Subject: Dawn of Gay 4 This is a fan fiction story with several characters from the soap General Hospital. This story says nothing about the actors being gay or something it’s just pure fiction. Copyrights � ABC General Hospital. With in this chapter Shiloh (Coby Ryan McLaughlin), Drew Cain (Billy Miller) & Nathan West (Ryan Paevey) ********************************* Shiloh walks into Drew’s room. “Okay my friend, today I want you to meet another friend of mine” Shiloh explains. “Who” Drew asks. “Follow me to another room, and I will introduce you two to each other” Shiloh answers. Drew follows Shiloh. Shiloh and Drew walk thru the hallway and Drew opens the door of Nathan’s room. “Drew this is Nathan, Nathan this is Drew” Shiloh says. Drew and Nathan shake hands. “I’m glad to introduce you both to each other, since you both are now part of Dawn of Day I think you need to get to know each other better” Shiloh explains. Nathan and Drew look at each other and then look at Shiloh. “I want you to get to know each other more intimately and really good” Drew and Nathan are surprised but believe Shiloh that it’s part of being a member of Dawn of Day. Shiloh notices that the men are a little bit nervous “No worries boys, I know you both can do this” Drew and Nathan look at each other. Shiloh walks over to Drew “I want you to fuck that guy really good, show him what you can do” Nathan hears Shiloh telling Drew to fuck him, he gets a little bit scared. Shiloh walks over to Nathan, he puts his hands on each side of Nathan’s face “You can do this, just like you took mine you can now take Drew’s cock” Shiloh convinces Nathan. Nathan nods his head yes and Shiloh kisses him on the mouth. Shiloh walks over to Drew and kisses him on his mouth, “Give it to him good” he says and walks towards the door, he turns around one more time, “You both can do it, I’ll be watching thru the cameras” he says and pounts up to one of the cameras in the room that the men just now notice Shiloh leaves them and there falls a little silence. Drew looks at Nathan, he starts to remove his t-shirt over his head standing with his buff masculine body infront of Nathan. Drew starts to unzip his pants while Nathan looks at Drew’s impressive pecs, he notices how buff the man is. Nathan keeps on staring at Drew who strips down to his underwear. “Well why are you standing there, come over here and get on your knees” Drew orders Nathan. “I… uh” Nathan stutters. “Do it” Drew commands. Nathan walks over to Drew, Drew first kisses Nathan on his mouth, sticking his tongue inside Nathan’s mouth. It’s strange for Nathan to feel a man kiss him, he can’t remember anything but he feels like it’s not natural for him. Drew takes conrol of the kissing, meanwhile he puts a hand underneath Nathan’s shirt, touching Nathan’s abs and pecs. “Show me what you’re hiding underneath” Drew says. Nathan starts removing his t-shirt. Drew likes what he sees, “Nicely toned body man” Drew reacts. Nathan gives a shy smile “Thank you” Drew starts to kiss Nathan’s neck and goes over his pecs and slowly down over his abs. Nathan moans a little, feeling the testosterone running thru his body. Drew takes a step back and looks at Nathan. No words are needed between the two men, Nathan steps closer and starts kissing Drew’s chest. Drew moans, enjoying Nathan giving attention to his body. Nathan starts to suck on Drew’s nipples, making them hard, slowly Nathan goes down over Drew’s abs and on his knees infront of Drew. Nathan kisses and licks Drew’s abs while he rubs ankara rus escort over Drew’s crotch, feeling Drew’s boner. Drew closes his eyes for a second and hangs his head back, then he looks down at Nathan, he’s so horny and wanting Nathan to suck his cock. “Suck my dick” Drew commands. Nathan puts his fingers at Drew’s waistband and slowly pulls down Drew’s briefs. Drew’s cock gets released, slapping Nathan on his chin. Nathan is shocked and leans back. Drew laughs, seeing Nathan and realizing his cock is almost hard “You’re turning me on” Nathan looks up at Drew, he’s impressed by how fat Drew’s cock is. “Don’t be scared, I’ll help you” Drew says. Nathan gets closer. “That’s it, take it in your hand and get to know it” Drew suggests. Nathan takes Drew’s fat cock in his hand and strokes it with his hand. Drew feels the hormones running thru his body. Nathan slowly goes with his mouth to the tip of Drew’s mushroom head. “Just slowly take it in boy” Drew says. Nathan opens his mouth and only takes the top of Drew’s cock in his mouth. “Mmmmm… yeah” Drew moans, feeling the top of his cock inside Nathan’s mouth. Nathan tastes a salty taste, it’s not disgusting only different. “Now try to take more inside” Drew asks. Nathan opens his mouth more and