Day of the Dragonfly


“I couldn’t help but notice your tattoo. It’s a dragonfly isn’t it?”

We were sitting in the sauna at my health club. Just the two of us. It was that time of the afternoon when things at the club get slow. The folks who fit a work out in during lunch are back at work and the ones who come after work before going home are still at work. Sometimes I can get a steam or sauna without anyone else around. Today, in the sauna there were just the two of us. Him and me.

I guessed that standing he’d be about five foot six. A few inches shorter than me. Kind of stocky. Not a muscle builder but nicely proportioned. Me, I don’t work out. I try to walk on a regular basis. Play some golf. I use the club for the sauna, the steam room, Jacuzzi, and do a few laps in the pool. It’s amazing how the stress melts away in a sauna. So I’m not exactly a muscle-man either, but I’m in pretty good shape. Love handles. But pretty good shape.

“I couldn’t help but notice your tattoo. It’s a dragonfly isn’t it?” The dragonfly tattoo was on his right thigh and was about six inches long. It was a beautiful piece of artwork but its best feature was that it drew the eye to the magnificent flesh-sculpture next to it. “The coloring is magnificent.” I added.

It was hard to tell in the subdued lighting of the sauna room but I thought he blushed a little as he said, “Oh, thanks. You wouldn’t believe how plastered I was the night I got this. How about you? Any tattoos?”

I stood up and made a show of looking for a tattoo on my own body. Turned my back to him and made a show of trying to look at my backside over my shoulder. If I get compliments it’s usually on one of two things. My eyes, a beautiful shade of blue. Or my ass. If his sexual preferences drifted towards guys I wanted to be sure he got a good view of my ass. “I could have sworn I had a tattoo on me somewhere. Did you see where it went to?” The reaction I was hoping for was a chuckle or at least a grin. What I got was so much better.

“No. I didn’t see it.” he said. “Maybe I should look more closely.”

I decided Ankara bayan escort to, what’s that expression, swing for the bleachers? I said “The lighting in here isn’t the best for searching for elusive tattoos. I’ve got great lighting at my place and it’s just a few blocks away.”

“Great,” he said, “after we shower and dress I’ll get my car and just follow you there.”

“Actually, I was being literal when I said it was just a few blocks away. I walked over. So maybe you can give me a ride and I can give you directions.”

“Sure thing.” he said.

“I’m called T.J.”


“T.J. short for Thomas John.”

“Oh, my name is Dirk.” he said.

We had to shower and dress so it was about twenty minutes later that we pulled into the driveway of my place. It’s a modest three bedroom house and I’ve turned the third bedroom into an art studio. I don’t sell a lot of my stuff but fortunately an eccentric uncle took a liking to me before he died. He left me the house which suits me just fine and a trust fund. I’m not wealthy, but I eat well and the bills get paid.

I showed Dirk around the house. “…and this is my studio. The lighting in here is really good.” My studio contains a couple of easels, a drawing table, what I call a work table (large surface, very sturdy), a couple of cabinets, a twin bed (when I’m feeling inspired I’ll work ’til I drop), and of course various art supplies.

I started to unbutton my shirt and I said “I hope you’ll be able to find that tattoo I lost.” He stepped over and placed his hands on my chest.

He drew his face close to my chest. ” A careful examination may be necessary.” His hands wandered on my chest as he looked for the tattoo. I finished taking off my shirt as his search moved from my chest to my stomach. “I don’t see it here,” he said and kissed a spot on my stomach. “or here.” he said and kissed another spot. He started to unbuckle my belt and said, “maybe its down this way”

I kicked off my shoes as he was unzipping my pants. As he was pulling my pants down I was lifting Escort bayan Ankara his t-shirt. He let go of my pants just above my knees to let me lift his shirt up and off over his head. My pants fell down around my ankles as I put my hands on his face and tilted my head down to kiss him. What a kiss that was. Long and slow and lingering. Our tongues danced in each others mouths as if they had been dancing together for years. And the taste of him. Minty, with hints of onion and beef flavors and something else that I knew was all him and nothing to do with what he ate or drank or brushed his teeth with. As we kissed I felt Dirk’s thumbs in the waist band of my boxers. I felt him wiggle them down until they fell on top of my pants around my ankles. I kicked them away.

I continued to kiss Dirk and he me and I pushed him back until the bed was just behind him. With my hands on his shoulders I directed him to sit. I quickly removed my socks and then I knelt down before him. I removed his shoes and then his socks.

I held his foot and licked the length of his insole. I kissed the top of his foot and then I slid my tongue between his toes. “Oh god. That feels great.” he said. I sucked the two largest toes of that foot into my mouth. A little later I moved on to the smaller three toes and sucked on them. Dirk wasn’t complaining unless things like “Oh fuck yes” can be construed as complaints so when I felt I was through playing with the one foot I gave the other one similar treatment.

I let my hands wander up his legs and rub his crotch on the way to his belt, which I unbuckled. I unsnapped and unzipped his pants. I pulled them down and off. The bulge in his briefs was tantalizing. I could see where pre-cum had seeped into the fabric and I put my mouth over it and sucked on it. My fingers found the waistband and I pulled the briefs off.

I was now kneeling in front of Dirk who was sitting on the edge of the bed. His cock, released from the confines of his shorts was standing straight up. When I had seen it in the sauna it had been a thing of beauty. Now it Bayan escort Ankara was magnificent. Easily eight inches long, round and thick and with a most inviting cock-head.

I took hold of his cock with my right hand and took that wonderful cock-head in my mouth. I know what you must be thinking. I met this guy less than an hour before and I’ve already got my mouth on his cock. You must think I’m a real man slut. But really I’m not usually like this. I’ve had five lovers in my life. Three of them were friends before we ever started dating. The other two I dated at least a couple months before we ever got intimate.

But there was something about this man with his dragonfly tattoo and I just couldn’t help myself.

I took his cock-head in my mouth and twirled my tongue around it and was rewarded with Dirk’s satisfied moan. I started to slide more and more of his cock into my mouth. At the same time he had positioned one of his legs between mine and was moving it in such a way as to rub against my own erect six and a half inch rod.

I started moving my head in an up and down motion letting his cock slide deep into my mouth and then out to where only the cock-head was held behind my lips. He placed his hands on the back of my head and with gentle pressure would slow down my up and down motion or let me speed up so as to give him the maximum pleasure. And as I was sucking on this glorious cock all the while he was moving his leg to rub against my cock. My lips were pressed into his pubic hair and the tip of his cock-head pressed into my throat when I felt the flicking motion that preceded his ejaculation. Then I felt spurt after spurt of warm cum shooting down my throat and filling my mouth. I swallowed and swallowed. I swallowed as much of his manly fluids as I could but some still dripped from my mouth down onto his balls and some onto the bedspread.

I continued to suck and lick his cock until it was ready to rest. I stood and took his face in my hands and again kissed him, letting him get a taste of his own cum as I did. He took my cock in his hand and with a few strokes brought me to climax. I came all over his chest and stomach. Oh god. How I came.

I sat next to him on the bed. I rubbed a finger over his tattoo and said, “I couldn’t help but notice this, it’s a dragonfly isn’t it?”

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