Dead Doll – epilogue

Deep Penetration

They give us the key to the only suite there, even though we only intend to use the bathroom. Lucy sits down on the toilet to pee before she joins me in the shower.“We should stay here a few days,” she says as she changes place with me under the running water. I tell her I don’t think it’s a good idea. I just want to go home.After the shower, before I put my clothes back on, I crouch down and open the mini bar. There’s snack, a champagne bottle, two beers, red wine and Voss. Except for the Voss they’re all size pathetic. I take the two beer bottles out.“Everyone does it anyway,” I say as I hand one to Lucy. She giggles.When we go back downstairs, etlik escort Rowe meets up with us outside the conference room.“You were right about the fingerprints,” he says and gives me a small plastic bag with a black cylindrical object in it.“Of course,” Lucy says, and Rowe gives her a hurt look.“We didn’t check those things,” he says. “I mean, why would we?”The three of us walk in to the room. Mona, Bethany and Aron are seated around the table. A police man is standing by them with his arms crossed. Bethany gets up from her chair when she sees us. “Hey, Jim,” she says, and Lucy snickers.I ignore the young girl, and keçiören escort she sits down, embarrassed, but now I’m thinking maybe spending a few days here isn’t such a bad idea after all. We sit down in the sofa, and Lucy pulls her feet up under herself and leans on me. Almost ostentatiously, I think. That’s interesting.“You know,” I say, looking at the three suspects, “there’s a lesson to learn here. Anyone know what it is? Aron?”“Huh?” he says startled.“It’s; Don’t believe everything you read in the papers,” I say. There’s no reactions. Mona has been chewing on her bottom lip the whole time, and I can’t really kızılay escort tell if she’s abashed or angry.“Fine,” I say. “Last night, Bethany went up to Diana’s room with her supper. Diana opened the door and invited her in. They sat down and talked as Diana ate her toast and drank her orange juice. Suddenly they were overcome with lust for one another. They had sex, the way they both liked it; rough, while choking each other. Bethany used her silk scarf on Diana, and before it was over, Diana was dead.”“Or at least,” I say after a brief pause, standing up. I look at Bethany and for just a split second I wish I had chosen a different approach. Her face is as white as the wall behind her, and her breath is wheezing through her nose. She looks as if she’s about to pass out.“At least,” I continue, “that’s how you wanted us to see it, isn’t it Aron?”He flinches as if I’ve thrown a knife at him.“Because the truth is,” I say.

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