DeAnn’s Submissive Weekend ( Part Twelve )


Five of the male dominate members came up on the stage where I was still laying. One of the men laid down on his back and others pulled me up and put me on my knees so I could sit down with his hard cock up my pussy. I ended up with a cock in each hand and one in my mouth while another cock was being rubbed all over my face.My hair was bunched up in at least two fists as my face was guided from one cock to another. I was sucking four different cocks and riding one and I was loving this part big time. Somebody was slapping my tits but I’m not even sure who it was. There was nothing but cocks in my face. Big, hard, cocks. I’d suck one for a minute and then my hair was pulled guiding my mouth to another one. It went on like that for three or four minutes when I felt the cock I was riding explode. As soon as the guy on the floor was through cumming in me I was lifted off him and another guy took his place. The guy on the floor stood almanbahis up, wiped his sticky cock on my face and then zipped up and went back to his table.It went like that for the next half an hour. Finally there were two guys left and they had me on my hands and knees. One had his cock in my mouth and the other knelt behind me and entered my ass and he was hung. He filled me up and started fucking my ass good. I started to squirm a little because this guy was really hung and it hurt. The guy that had his cock in my mouth grabbed my hair hard and pulled. Then he slapped me across the face and said, “Pay attention bitch. Suck my cock with some serious enthusiasm or I’ll slap the shit out of you.”That wouldn’t have been easy since my butt was totally plugged but I got the message and got back to business, sucking his cock like the slut I knew I could be. He then pulled his cock out of my mouth and yanked my hair so that his almanbahis yeni giriş balls were now pushing at my mouth. I knew what he wanted and gave it to him. I licked and sucked his balls while he masterbated. He still had a hard hold of my hair and when he pushed my face back I knew what was coming. He was. I got a large, hot load of cum square in the face. He just kept pumping his cock and several more spurts shot out. I had my mouth open by then and had that hot, sticky, stuff up my nose, all over my lips and tongue. I had cum in my eyes too and had closed them. It was pretty much all over my face.Still holding me roughly by the hair I was slapped in the face again, several times. He said, “That’s just because I can bitch.” Then he let go of my hair and the guy behind me grabbed my arms and pulled them back forcing my face down on the stage. he had a hard hold on me and I couldn’t move as he fucked my deep in almanbahis giriş the ass. It hurt but it was erotic in a dominate, submissive, way. I felt helpless as he pounded his cock in and out of my butt. Hell, I was fucking helpless and it turned me on. I don’t know why but I like being helpless as long as I know it’s a safe situation. Safe, yes, but still I have no control. These guys could, and did do whatever they wanted to do with me and I simply obeyed them. Strange but I really get hot being helpless and in the power of a dominant man, or for that matter a woman too. I guess I’m twisted in some way but I know what I like and this had been one fucking hot night.The man behind me groaned loudly and let go a hot load of sperm, right up my butt. He slammed into me a few final times then pushed me off, slapped my ass several hard slaps and then left me laying there as he exited the stage.I just laid there. Nobody had told me what to do so I waited for my next orders. I reflected on the weekend while I lay there with cum oozing out of all my holes. It was amazing how much had happened to me from leaving home this morning to laying here on this stage this evening.

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