Dear Rob


(A true story inspired by Sue)

For many years now my husband has been unable to satisfy me sexually. It’s not for the want of trying though, it just seems that the older I get – I’m fifty now – the more insatiable I become.

We’ve experimented with all sorts of things; role-play, dressing up, anal sex and even a little light bondage, but nothing seemed to work very well. Nothing, that is, until Bob suggested that we meet up with another man and try a threesome.

Bob did a lot of hard work setting the meeting up but, when I finally felt this new man inside me, thrusting into me, I knew that it had all been worthwhile.

What I didn’t know was that Bob had kept in touch with my lover afterwards and the two of them had been e-mailing backwards and forwards. I know this because I found a copy of a letter from Bob addressed to my lover on his computer.

After I’d read the letter I felt that other folks would maybe also like to read it as well. It may not prove much, but it does prove that for women – or at least me – sexual desires don’t dry up when you get over fifty; they actually increase!!


Dear Rob

Sorry I had to run the other night but Sue walked in to turn on the TV and I didn’t want her to know I was telling you about our adventure in Salt Lake City or her new

vibrator. She’s out shopping this afternoon so I can tell you some of the good stuff that happened.

I’m going to write as much detail as I can remember and send myself a copy so I can keep it! I would have loved to be able to video the evening and show Sue everything she did and what went on. She always did get dripping wet when she watched the video the three of us made last time we were together.

Things went almost as I planed, but not exactly. We had a nice dinner Thursday night with plenty of drinks and Sue and I were playing around under the table. I almost had her cumming once with my finger up her pussy when our waiter returned with another set of drinks. Sue sat there and spread her legs even farther apart. I’m sure he was

able to see what I was doing and Sue embarrassed the hell out of him. When he bent over to place her drink, and looked at my hand up her skirt, I heard Sue say something like “I really like to get fucked, how about you?”

I knew she was starting to get primed for some fun later on so I decided to continue and play with her cunt a little more.

We finished dinner a half hour earlier than I expected and we decided to walk back to the room. Sue was feeling really frisky and there was a lot of ass grabbing going on!

Once back in our hotel room, Sue said she wanted to take a shower and “trim up” for me. She usually shaves three times a week these days for two reasons, red hair grows

coarse and, now that she has is totally shaved, she needs to trim more often so she doesn’t develop a rash.

She finished around 8:15 and waltzed out in a pair of black, see through panties. She said it might be better if we closed the drapes because she could be seen from the room across the courtyard. She said she had something “special” for me!

Before I closed the drapes I offered her another drink. I told her that I didn’t mind in the least if our neighbours got to see her naked and enjoyed what I would be enjoying!

Sue smiled at me and said: “Great, lets give them a show!”

I felt a little bad she had no idea what was coming next.

While she was sipping her drink I dived between her legs to tongue her pussy. Unbeknown to Sue, the entertainment was about to start and I wanted her all juicy and ready!

Sure enough right at 8:30 there was a knock on our door. Sue jumped up and grabbed one of the huge white robes hanging in the bathroom She slipped it on and asked me who could be at the door. With a smile on my face I told her it was a masseuse I had booked. Sue was a bit annoyed that I hadn’t told her, but drunk enough to smile and tell me it was okay to let them in.

In walked Steven with a portable massage table under

his one arm and a bag in the other. He was a really good-looking guy and I could tell that Sue liked him a lot! She looked at his six foot six frame and started asking questions; she wasn’t quite sure what was set up but she seemed determined to find out. I guess maybe I hadn’t given her enough to drink.

When Steven assured Sue that I arranged a normal massage for both of

us she relaxed and asked who would go first. She even asked if she could learn how to give me one. Steven said that would be fine but that I had asked for her to receive the first session and then he would love to show her how to massage properly.

I could tell Sue was giving Steven a good look over and she even whispered to me that he was “quite a hunk!”

I motioned Sue to settle down and told her that this was just going to be a normal massage. She seemed a little disappointed, but I was glad. I felt a little guilty, but only for a moment!

