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It’s no secret, I love to masturbate. Usually with the aid of an erotic novel, x-rated movies or porn magazines. There was one occasion, while I was married, I masturbated while watching my ex-wife sleep.

During our 7 years of marriage, our sex life was pretty boring. Missionary and the occasional Doggy style was about it. During foreplay I would often take her hand in mine and slowly massage her body. When we reached her breasts or pussy she would immediately pull her hand away. The thought of her arousing herself, while I watched, was extremely erotic to me.

One evening, prior to bedtime, I brought up the subject of fantasies with her. Despite her objections I pushed ahead.

“I would like to masturbate while you watch me.” I said.

My ex sat silent with a look of disbelief on her face.

“Not only would I like you to watch,” I continued, “I would love to watch you make yourself cum.”

To make this part of the story short, it didn’t happen.

Six months after my divorce, I meet a woman named Debbie. She was 36 years old, divorced as well and a mother of two boys. Debbie is 5′ 4″ tall, 110lbs, long blonde hair and a body that takes my breath away.

We had been dating for about a month when the opportunity for sex finally came up. Not that I hadn’t been thinking about it from the day we meet.

We had been out to dinner and a movie earlier that evening. I was dropping her off at her house when she said.

“The boys are at sleep overs with their so would you like to come in for a drink before you go home.”

And of course I accepted.

After pouring a couple glasses of wine, Debbie came and sat beside me on the couch. We made small take about our kids, careers, likes and dislikes and current events over the next couple of hours.

“Well I better be getting on my way.” I said and started to stand up. Debbie reached up pulled isveçbahis me back beside her and kissed me.

“With the kids away, I was hoping that maybe you could stay.” she said.

“I think that would be nice.”I said pulled her close and kissed her.

My mouth opened and was greeted by her tongue. I wrapped my arms around her as we continued to explore each others mouths. My hands started to caress her back while her left hand massages my thigh. We slowly fell back on the couch with me on top not once breaking the lip lock we had on each other. My leg came up between hers and I could feel the warmth of her pussy through our clothes. With my right hand I slowly started to rub Debbie’s side finally reaching her breast. I could feel her nipples hardening through her blouse and bra.

After breaking off our kisses, I stood up and pulled Debbie to me. With our bodies pressed together, I knew she could feel my hard cock pressing against her stomach. We kissed again and I reached down and cupped her tight little ass in my hands and squeezed. With that Debbie ground herself into me press hard on my ragging erection. Her hand slowly moved between us and through my jeans she started to massage my cock. It had been along time since I had been with a woman and I was 2 seconds from cumming.

I step back and said.

“I’d rather cum in you than in my pants.”

Debbie pulled me close and whispered in my ear.

“I’m not on the pill and I hope you have a condom.”

My penis instantly deflated. I didn’t have a condom.

After telling Debbie we sat back on the couch in each others arms.

“Not to worry” she said, “There are other ways we came make love to each other”

Debbie put her hand down onto my lap and unzipped my jeans. Since I don’t wear underwear she easily reached in and started stoking my now hardening cock. While she was stroking my cock, I isveçbahis giriş started to unbutton her blouse. I could see her hard nipples through the transparent bra she had on. Pushing my hand up under her bra I cupped ans massaged her perfect B-cup breast.

I was about to cum when Debbie released her grip on my throbbing cock and stood up.

Standing in front of me, she removed blouse and undid her bra. Again a perfect B-cup and hard nipples that pointed skyward. She slowly undid her jeans and slide them over her hips and to the floor. White lace panties, wet at the crouch, followed.

I stood up and my jeans fell to the floor. Debbie unbuttoned my shirt and slide it off my shoulders. Naked, I pulled her to me and we hugged grinding our naked bodies together. I slowly kissed her neck, shoulders, moving down to her breasts. I liked and sucked on her hard nipples and the underside of her breasts. I moved down her flat belly licking her navel and finally, dropping to my knees, I could see and smell the sweet fragrance of her hot wet pussy.

I gently pushed Debbie back down onto the couch. With her legs spread, with my left hand I spread her lips and much to my delight the most beautiful erect clitoris was only inches from my tongue.

I started licking her inner thighs then moving to her well trimmed bush and finally I moved my saliva saturated tongue through her lips to her clit.

“Oh my god.” she said thrusting her pussy into my face.

My right hand had moved to my dick and I was jerking it hard as I lapped the juices cumming from Debbie’s pussy.

I inserted two fingers into Debbie’s pussy as my tongue tickled her clit. All of a sudden her legs clamped down on my head and the was a loud, “Yes Yes Yes Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Debbie’s body went limp. My mouth was flood with her sweet nectar. I pulled myself from between her legs and kissed isveçbahis yeni giriş her. She could taste her own cum on my tongue as we kissed.

As I lay beside her on the couch my right hand was still stroking my cock. Debbie looked at me and said:

“I like watching you jerk your cock”.

Could this be my dream come true? Would she watch me jerk myself off? Would she masturbate herself while I watched?

With my cock in my hand I continued to jerk. I brought my hand to my mouth and spread saliva all over it and then back to my dick. I continued to stroke and the next time I brought my hand to my mouth, for more lubricant, Debbie grabbed my hand, brought it to her mouth and licked it until it was dripping with saliva. My hand went back to my dick and my stroking became more feverous.

I looked at Debbie and her right hand had gone from her mouth to her pussy.

As I watched her fingering her clit my dick had become harder than it never had been before.

“I’m cumming again.” Debbie cried. Her hand was just a blur then suddenly she tensed up grabbed her pussy and came pushing what seemed to be buckets of secretions from her cunt.

I was not far behind. With my hand stroking my cock I said:

I’m going to cum.”

Debbie immediately put her head on my thigh and stared while I made my finale few strokes.

I had not cum this strong in my life. The first 2 streams hid my belly. I then pointed my dick at Debbie and the next 2 hit her in the face. As my orgasm subsided Debbie lick the remaining drops of cum from my spent dick. We kiss and I could taste my cum on her tongue as she had tasted her cum on mine earlier.

Totally spent we dropped off to sleep in each others arms.

The next morning I told Debbie that watching her masturbate and cumming was a fantasy cum true. She said that she had secretly watched her ex masturbate and found it extremely erotic yet he would never do it in front of her.

Before leaving in the morning, we had a bath together then sat on her bed watching each other masturbate.

More to cum if I get some good feedback.

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