucked” as Annie had so succinctly put it. I don’t know what made me put it in Chantelle’s safe. It could have been something else entirely. I thought for a moment. But it fit so well. There weren’t too many other things I could imagine it would be, other than a picture of Sylvia Harper. But then, why did Claudio have it? Maybe knowing what was in that envelope would be a good thing. Or maybe my imagination was playing tricks on me. It was probably free movie tickets! I sighed. Well, Annie would have to wait. It was clear to me I felt something for her. That’s for sure. It was something deeper than skin. But I also wanted to know what I was doing when I had her. If I had her. No. When I had her. I smiled to myself again until I remembered what she’d said about Sylvia. Something didn’t make sense and I just couldn’t put my finger on it. I thought back… “Sylvia is convinced Gardner is behind it. But she has no proof. As well as another shadowy person. She has been manipulated by him ever since, driving her crazy with his taunts and innuendo, but nothing concrete. Threats and things too. She even slept with him to try to get him off her back but she said it only made things worse.” Who was the ‘shadowy person’? She hadn’t said ‘shadowy man’. Was it a woman? Now that I thought about what she had said, was it Gardner doing the manipulating and threatening, or the shadowy person, who would then be a man? “Arghhh… dammit,” I thought, “I’ll have to ask her…” Then I remembered I hadn’t asked her what the partners might expect at the party, either. “God, okay, I’ll call her tomorrow.” I picked up the pace, in case I’d been dawdling. I would never have guessed Chantelle would be one to involve herself with politicians, let alone write a cheque out to one. I had to ask her about that. It seemed so out of character. One thing in particular stuck in my mind. “Sometimes circumstances are at fault Roger. That’s all you can blame. Just circumstances.” What did that mean? I didn’t know, but I wondered if it was important. Questions, questions… I turned up the collar of my suit and pulled the lapels together with my right hand. It was getting cold and I was leaning into a light breeze. “It’s been a strange day,” I thought finally. I limbered my neck as I walked into the light at the corner of Maple and 14th. One more block. One more step in the right direction. I smiled to myself. Josephine will be anxious by now. I checked my watch and walked briskly. I’d be right on time. I was pleased. “Sir!” Josephine squealed. She jumped into my arms and held me tight. “I can’t tell you how much I’ve been looking forward to this.” “Hello to you too, Josephine,” I said quietly in her ear, hugging her warmly. I’d made my way up the elevator to her apartment and we were standing in her open doorway. “Please, kiss me, Sir.” “Let me look at you first.” She grinned and took a step back. “With pleasure, Sir.” I smiled again when she pirouetted in her doorway. I could only shake my head and thank the Lord for touching her. Josephine was the kind of girl you would catch yourself staring at. She was dressed in a very tight, very short, little black party dress with spaghetti straps. Her honey-coloured skin shone like silk and her dark brown eyes were alive. She was barefoot again, standing on tiptoes like the last time I was here. I felt myself stir just looking at her. “Mmmmmmm.” “I’m glad you like what you see, Sir.” “How about inviting me in.” “Yes, sorry. Please come in, Sir.” She stepped aside and invited me in with a sweep of her hand. I took one step and stopped. I turned to face her and put down my wooden case. I took her hands in mine and she looked up into my eyes. I smiled at her and whispered. “You look magical tonight.” Her eyes sparkled. I kissed her softly, barely brushing my lips against hers, before leaning back a little. “How about a drink?” I asked. “I have champagne.” She batted her eyelashes at me. I couldn’t stop smiling. “Champagne would be perfect.” With my case in hand, I entered her apartment and stood waiting for her. She locked the door and walked past me, guiding me to the middle of her comfortable dark green fabric couch. I took a seat and carefully placed my case in the centre of the coffee table in front of me. Josephine took a large black cushion from one end of the couch and placed it on the floor by my right foot. She knelt on it before handing me the bottle of champagne. “Oh! Glasses!” she yelped. After opening the bottle with a resounding ‘pop’, I poured the two glasses Josephine had fetched and placed the bottle back on the table. I waited until the bubbles receded and passed one to her. We sipped as a momentary silence settled over us. Before it became uncomfortable, I