The massage casino siteleri table Steven brought was amazing. When he unfolded it, it was completely padded and somewhat flat. It had an opening for your face at the top, indents for hips, knees and breasts, and two leg holders. It was shaped like a “Y” and it tipped your head slightly up and your hips down. You bent your knees a little and put

your feet on something like bicycle pedals.

Sue was eager to get the first massage. Steven was a gentleman and turned his head while holding a towel covering his eyes and asked Sue to lay face down on the table. Sue could hardly wait to drop the robe and jump on the table. She looked at me and pointed to her black panties. I indicated to her that she should get rid of them and she seemed more than happy to comply. Down they went next to the table. I’m sure she only did that so that Steven would see them drop. She lay face down and told Steven she

was ready. By that time, I was ready too!

Steven carefully placed the towel over her butt and started to apply scented oil and rub her down. Sue was moaning and telling him she liked feeling his hands on her. I thought she was being far to accepting of his hands, but at the same time I really liked

watching him touch her.

The massage continued for a good ten minutes, maybe more. I started playing with Sue’s face while she was lying there. She sucked on my fingers and kept blindly reaching out to try to grab my crotch. I could tell she was becoming extremely turned on.

When Steven asked if she would turn over he again politely held the towel to shield his eyes from her front. Sue eagerly flipped over exposing her hardened nipples to him but allowed her pussy to remain covered.

Steven began with her feet and slowly worked his way along her hips and up to her shoulders and neck. He seemed to stay away from her breasts but I watched him as he intently stared at her very erect nipples.

It was nearly two minutes later when Steven’s hands coverd her breasts and Sue let out a long deep sigh. She opened her eyes for the first time since she’d been on the table and then pulled me down to kiss her in a sensual embrace.

On one of Steven’s downward rubs he moved the towel down to her knees. When he looked at me I just nodded so he removed it completely. At that point I’m not sure that Sue actually knew that she was completely exposed.

I’ve got to tell you, Rob, it was quite obvious how excited Sue was. Her vulva was thickly puffed and extremely full. Her clitoris was protruding out like a small penis and her nipples must have been an inch long. There was no doubt she was in heat and wanted to be fucked badly!

I bent down and kissed her while pulling on both her nipples. She was completely engrossed by this and when I looked up I saw Steven starting to remove his sweat pants. I nodded approval and then he was standing there in his thong underwear with a huge bulge showing. When he pulled the pants down I saw a cock like nothing I’d ever seen before except in porn movies. At first I could hardly believe it was real. It looked at least 10 inches long and he wasn’t even completely hard.

I looked at Sue and knew she had no idea what was going to happen. She pulled me down on her mouth again and while we were kissing I watched Steven start rubbing the bottom of his cock along her crotch. He was able to stand directly between her legs and his giant cock was rubbing her perfectly shaved and very lubricated pussy opening. I reached down and slid my finger along her slit and then into her. She let out a deep moan and I could feel his cock rubbing the back of my hand.

I looked at him as he took his hand and wrapped it around his cock and aimed it at Sue’s spread legs. I couldn’t stop it. I didn’t want it to stop it. I just wanted to watch it slide in her.

I took two fingers and spread her pussy lips so he could start to rub the head up and down her pussy opening. The whole time Sue was moaning and trying to kiss me. I wanted to watch and kept pulling away. It seemed like five minutes but I’m sure it was only about thirty seconds before Steven stopped and pulled a condom from his bag. I watched him unwrap it and roll it on his cock. It seemed to take forever. By this time he was fully hard and I confess I’ve never seen a cock that big. He must have been twice as long as me and even thicker than the thrusting dildo I bought for Sue last year.

I really thought Sue would have trouble taking his length or at least start

yelling when he put it in her, but as Steven slid it up and down once or twice more and I held her pussy open he started to ease into her comfortably.

I could feel him enter between my fingers. It was awesome! Sue was kissing me and suddenly stopped. She opened her eyes and looked directly at me. She began to make some noise but suddenly stopped

“Oh fuck, fuck, fuck!” she whispered over and over.

I watched Steven slide more of his cock in güvenilir casino her with each slow thrust. I kept my hand between Sue’s legs so I could feel him stroke in and out of her. Sue’s cunt was dripping and I could hear the squishing noises each time he entered her.