takes more of Drew’s fat cock inside. Drew moans, feeling Nathan’s warm mouth around his cock. “Yeah that’s it boy, you’re learning it” Nathan continues, making Drew’s cock all wet, it’s turning Drew on that his cock has gotten harder. Drew looks down at Nathan who sucks him. Nathan looks up at Drew while he sucks the man. “Keep on looking at me, that’s so hot” Drew says and grabs Nathan’s hands to rub over his pecs and abs, “Suck me and touch me” Nathan keeps on looking at Drew and has his hands rubbing over Drew’s buff body. “That’s it, show me how much you want it” Nathan keeps on sucking, feeling his jaw stretching by taking Drew’s fat cock. Drew looks down, seeing his cock disappear inside Nathan’s mouth which is wide open. “You’re making me wanna cum boy” Drew says, “Don’t forget to swallow it all, we don’t want anything to go to waist” Drew says and winks down at Nathan. Nathan keeps on touching Drew’s body, feeling how masculine and buff the man is. Drew moans louder and louder until he explodes inside Nathan’s mouth, filling him up. Nathan feels a big spurt of cum filling his mouth, he looks at Drew who looks down at him, “Swallow it” Drew orders. Nathan swallows Drew’s load, he thought it would taste bad but realizes it’s not that bad at all. When Drew is all done he lifts Nathan up, he laughs, seeing a little bit of his sperm on Nathan’s chin, he licks it off and pulls Nathan in a kiss. Nathan then gets pushed on the bed, Drew hangs over him and starts to kiss his abs, Nathan moans and feels Drew rubbing over his crotch, he gets turned on by it. Drew starts to unzip Nathan’s jeans and pulls them off, leaving Nathan laying in his underwear. “Take your underwear off” Drew orders. Nathan looks up at Drew, he pulls down his underwear, revealing his cock. “Still soft, we have to do something about that” Drew grinningly says. Nathan looks up while Drew get on his knees infront of the bed and takes his cock in his hand. Drew opens his mouth and takes Nathan’s cock. Nathan grabs the sheets of the bed in his hands, he moans feeling Drew’s mouth around his dick. Drew takes all of Nathan’s dick, sucking the man off. Nathan feeling his cock getting hard by Drew’s impressive blowjob. Drew looks up at Nathan, çankaya escort seeing how Nathan is reacting, holding on to the sheets, moaning loudly and his head moving from left to right enjoying the sucking. Nathan’s abs are really on display and Drew starts to rub his hands over them, feeling them. Drew rubs one hand over Nathan’s abs while with the other he starts to cup Nathan’s balls. Nathan moans loudly, feeling he’s getting close to cumming. “That’s it boy, give me your load” Drew says and then continues sucking again. Nathan moans, feeling the hard sucking that Drew is giving, he feels the testosterone running thru his body. “Come on boy… cum” Drew says again and gives a few licks up and down Nathan’s cock. Nathan feels he’s coming close. Drew squeezes Nathan’s balls and deepthroats Nathan’s cock. Nathan feels he’s about to explode and moans loudly. Drew gives Nathan a few more sucks and then Nathan spurts his cum inside Drew’s mouth. Nathan is almost howling it feels so good to cum. “Damn boy, you’re a real moaner aren’t you” Drew says while laughing. Nathan is catching his breath. Drew looks at Nathan, “Turn around and present that ass of yours to me” Nathan turns himself around and pulls his ass back towards Drew. Drew pets Nathan’s ass, “Sweet ass man” Drew gets close behind Nathan’s ass and spreads his ass cheecks looking at Nathan’s pink hole covered with hair, Drew gets very close and sticks his tongue out to lick Nathan’s hole. Nathan moans, from the tender feeling of Drew’s tongue at his hole. Drew gets more into it and that makes Nathan moan. Nathan feels Drew going at his hole, making him wet and loose. Drew gets his face deeper in it and rims Nathan good. Nathan feels his dick getting hard again. While Drew rims Nathan he strokes his cock. Drew stops for a second and makes his finger wet, he starts to make circles at Nathan’s hole. Nathan feels Drew’s finger playing at his hole, it makes Nathan’s ass almost wanting Drew to stick that finger inside. Drew sees Nathan’s hole reacting to it and smiles, knowing Nathan is ready to get fucked. Nathan feels Drew stop with his finger, he looks behind him and sees Drew holding his fat cock that he just lubed in his hand and putting it at his hole. “Just relax” Drew says and starts to push his fat cock inside. Nathan feels his sphincter stretching, feeling Drew’s fat cock coming inside him, he moans and holds on to the mattress. Drew pushes his fat cock inside Nathan’s ass. Nathan grunts and moans, feeling Drew’s fat cock all the way inside his hole, stretching it. Drew