turned to her and hesitated just a moment before I spoke. “I want to be good at this Josephine. Really good. I’ll need you to tell me what I’m doing right and wrong, what is not enough and what is too much. I’ll need information from you, anything you think I should know, and anything you would like to tell me.” She sipped at her champagne, waiting to see if I was done. I noticed and chuckled, thinking I’d finished the speech I’d hastily prepared. “Whaaat?” she asked in a whiney, playful tone. “Do I have something stuck in my teeth?” “Ah, no.” I laughed softly. “It’s just that… I don’t know, I can’t believe I have so much to learn… and I really can’t believe a gorgeous 25 year old is going to teach me.” She giggled and almost spilled her champagne. “Your honesty is so refreshing, Sir.” I winked and she continued. “Let’s see… first off, I want to tell you how honoured I feel. I feel like I have an enormous responsibility, Sir.” “To make sure I start off on the right foot?” “In a manner of speaking, yes Sir.” “Where should we start?” “We should start by talking about safety and safe words.” “Safe words?” “Yes, like ‘green’ for ‘good’ or ‘more’.” “Okay.” ” ‘Amber’ for ‘approaching my limit’.” “Makes sense.” “And ‘red’ almanbahis şikayet for ‘stop’.” “Okay, but you said like?” “Yes, well it could be apples, grapes and oranges couldn’t it, Sir,” she giggled. I could tell she was nervous. So was I! I chuckled with her. “Yes, of course. You could also just say, ‘more, more!’ or ‘stop, stop!’ ” “Yes, Sir, that’s true. I always smile at safe words. I mean, who thinks of the word ‘red’ when you just want something to stop?” “Yes,” I said, thinking. “Unless it’s like a game,” she continued, putting down her champagne glass and becoming animated. “If it’s a game or a scene where the Dominant only responds to the safe word, and ignores a protest of ‘no’ or ‘stop’, the safe words become incredibly important.” “Okay, I understand that,” I said, nodding. “Um, a couple of other things too if I may?” “Of course.” “Have you been drinking? I mean…” “It’s okay, Josephine. Apart from one scotch and one glass of wine earlier this afternoon, I am as sober as a judge… and this champagne of course. Very good it is too.” I took another sip. She nodded and did the same before putting her glass down again. “Okay, it’s just… you know… not a good idea if either of us has been drinking too much.” “Safe.” “Yes, Sir.” “Understood.” She nodded. “Sir, may I speak freely for a minute?” “Of course. I hoped you would, Josephine.” She looked down at her hands as she spoke. “Well Sir, a submissive is like a vulnerable flower. One that needs to be nurtured, looked after and helped to grow within a relationship. Stories of us enjoying being abused are highly exaggerated, if not a complete fabrication. Just because I am in a sub/Dom relationship, doesn’t mean I don’t expect to be treated with common decency and respect. In fact, it’s more likely that I would expect to be treated with the utmost respect in company, attentiveness to my needs in public and in private, and with an expectation that you will stand up for me and save me if need be, to defend my honour and to cherish and adore me.” “Sounds like a wish list.” She looked up at me seriously. “I am so not kidding.” I could tell. “I’m sorry, Josephine. Please, go on.” “A conversation like this, regarding limits and expec-” “Limits?” “Um, I’ll come back to limits if that’s okay, Sir.” “All right, do go on…” “A conversation regarding limits and expectations is utterly mandatory. With respect, this is no joke Sir. I wouldn’t let you swing a feather duster at me without having this conversation with you. It is expected and it is binding. Some even prefer to make it a written contract.” “For good reason,” I offered. “Oh that’s right, I forgot you were studying to become a lawyer. Yes, because it can be completely devastating for a submissive to find herself in an abusive scene or relationship. Especially when trust has been broken, and then the police don’t believe you… and… um…” I reached out and brushed her cheek with the back of my fingers. “It’s all right Josephine.” She looked up into my eyes and whispered, “Thank you for your kindness Sir, but honestly, most submissives have endured similar situations at some point in their lives.” She leaned into my hand a little before continuing. “Or they will. It’s only natural that we would go out of our way to try to protect ourselves.” “Okay, so a conversation resembling this one is mandatory, to let each party know the general outline of what is expected of the other.” “Yes Sir, and of course the conversation may stretch over weeks, or months, as the parties get to know one another.” I was contemplating the scenario