Steven had only penetrated Sue half way when she started her first climax. He had the presence of mind to stop pumping and let Sue start her hip thrusting onto his cock.

“Oh Yes…Yes!” Sue began screaming “Come on, come on!”

I watched intently as she bucked up forcing his cock into her, but Steven never allowed more than half his length into her that time.

Sue had an amazing orgasm. I must say it was unbelievable watching just half of Steven’s big cock withdraw from her pussy and, when he pulled out, I took his place.

The massage table allowed almost effortless penetration with the perfect accessibility to any lady laying face up. I slid in and fucked Sue for a few strokes then told her to lie on her stomach thus allowing even better entry. It felt very strange when I entered her and I looked down to see how open she was. Not just slightly, her pussy lips were actually gaping!

I slid in easily and was so turned on I shot my load in less than a minute.

Sue just lay there and let me fuck her as if she was waiting for Steven to return. I think she was. When I pulled out he was right along side of me and ready to slide in from behind.

I pulled a chair in front of Sue to kiss her and play with her nipples while Steven began to fuck her from behind. Sue’s eye’s rolled back in her head and she started sucking on my tongue harder than ever.

I pulled away from her so I could watch what was going on. Steven slid in easily – my cum lubricating Sue’s tunnel nicely – and was entering her deeper with each thrust. I couldn’t figure out how he was able to proceed so slowly but I guess he knew that most women would rarely be able to take his full length until they got accustomed to it.

I can tell you at this point that Sue was loving every inch he was giving her. God, she looked great!

Sue was up on her elbows, with her back arched, letting her tits swing and receiving just about a foot of his huge cock. I don’t think she even knew I was in the room.

Steven fucked her for about twenty minutes that way and I sat on the side and watched mesmerized. I’m sure Sue had at least three or four more climaxes during this time.

Then came the event. Steven announced he was close to cumming. Sue said she wanted to feel him shoot his cum into her. He moaned, complaining that he didn’t have time to take the rubber off and then pulled her hips hard against his. This is when she had his full length in her for the first time.

Sue made a grunting and low growling sound and Steven kept her pressed against him. I could tell he was cumming by the clutching of his ass cheeks. His climax seemed to last for at least thirty seconds before he let her drop away from him.

Sue lay on the table breathing heavily and twitching her hips. I think she was continuing to have mini orgasms. The condom’s end was bulged out filled with cum. Steven’s cock was still hard and standing straight out and that was the first time I saw how large his balls were. They seemed massive and hung down half the length of his cock.

Catching her breath, Sue got up and went to the bathroom and Steven

followed to remove the condom. When they returned to the bedroom Sue was lying on the bed squeezing cum out of the condom and rubbing it on her tits.

The amazing part was the amount; Steven must have let loose a pint. It was poring out and Sue was laughing.

“The next time don’t waste it,” she giggled, “shoot it up me!”

I went back into the bathroom to get a warm washcloth so I could clean her up. I didn’t have a problem with his cum, and Sue certainly didn’t. But there was so much it would have been messy.

When I returned Steven was standing next to the bed, Sue was on her knees bent

over with the head of his cock in her mouth and she was jerking him off rapidly. I wiped her chest and watched her bring his cock to full hardness. She wrapped one hand and stacked her second on him. His cock head was fully above her two hands and I couldn’t understand how she had taken him completely in her.

I become hard watching her so I poured some lubricant on my cock and tried to slip it in Sue’s ass. But she was not going to have any part of that and quickly guided me into her pussy.

She was sucking on Steven but couldn’t take more than half of his cock in her

mouth. I think I fucked her for about two minutes when she pulled away from the cock in her mouth

“Okay, lets switch!” she gasped.

I could tell she wanted him in her again.

Sue turned on the bed and started sucking on me and at the same time started an inviting wiggle of her ass.

Steven’s cock was poised to slide in her but he turned and grabbed another canlı casino condom. Sue kept giving him a target to fuck and kind of whimpering for him to take her, but he took his time and rolled another rubber on.