stops to give Nathan the time to adjust to it. Nathan feels Drew’s fat cock all up his hole, he can’t believe Drew just pushed that fat cock all inside. “You okay” Drew asks. Nathan turns his head around and nods yes. Drew smiles and places his hands on Nathan’s shoulders. “I’m now going to fuck you, just try to relax and enjoy” Drew starts to move back and forth. Nathan feels Drew’s fat cock stretching his hole more to adjust to the movement. Drew grunts, getting back and forth inside Nathan. Nathan moans, feeling the pain of having such a fat cock inside change to pleasure. “That’s it, take it up that sweet ass of yours” Drew says while moaning and grunting. Nathan moans, taking all that Drew gives. Drew’s body has gotten covered in sweat and so has Nathan’s. Nathan feels Drew getting a quicker pace to it, feeling him starting to pound his ass. Drew takes almost all of his cock out and then rams it back inside, he continues ankara escort that pattern a few times till he stops and takes his cock out, “Now I want you to ride me” Nathan looks at Drew, he hasn’t done that before. Drew notices Nathan’s a little bit hesitant “No worries man, you can do this” Drew gets on the bed laying down while Nathan climbs up, getting to sit on Drew, he gets up and looks down while Drew holds his cock, “Slowly come down on it” Nathan slowly squats down and meeting his hole with Drew’s cock, he slowly pushes himself on it. “Mmmmm… that’s it man, take my fat cock inside you” Nathan gets all of Drew’s cock inside him till he’s at Drew’s balls. “Yeah man… you got this” Drew says and smiles looking up at Nathan. Nathan looks down, unsure what to do next but tries to move forward and backward. Drew moans, he reaches his hands up and gets them on Nathan’s pecs, rubbing and squeezing them. Nathan starts to increase his movement. Drew rubs over Nathan’s abs and slowly gets one hand at Nathan’s cock and strokes it. Nathan moans and gets even more into it, he starts to go back and forth faster, he starts to enjoy the feeling up his ass and how Drew is motivating him. “That’s it, ride it” Drew orders and keeps on stroking Nathan’s dick. Nathan feels he’s close to cumming. Suddenly Drew stops stroking “You can’t cum yet” he says smiling. Nathan looks down at Drew, feels a little bit frustrated but understands it, he puts his hands on Drew’s meaty pecs and starts to squeeze them while riding Drew’s cock. Both men breathing heavy and grunting. Drew wraps his arms around Nathan and lifts himself up to kiss Nathan’s abs and suck on his pecs. Nathan moans, feeling Drew admiring his body with his tongue. Suddely Drew turns Nathan over on the bed, keeping his dick inside Nathan. Nathan lays on his back on the bed while Drew starts to fuck Nathan hard and deep. “Oh gawd… mmmmm…” Nathan moans and grunts. Drew pounds Nathan hard, “Take it man” Nathan holds the sheets, feeling himself move up to the headboard of the bed from Drew’s hard pounding. Drew seems to lose control and pounds Nathan like a wild beast. Nathan shaking his head left and right, feeling Drew pound him hard. Drew only lasts a little while and then gets Nathan on his side, he gets behind Nathan and lifts his leg up, he holds it while fucking Nathan. Nathan moans, feeling Drew kiss his neck while fucking him, he reaches his cock and starts to stroke it while getting fucked. Drew takes Nathan’s cock in his hand strokes him. Nathan now has his hand free and reaches back to Drew’s face, they reach to kiss each other while Drew continues to fuck and stroke Nathan. “I’m about to cum” Nathan says. “Yeah… cum” Drew reacts and starts to stroke Nathan’s cock faster. Nathan moans and grunts, feeling he’s close. Then Nathan shoots his load all over the covers. Drew feels Nathan’s ass tighten around his cock, he gets Nathan on his hands and knees and starts fucking Nathan hard. Nathan moans and looks down, seeing his leaking cock dangling between his legs. Then Drew groans loudly and shoots his load inside Nathan. “Hot damn…” Drew shouts. Both men land on the bed next to each other all tired and worn out. Meanwhile at the controlroom, Shiloh has watched everything thru the cameras and has been stroking his cock, his hand and stomach covered with his sperm that he just shot. Shiloh licks it from his hand and scoops it from his stomach, he looks at the camera’s and suddenly sees Milo snooping around. “What do we have here” Shiloh says out loud and starts to grin. To be continued… ********************************* Did you like this story, would you like to see it continue, send me a message at Don’t forget to donate to Nifty for support to let this great site excist and keeping the stories going.

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