where the sub gets dumped and cries assault. It would definitely pay not to rush into anything. “Yes, I can see how it could. One would not want to make a mistake.” “Exactly. Of course, um,” she giggled. “This situation is a little different.” I winked at her. “Okay, I got it. Now what were you saying about limits?” “Well Sir, obviously it depends upon the parties involved, and what has been previously agreed to, but basically one can divide limits into two categories, ‘hard’ and ‘soft’. Take me for example: I won’t do animals, kids, poo or pee. I won’t be cut or asphyxiated. No needles. I won’t have bruises that people can see on my arms, legs, neck or face. I won’t have my face slapped; I really hate that. I won’t have drugs in my house. I won’t be worked on by a drunk Dominant. And um, I can’t think of any more at the moment…” She grinned and giggled. I smiled at her. “So are they ‘hard’ limits?” “Yes, Sir. That’s right. Whereas things like how hard, how many, how often, group situations, public situations… things like that I have soft limits on.” “Hmmmm… Okay, so depending on what was going on, and if you consented, a limit like those you mentioned could be pushed?” “Yes, exactly.” “Hmmm. Okay, do I get a turn at this?” “Of course you do Sir!” she grinned. “Well I don’t want to do any of those things either,” I smiled back. “I just want to stick to the basics.” She grinned. “You are just adorable, Sir.” “Okay enough of that, I can’t have you going around calling me adorable. What would people think?” Josephine rose up high on her knees and clasped her hands behind her back. She twisted back and forth in a shimmying motion and looked at me through her bangs as she grinned and spoke. “What would you like them to think Sir?” I smiled at her. I hadn’t seen her this playful before. I thought this would be mostly ‘business’. This was going to be fun. I changed the subject. “Are you wearing panties under that dress?” “Why don’t you spank me and find out?” “That is a very good idea.” “Well,” she blushed, “that way you can um, warm me up for whatever else you have in mind, Sir.” “Will you be able to concentrate enough to guide me through it?” “I’ll sure try, Sir.” “Good girl.” “You make me wet, Sir.” “And I get hard at the thought of you, Josephine.” The tip of her tongue slowly licked her lips as she looked right into my eyes. I don’t think she even knew she was doing it. “How are we going to do this?” Josephine’s breath had discernibly quickened. “You mean, spanking me, Sir?” I nodded. “The best way is over your lap, Sir. Um,” she swallowed. “It’s best because you are close enough to really see my skin to see how it is responding.” She started that little twisting motion again. “And also to be able to comfortably restrain me without using anything but your own body. I’m comfortable but off balance, if you know what I mean.” I smiled at her and she stood up. “Like this…” I leaned back a little, holding my hands up and out of the way while she laid her body over my thighs. With my legs only slightly apart, her ass was presented nicely. She placed her hands palms down about a foot apart on the floor. Her knees were bent a little and her toes were bent under. “Of course you could have me over one thigh and lock the other one over my legs to keep me in place, but that’s probably better if you wanted to really spank me.” “You mean like a proper punishment instead of playing.” I playfully slapped her upturned ass through her tight dress. “Yes!” she gasped. “Or… Or you could have me over the back of the ah… couch or over a table or something… but it’s… um… it’s not the same…” “Why not?” “It’s not as… intimate, really.” I let my eyes wander over the curves of her ass. “Well, I like it this way.” “Me too.” “Do you like being spanked, Josephine?” “Yes, Sir.” She whimpered softly as I ran my right hand over the tightly stretched fabric covering her ass. “Mmmmm… It’s one of my almanbahis canlı casino favourite things, Sir.” “You have a lovely ass, Josephine.” “Th… Thank you, Sir.” Her voice trembled a little as she spoke. “Um, also, of course, you could restrain my hands behind my back, but then it’s harder to breathe so I have to be more limp in your lap… like this…” She clasped her hands together behind her back and slumped over my legs. “The blood rushes to my head this way though, so don’t keep me here too long.” I slid my fingers into her short black hair, took a firm grip, and slowly raised her head. “Mmmmmm yesss… or you… you… you could do that…” “Keep your hands clasped together.” “You could use your cuffs, Sir,” she said. “How do you know I have cuffs?” I slapped her ass again and it jiggled tightly. “Ohhhh… I mean… Chantelle told me, Sir.” “You mean, Mistress