Sue reached back and guided Steven’s cock into her. This time he slid in completely and with no resistance. Actually, Sue leaned back forcing him in her. She took it all in and smiled, looking directly at me. Then she started to rock and force his cock in and out of her. She loved the feeling. He fucked her for a few minutes and then they changed positions on the bed. He would be on top then Sue would get on top of him and bounce up and down. Throughout the time I sat watching them Sue had at least two more orgasms.

Sue was on her back and I was holding her head up so she could watch Steven fuck her. She started to buck and climax again and Steven pulled out and told me to fuck her so he could take a rest. I was really eager, but when I moved between her legs I saw that her pussy looked so open; I knew that after Steven had widened her cunt, she would hardly be able to feel my small cock at all!

My cock went in effortlessly and, other our pelvic bones colliding, I could hardly feel the inside of her pussy at all. I pulled out for a minute and Sue rolled over to jump on Steven again. They started fucking and I went back to watching. She seemed like she couldn’t get enough of him and she was telling him what position she wanted him in and how hard he should fuck her. She became very dominant with her orders and Steven was going along with anything she said. Anyone could see that he was enjoying every minute!

By now it must have been around 11:30. I think I had only fucked Sue for about fifteen minutes in all that time. Steven had fucked her for the rest of the time. We were all a bit tired and decided to take a break and drink a bottle of wine had in the room.

The three of us finished the wine in about ten minutes or so!

The whole time we were passing the bottle around, Sue was sitting next to Steven and stroking his cock. But as Steven removed his second rubber, he told us he had to get going.

“But you’ve only cum once!” Cried Sue. “I want to get you both off again!”

I was up for that but knew I would have a problem if I tried to fuck her immediately after Steven had been inside her again. I told her to get spread-eagled on the bed because I wanted to do her first.

Sue was happy to oblige and I slipped into her wet cunt once again.. Steven started pulling hard on her nipples and when she screamed her pussy tightened up and I shot my load in her.

With my cum still inside her, Sue spun around grabbing Steven’s cock and trying to push him into her. But Steven was resolute. He didn’t have a condom on.

“I don’t fucking care!” Sue screamed. “Just start fucking me, will you?”

To encourage Steven into the right frame of mind, Sue pushed half of his tool deep into her mouth and started sucking on him. I guess she figured she would get him riled up enough so he would fuck her some more.

As it turned out that plan backfired because as he stood there receiving one of Sue’s expert blowjob’s, Steven was getting closer to and closer to cumming again.

Sue was intent on getting Steven ready to fuck her, while he was getting ready to blow his load down her sweet throat! I sat and watched completely spent. I could tell Steven was close; his balls started to rise up. Prior to that they were hitting Sue under

her chin each time she jerked on him. I knew he was close and his face showed it. He began pulsing and thrusting his hips at Sue’s face. She started to tell him to stop but, with her mouth so full of his cock, there was no way she could be be heard properly. Steven let loose a second huge amount of cum that must have hit Sue wrong because she started to cough and was having difficulty keeping his cock in her mouth. When she pulled off him the streams of cum kept squirting out hitting her in the face and running down her chest and stomach. I guess he built it all up during the last two hours of fucking her without getting off.

Sue was obviously still extremely horny and tried to suck Steven hard again but this time he was firm. He definitely had to leave.

Sue was a sight. Steven’s cum was in her hair; streaks of it on her face, large gobs of it on her breasts and dripping down her stomach.

But Sue wouldn’t leave it alone. She was almost begging for more sex and, as Steven was hurriedly putting his clothes on, she kept asking him to stay. But Steven was adamant. He apologized, took my money and left. Never once did he kiss Sue or go down on her.

Sue started scooping his cum from her face, stomach and tits and then rubbing it on her pussy. It almost looked like she was trying to push it inside her. Her nipples were rock hard and she was dripping sweat.

But Sue clearly hadn’t finished yet. She grabbed me and threw me on the bed and then started sucking my cock. There was no way I could get hard enough to fuck her again so, frustrated, she pulled my face down between her legs and begged me to eat her until she could get off. She said she really needed to cum again!

Down I went on the wettest pussy I can remember. She was so hot she held

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