Chantelle.” Slap! “Mmmmmm… Y… Yes, Sir. Mistress Chantelle. Sorry, Sir. Um, Sir?” She was almost panting. “Sir… the best way of course, is um, is directly on the skin, panties down… that way you can see… see… exactly what you are doing.” “You mean just pull up the hem of your dress, and pull down your panties?” “If I’m wearing any, Sir,” she giggled. “This is great fun. I always wanted to do this.” As much as I was enjoying this situation, and never wanted it to end, I could barely contain my desire to carry her into her bedroom and fuck her. My cock was rock hard and bent uncomfortably in my pants. I found the whole scene incredibly arousing. I cleared my throat. “Okay, well this is a two-handed job, so you can put your hands on the floor again.” “Yes, Sir.” I slowly let her down and she caught herself, then straightened her elbows with her palms flat on the floor again. “I bet you like this part the best… showing off your ass…” I slid my hand slowly up the inside of her left thigh. God… so smooth. “For me, it’s kind of intoxicatingly humiliating, Sir… mmmm…” I was caressing her panty-clad ass up under the short hem of her tight black dress when I felt lace trim. “Nice, Josephine…” “Mmmmmm… I remembered you liked them…” I slid my hand back out from under the stretchy fabric and picked up the hem between the fingers and thumbs of my hands. I slowly peeled it up to reveal the bottom of her ass cheeks. Her thighs were tightly together and I thought I saw her rub them against each other. “Are you feeling horny, Josephine?” “God, yesss…” she whispered. I moved the hem up to the top of her ass. My breath caught in my chest. “What kind of panties are these again, Josephine?” “They’re Tanga style panties, Sir.” “They are very sexy.” Slap! “Mmmmmm… Thank you, Sir,” she breathed hoarsely. “What are you thanking me for, Josephine?” “I’m… um… I’m thanking you for spanking my ass, Sir.” “I thought so.” Slap! “Ohhh… mmmmm… I’m thanking… thanking…” Slap! “It’s time to peel these down, isn’t it, Josephine?” “Ye… Yes. Yes, Sir. It’s… it’s t… time.” I took the dainty fabric again between fingers and thumbs and peeled it down over the twin globes of her ass. I slid her flimsy panties to her knees and told her to spread her legs to hold them there. “That way you have something to think about,” I said. Damn. What an ass. I plucked at the fabric to make sure the panties were taut while trying to keep my jaw from dropping. Her tan lines accentuated the smooth shape of her ass and I couldn’t help myself from admiring it and reaching up and caressing it. Nothing was hidden. In the position I had her in, her entire crotch was exposed to my gaze. It was an ass that was made for spanking. I swallowed and refrained from touching her pouting pussy. “I can see the outline of my handprints on your skin,” I said, squirming and trying to relieve the pressure in my pants. “It… It’s… just… um… delicious, Sir. It, um…” Slap! “Ohhhhh!” “So how hard can I spank you Josephine? How much are you prepared to take…” Slap! “Well, uhhhh…” Slap! “Ooohhh… ohh God… I mean, I um,” she shuddered and moaned. Slap! “Ohhhhhhh…” “I bet you like getting this when you don’t even have to be bad…” Slap! Slap! “Mmmmmm… Goddddd… I… God, Sir… this is too good…” Slap! “Mmmmm… Feel me, Sir. Feel how wet this makes me…” I slipped my fingers between her parted thighs and ran them over her pussy. “Jesus,” I murmured, feeling her lips part and the scalding wet heat within. “Mmmm… yes…” Slap! “How much more?” Slap! “N… Not much, Sir… I… Ohhh, god. I need to cum I think…” “Don’t you fucking dare…” Slap!! She jolted. “Ohhh… fuck…” She shuddered. “That was… hard, Sir.” “Too hard?” “J… Just a little…” Slap! “Mmmmm… Ooooo… That’s… That’s better… S… Sir.” I felt like I woke from a dream. I stopped for a moment and leaned down, looking closely at Josephine’s ass. It had blushed pink all over and was quite warm to the touch. I could still make out a couple of handprints. I lightly caressed her cheeks with the fingertips of one hand while the other still rested in the middle of her back. “Wow, look at that,” I whispered to myself. I slowly made my way around her whole ass very lightly, touching every hollow and curve. I slid my other hand slowly up between her shoulder blades where the skin was cooler. The contrast was intoxicating. “It warms up nicely, doesn’t it?” “God… your hands feel so good, Sir.” “It looks really good you know… can you feel how hard my cock is?” “I can… it’s against my hip… and it makes me crazy, knowing you are pleased with me.” “Okay, I can see the enjoyment derived from spanking. But now I’d like to try something else.” “But I was just starting to warm up, Sir,” she whined playfully. “Let’s finish warming you up… with a crop. Come on. Hop up.” She trembled. “Y… Yes, Sir.” Josephine raised herself up until she was standing before me. She started to pull down the hem of her dress. “Stop. Take it off.” She grinned and grasped the hem of her tight dress in her hands and slipped it off over her head. As she did, her panties fell to the floor and she giggled again. I smiled at her as she kicked them aside. She was such a show off. “Pinch your nipples for me.” “Mmmmmm.” She did and then let go of them. “Don’t let go.” “Y… yes Sir.” “Turn around.” As she slowly turned around, she spoke. “You know Sir, you have to start off very softly with a crop…” Her ass was a lovely pink colour, contrasting nicely with her golden skin. “I’m listening.” “Because a crop is a stinging toy, and it can really sting.” “Okay.” “And um, that’s why it’s good to be very gentle with um, sensitive spots, okay?” “Yes, I think I understand… you mean if I choose to crop your breasts or pussy then I should do it gently and be guided by your reactions.” “Yes, Sir.” I watched as her left thigh started shaking. “That’s r… right.” “Are you okay, Josephine?” “Yes, just um… very excited is all.” “Is this situation getting to you?” “God, yes. My pussy is throbbing, Sir. I’ll be okay though.” “Your can release your nipples now.” “Thank you, Sir.” “They are very hard.” “Yes Sir.” “Your clit is hard too, isn’t it?” “Y… Yes, Sir.” “Hands behind your head Josephine.” I marvelled at her acquiescence. She brought her hands behind her head, lacing her fingers together. “Elbows out Josephine.” “Yes Sir.” “Feet eighteen inches apart.” She moved them apart. “Good girl. Just stand there.” “You are good at this, Sir.” “Did I say you could talk?” “No Sir. Shutting up, Sir.” She stifled a giggle. I picked almanbahis casino up my champagne and sat back in the couch. I could definitely get used to this. I looked her up and down. That telltale glisten of perspiration had appeared on her top lip again. She was so beautiful, I swore she could have been a model. Actually, something wasn’t quite right. Maybe music. The lights were bright too. “Do you have some music that is appropriate for this situation Josephine?” “Maybe something heavy Sir?” “Hmmm…” Heavy? I shrugged. “Whatever you choose is fine by me. Do you think we could afford another glass of champagne?” She stood comfortably, understanding my silent permission to relax. “I would love one more glass Sir, or maybe just a half a glass.” “Put on some music, and are you able to turn the lights down a little? It’s very bright in here.” “Yes Sir. Right away.” She moved straight to one wall and fiddled with a switch and the lights came down. Then she trotted into her room. I picked up the bottle and poured a half glass for Josephine and a full glass for myself. I was going to enjoy this as much as I could. The adrenaline pumping in my veins had me so clear-headed, I could allow myself another glass. It was intense, being able to do just about whatever I wanted. The weirdest thing was, I wasn’t thinking ahead. I was just winging it. No, that’s not right. It felt comfortable. I really liked the timing aspect. Most of the ‘couplings’ in my life had been either frantic, or ‘get it over with’ type scenarios. I liked setting the pace or changing it. And it was quite amazing to be fully clothed while she was completely naked and vulnerable. It made me even harder. Josephine came around the coffee table and stood before me, taking up exactly the same stance as before. Just then, AC/DC came on through the speakers and she grinned. I smiled up at her and nodded. AC/DC had been one of my favourite bands when I was a kid. I had to stop myself from tapping my foot as ‘Highway to Hell’ started its thumping beat. Fortunately it wasn’t too loud to talk over. I picked up Josephine’s glass and nodded as I passed it up to her. She relaxed again and took the offered glass, standing before me with one arm across her stomach. “Thank you, Sir,” she said, sipping her champagne. I took my own glass and sat back in the couch, admiring her. I looked her up and down. She was freshly shaved and seemed to push her hips forward as my eyes passed over her pussy. Sure enough, when my eyes flicked up at hers, she was watching me intently. I looked back down. Her pussy was one of those tucked in ones. Almost nothing showing but the lips of it. “Come here.” She moved towards me. I reached out for her and slid my fingers along her cute pussy. She moaned softly. “Mmmmmmm…” “You have a pretty pussy.” “Thank you S… Sir…” She tipped back her last sip of champagne and put the glass down on the table. She stood a little back from me and took up her original stance, hands behind her head, elbows out. My fingers continued to play over her slick little cunt. I looked up into her eyes. “You are such a fucking show-off.” “I know,” she grinned. She pushed her hips forward once more, but I withdrew my hand. I sat back in the couch again and finished my champagne. She whimpered, “Ohhh…” “You might be the teacher Josephine, but you are not the boss, okay?” “Y… Yes, Sir.” “Good girl.” She smiled at me and blushed strongly. I wondered what was going through her mind. I finished my champagne and moved back to the edge of the couch. I put the glass aside and moved my case in front of me and opened it. I looked up at Josephine and she was rocking back and forth on her heels, clearly impatient. “Stay still. And I mean, still.” She nodded and made like a statue. I looked over all my choices and stuck with my original plan. I picked out the crop and held it across my hands. “This is a beautifully crafted thing, isn’t it?” I looked up at her. “A little Dubbin from the shoe store will keep it supple, Sir.” “Anything else I should know?” “Only that it should be disinfected now and again, Sir. To keep it clean.” “Understood. Something from the drug store?” “Yes, even rubbing alcohol would do the trick.” “You said I should start gently.” I looked into her eyes as I took hold of the handle and slapped the crop in my palm. I wondered if Josephine would flinch like Annie had. She didn’t. She just smiled and nodded. “Step back into the centre of the room… can I move this table?” “Yes Sir,” she replied. “Whatever you want, Sir.” She moved into the centre of the room, once more taking up the position I’d originally asked her to take, while I quickly dragged the coffee table over to one side of the room. I stood up straight and turned around. It was surreal. The crop hung stiffly from my hand but I wasn’t really aware of it in any sense except as a means of touching her. I walked toward Josephine until I was a couple of feet in front of her. She held her position but her chest was heaving. I raised the crop and watched her eyes as I ran the tip of it down her side. Josephine clenched her teeth and moaned over the music. “Mmmmmm…” She moved her hip away from the crop as though it tickled and I struck her softly with it right on her hip. Well, I’d told her not to move. Tap! “Uhhh…” She shuddered. “I’m sorry!” I smiled. “Try not to move, Josephine.” “Y… Yes, Sir.” I walked over to the table and leaned down to pick the handcuffs out of the case. Noticing the small key sticking out, I unlocked them and slipped the key into my pocket before turning to face her. Josephine’s hands were still behind her head and her eyes were closed, head down. With the cuffs loose in my free hand, I approached and stood before her. Before she even noticed what I was doing, I gently caressed over her hip with the crop. I moved it over her skin deliberately and slowly up her side and her enjoyment of the situation was obvious. She glanced at me and her eyelids fluttered as I caressed the underside of each perky breast. Her nipples were crinkled and tight. I touched each one with the crop and she moaned softly. Walking around her, I gently trailed the crop around her waist and across the top of her ass. “Put your hands behind your back.” “Yes Sir.” While behind her, I put the crop in my teeth and cuffed her wrists. My cock throbbed as each cuff ratcheted closed. I could only imagine how Josephine felt. No, I could do more than that. From behind, I reached between her legs and ran my fingers over her pussy again. When I realised how incredibly hot and slick she was, I leaned into her ear and whispered. “I can’t believe how fucking wet you are. Having fun Josephine?” “Oh, god yes…” she breathed. “Bend forward a little.” She did and I looked down over the curve of her ass. “That’s nice.” She moaned again softly. Gritting my teeth, I remembered there was so much I wanted to do. “Keep with the program, Josephine.” “Y… Yes, Sir.” I stood back from her and looked down at her wonderful pink ass with the tan lines. I wondered if she could stay still if I tried using the crop on her ass. “Remember, stay still Josephine,” I said. “I’ll try, Sir.” Then I popped her on her flank, just below her right hip. She didn’t move but her ass cheek did. Her thigh muscles were tight, but her cheek vibrated like a tuning fork. “Uhhhhhh…” “Is that too hard?” “N… No, Sir.” Pop! On the outside of the same cheek. “Ohhhh…” She took a breath. “I… I don’t b… believe it, Sir.” I stopped. “What don’t you believe? Tell me.” “W… Well, you really don’t need to be told what to do, Sir. I mean, you are good at this. R… Really… ” Pop! Right on the cheek. “Oh! Mmmmmm… Really g… good. I… I could get used to this.” Pop! Other cheek. She started breathing louder.

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